Pro-Life Attorneys Form ABA Alternative

Author: Wanderer


"Forming an alternative to the ABA was something National Lawyers for Life thought would be a long way off. An overwhelming response from pro-life attorneys, however, across the country has caused NLFL to move up its plans," said Mario Mandina, president of National Lawyers Association (formerly National Lawyers for Life, which was founded in St. Louis on Oct. 23rd, 1993 as an identification and networking organization for pro-life attorneys). ''As soon as we began receiving responses to our initial mailing, it became apparent that National Lawyers for Life was a concept whose time had arrived. Attorneys across the nation are fed up with the ABA and no longer want to support an organization which does not represent their views on the pro-life issue," stated Mandina. "In time, NLA will be providing the same services as the ABA and more, plus its members will know they are part of an organization which does, and always will, support the sanctity of life."

The Board of Directors of National Lawyers for Life, with members in 37 states plus the District of Columbia, met in Cleveland, O., on June 11th, 1993 and officially decided to become an alternative to the ABA. In addition to changing its name to National Lawyers Association, the Board of Directors decided to provide a full range of services equivalent to those provided by the ABA and other services not now currently provided by the ABA or any other bar association.

NLA will pursue a national membership drive and advertising campaign with the assistance of the Vitae Society, a not-for-profit Missouri corporation that specializes in pro-life educational materials and television and radio advertising.

Two new members were elected to the National Board: Denise Mackura-Tromaki, Brecksville, O., and Darwin Johnson, Kansas City, Mo.

The National Lawyers Association will contact other major pro-life organizations in regard to the sharing of information services. "NLA is strictly a professional association for pro-life attorneys and does not plan to be in competition with other pro-life organizations," say its organizers.

This article was taken from the July 7, 1994 issue of "The Wanderer," 201 Ohio Street, St. Paul, MN 55107.