Misericordia Dei: Its Presentation to the Press

Author: EWTN



Misericordia Dei - Pope John Paul II
Published 2 May 2002, an Apostolic Letter "In The Form Of Motu Proprio On Certain Aspects ofthe Celebration of the Sacrament of Penance." A primary theme of the Letter is that, since bothguilt and repentance are entirely personal, the only ordinary way to receive sacramental absolution is after individual confession.

Presentation to the Press - Cardinal Jorge A. Medina Estévez
In his presentation to the press (2 May 2002) of Pope John Paul II's Motu Proprio Misericordia
Dei, on the Sacrament of Penance, Cardinal Medina emphasized the return to basics of the HolyFather's pastoral teaching, and especially the need for personal conversion, as provided for by the ordinary way of celebrating the sacrament, with "integral confession" and personal absolution.

Presentation to the Press - Archbishop Julián Herranz
Archbishop Julián Herranz, President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, presented thenormative clarification of the canons that regulate the practice of the Sacrament ofPenance/Reconciliation. He explains that the extraordinary celebration must be truly extraordinary.

Presentation to the Press - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Cardinal Ratzinger noted that the Motu Proprio is a response to the improper use in some countries of general absolution to replace the personal confession of sins. General absolution is designed for emergency situations where penitents must also have the intention of making their confession afterward as soon as possible for the liceity of the general absolution.