Promiscuity Education (formally called Sexuality Education)

Author: Lynn K. Murphy

Promiscuity Education (formally called Sexuality Education)

Specific Examples of Promiscuous Content

(A compilation by Lynn K. Murphy of Life Research Institute, (510) 676-2929. January, 1994 revision)


This compendium will show many, many examples of what Planned Parenthood, the Sex Education and Information Council of the U.S. (SIECUS), and others call Sexuality Education but would be much more accurately called Promiscuity Education. First, however, I must list some exceedingly important facts about these programs. Then I will positively prove that these programs teach our children to be promiscuous.

-- Promiscuity programs use peer pressure to encourage promiscuity. Currently, this statement and a few others may seem outrageous. However, you will see that I easily prove what I say.

-- The sheer quantity of explicit material presented in mixed groups year after year removes inhibitions.

-- Promiscuity programs claim to be value neutral, but this is just a term which actually means "Don't pay attention to parents or God, anything goes." That is not value neutral. It says, "Parents and God don't count, but my values [the teacher's] do."

-- Planned Parenthood aggressively discourages parental involvement in teaching children about sex notwithstanding that Planned Parenthood aggressively denies this.

-- Pro-abortion researcher Alfred Kinsey said, ". . . we have found the highest frequency of induced [deliberate] abortion in the group which, in general, most frequently uses contraceptives."[1]

-- Pro-abortion former President of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Alan Guttmacher said, "We find that when an abortion is easily obtainable, contraception is neither actively nor diligently used. . . there would be no reward for the woman who practices effective contraception. . . . Abortion on demand relieves the husband of all possible responsibility; he simply becomes a coital animal."[2]

-- Dr. Alan Guttmacher also said (immediately after the that legalized abortion), "Then how can the Supreme Court Decision be absolutely secured? The answer to winning the battle for elective abortion once and for all is sex education."[3] Apparently, he knew what Planned Parenthood's brand of "sex" education (promiscuity ed) would do to the pregnancy and abortion rates.

-- A current study[4] shows that for every 1,000 girls who take Planned Parenthood-type promiscuity education, 113 get pregnant before marriage, but for every 1,000 girls getting abstinence sex education, only 4 get pregnant before marriage.

I must request that, as you read this material, you consider the following questions, even though (or especially because) these questions are unanswerable:

-- How does promiscuity education instead of abstinence education decrease the intercourse rate?

-- Since promiscuity education greatly increases the intercourse rate, and since birth control fails, and since birth control isn't always used anyway, how does promiscuity education reduce the pregnancy and abortion rate?

-- Since teens cannot be convinced to use condoms, how does promiscuity education reduce sexually transmitted disease? (Only condoms and abstinence do this.)

-- Realistically, how many hours does it take to show biology? Perhaps four? So what is taught for the *years* that children have promiscuity education?

-- Since promiscuity education takes money and classroom time, what subjects are cast aside to make room for promiscuity education? Aren't these cast-aside subjects valuable in college or work? So how does promiscuity education contribute to getting a college degree or being successful on the job? How does it raise SAT scores? How does it make the United States competitive in the world economy?

In the following, in the TEXT I name the sources and page numbers of the sources I am DIRECTLY quoting from. Then, where a source itself quotes material, I this for the section at end of the document.

As I now proceed with explicit descriptions of promiscuity education, I will be asking you the above questions and more. In order that you can be sure that you are reading my instead of the , note that I will put my questions (and comments) in these type of brackets: { }

From George Grant, (Brentwood, TN: Woldgemuth & Hyatt, 1988).

Pages 106 - 108: "This week, a representative from Planned Parenthood had come to talk about sex, contraception, pregnancy, and abortion. 'I was shocked,' Catherine told me later. 'Not by , but by the way those facts were presented. My parents had already had plenty of discussions with me about the stuff. I figured I knew just about all a fifteen-year-old should need to know.' 'I've never seen pornography before,' Catherine admitted. 'But this film was worse than what I could have ever imagined hard-core pornography to be.' The film was extremely explicit. An unashamedly brash couple fondled each other in preparation for intercourse. At appropriate prurient moments of interest, the camera zoomed in for close-up shots--sweaty body parts rubbing, caressing, kissing, stroking, clasping, petting, and embracing. At the height of passion, the camera fixed on the woman's hands, trembling with ecstasy, as she tore open a condom package and began to slowly unroll its contents onto her partner. 'I wanted to look away or cover my eyes, but I couldn't,' Catherine said. 'I just stared at the screen--in horror.' When the lights came back on, the entire class was visibly shaken. With eyes as wide as saucers, the youngsters sat speechless and amazed. *

"This film was worse than what I could have ever imagined hard-core pornography to be."


But their guest was entirely unperturbed. 'She began to tell us that everything that we'd just seen was totally normal and good,' Catherine remembered. 'She said that the couple obviously had a and relationship--because they took proper precautions against conception and disease.' {That's proof?} At that, the speaker passed several packages of condoms around the room--one for each of the Girls. She instructed the boys to hold up a finger so that the girls could practice contraceptive application. Already shell-shocked, the students did as they were told. Afterwards, several of the girls began quietly sobbing, another ran out of the room and threw up, still another fainted. Mercifully, the class ended just a moment later.'" *

"I have never been more humiliated in all my life . . .

* "'I have never been more humiliated in all my life,' Catherine said. 'I felt dirty and defiled after seeing the film. But then, when I had to put that thing on Billy's finger--well, that was just awful. It was horrible. It was like I'd been Raped in my mind. Raped by my school. Raped by Planned Parenthood. I think I was--that we all have been--betrayed."[5]

Pages 108 - 109:

< The Shocking Betrayal >

"Planned Parenthood-style sex education is shocking. It seems to be designed to break down sexual inhibitions, invalidate sexual taboos, and undermine sexual values. It is almost as if it purposefully betrays parental and community trust, inciting youngsters to an emotional and sensual frenzy.[6] *

"The idea, according to Values Clarification pioneer Sidney Simon, is to stop parents and teachers from defining for children 'their emotional and sexual identities', and to keep them from 'fostering the immorality of morality.'"[7]

* Spawned out of the psycho-sexual morass, . . . Planned Parenthood's education programs and materials are brazenly perverse. They are frequently accentuated with crudely obscene four-letter words[8] and illustrated by explicitly ribald nudity.[9] They openly endorse aberrant behavior-- homosexuality, masturbation, fornication, incest, and even bestiality--and then they describe that behavior in excruciating detail.[10] {How does this curriculum encourage abstinence? How does this control AIDS?} 'Our goal,' one Planned Parenthood staffer wrote,'is to be ready as educators and parents to help young people obtain sex satisfaction before marriage. By sanctioning sex before marriage, we will prevent fear and guilt.'[11]

'The idea, according to Values Clarification pioneer Sidney Simon, is to parents and teachers from defining for children 'their emotional and sexual identities', and to keep them from 'fostering the immorality of morality.'"[7] {Question: How does this reduce teen pregnancies?}

Page 111: "Walt Maxwell was a teen trainee in a Peer Facilitator program sponsored by Planned Parenthood in Northern Virginia. 'I only lasted a week in the program,' he told me 'I just couldn't handle it. Watching porno films and talking dirty is not exactly my idea of a healthy extra-curricular activity.' After he dropped out of the program, he was called in to talk to his school counselor and two assistant principals. 'They wanted to know why I had such a bad attitude about the class, and why I was being so uncooperative. I told them that I thought the whole program was disgusting. They just looked at me like I was from another planet or something.' In one Sensitivity Training program, the 'teacher-change agent' is instructed to divide students into small groups, giving each an envelope containing cards with topics to be discussed: 'Virginity, Oral-Genital Sex, Intercourse, Masturbation, Sterility, Group Sex, Homosexuality, Extra-Marital Relations, Abortion, and Nudity--with acquaintances, with family, with the opposite sex, with the same sex, and with close friends.'[12] The students are 'to and their present and about these matters and to practice and '[13] Once this 'self-disclosure' process is complete, the group is to 'bring consensus by over other members.'[14] Those members of the group who refuse to change 'are non-conformists or deviants.'"[15] {This is a Planned Parenthood course. Planned Parenthood does more abortions than anyone. Does this course provide clients to Planned Parenthood?}

Page 112: {This is Murphy condensing and paraphrasing Grant}: Planned Parenthood also has a "Role Playing" program, a psycho-therapeutic technique used to change personalities. In one example of their role-playing, students are asked to act-out having a discussion with a homosexual. At the conclusion they are to come to a conclusion of what should be the most constructive result of the scene. {We have already seen that to Planned Parenthood, to be constructive is not the same thing as to be moral.}

Page 114: "And what Fantasies and decisions are the curriculums facilitating? One government-sponsored program used widely by Planned Parenthood educators told teens that they could have fantasies which involved "sexual feelings about people of the same or opposite sex, parents, brothers and sisters, old people, animals, nature, inanimate objects, and almost anything you can imagine. It is for a person not to have some strange sexual fantasies."[16] {Question: How does this prepare children for the Scholastic Aptitude Test so that they will be admitted into college? This material displaced traditional education.}


". . . told teens that they could have fantasies which involved 'sexual feelings about people of the same or opposite sex, parents, brothers and sisters, old people, animals, nature, inanimate objects, and almost anything you can imagine. . . ."

* "Carrie Lipscombe and Laura Gibbs participated in a Positive Imaging exercise in a Planned Parenthood-sponsored class at their neighborhood YWCA. 'The teacher told us to close our eyes,' Carrie remembered. 'We were to imagine ourselves standing on the end of a diving board.' 'She went into a lot of detail, helping us to imagine the crystal-clear water, the bright blue sky, and the warm, dry sunshine on our skin,' Laura said. 'She asked us to ourselves bouncing off the board and splashing into the cool, refreshing pool.' 'Then she told us that that feeling was very much like an orgasm,' Carrie said. 'After that, we were supposed to imagine all kinds of situations where we could that feeling of going off the diving board .' 'I was pretty shook up by that,' admitted Laura. 'Me, too:' Carrie said. 'The whole deal was pretty manipulative. I didn't like it. Not a bit.' The objectionable feature of these programs now being promoted by Planned Parenthood,' says economist and social analyst Jacqueline Kasun, 'is not that they teach sex, but that they do it so badly, replacing good biological educating with ten to twelve years of compulsory and , and using the public schools to advance their own ."[17] {Question: How does being good in bed qualify a girl to get a high-paying job?}

Page 119: "'Now, though, according to Planned Parenthood's is an 'outdated' and 'judgmental' value system rooted in 'fear,' 'prejudice,' and 'ignorance.'"[18]

Pages 120 - 123: "Lucy Lommers, Deborah Sullivan, Sarah Bakker, and Jackie Landry were all chosen to participate in a unique educational experiment at their school in the nation's capitol. Sponsored by Planned Parenthood, the 'Peer Education in Humane Sexuality' program was designed to train teens to become 'peer facilitators' and 'responsible information givers.'[19] 'The idea,' Lucy told me, 'was to take a few of us and teach us everything that a sex education teacher knows. All the techniques, all the methods, all the ideas, all the strategies: we got all of it. And then we were supposed to lead group discussions with our friends so that we could them.'" {Remember my claim that Planned Parenthood was heavily involved with peer pressure. Questions: Why is it necessary to pressure children into having sex? Does this reduce teen pregnancies and abortions? Why not leave them alone? Or why not teach abstinence? How many girls get pregnant from abstaining?} *

{How many girls get pregnant from abstaining?}

* "'The training was mostly just discussion between ourselves,' Sarah said. 'And they were usually pretty discussions.' 'Wild is right.' Jackie interjected. 'Yea, see, the Planned Parenthood counselors who worked with us would open up a topic and get us to share our personal experiences and feelings about it,' Deborah explained. 'Sometimes we'd see a film--man, were they ever explicit--and then we'd talk about our reactions.' 'I always felt a tremendous *

"I always felt a tremendous amount of pressure in those sessions . . . I thought that maybe I was the only one in the group that wasn't hopping into into the sack with some guy every weekend." * amount of pressure in those sessions,' Jackie said. 'I thought that maybe I was the only one in the group that wasn't hopping into the sack with some guy every weekend. Listening to the stories my friends started telling made me wonder if I really them knew at all. And if I really fit in with them.' 'Course, what none of us realized at the time,' Lucy said, 'was that we were all feeling the same things. We were just too scared to admit it. I mean, who wants to come right out and say that they're really not all that keen on ! That's just not Nobody wants people to think that they've got some sort of weird or that they're some sorta ' 'So we all just lied,' Sarah said. 'We made up all these kinky stories about wild sex parties and stuff.' 'Well,' admitted Lucy, 'we didn't just lie. We also started fooling around some. I got on birth control. Most of us did. But we were doing it mostly to be and ' 'And to live up to the reputations we were creating for ourselves in the training session,' added Sarah. 'Yea, that, too,' Deborah piped in. 'The thing was, the our discussions got, the more our stories were, the the Planned Parenthood counselors seemed to like it,' Jackie said. 'I know! Isn't it weird?' Lucy said. 'They would say stuff like, 'Now we're really getting somewhere,' or 'It's very important to be able to communicate like this.' I'd always think to myself, Yea. Right. What a pile of crock. But then, of course, I wouldn't say anything.' 'The whole mess began to fall apart, though, when one of the other girls in our group got pregnant and had to have an abortion,' Deborah said. 'She was probably the quietest person in the program,' Lucy explained. 'Real pretty. Got great grades. But she kinda just kept to herself. Tina was her name. Anyway, she was on the Pill. She told me that she was pretty freaked out that she could do something as as take birth control without her parents finding out. I mean, we have to call home and get permission to get an from the school nurse, but we can get an IUD, or birth control pills, or even an abortion, without knowing about it. The counselor then went into this lecture about how important it is to get all your feelings out, to communicate, to be honest--you know, all that stuff. Well, before any of us knew what was happening, Tina just went berserk.' 'Yea, she started screaming and crying and throwing stuff around,' Jackie said. 'She said that the 'peer' training project had pushed her into sex, filled her mind with all sorts of obscene ideas, and then forced her into an abortion,' Deborah remembered, 'She said she'd learned except the things and that she what she'd become.' 'After a while, she was just sobbing uncontrollably,' Lucy said. 'And none of us knew what to do.' 'I think we were all pretty confused,' agreed Jackie. 'And, what was worse, for me anyway,' Sarah said, 'was that I she was right. We'd been sold a bill of goods. None of us to learn all that stuff about lesbianism and masturbation and orgies and abortion and birth control and kinky fetishes and stuff. And the things we need to know we never even talked about--things like a baby's development, guilt, venereal diseases, the health hazards of birth control, alternatives to abortion, PMS, and depression. None of that.' 'After a minute or two, Tina left,' Jackie continued with the story. 'We were pretty stunned. But one of the Planned Parenthood counselors, well, she just started rattling on about how it was that Tina was 'able to her frustrations,' and how the group was 'obviously growing in honesty toward one another,' and all that stuff.' *

"That night, Tina committed suicide."


'That night, Tina committed suicide,' Lucy concluded. The girls were all quiet now. Heads bowed in sadness and shame. 'When that happened, we all got together,' Deborah said finally, 'anybody from Planned Parenthood to look over our shoulders. And we just talked.' 'And cried,' added Lucy. 'For all that hype about Jackie admitted, 'that was the first time we actually honest.' After another long pause, Deborah noted, 'I think we learned a of lessons out of this, but two really kinda stand out. First, Planned Parenthood was trying to us to learn about--and think about, talk about, and experiment about--things of us to. And, second, Planned Parenthood skipped over the stuff that we did want--and to know.' 'Yea, the whole deal was really backwards, wasn't it?' Lucy said. 'I'm just glad it's over, and I'm glad that I'm out of it--that we're all out of it,' Deborah sighed. 'Really!' the other girls nodded. 'Really!' According to Planned Parenthood's own national survey, conducted by the Louis Harris pollsters, most teens agree with Lucy, Deborah, Sarah, and Jackie.[20] More than eighty-seven percent said that they did want comprehensive sexuality services in their schools.[21] Sixty percent said they didn't even want such services near their schools.[22] Only twenty-eight percent of the teens had actually become involved in sexual activities,[23] but ninety percent of those admitted that they had become promiscuous simply because of a peer pressure.[24] Nearly eighty percent of them felt that they had been drawn into sexual activity far too soon.[25] The teens in the poll admitted that their comprehensive sex education courses had affected their behavior. There was a fifty percent rate of sexual activity for them the classes.[26] Sadly, their understanding of the consequences of such activity was not correspondingly enhanced. *

There was a fifty percent higher rate of sexual activity after the classes.

* From Randy Engle, (Gaithersburg, MD: Human Life International, 1989).

Page 4: "Unfortunately, it doesn't occur to these . . . to ask themselves why it takes 13 years of classroom instruction, 45 hours of additional teacher training, and thousands of dollars in selected text books and visual aids to convey such uncomplicated and straightforward biological facts."

From Eugene F. Diamond, M.D., "Teaching Sex to Children," June 1981, 35. (Dr. Diamond is a Christian-type sex expert.)

"There is almost a total lack of scientific evidence or statistical data to justify the inclusion of sex education in a school curriculum. Most children in the world will learn about sex from a peer group or a slightly older child."

From Human Life Center, "Planned Parenthood Advocates Permissive Sex," April 1983

Page 1: A description/complaint of a Planned Parenthood endorsed promiscuity-education program: ". . .homosexuality was presented as an acceptable option, and having an abortion sounded like a positive experience." {How does this decrease the pregnancy and abortion rates?}

From Christian Defense League "Sex Education: the Assault on Christian Morals," undated

Page 4: Mary Calderone, founder and executive director of SIECUS said to adolescent boys at Blair Academy, "'What is sex for? It's for fun, that I know, for wonderful sensations . . . . Sex is not something you turn off like a faucet. If you do, it's unhealthy . . .'

'We need new values to establish when and how we should have sexual experiences . . . You are moving beyond your parents. But you can't just move economically or educationally. You must move sexually, as well. You must learn how to use sex. This is it: first, *to_separate_yourselves_from_your_parents* (emphasis by Murphy); second, to establish a male or female role; third, to determine value systems. . . .

Nobody from up on high determines this. You determine it.'"[27] {No God; no parents} {How does this encourage children to respect their parents? How does it encourage them to obey them?} "Thus, SIECUS teaches that there are no standards of right and wrong, and children must not let parents teach them about sex.

Page 5: "In elementary grades, teachers have had children model male and female genitals in clay."[28]

From Douglas R. Scott, (Grand Rapid, MI: Frontlines Publishing, 1990):

Page 27: ", a Planned Parenthood publication, says in part, 'The anus (the hole for making bowel movements. . .) is one sensitive part of the body. Couples sometimes enjoy touching each other's anus. Anal intercourse means that the penis is inserted into the anus. Sometimes this is pleasurable for the partners. Sometimes the anus is uncomfortable and the partner's may choose not to include this activity in their sex play. Since the anus may hurt during anal intercourse, the inserting partner must use care in attempting this. As with all sex relations, the couples can discuss their likes and dislikes and make choices.'"[29]

Page 29: {Similarly with , Scott says} "The book continues by saying that prostitutes are 'sisters' and they need the 'alliance' of women." {How does this discourage promiscuity?}

Pages 35 - 37: {Though Planned Parenthood failed to get this program implemented in schools, this description of this sexually deviate program serves to illustrate the extraordinary perversions of Planned Parenthood promiscuity educators specifically, and of this nation's promiscuity educators in general.}

"Planned Parenthood is the primary educator of those who teach children about sexual matters. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, in cooperation with the Vermont Department of Education, scheduled, 'A Conference on Family Life Education: Are We Prepared?' The conference was designed to educate 'school administrators and school board members; home economics, health, physical education and science teachers; guidance counselors; mental health counselors; librarians and resource coordinators; sexuality and family life educators; youth and recreational leaders; parent-child staff.'"[30] "The 'Safety Dance: A Safer Sex Dance Party," has a target audience of 'high school, college and adult audiences'. A description and outline of the dance is available. One part of the dance includes 'Puttin' on the Condom.'"[31]

{Planned Parenthood, describing this part}: "During the course of the evening each person receives and wears a nametag depicting a different step in condom use. During this activity, participants arrange themselves in a line (or a circle) according to how they think a condom is used (if there are a large number of participants, have several groups perform the activity at the same time and compare results!) After the line is formed, have the participants read off their tags in order. Acting out the steps can increase the fun of this activity. The nametags are labeled as follows: Physical attraction, think about having sex, talk about having sex, decide to use a condom, pool money, go to a condom store, decide what kind to buy, take box off rack, pay cashier, decide where to store them, meet your lover, decide to have sex {NOT WHETHER TO!!!}, need to use a condom, open package, penis hard?, place condom on penis, fall in love, leave space at tip, roll condom down penis, enough lubrication?, if no use KY jelly . . . or more foreplay, intercourse, ejaculation, hold on the rim of the condom, withdraw penis, remove condom, loss of erection, decide where to throw condom away, trash it, wash penis, relax, feel good?, partner have an orgasm?"

"Another suggestion for the 'Safety Dance' includes, 'Demonstrations of fun and unusual condoms [from Amsterdam, etc.] and condom use by placing human-sized condom over a volunteer's body. One activity is called the 'Safer Sex Continuum activity'. This activity involves taping placards to a wall listing different forms of sexual activity. Sexual activity listed includes oral sex, anal intercourse, the use of sex toys, rimming, phone sex, and looking at erotic films and magazines. About 30 other sexual activities are listed. Participants are asked to rank the placards from least risky to most risky for becoming infected with the AIDS virus. As noted previously, educators were urged to assign the dance to students as homework."[32] {Statistics show that most teen pregnancies begin in the teens' own homes when the parents are gone. How do these activities decrease teen pregnancies?}

"It is recommended that the 'Safety Dance' include a 'condom relay race'. This event is described as, 'A fun, 'competitive' activity enabling participants to become comfortable handling condoms'. The relay requires two props: one condom per participant and several firm (not ripe) bananas. The players are expected to open the package and roll the condom onto the banana. Another player rolls the condom off. This process is repeated until all players have participated. The 'Safety Dance' concluded following the breaking of a 'condom pinada' at midnight."[33] {Then what? The kids rush home to abstain?}

Page 38: Writing of Jo Ann Gasper, former deputy assistant secretary for population affairs with the Department of Health and Human Services, author Scott says "Gasper provides some examples of Planned Parenthood's teaching methods. These include having young students handle 'life-size models of male and female genitalia'. In another exercise, 'a girl fits a condom over two fingers of a boy.'[34] In addition to these 'exercises,' students are taken on field trips." {Scott says one field trip is to a drug store.}

{Which of the above activities promotes abstinence? Which of the above activities even hints that abstinence is a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy? Which of the above doesn't encourage sexual intercourse?}


{Planned Parenthood's alleged goals are to reduce teen pregnancies and abortions. Isn't the above explicitly and precisely counterproductive to those goals? Why trust the organization which is the *cause* of the problem to be the *solution*?}

* Page 44: {Regarding boys and girls having sex before marriage, Planned Parenthood's says} "it's like taking a car out on a test run before you buy it."[35]

Page 47: "Several students interviewed for the Focus on the Family report said that abstinence played little or no part in the Planned Parenthood presentation. One female student said Planned Parenthood 'made me feel like I was a nerd or I was not cool because I decided not to have sex. They made it sound like everyone, everybody's doing it and you're going to do it soon enough.'[36] A male student said that he had 'never heard them say anything about abstinence . . '. Another male

'You know, it did bother me when they said that, you know, your parents won't understand and stuff and that you can come there and get an abortion and nobody will ever even know about it. They just kind of made it, you know, like a statement like, like you can go get a wart removed or something.'[37]" {Planned Parenthood is fond of saying that they encourage parental participation. It looks like they're lying.}

From Douglass R. Scott, (Franklin, TN: Legacy Communications, 1992):

Page 55: Planned Parenthood recommends the book, This book argues that sexual fantasies are healthy, and gives the following example of a "healthy" fantasy of a girl: "I fantasize making love with horses, because they are very sensuous animals, more so than cows or pigs. They are also very male animals--horse society is very chauvinist."[38]

Page 55: Scott says of "Much of the book is too crude to quote. Slang is used to describe sexual acts and organs. There are illustrations, with descriptions, of a nude couple in various sexual positions."[39]

Page 56: Scott, quoting shows how this Planned Parenthood recommended book suggests that heterosexuals consider lesbianism: "Compulsory heterosexuality may make us feel desperate when we're not with a man, and cause {???????????} us to jump into the arms of men who are available but not good for us. It means we never have a chance to make a real choice, to ask ourselves whether we would be happier with a man, a woman or alone.[40]

Page 100: The following is quoted from a parent who attended a Planned Parenthood promiscuity class at Big Sky High School in Missoula, Montana: "I thought the implication was, is that sex is nothing to be taken real seriously. It's there because it's fun and everybody should take advantage of it and enjoy it and even if you're just 14-years-old you have every right to be sexually active, regardless of what your parents tell you, and Planned Parenthood is there to make sure that you have everything you need to be successful at sex.[41]

From "Official Transcript of Proceedings before the U.S. Department of Education for The Hatch Amendment", quoted in Phyliss Schlafly, ed., (Westchester, IL: Crossway Books, 1984).

Page 85: A minister testifies, "In my son's 5[th] grade Health class, all questions were answered without regard to a moral right or wrong. Homosexuality was presented as an alternative lifestyle. Sexual activity among 5[th] graders was not discouraged, since it was feared that the students might be embarrassed and not ask additional questions.


[for 5[th] graders] "The morality that was taught in the classroom that day was complete promiscuity."


I was present when a plastic model of female genitalia with a tampon insert was passed around to the boys so they might understand how tampons fit. Birth control pills were also passed around and explained. Anal intercourse was described. At no time was there any mention of abstinence as a desirable alternative for 5[th] graders. The morality that was taught in the classroom that day was complete promiscuity.

As a result of this kind of education without morality, we are experiencing pregnancy among 13-year-olds with resulting abortions. Our district's answer to pregnancies among young people, too young to raise and support their children, is to supply more information on birth control and abortions."

Page 86: "In Mental Health next year, he will be required to complete the sentence: 'In my value system the ideal age to start having intercourse is _________.' Age is not the question in the traditional moral Christian system--marriage is the criterion."

Page 119: Theresa Bak provides what she said "is a sample of the remarks which permeate the filmstrips and films shown to our youth: 'Sex outside of marriage is now socially acceptable. {This endorses it.} No longer a single moral code is acceptable. What is right for you is objective for you. You determine your own value, what parents did may or may not work for you. Decisions are yours.'"

Pages 146 - 148: Barbara Powell said, "The following quotation is a suggested assignment for junior and senior high students throughout the State of Michigan:

"First ask the students to relax, feel comfortable and close their eyes. Then ask them to fantasize and design a form of birth control that they would enjoy using. {Since only abstinence is 100% effective in controlling conception, how does this program reduce teen pregnancies?} If possible, they should include in their design how the contraceptive would work to prevent pregnancy, but this is not necessary.

Next, ask students to share the designs out loud, noting differences and good ideas. The various designs may elicit much laughter." {which will remove inhibitions}

She continues by quoting from a federally-funded sex manual: "'Vocabulary Brainstorming:

(a) Divide the class into groups of five or six. Select one word or phrase and then have each group list as many synonyms as it can in three to five minutes. Use words such as penis, vagina, intercourse, breast.

(b) Now, rearrange the class in couples and ask that they engage in a conversation for three minutes, trying to use as many of the words on the list as possible.' {Note: "in couples." Now what are the children going to say? "Now that I'm turned on, let's *not* meet at your place after school? Statistics show that most teen pregnancies begin in the teens' own homes when the parents are gone.}

We don't need federal funding to teach gutter-level language in the schools of Michigan."

Page 155: John Tomicki said, "One film was going to be used in the 7[th] grade in my local school district; it was to study 'How Life Begins.' That was the name of the film. It was subtitled 'The Male Reproduction System.' The first words were--we are going to study now how life begins. Guess what was on the picture? Guess what is being displayed? It was a young boy and a young girl in the front seat of a convertible . . . in an embrace. Now, that was the message sent to those children: This is how life begins, in a front seat of a convertible."

Page 156 - 157: Bryan Staff said, "I have in my written testimony 'Are You Ready For Sex?' taken from the sex education curriculum at Manistee Junior High School in Manistee, Michigan. These questions are asked to 8[th] graders:

'One: Do you know why your parents and/or religion have taught that intercourse should wait until marriage? Do you accept these ideas? If so, then would you be creating a lot of inner turmoil to go against your own beliefs? {I.e., throw God away. Go with your feelings." Now let's change the subject to murder. "Throw God away. Go with your feelings. ???}

Two: If you do not accept the beliefs you are taught, is it only at the intellectual level; Do you feel really comfortable and firm in your own beliefs? Try to imagine how you would feel about losing your virginity. Would it make you feel less valuable, less lovable, less good? If so, it is a bad bargain. . . . {Why are you worthless if you don't want sex, or if you don't want sex now?}

Ten: Do you have the opportunity for uninterrupted privacy, free from fear of being heard or intruded upon?'" {to engage in sexual abstinence?}

Page 159 - 162: This is the testimony of Kay Fredeneck about East Detroit High's two courses: 7140 Health and 1160 Composition, both for 10[th] grade.

"Another publication used in 7140 Health is entitled, , author, Curriculum Innovations, Inc. It is, in effect, a 'do it yourself' manual. The student is taken through foreplay, erections, when to have intercourse, positions for intercourse, orgasm and how to act responsibly in regard to the needs and feelings of the partner. . . . {responsible to needs of partner, not responsible for their own actions, for morality, for the baby's life they begin, and for the baby's excruciatingly painful death by abortion.}

Based on the publication entitled, author Curriculum Innovations, Inc. chastity is defined as: 'An old-fashioned word that means avoiding thoughts or acts resulting in intercourse. . . . {Then God is an old-fashioned word.} {How does this reduce teen pregnancy?}

On page 77 of the text {this is the composition course, not the specifically sex ed course} is explained how to organize a paragraph and specifically how to organize an argument. Here is the text example: ' should be sold on campus because -- '" {Three choices are given. None are " shouldn't be sold on campus."}

Page 210: Robert Griggs testifies about a film shown to a mixed class of 6[th] graders: "The nurse asked to show a 6[th] grade movie about vitamins. I consented, supposing it was a nine- or ten- minute movie. The first three minutes of the footage was the actual birth of a baby. It started out with a lady [?] with her legs up and apart, and her feet in stirrups or something like that, with a doctor. It was very graphic and very detailed."

Page 215: "There were four very primitive films, and one was in such poor taste. Out of six minutes, there were three minutes of a spread crotch shot of a man exposing his business--private business."

Page 258: Testimony of Jayne Schindler: "I don't know if you are familiar with the book, , which is in many school libraries. This book cannot be sold in a porno shop in Colorado because it would violate the child pornography laws, but it can be put in our public schools and libraries. . . . When I asked one principal why he allowed books with such bad language, he replied, 'Some kids talk that way at home and we need to make them feel accepted.'" Page 409: Testimony of Phyliss Schlafly re New York City Board of Education's Sex Education Program (SEP): "SEP forces explicit discussions of sexuality and genitalia on little children at the kindergarten and primary grade levels." (p.30)

"A persistent undercurrent of SEP is its attempt to teach pupils to be tolerant of homosexuals. 'Experimental sex play' with persons of the same sex is described as 'not unusual' among 5[th] and 6[th] grade children." (p. 63) "'Homosexual experimentation' is described as normal behavior of 14-16 -year olds." (p. 19) {Yet polls show only 1.4% of men are homos.} SEP states that 'most child molesters are heterosexual males and not homosexuals.'" {So what! There aren't many homos!}

Page 110: "Incidentally, sex and nuclear war are the only two subjects which are taught K-12 {kindergarten through 12[th] grade inclusive}. No other subject is taught for the entire 13 years of pre-college school-ing--not English, math, science, or history. {How does 13 years of promiscuity education prepare children for college?}

Page 430: Testimony of Jacqueline Lawrence: "A drama group, specifically trained with federal funds, was invited to the schools to perform a social-drama for grades 2 through 6. The group put on a skit during which a stranger came to town to announce that God is dead. Immediately all the actors on the stage began using obscene gestures, doing obscene things, and saying obscene words. When the play was over the students went to recess and mimicked the actors' actions and words." {How does this reduce sexually-transmitted diseases?}

From Robert G. Marshall and Charles A. Donovan, (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1991)

{To condense printout, I've combined some short paragraphs into one paragraph}: {p. 81. 1977 or 1978 Planned Parenthood (of Alameda) model school guide for leaders}: "The rubber usually attracts a lot of giggles and the teens like to experiment with the {contraceptive} foam. . . . " {p. 99. Sol Gordon's Institute for Family Research and Education's }: "there is nothing wrong with any kind of sex . . . " {p. 99. Ten Heavy again}: "pornography is harmless. . . . " {p. 103. Institute for Family Research and Education}: "there are various open marriages, swinging--from recreational to utopian--group marriage . . . . " {p. 108. Elizabeth Canfield, author for Sol Gordon and birth-control counselor, at work-shop at Syracuse University}: "There are as many ways of being normal as there are of being abnormal; all these labels--who's to say? . . . " {From page 112. Sol Gordon, 6/20/77, speaking to American Library Association}: "If I walk down the street and I see a pretty girl that captures my fancy, I have sex with her. Now, the girl doesn't know about it {?}, my wife doesn't know about it, and it enhances my walk. I don't want you to think that's my total repertoire, because it isn't. I have all kinds of thoughts about men and women--and animals." {I'm sure you do!}

Page 106: "Describing one of their earlier volumes, , the Roys claim that emerging ethical patterns 'will have to be found consistent with the highest Christian values, which lead to 'the expansion of the erotic community' beyond the married pair.'" {The Roys are either mocking God or have never read the Bible!}[42]

Page 311: "I want to say carefully and without elaboration, sex is morally acceptable in any form; hetero, homo, auto, bi or poly . . . . that what makes any sexual act right or wrong is its consequences, because in and of itself sex is neither good nor bad, neither praiseworthy nor blameworthy, and its ethical significance depends upon the values it serves and seeks to realize."[43]

From Melvin Anchell, M.D., A.S.P.P., American Life League:

Page 92 about Planned Parenthood's "Guide and Resource Manual" used in Santa Cruz, CA and obtainable from them at 212 Laurel Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 for $20: "The final topic in the 'Sexuality and Values' section---a section that is supposed to somehow give young people better values than established ones---is Homosexuality. Homosexuality is taught as a normal variation, i.e., a normal lifestyle. The manuals advise sex teachers to bring homosexuals directly into the classroom to give students first hand information about how homosexuals conduct themselves sexually. Students are taught that the homosexual's oral-genital sex acts, his oral-anal acts, his self and mutual masturbation, etc., are normal and benefi-cial. The only prerequisite for engaging in homosexual-lesbian sex acts---students are taught---is that one enjoy them." {This program, apparently, is supposed to teach them to enjoy them.}

Page 95: "There is one main overriding theme in today's school sex programs---and that theme is . School sex teachings are essentially 'how to' courses that condone and teach fornication along with all forms of perverted sex acts."

Pages 153 - 163: {This is a glimpse of Planned Parenthood's "Family Life Education Curriculum K-12" of Northern New England (created by Sal Wiggin). The page numbers I use are page numbers from the Planned Parenthood document.}

"Grade 8 . . . . P. 20-21: Student is to identify: when in one's life contraception may be appropriate for him or her; discuss and clarify myths about contraception, and list five methods of contraception and how to obtain each one."

"Interpersonal relationships--Grades 9-12, P. 15 & 19: Shown Filmstrip 'Four Sequences' Same Sex Relationship Sequence: Some of the frames of the film are. . . Close up of adult males with arms around each other. Close up of young adult girls kissing. Girls nude bathing together. Girls comparing breast size. Nude boys relaxing on patio. teenage boys reading Playboy. Adult males in shower. Close ups of Adult Males kissing."


"[the film shows] Close ups of Adult Males Kissing."

{How does this prevent AIDS?}

* P. 15: "The purpose of this exercise is to illustrate that touch, affection and intimacy between members of the same sex are natural aspects of important learning experiences for those involved." "Student is to think of one's best friend of the same sex and to imagine that on the given sheet that the printed drawings are of their best friend. They are then to "shade in the parts of the friend's body they would feel comfortable touching, depending whether they were in a public or private setting."

P. 17: "It is important for adults to be aware that the normal pattern of psychosexual development for children and young people moves from solitary masturbatory behavior to masturbation with one or two friends of the same sex to exploratory sexual behavior with them." From Assembly, State of California,

Page 266: {This is a part of a tenth-grade sexuality education program. It was invented by Education Training Research Associates, which is just as pornographic as Planned Parenthood and SIECUS.}

"Shopping Information Form (Optional Homework Assignment)

1. Name of Store_______________

2. What contraceptive products are sold here? (List 3 kinds of condoms, 1 kind of foam and 1 kind of sponge, their prices for each product. {No mention that only abstinence is 100% effective against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Per former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, three million teens get an STD yearly. Ref: Kim Painter of the liberal , April 13, 1992.}

3. How comfortable would you be buying contraception here? very comfortable? fairly comfortable? somewhat comfortable? very uncomfortable?

4. Would you recommend that a friend buy contraception here? Yes or no. {No mention of marriage.}

5. What are the store hours of business?

Clinic Visit (Homework Assignment)

(In class 8, students locate birth control clinics in their area and make plans for visiting one to get information about birth control.)" {Question: How does this help them to be able to go to a store and properly fill out a job application?}

From "You've Changed the Combination," Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains:

Page 9: "Sex is best between friends." {No mention of marriage.}

Page 10: "There are only two basic kinds of sex: sex with victims and sex without. Sex with victims is always wrong. Sex without is always right." {A half truth: They don't know if there will be a victim due to disease; they don't know if there will be a victim due to pregnancy. They don't know if there will be a victim due to adultery. They don't say that there will be at least one victim if there is an abortion.}

{Twenty-three major medical studies prove that abortion approximately doubles the breast cancer rate of aborters and that the type of breast cancer contracted is deadlier. (The cancer is apparently caused by unnatural interruption of hormonal changes.) *


* Page 18: "Don't lie to yourself. Decide honestly what you want from your relationships with women. Do you want a convenient warm body? buy one. That's right. There are women who have freely chosen that business, buy one. . . Do you want a virgin to marry? Buy one. There are girls in that business, too. Marriage is the price you'll pay, and you'll get the virgin. Very temporarily."

From Richard Glasow and Mrs. Glasow, "An Expose on PP's Three-lane Road to the Brave New World." Richard Glasow works at National Right to Life Committee, Inc., 419 7[th] St., NW, Washington, DC 20004: *

"One film . . . available at PP clinics has been strongly criticized by the Arizona House Interim Committee on Obscenity as 'blatently offensive' and possibly in violation of state laws . . ."

* Page 3: "One film, 'About Sex,' produced by Sol Gordon and available at PP clinics, has been strongly criticized by the Arizona House Interim Committee on Obscenity as 'blatantly offensive' and possibly in violation of state laws about obscenity and contributing to the delinquency of minors. The committee stated that the portions of the film depicting '. . . the nude couple engaged in the sex act, the nude woman in a suggestive, reclining position, and the nude go-go dancer would appeal to the prurient interest of minors.' The committee also denounced the 'use of gutter language throughout the film.' this film has been shown in schools in PA and vividly illustrates PP's philosophy of sex education, which is 'if it feels good, do it.' The narrator encourages masturbation, abortion, and contraception use by unmarried teens"[44]{How does this promote adequate earning power for later life?}

Page 3: "[Sol Gordon] also wrote a pamphlet for teenagers entitled that encourages acceptance of homosexuality and suggests that sodomy, bisexuality and masturbation are natural and completely acceptable."[45]

From "What does PP say to Educators, Parents and Supporters?" American Life League:

"Sex is fun, and joyful, and courting is fun, and joyful, and it comes in all types and styles, all of which are OK. Do what gives pleasure and enjoy what gives pleasure and ask for what gives pleasure. Don't rob yourself of joy by focusing on old-fashioned ideas about what's 'normal' or 'nice'."[46] *

{By teaching promiscuity, a very clear message is being sent: Adult authorities don't want abstinence for kids, they *want* them to screw.}

* "Sex is too important to glop up with sentiment."[47]

"If you're not supposed to go after a girl for sex, what are you supposed to do?"[48] {Well now let me think. Treat her like a human being? Treat her like a friend?}

"A lot of people wonder about oral and anal sex (mouth to penis, vagina or anus; or penis to anus). Some say that such acts are perverse or degrading. Other people consider them to be a normal part of foreplay or a substitute for intercourse. . . "We say, no one has the right to condemn a person on the basis of that person's manner of sexual expression. . . "[49] {Condemning isn't the issue! Disease and perversion are!}

From a paraphrase of Sal Wiggin's "Family Life Education Curriculum K-12 of Northern New England," pages 282 & 283:

"KINDERGARTEN . . . . P. 5 - Children are asked to outline partner's bodies and verbally label all parts including genitals and buttocks.

GRADE 3 . . . P.11 & 12 - Diagrams shown of Male/Female Reproductive Systems. Children are asked to make models of reproductive organs using: Ping Pong Balls, straw, paper cup, yarn and cellophane bag.

GRADE 6 . . . P. 12 - 'Dear Diary' movie shown. Question: What was 'the gush feeling down there?' What are some causes of the tingly feelings in the vulva region?' 'Do girls masturbate?'

P. 18 - Minimal outline of prenatal development. In third trimester they state 'body proportions are more {more?} human.' 'Fetus can survive . . . if born prematurely.' {They do not state that babies born earlier than third trimester have also survived.}

P. 94 - Abortion methods are listed.

P. 95 - 'Legal abortion is a relatively safe, uncomplicated procedure. Abortion in the first trimester is 10 times safer than childbirth' {This is NOT true!} . . . Results are quoted from a survey done by a national abortion group indicating that 83% of American voters supported abortion in all or some circumstances." {The voters didn't!}

From Jacqueline Kasun, "Slaughter on Main Street" (Clovis, CA: Valley Christian University Press, n.d.):

Page 3: "The sex-curriculum guide for elementary schools in my city specifies that children will 'develop an understanding of homosexuality,' 'learn the vocabulary and social fads' relating to it, 'study the theories concerning it,' view films and ENGAGE IN ROLE PLAYING ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY, and take tests on it." (Emphasis by Murphy.)

Page 5: "The curriculum guide drawn up for school in Ferndale, California, suggests that high school students work as boy-girl pairs on 'physiology definition sheets' in which they define 'foreplay,' 'erection,' 'ejaculation,' and similar terms. Whether or not students are satisfied with their 'size of sex organs' is suggested as a topic of class discussion in this curriculum." {Grade not specified.} "The teacher of a 'sexuality' class I attended distributed instructions for 'Group Drawing of Female and Male Reproductive Anatomy,' in which high school students are to 'break up into groups of four to six persons, with men and women in each group.' Each group then makes a drawing of the female and male reproductive organs and genitals, including the penis, scrotum, testes, vagina, clitoris, cervix, labia, and other parts. When the groups have finished, the teacher instructs them to check their drawings against accurate ones which she projects on the wall to 'correct them' and to 'talk about inaccuracies.' The instructions for this exercise state that its purpose is 'to provide a relaxed 'non-academic' means of reviewing the basic sexual physiology,' to 'provide a setting in which ignorance about physiology may be revealed without shame,{????????}' and to 'provide an opportunity to work as a group on a task.' . . . The guide instructs the teacher to have students 'discuss how they felt about 'drawing sex organs.'" {How does this promote abstinence? How does it reduce pregnancy and abortion?}

From a letter to Beverly LaHaye of Concerned Women for America, P. O. Box 67000, Washington, DC 20035. (A copy is available from Lynn Murphy.)

Page 2: "This plastic model was used to show the students SEVERAL TIMES how to insert contraceptive sponges. A detailed, explicit discussion was also given concerning the vaginal mucus discharge that all women have and how a woman can tell by her mucus discharge whether or not she is ovulating. The class was told to 'take some of the discharge from the lining of your panties and try to see how sticky it is by working it between your thumb and middle finger. See how far you can stretch it. If it can stretch about an inch or more without breaking, it is called 'spin', and means that you are ovulating, and can get pregnant. During that time, you will want to use a condom, contraceptive sponge, or other method of birth control.'" {In other words, you *will* screw. This is a given. There is no " you screw, then you should use . . . .} {Who is going to do these tests in the urgency of the dark back seat of a car?}

Page 2: "Kids also told me about 'valentines' Planned Parenthood GIVES to kids. I could hardly believe this, so obtained one myself to show what our tax dollars are paying for. The 'valentine' has a big red heart on the front and says: 'love carefully'. On the inside is a [real] red condom." {The author of this letter then called a Planned Parenthood person about this, and wrote that this person said they offer several colors of condoms and that 'kids think it's just more erotic and fun to do it with colored condoms.' She also said they would soon have some flavored condoms.}

From a letter to the editor of "The Valley Press," Felton, CA:

"I am a student at SLV [San Lorenzo Valley] High. I attended the sex education program put on by Planned Parenthood for our required {note that it is required} health class. In all the controversy that has gone on and all the second and third hand testimonies and opinions that have been given, I would now like to, for everyone, give a first hand account of what went on, one day in particular, in our unmonitored sex education class: The class was begun by an instructor from Planned Parenthood. He first asked abruptly and crudely, "How many of you are having sex right now?" His first five minutes of lecturing dealt with nothing else but the fact that all of us were involved in sex or would be soon! This for me as well as for a lot of other kids in the class was shocking! He then used 25 minutes to--in detail--describe all the contraceptive devices. As for abstinence, it was not presented in the way that Sandy Orwitz, the director of Planned Parenthood stated that it was. Abstinence was listed as ineffective and placed in the bad column on the blackboard. The lecturer never even acknowledged that a few might use abstinence till marriage or until we had reached maturity. The instructor in a big joke placed a diaphragm on his nose again and again. He also blew up a rubber until it was about to pop and let it jet around the room. The instructor described his sexual experience in previous weeks, which can in no way be justified in a public school funded by our parents' taxes. The whole class was presented unprofessionally, crudely, and just plain gross! Through the whole period the grossest overtones were created by every move the unqualified instructor made. . . . We don't need anyone to come in and preach his distorted sexual attitudes at us under the guidelines of public education. I hope that the people of San Lorenzo Valley will not let this program be repeated."

From "Sex: A Topic for Conversation with Sol Gordon for Teenagers":

"Now listen, this is very important: all thoughts, wishes, sexual arousals are normal. There are no abnormal dreams, wishes, fantasies or sexual arousals. You can have any kind of thought you like." {So I guess it's okay to imagine you're raping the male principal of the school that allowed this into his school.}

From "AIDS: AM I AT RISK? A CHECKLIST FOR MODERN LOVERS," (Santa Cruz, CA: Network Publications, 1988):

This was promiscuity-education material given to students via the Social Studies Department programs of San Lorenzo High School in Felton, CA:

"DO'S & DON'TS FOR MODERN LOVERS: Lower your chances of getting AIDS by practicing safer sex habits with the use of condoms {not abstinence}. The not only offer the best protection against AIDS but they could prevent an unwanted pregnancy as well. You may have to changes some of your sexual practices but it doesn't mean you're doomed to boredom. Here's a chance to put your sexual imagination to work. You'll just have to think of some new and exciting ways to enjoy sex .

DO! Use a condom and a nonoxynol-9 spermicide for vaginal sex. {Among other things, this says to have sex.}

Use a condom and some kind of lubricant containing nonoxynol-9 for anal sex. {Have anal sex.}

Use a condom or latex barrier for oral sex. {Have oral sex}.

From "TALKING WITH YOUR PARTNER ABOUT USING CONDOMS," (Santa Cruz, CA: Network Publications, 1989) {Partner, not wife}

This was promiscuity-education material given to students via the Social Studies Department programs of San Lorenzo High School in Felton, CA. This shows how a student is supposed to respond when his or her partner doesn't want to use a condom:

"She says: 'Condoms taste terrible.' You say: 'Let's try some of those new flavored condoms.'

He says: 'It's embarrassing to buy them.' You say: 'Let's buy a big box. That way we won't have to buy them again for a long time.' {Now that's abstinence!!!!!!}

She says: 'They're too dry. They make sex uncomfortable.' You say: ' Let's try lubricated condoms. If they still feel dry, we can use some K-Y Jelly or Astro Glide.'

He says: 'I'm allergic to them.' She says: 'Let's try another brand or a different lubricant or spermicide.' or 'I'm allergic to sperm. It could make me break out in STDs and sometimes even pregnancy.'

He says: 'They look ugly.' You say: 'I think you look incredibly sexy. Seeing you in a condom really turns me on.'

She says: 'I'm a virgin.' You say: 'I'm not. This way we'll both be protected.'

He says: 'Condoms are too expensive.' You say: 'Let's stop by the family planning clinic. Condoms are free there.'"

From an AIDS-awareness presentation to San Lorenzo High School in Felton, CA:

"My name is Steve _______ and I represent the Santa Cruz County Health Department. . . . But, anyway, you take it and put it on the reservoir tip and now puts it over his penis and from what I've heard, I heard that this really does make a difference as to how a condom feels. It's supposed to make it, feels a lot better on the inside. Now ladies {ladies?}, when a guy is having sex with you, I don't know where you're at, but in terms of infection guys have to be nurtured. . . . This is, comes in bubble gum flavor and mint flavor. The only reason I bring this up is, there's a big, big, big, big controversy out there and it has to do with oral sex. For a long time the people in the field, efforts in the field felt that oral sex was a very, very, very small risk. In terms of sexual activity the highest risk to you is anal intercourse, the second riskiest sexual behavior is vaginal intercourse. And we did tell people that the least riskiest and probably safe sexual activity was oral intercourse. {What about a non-risk, non-sexual activity?} . . . There's one other thing that women can use and it's a brand new thing. It's rather gaudy lookin'. I should show it just because it is one other option you have. It's called a female condom. Anybody every heard of one? They look like this. This actually clumps or bunches up. This goes inside the vagina, all the way in and then, and this sits over the outside. It's about this long. But that is a female condom. {to use for abstinence, of course} . . . Remember that when {not if} you have sex with somebody . . . We recommend that you follow your family values around when in fact you have sex. {That is to say, of course, that it is a family value to have unmarried sex.}

From: Harvey Caplan, M.D. (staff clinician at Planned Parenthood/World Population of Alameda-San Francisco) quoted in Stephanie Mills (Planned Parenthood board member) :

"If, however, you have separated your sex and love needs . . . then you could have a hundred partners and still be a perfect candidate for a good close relationship later on. So having multiple sexual partners in itself doesn't mean anything.

From: Wardell B. Pomeroy, Ph.D. (of Planned Parenthood), "A New Look at Incest," magazine, November 1976, 84-89:

". . . incest between adults and younger children can also prove to be a satisfying and enriching experience. Incestuous relationships can--and do--work out well."

From Wardell Pomeroy, Ph.D., (New York: Delacorte Press, 1981) 171, 172. This book is used in numerous public school systems in the United States:

"I have known cases of farm boys who have had a loving sexual relationship with an animal and who felt good about their behavior until they got to college, where they learned for the first time that what they had done was 'abnormal.' Then they were upset." {Pomeroy, not Life Research Institute put in quotes.} .pa Endnotes

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