Pro-Life Publicity: Vital for Public Involvement

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Numerous publishers and organizations specialize in the distribution of pro-life and pro-family books, films, slide sets, tapes, tracts, brochures, and information in virtually every form imaginable.

These materials are vital for ultimate victory because they present the issues in formats that the American public has grown accustomed to and can understand. The materials are of top quality and suitable for use with virtually any audience.

The pro-life movement is literally bursting with ideas and talent. Sadly, though, many excellent ideas for brochures, films, and books either lie fallow because many authors lack confidence in their own abilities, or else their products are produced on a strictly local basis only.

Any activist who has a talent for writing and thinks that he or she has an idea that may have regional or national impact shouldn't feel shy about submitting it to one or more of the publishers or organizations described in this chapter, and may also wish to use the resources listed in Chapter 24 under "Further Reading" to market his materials. These groups are not only capable of publishing books or brochures, but have experts that can help work out the 'bugs' in the presentation of the works.

An activist who has particular expertise in a certain area may want to contact the publisher of one of the many pro-life periodicals that are now in print. For information on these periodicals and their focuses of interest, consult Chapter 23. For more information on many pro-life groups and their areas of interest, consult Chapter 20.


American Portrait Films
Post Office Box 19266
Cleveland, Ohio 19266
Telephone: (800) 736-4567

Catholics United for Life (CUL)
New Hope, Kentucky 40052
Sidewalk counseling literature and training suitable for all faiths.

Christian WorldView
Post Office Box 185066
Fort Worth, Texas 76181-0066

Couple to Couple League (CCL)
Post Office Box 111184
Cincinnati, Ohio 41211-1184
Telephone: (513) 661-7612
Natural family planning (NFP) and teaching support services based on Scripture.

Crossway Books
9825 West Roosevelt Road
Westchester, Illinois 60153

Daughters of St. Paul
50 St. Paul's Avenue, Jamaica Plain
Boston, Massachusetts, 02130
This order of Catholic Sisters publishes a wide range of pro-life and pro-family literature.

Dominion Press
Post Office Box 8204
Fort Worth, Texas 76124

Easton Publishing Company
Post Office Box 1064
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102
Telephone: (314) 635-0609

Hayes Publishing
6304 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45224
Telephone: (513) 681-7559

Heritage House
919 South Main Street
Snowflake, Arizona 85937
Telephone: (602) 536-7705

Life Cycle Books
Post Office Box 420
Lewiston, New York 14092
Telephone: (416) 690-5860

Life Issues Bookshelf
Route 1, Box 520
Thaxton, Virginia 24174
Telephone: (703) 586-4898

Post Office Box 185066
Fort Worth, Texas 76181-0066

Media Impact Campaign
Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund
2340 Porter Street SW
Post Office Box 901
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49509
Telephone: (616) 532-2300

Michael Fund
400 Penn Center Boulevard, Room 1022
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15235
A pro-life alternative to the March of Dimes.

Servant Publications
Post Office Box 8617
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107

Thoburn Press
Post Office Box 6941
Tyler, Texas 75711

Victory Won
710 North Yale, Department CR
Wichita, Kansas 67208
Telephone: (316) 684-0354

Wolgemuth & Hyatt, Publishers
Post Office Box 1941
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

Youth Life International
833 North St. Mary's Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Telephone: (210) 225-7144



Pro-life motion pictures are aimed at a variety of audiences, and can be very persuasive if properly selected and prefaced by other material. Each may be rented for a small fee from local or national pro-life groups in either VHS or 16-millimeter format. Films may also be purchased. A wide selection (including most of the films reviewed below) is available from American Portrait Films, Post Office Box 19266, Cleveland, Ohio 19266, telephone: 1-800-736-4567.

Many pro-life groups usually have most of the films described below, and if they don't have them, they can tell you how to get them. State and local Right to Life office numbers are listed in the White Pages, and the addresses and telephone numbers of all fifty state affiliates of the National Right to Life Committee are listed in Chapter 20, "Pro-Life Organizations."

"A Better Way." 
Interviews by Pat Boone show how men and women can survive crisis situations and 'choose life' instead of abortion for their children.

"April and November." 
Interviews with five women who have had abortions and medical professionals who talk about the physical effects of abortion.

"Assignment: Life." 
This film follows a news reporter's investigation into abortion, and includes interviews with pro-life and pro-abortion professionals and very graphic scenes of actual saline and suction abortions, which may not be suitable for children or uninitiated audiences. Length: 52 minutes. A shorter and less hard-hitting version is named "A Matter of Choice" (30 minutes).

"Does Anyone Care?" 
A Catholic priest, Father John Powell, discusses abortion in the United States and where it is leading us.

"Eclipse of Reason." 
This is the finely-crafted sequel to "The Silent Scream." It is produced and narrated by Dr. Bernard Nathanson and is introduced by Charlton Heston. The film shows in detail a late D&E abortion, and is definitely not for the faint of heart. This film packs a real punch and is the 'ultimate weapon' for moving fence-sitters from their comfortable perches. Length: 27 minutes.

"Girl on the Edge of Town." 
A television movie that follows a teenage girl as she discovers she is pregnant, and how she examines her options and discusses adoption with her family and boyfriend.

"Hard Truth." 
If floating eyeballs and brutalized rescuers are what it takes to move an audience to action, this is the film to use. Gregg Cunningham's production shows the truth about abortion and abortophiles without saying a word; there is only background music to accompany its depiction of the American Holocaust. It is very short at four minutes, but packs a punch.

"Holy Terror." 
Originally produced by pro-aborts as a propaganda piece, this film has become a pro-life favorite. The producer's attempts to make pro-lifers look like ignorant fanatics yielded nothing more or less than a moving testimony to the resolute and peaceful nature of our movement.

"Houston Proud." 
This short film depicts not only brutality against pro-life rescuers, but inspiring prayer scenes as well. Good for really getting across what rescuing is all about.

"Living Proof." This is a fascinating journey via ultrasound through the nine months of pregnancy, from ovulation until birth. The 30-minute video is narrated by Dr. Thomas Hilgers, expert in human reproduction, and features the first-ever ultrasound pictures of ovulation and pictures of unborn twins quarreling in the womb. Order from the Publications Program, the Pope Paul VI Institute for Human Reproduction, 6901 Mercy Road, Omaha, Nebraska 68106. Telephone: (402) 390-9168.

"March for Life." 
Follows the dedicated pro-life activists who, year after year, endure freezing weather and the taunts of pro-aborts as they march for life in Washington, D.C. on January 22nd.

"The Miracle of Life." 
A one-hour documentary that traces human development from conception to birth. This film was shown by the NOVA series on Public Broadcasting, and is excellent for a relatively noncontroversial educational presentation to church or school groups.

"No Alibis." 
This film, intended for teenage audiences, uses music and a fast pace to show how abortion has devastated the lives of three young people. Stars John Quade, Laurie Boone, and John Upton. Length: 38 minutes.

"Reverence for Life." 
Father John Powell discusses in three parts the inevitable progression from abortion to infanticide to widespread involuntary euthanasia.

"School-Based Clinics." 
A one-hour tape that discusses effectiveness of school-based clinics and how they are used to push the abortion agenda while trying to cut parents out of the decision-making process.

"The Slippery Slope." 
This half-hour film concentrates on infanticide and euthanasia, specifically the heavily-publicized 1982 death by starvation of Indiana's "Baby Doe." It also addresses the extreme danger our society poses to handicapped and elderly persons, through 'living wills' and the 'right to die' movement.

"Who Broke the Baby?" 
This film is based upon two of Jean Staker Gorton's books, and examines the fallacies and lies behind pro-abortion rhetoric and slogans.

"Window to the Womb." 
Shows excellent ultrasound pictures of unborn babies at various stages of development.

"Your Crisis Pregnancy." 
This film is specifically intended for women with a crisis pregnancy. It includes authentic testimony on crisis pregnancies, counseling, birth, and adoption, and shows fiber optic and ultrasonic footage of a living unborn baby. Order in either VHS or Beta from: American Portrait Films, Post Office Box 19266, Cleveland, Ohio 19266, telephone: 1-800-736-4567.

Mass Media Publicity.

The major national pro-life groups listed in Chapter 20 (i.e., American Life League, Americans Against Abortion, the National Right to Life Committee, and many others) have extensive experience in dealing with the mass media and can advise local activists on how to approach any proposed media campaign.

Several organizations not listed in Chapter 20 may also be of use to activists planning a media campaign.

The Leadership Institute organizes single-day and multi-day workshops all over the country on the topics of conservative youth campaigns, campus organizing, political action, and campus publishing. This group is responsible for teaching the publishers of 70 percent of the country's conservative college publications, including the Dartmouth Review and the Yale Peninsula). The Leadership Institute also runs a broadcast journalism school that teaches conservatives how to get into the business. Contact: 
     The Leadership Institute
     8001 Braddock Road, Suite 502
     Springfield, Virginia 22151
     Telephone: 1-800-827-LEAD.

The Cincinnati Right to Life Educational Foundation has produced a set of 30 second pro-life television and radio spots for general use. These informational messages vary in content, but are all excellent in quality and quite reasonable in price. For a catalog, contact the Cincinnati RTL Educational Foundation, 8228 Winton Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45231, or Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, 4249 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55409 (telephone (612) 825-6831).

The Catholic Telecommunications Network of America has as one of its objectives the spreading of the pro-life message all over the United States. Contact CTNA at 3211 Fourth Street N.E., Washington, DC, 20017-1194, telephone: (202) 541-3444.

For a complete listing of the addresses, phone numbers, configurations, and key personnel for all media outlets in your area, consult the three-volume Gales Directory in your library.


Billboards may cost from $500 to $1,000 per month to rent, depending upon size, season, and location. Although this is expensive, locating a billboard on a busy thoroughfare will reach as many as 250,000 people in that one month.

The Cincinnati Right to Life Educational Foundation has complete billboard posters for sale. These are in 19'6" X 8'8" or 11' X 5' size. Four designs with photos of an unborn baby and the following messages are available:

• "ABORTION: A Woman's Right to KILL!"
• "This aborted baby won't keep his mother awake at night ... NOT YET!"
• "ALIVE AND GROWING: heart beats, brainwaves, fingerprints, feels 
• "Kill her now ... it's MURDER. Kill her before birth ... it's ABORTION."

Prices range from $30 to $65. A catalog may be obtained from the Right to Life Educational Foundation of Cincinnati, 1802 West Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45239, telephone: (513) 522-0820. FAX (513) 729-4994.

A 12' X 25' billboard poster with photograph which reads "STOP ABORTION they're forgetting someone" is available from the Right-to-Life Education Committee, 920 Cherry Street SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506. Telephone: (616) 451-0225.

Right to Life of Maryland has billboards of 21'7" X 9'7" that show a family with one child and a an oval-shaped, ragged tear where another child should have been, and the caption "ABORTION IS FOREVER" underneath. These billboard posters are available for $55, 7" X 10" newspaper ads for $15, and 17-1/2" X 22-1/2" posters for $7. Order from RTL of Maryland, Post Office Box 296, Kensington, Maryland 20895. Telephone: (301) 770-5433.

Other Publicity Resources.

Folding Display on Fetal Development. 
The Spenco Medical Corporation produces a multicolor folding display on the unborn child entitled "Conception to Birth," which is excellent to show gatherings at churches, presentations, or even on the sidewalk. For information, write: Spenco Medical Corporation, Post Office Box 8113, Waco, Texas 76710.

Bank Checks. 
Pro-life bank checks with the "precious feet" of a ten-week unborn baby printed on them are available from Identity Check Printers, Box 149-D, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068-8012. The checks are $14.00 for 200 and $24.00 for 400. All checks conform to American Banking Association standards.

Baby Heartbeat. 
Nothing makes 'em think like the sound of an unborn baby's heartbeat! This is great for sidewalk counselors and Crisis Pregnancy Center workers. For $3, you can get a clear, crisp tape of a heartbeat from: Cincinnati Right to Life Educational Foundation, Post Office Box 24073, Cincinnati, Ohio 45224, telephone: (513) 729-4994.

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