On Holy Love Ministries

Author: Bishop Nelson J. Perez

On 9 July 2019, Bishop Nelson J. Perez issued a memorandum affirming that the provisions of Bishop Lennon's decree still hold.

Affirmation of Decree of Bishop Richard G. Lennon
On Holy Love Ministries

The Most Reverend Nelson F. Perez
Bishop of Cleveland

Recently questions have arisen regarding the participation of the faithful at the center operated by the group known as "Holy Love Ministries." Bishop Nelson J. Perez, Bishop of Cleveland, affirms the provisions of the decree issued by Bishop Richard G. Lennon, 11 November 2009, which in response to directions given by the Holy See, stated, among other things, that the so-called Confraternity of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary is not an approved association of the Catholic faithful, the alleged apparitions and locutions are not of a supernatural nature, the sacraments are not to be celebrated at the site of Holy Love Ministries, and the Catholic faithful are admonished to cease gathering for spiritual, liturgical, religious, or devotional purposes at the site of Holy Love Ministries.

Bishop Perez's memorandum (including a copy of Bishop Lennon's letter and decree)