Publications of the Roman Curia and Holy See-Related Institutions

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Publications Of Roman Curia

Vatican City, Oct. 13, 1995 (VIS)—Following is a list of periodical publications of the Roman Curia and institutions related to the Holy See.

Secretariat Of State:

"Acta Apostolicae Sedis" (Official bulletin of the Secretariat of State); "L'Attivita della Santa Sede"; "Insegnamenti" of the current pontiff. Holy See Press Office: "Bollettino della Sala Stampa della Santa Sede"—"Vatican Information Service" (electronic daily news service) Central Office of Statistics of the Church: "Annuario Pontificio"; "Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae"


Oriental Churches: "S.I.C.O." (Servizio Informazione Chiese Orientali) Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments: "Notitiae" Evangelization of Peoples:—Fides International Agency: "Fides. Informaciones" Clergy: "Sacrum Ministerium" Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life: "Informationes S.C.R.I.S." Catholic Education: "Seminarium"


Tribunal of the Roman Rota: "Decisiones seu Sententiae selectae"—Rota Study: "Quaderni Studio Rotale"

Pontifical Councils:

Laity: "Laici oggi"; "Servizio de Documentazione"; "Servizio Informazione"; "I Care" Promoting Christian Unity: "Service d'Information" Family: "Familia et Vita" Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People: "People on the Move"; "Quaderni universitari"; "Apostolatus Maris"; "Pastorale Turismo e Pellegrinaggio"Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers: "'Dolentium Hominum'- Chiesa e salute nel mondo" Interpretation of Legislative Texts: "Communicationes" Inter-religious Dialogue: "Pro Dialogo" Culture: "Cultures et Foi" Social Communications: "Bulletin du C.P.C.S."; "Social Communications Directory"

Related Institutions:

L'Osservatore Romano: "L'Osservatore Romano"; "L'Osservatore della Domenica" Vatican Radio: "Radiogiornale"; "Radio Vaticano-Programas"; "Studio A Radio Vaticana Musica" Fabbrica di San Pietro: "La Basilica di S.Pietro"

Vatican City State:

General Directorate for Pontifical Monuments, Museums and Galleries: "Monumenti, Musei e Gallerie Pontificie-Bollettino"; "Annali del Pontificio Museo Missionario Etnologico" Vatican Observatory: "Vatican Observatory Publications"; "Annual Report"

Cultural Institutions:

Pontifical Academy of Sciences: "Pontificiae Academiae Scientiarum Commentarii"; "Pontificiae Academiae Scientiarum Documenta"; "Pontificiae Academiae Scientiarum Scripta varia" "Latinitas" Foundation: "Latinitas" .../Vatican Publications/...VIS 951013 (320)

Secretariat Of State "Acta Apostolica Sedis": Official bulletin of the Holy See. Monthly, in Latin, with some of the writings in the original languages. Publishes pontifical acts (bulls, constitutions, encyclicals, "motu propri," letters, etc.) and those of all dicasteries of the Roman Curia. Also informs on principal audiences of the Supreme Pontiff, nominations, decorations, deaths of cardinals and bishops, and publishes in Italian a "Supplemento per le leggi e disposizioni della Citta del Vaticano."

"L'Attivita della Santa Sede": Annual, non-official publication of the Holy See, in Italian. Presents a general picture of the activities accomplished by the Holy Father throughout the year, the different organizations of the Holy See, and those related to it.

"Insegnamenti": Annual publication that gathers the whole Magisterium of the current pontiff in its original language.

Holy See Press Office

"Bollettino della Sala Stampa della Santa Sede": Daily publication in the original language of official communications that refer to both the acts of the Supreme Pontiff (nominations, audiences, homilies, speeches, letters, etc.) and the activities of the Holy See. Distributed primarily to accredited journalists in the Press Office.

Vatican Information Service

"V.I.S. daily electronic service," in English and Spanish. Based on the "Bollettino della Sala Stampa," transmits electronically (networks, PC, fax, etc.) throughout the world—in real time—a summary of all magisterial and pastoral activities of the Holy Father and the Holy See.

Central Office Of Statistics Of The Church

"Annuario Pontificio": Annual publication in Italian. Official index of the Holy See, which contains data on and lists of persons related to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, Roman Curia, institutions related to the Holy See, pontifical representations, accredited diplomatic corps, Vatican City State, the Vicariate of Rome, religious institutes, ecclesiastical cultural institutes. Includes historical notes. Also publishes bimonthly bulletin of variations to the "Annuario."

"Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae": Trilingual annual publication in Latin, English and French. Contains the most significant data, by country and continent, of the presence and activity of ecclesial jurisdictions with whom it is possible to maintain a regular exchange of information. .../Publications Secretariat Of State/...VIS 951017 (360)

Oriental Churches: "Servizio Informazione per le Chiese Orientali." Quarterly magazine in Italian. It has two parts: the first is dedicated to acts of the Supreme Pontiff related to the activities of the congregation (Magisterium, "ad limina" visits, pontifical representations, new prelates, ecclesiastical circumscriptions, etc.); the second covers the activities of the congregation (pastoral visits, seminars and eastern ecclesiastical institutes, etc.).

Divine Worship And Sacraments: "Notitiae." Monthly multilingual magazine. Contains commentary, news and studies on liturgy. It has four sections: I. Activity of the pope; II. Activity of the congregation; III. Studies on different topics; IV. Liturgical activities in the world.

Causes Of Saints: "Index ac Status Causarum." Annual publication in Latin. Reports on the state of all causes introduced for beatification and canonization; gives names and most important data on all Servants of God and Blesseds, and the dates of different canonizations.

Evangelization Of Peoples:—International Fides Service: "Service." Biweekly bulletin in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Contains missionary news from the Vatican and from different countries throughout the world regarding the life and activities of the Catholic Church, nominations, Acts of the Holy See related to the activities of the congregation and documentation.

Institutes For Consecrated Life And For Societies Of Apostolic Life: "Informationes SCRIS." Every two months: articles and information appear in language in which they were written. Information tool that echoes official documents, problems and orientations of the congregation with respect to consecrated life at the present time. Also contains commentaries and studies on consecrated life.

Clergy: "Sacrum Ministerum." Semi-annual in original languages, with a summary in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. Distributes directly the teachings of the Holy Father and the Apostolic See on the clergy and their ministry, and gathers the experiences, ideas and projects of the episcopacies. It has four sections: I. Monographs; II. Local experiences and news from the world; Activities of the congregation; IV. Book review.

Catholic Education: "Seminarium." Quarterly in original languages. The magazine highlights the relationship between the Church and the University. It has three sections: "Studia," "Dissertationes," and "Activitas Congregationis de Institutione Catholica" (decrees, documents), in which it deals with seminaries, ecclesiastical vocations, universities and Catholic schools, offering help and orientation for the formative work of ecclesiastical institutions. .../Congregations Publications/...VIS 951018 (390)


"Laity Today." Annual magazine, monographic in nature, in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

"Laity Today, Documentation Service." Twice-yearly newsletter in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Presents the minutes of meetings and the results of studies sponsored by this council on specific topics inherent to the mission of the laity.

"Laity Today, Information Service." Three times a year in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish. Gives news related to the activities of the dicastery and events relating to the laity and their apostolate.

"I Care. Youth, Church, Hope." Twice-yearly multilingual magazine in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Reports on topics relating to youth and especially on the preparation and development of the World Youth Days.

Promotion Of Christian Unity:

"Service d'Information." Quarterly in English and French. Includes doctrine and the most important events related to ecumenism throughout the world (recent Magisterium of the Holy Father; visits and ecumenical news; activities of the dicastery; documentation, etc.), and activities of the commission for religious relations with Judaism.


"Familia et vita." Published three times a year in English, French and Spanish. Dedicated to current topics and news on the family.

"Minutes of the Plenary Assemblies." Annual publication in Italian.

Migrants And Itinerant Peoples:

"People on the Move." Monthly magazine with articles appearing in original language, and summaries in Spanish, French and/or English, on topics relating to migration, refugees, nomads, etc. in all their aspects. Has three sections: I. Articles; II. Reports; III. Book reviews.

"Apostolatus Maris." Quarterly bulletin in English, French, Italian and Spanish, containing information and news on seafarers. "The Pastoral Minstry of Tourism, Pilgrimages and Shrines." Quarterly publication in Spanish, French, English and Italian. Publishes news on the activities of the dicastery and of different countries on the topic of tourism; documentation; pilgrimages to shrines and a bibliography. .../Pontifical Councils Publications/.VIS 951019 (310)

Health Care Workers: "Dolentium Hominum. Church and Health in the World." Triennial magazine in English, French, Italian and Spanish, whose goal is to make known the Magisterium of the Church in the health care field. Deals with current problems in medicine and morality in health care and reports on the activities of the pontifical council. Also includes the minutes of international conferences.

Interpretation Of Legislative Texts: "Communicationes." Biennial publication in Latin. Publishes interpretations given by the council and Holy See minutes and documents of particular juridical relevance. Has the following sections: Acts of the Supreme Pontiff and the Holy See; Minutes of the Council.

Inter-Religious Dialogue: "Pro Dialogo." Triennial bulletin whose content is in English or French. Publishes studies on issues related to the council's activities, its communications, suggestions of the hierarchy, book reviews. Includes: Magisterium of the pope on inter-religious dialogue and documents of the Roman Curia on this topic; articles and information on meetings; inter-religious dialogue in the world and book reviews.

Culture: "Cultures et Foi. Cultures and Faith. Culturas y Fe." Quarterly magazine with texts in French, English and Spanish. Contains documents, articles and information relating to the problem of dialogue between faith and culture in different countries of the world. In addition to information on its activities, includes also news and reviews of books and articles.

Social Communications: "Bulletin." Annual publication in original language. Contains acts of the pope during the year (in full or excerpts) related to the communications media; council nominations; documentation on events relating to the field of information. "Social Communications Directory." Biannual directory in English with data on: Catholic International Organizations for Information; continental, regional and national organizations; other Vatican organizations relating to communications; and ecumenical references.

L'Osservatore Romano: "L'Osservatore Romano. Giornale Quotidiano Politico Religioso." Daily newspaper of Vatican City, in Italian. Reports on activities of the Holy See and on Catholic life in the world. Publishes acts, homilies and speeches of the Holy Father in their entirety in original language. Also reports on foreign affairs, Italian life and events in Rome. Has weekly editions in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, and a monthly edition in Polish.

Vatican Radio: "Radiogiornale." Daily bulletin in Italian. Contains text or summary of news from the broadcast of the same name on activities of the Holy See and current events. Among its sections are: Papal activities and Vatican information; other news; and international viewpoint. "Vatican Radio—Programs." Quarterly pamphlet with the schedule of all of the radio's daily programs in different languages. "Studio A Radio Vaticana Musica." Bimonthly magazine in Italian listing all daily music programs of Vatican Radio.

Fabbrica Di San Pietro: "La Basilica di S. Pietro." Monthly newsletter in Italian. Gives news on different artistic works in the basilica (papal tombs, statues of founders, altar mosaics, etc.); reports on improvements and restoration work; program of functions which took place the previous month; calendar of celebrations for the current month, including those of the Holy Father; and the schedule of basilica activities.

General Management Of Pontifical Monuments, Museums And Galleries: "Bollettino." Annual magazine in Italian. Contains articles, studies and information on various works of art found in the Vatican (sculpture, painting, restoration works, historical-archeological analysis, etc.).

Vatican Observatory: "Annual Report." Annual pamphlet in English. Reports on scientific research carried out by different astronomers at the observatory during the year, works written by them and their participation in congresses.

"Latinitas" Foundation: "Latinitas." Triennial magazine in Latin. Its goal is to promote the Latin language. Contains articles of a cultural nature (literature, philology, history, etc.). Has a permanent section, "Diarium Latinum" (Newspaper in Latin), with current news in journalistic style.

This information was taken from the Vatican Information Service October 1995.