Life Under Communism: Hell on Earth

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

Communism begins from the outset with atheism. Communism, as fully developed naturalism, equals humanism.

Karl Marx, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts.[1]

Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.

                                                                           John Adams, our second President.

Anti-Life Philosophy.

Many Soviets viewing the current chaos and nationalist unrest under Gorbachev look back almost longingly to the era of brutal order under Stalin.

Mike Wallace, on the February 11, 1990 edition of "60 Minutes."

I think that Soviet historians are exaggerating. I thought Stalin was a good leader.

Gus Hall, chairman of the American Communist Party.[2]

Communism is inherently superior to the corruption-riddled failure of Capitalism. Unlike Capitalism, Communism does not feed like a vampire upon the blood of the masses. In order to accomplish its goals, Communism does not need to exploit the masses and oppress them by stripping them of basic human rights like the freedom of reproductive choice.

Eventually, the entire world will be a Communist paradise.

The Process of Destruction.

The whole system we live under is completely worthless, and no basic change for the better can come about until this system is overthrown.

Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA (RCP).[3]

Life Under Communism.

The more than forty newsletters and newspapers of the American Communist propaganda machine constantly churn out attacks on the "corrupt capitalist system" we live under. They say that the Communist economic system is ideally tailored to the needs of humanity. Its alleged goal is to create a worldwide "People's Paradise" in which all people will be equal, with no race, gender, or class distinctions, and where all will "struggle" for the common good.

They craftily omit a working description of living conditions under the actual system that oppresses almost two billion people in the world today.

In the "People's Paradise," there is plenty of struggle but very little good. Far from dwelling in Paradise, the people who are mired in Communist nations know from long and agonizing experience that their governments are incredibly oppressive, corrupt, and inefficient. The Communist/atheist rulers and their toadies are invariably bullies, liars, cheats, and incompetents who are afraid of any opposition and who are literally terrified of free speech. Significantly, these are prominent characteristics of the atheists and Communists in the United States as well.

Basic Strategy.

Although the overall strategies employed by the Communists vary somewhat from country to country, they basically use one tried-and true master plan that is executed in three steps;

(1) "prepare the ground" by infiltration and subversion of anti-Communist organizations and churches while preaching total freedom in order to get people "hooked on entitlements;"

(2) seize power as quickly and as ruthlessly as possible; and

(3) immediately reorganize society to focus and centralize power in the hands of a very few powerful men.

These steps are briefly outlined in the following paragraphs.

Preparing the Ground.

The most important part of any Revolution or counterrevolution, for that matter is prior preparation. This preparation is based upon the vital strategy of weakening your strongest opponents by infiltrating and subverting them, while simultaneously strengthening your own forces.

The Christian Church and the family have always been the most formidable opponents of Communism, both before and after the Revolutions. The other three teachers of national morality have traditionally been the law, the schools, and the media.

The latter three have been turned against traditional morality and the Church has been effectively neutralized. All that is left is the family, which is under increasingly focused attack.

The Communists are at last beginning to realize that the Church and the family really thrive only when they are being oppressed, and that it is literally impossible to entirely stamp out belief in God and the family.

The reverse of the above, unfortunately, is also true. When the Church enjoys complete and unfettered freedom, it gets fat and undisciplined, because it becomes larded with "believers" who want to be Christians without cost. The concepts of Satan, sin, sacrifice and suffering are the first to go. Pastors forget their God-ordained mission and preach humanism instead. Eventually, the Church becomes a great social activist's club as it has in the United States, and it gives up the saving of souls in favor of supporting such atrocities as abortion and homosexuality, all under the banner of "freedom of choice" (for further information on the disintegration of the clergy in the mainline churches, see Chapter 42 of Volume I, "Church Positions on Abortion").

As the Master of Revolution, Vladimir Lenin, has correctly stated; "We will find our greatest success to the extent that we inculcate Marxism as a kind of religion: Religious men and women are easy to convert and win, and so will easily accept our thinking if we wrap it up in a kind of religious terminology."[4]

During times of prosperity, the definition of the other great bulwark of democracy the family also becomes unfocused and weak. More and more people discard marriage entirely and instead "shack up." Married couples have only one or two children if they consent to have children at all. These kids are incessantly indoctrinated in the joys of total freedom from responsibility by our schools. Homosexuals lobby for the "rights" to marry, raise children, and receive the benefits of being a family. Open marriages abound, and "sequential monogamy" erodes the sanctity of the institution.

Two quotes illustrate the above principles very clearly. The first demonstrates how thoroughly our churches have been subverted. In January of 1970, Clergy and Laity Concerned issued a "Policy Statement" that claimed;

What we are about today is not simply an end to the war in Vietnam, but a struggle against American imperialism and exploitation in just about every corner of the world ... Our task is to join those who are angry and who hate the corporate power which the United States presently represents, and to attempt, in our struggle, to liberate not only black, brown, and yellow men in every corner of the world, but more importantly, to help liberate our own nation from its reactionary and exploitative policies.[5]

The second, taken from the Revolutionary Communist Party's New Programme, shows how the Communists subvert the family in the post-Revolution environment;

The right to abortion will be guaranteed ... As far as the policy toward the family, it will be recognized for what it is: Not some holy or sacred institution to be preserved for all time ... not only will the family be a secondary form for determining children's upbringing, but its influence in promoting conservatism among its members, especially the women and children, will be actively combatted. While the parents will still have significant responsibility for their children, this does not mean they are "theirs," and there will be struggle to prevent parents from imposing old values, and conservative, non-revolutionary thinking generally on the children.[6]

Other tactics used by the Communists in the pre-Revolution environment are described in Chapter 95, "Lenin's Rules for Revolution."

"Cleansing" After the Revolution.

After the Reds have accomplished their bloody Revolution, the entire conquered society must be totally subjugated and transmogrified, and all institutions and entities must be forcibly crammed into an approved Socialist mold, including the Church, all levels of government and schools, and, most importantly, the family.

As soon as possible after the Revolution, the Communists jail and silence Church leaders, including bishops, priests and ministers, and leading lay people. They also immediately disband Bible-believing religious organizations or severely restrict their activities, because these entities preach morality and are the antithesis of atheism and Communism. The objective of such oppression is the total eradication of the visible Church.

Avraham Shirfrin states in his The First Guidebook to Prisons and Concentration Camps of the former Soviet Union that tens of thousands of Christians are still trapped in more than 2,000 slave labor camps for the heinous crimes of "... reading religious books, posting up notices, or demanding religious instruction for their children." And, in Albania, making the sign of the cross is punishable by three years in prison.[7]

Although the Christian Church usually bears the brunt of post-Revolution atheist rage, it isn't the only institution that is mercilessly dismembered. All native intellectuals and professionals are silenced, removed from their jobs, or even shot. Those indigenous turncoats who assisted the Revolution are invariably executed, because they are members of an activist class of individuals who may turn against their new masters.

Vladimir Lenin summarizes the communist's formal program in his August 22, 1922 letter to the Politburo; "The more representatives of the reactionary bourgeoisie and the reactionary clergy that we manage to shoot the better. Now is the time to teach the public such a lesson that for many decades they will not dare even to think of any sort of resistance."[8]

Every available tool is used if it advances the interest of the Communists; promises, lies, threats, blackmail, torture, execution, and even genocide. The Communists, in enslaving half of the world's population, have murdered an estimated 120 million to 150 million people. The megakillers include Mao (50 million murders), Pol Pot (12 million), Lenin (6 million), Stalin (25 million), and uncounted others. The American Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) applauds this genocide and excuses it with such limp euphemisms as "unfortunate excesses of the People's Armies" and "necessary readjustments of the social order."

And these are the same atheists who constantly plead for peace and understanding while condemning pro-lifers for clinic bombings!

"Life" for the Masses.

To be Red is to be dead, only more slowly.

                                                                                              Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn.

A Grey Existence.

The common worker behind the Iron Curtain, so relentlessly lauded by Communist propaganda, leads a grey, dirty, lifeless existence. One must stand in line for hours in order to obtain the shoddy merchandise and bland, gummy food produced by the noble workers of the "People's Paradise." The vast majority of quality goods and food produced by Soviet satellites is shipped directly to the Soviet Union, leaving the dregs for the workers.

If people are fortunate enough to find the items they are looking for, it may be impossible to purchase them. The average wage in Communist satellites is about $600 per year just $12 per week! This is a deliberate program of enforced and universal poverty used by the government: If penniless people must constantly stand in line, they begin to realize that they are helpless to do anything other than scrabble to survive. They are cowed and humiliated. Such persons will not be thinking of counterrevolution. They will be thinking only of satisfying their constant, gnawing hunger.

Most families have to wait for ten to twenty years for the privilege of buying a grey, dirty, rundown apartment with one bedroom, cold running water, and intermittent electricity.

While its people go hungry, the Soviet Bloc imports millions of tons of grain annually because its agricultural sector is comatose. This is partly because the Soviet Union consumes nearly half of its GNP in the manufacture of weapons for use by armies all over the world.

Remember that these same Communists are the primary instigators of the peace movement in the West.

Drugs and Drink.

Because of the intolerable grey sameness of their existence, huge numbers of workers have turned to drink and drugs. The alcoholism problem in Russia and its satellites is the worst in the world. At any given time, five to eight percent of the entire Soviet population is drunk. This is really no surprise since the State's chief source of revenue (after military weaponry) is its 80-proof vodka.

Communism = Feudal Monarchy.

For the Communist overlords, human beings are mere barnyard animals to be bred, aborted, and worked for the benefit of the fortunate elite on top.

               Father Paul Marx of Human Life International.


The proliferation of Communist newspapers in America tell us that their system is vastly superior to Capitalism. They say that, under Communism, everyone will live equally, from the highest bureaucrat to the lowest farmer and from the most skilled doctor to the most inept janitor. The catchy Communist slogan is: "From each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs."

Communism is indeed a perfect system but only for perfect human beings. Communism would function perfectly if human beings were not susceptible to any kind of temptation.

However, as long as there are imperfect people in this world, Communism even more than Capitalism will be powerless to prevent poverty and graft. As the American Communists cry out that our system is "incurably corrupt" and rife with "gross inequalities," they totally ignore the astounding disparity in living standards behind the Iron Curtain.

Behind the Curtain, those who are fortunate enough to be in power have opportunities to pillage the wealth of the people to a degree unheard of in the West. While the Communist overlords force the masses to live under atrocious conditions, they live literally like feudal lords.

The following paragraphs give examples of how Communist leaders have pillaged the wealth of their countries while their people shiver in coldwater flats.[9]

Nicolae Ceausescu, Feudal Lord. Nicolae Ceausescu, Communist dictator of Romania for 25 years, lived in splendor that would make the Rockefellers turn a rich, deep green with envy.

While in power, Ceausescu claimed repeatedly that he lived just like an average Romanian did.

Meanwhile, he wore a different $500 suit every day. In the evening, the suit would be discarded and burned. Over the course of Ceausescu's quarter-century reign, the cost of this indulgence alone was more than $4 million, or equivalent to 600 years of the average worker's salary.

His primary residences were two 150-room mansions with golden walls and solid 14-karat gold furniture. His black Labradors ate imported caviar in their very own marble-lined rooms.[10]

Ceausescu squandered another five million dollars on a yacht he visited only once, and blew more than two million dollars on tens of thousands of formal photographs of himself and his family.

He loved to hunt, and in a single day shot 100 deer illegally. These deer had been driven into his sights by a company of soldiers. When he went fishing, military frogmen would be stationed at his favorite spots ahead of time so that they could attach trophy-sized perch to his line.

He built more than 80 homes for himself all over Romania, including 23 lavish, fully-equipped hunting lodges. While his people shivered during the harsh winters due to the constant shortages of coal and natural gas, he kept all 23 lodges fully heated continuously in the off-chance he felt like dropping in on a whim. He never visited most of the lodges.

Ceausescu bestowed upon his wife Elena, a fifth-grade dropout, the title of "the country's leading chemical engineer," and he appointed her head of the National Council for Science and Technology, although she did not even know the chemical formula for carbon dioxide (i.e., CO2).

Ceausescu had five sons, all of whom he appointed to important government posts. His youngest son Nicu was constantly accompanied by bodyguards, and on numerous occasions would drop into a restaurant for the purpose of raping a woman customer. He would select a woman, have the bodyguards clear the restaurant, and then assault her. Any hint of resistance or even a verbal protest from a husband or boyfriend would result in his being beaten almost to death and jailed for years.

When Nicu was finally arrested by police after his father's December 25, 1989 execution, the police found all of the toilets in his house clogged with paper money, and discovered millions of dollars worth of currency stacked in boxes and bags everywhere.

Ceausescu is the dictator who outlawed abortion and contraception in his country, and who demanded that each woman bear the State five children. This is the only known case of "mandatory motherhood" known in the world today and, just like forced abortion, such atrocities against human reproduction are always committed exclusively by Communists.

The Kings of East Germany.

Until October of 1989, the 23-member East German Politburo dwelled in splendor at a lavish compound located at Wandlitz, about 15 miles north of Berlin.

While the average East German worker earned less than $8,000 a year, this compound cost $32 million annually just to maintain (and this doesn't count paying off the capital costs of construction)!

In case you are in the market for a little piece of paradise, the following are just a few of the features of this prime piece of real estate;

• 247 manicured acres, patrolled on a 24-hour basis by a 44-man platoon of the Stasi (State Security Police);

• 25 mansions, each boasting a cadre of full-time butlers and maids;

• An exclusive boutique modeled after Nieman-Marcus (all items, unlike those showcased by Nieman-Marcus, are free);

• Hothouses that provide fresh vegetables of every description even during the bitter East German winters, when the masses are huddling in unheated flats. Three full-time botanists are on staff to tend to Premier Willi Stoph's plot of tropical plants.

• Two mechanics tend Communist Party boss Erich Honecker's seven cars, which include a customized armored $95,000 1988 Mercedes 560 SEC and a top-of-the-line customized $55,000 Jaguar 12-cylinder XJC.

After these extraordinary excesses were revealed in late 1989, Opposition leader Rolf Henrich, a lawyer with the New Forum, complained that "They told us we were sacrificing for a better future. But in reality, as the German saying goes, they were preaching water and drinking wine."

Wine? More like fine aged whiskey kept in gold-lined barrels!

Other Examples.

Quite simply, when a small group of people is given absolute power, they will inevitably get greedy and begin to "acquire" the belongings of the people for themselves. There has never been a Communist government that was not totally corrupt on all levels, and this corruption is generally prevalent enough to literally sap the life blood of a country.

Bulgaria's dictator Todor Zhivkov, whose academic career never went beyond the seventh grade, had ghostwriters pen more than fifty books for him. His total royalties for these volumes was 1.5 million leva, equivalent to 500 years' salary for the average Bulgarian. He also helped himself to 80 pounds of gold coins from the national treasury, and built 33 luxurious mansions for himself all around the country. Sofia University law professor Yanko Yankov spent five and a half years in prison for failing the dictator's ignorant son on a first-year law exam.

Hungary's Defense Minister Lajos Czinege used army troops and government materials to construct a huge mansion and a luxurious country villa on his personal 24-square mile hunting preserve, which was surrounded by 85 miles of electrified fence.

Even the "ultimate Communists" in the former Soviet Union are not immune to such pervasive graft. Every member of Moscow's Politburo is assigned a large personal staff, including an Army officer who headed a cadre of three cooks, three waitresses, a housemaid and a chief gardener with several assistants.

If a Politburo member wants a new suit, he is fitted for one free of charge in his own room. If he wants to give someone a lavish gift, an assistant brings him a detailed catalogue, and all he has to do is select the gift and give the assistant the name of the person to whom it will be sent all completely free of charge, of course.


Such abuses are typical of the Communist overlords. Boris Yeltsin, former member of the Politburo, writes that "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. And so it is for those at the top of the Party pyramid. Their abilities, alas, are not outstanding. But their needs! Their needs are so great that so far it has only been possible to create real Communism for a couple of dozen people."

Communism is simply not compatible with human nature. When you have the people under iron control and all resistance and speech is crushed, you can get away with literally anything you like. You can kill. You can rape. And you can force women to have babies or force them to have abortions.

And this is the system that most pro-abortionists lean towards! There is not much "freedom of choice" in anything behind the Iron or Bamboo Curtains!

Examples of Suffering Under Communism.

Freedom of conscience, that is the right to profess any religion or not to profess any religion, to perform religious rites or to conduct atheist propaganda, shall be guaranteed for all citizens of the USSR ... The church in the USSR shall be separated from the state and the school from the church.

                                                                      Article 52 of The Soviet Constitution.

Poland's Endless Martyrdom.

Theologians generally believe that the Christian Church requires oppression from outside sources in order to thrive. Proof of this theory is abundant in Poland.

The attack on the Polish Catholic Church began in 1953, when Marxists broke up Masses, killed scores of Polish priests, and imprisoned the Polish prelate, Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski. The atheists then prohibited the building of all churches for thirty years and banned any church publications at all including parish bulletins![11]

In early 1981, the Communists were finally forced to back off by Lech Walesa's Solidarity. However, Solidarity eventually gained too much strength for the Communists' liking. On December 12, 1981, the government suddenly imposed martial law, and arrested 10,000 Solidarity members and the leadership of the Polish pro-life movement (the Communists didn't like the Polish pro-life practice of placing lighted candles before the homes of pro-abortion officials and abortionists).[11] More than a hundred of these prisoners died from convenient so-called "tragic accidents" or "suicides."

One of these "accidents" was inflicted upon Poland's twentieth-century martyr, Father Jerzy Popieluszko, who inspired the nation by the way he lived and the way he died. "Jurek" was a personal friend of Solidarity boss Lech Walesa and the leader of Poland's pro-life movement as well. The Communists tried to kill the priest three times and, on October 19, 1984, they finally succeeded.

After celebrating Mass one night, Father Jerzy was intercepted by three secret policemen, who beat him, tied him up, then tortured him to death. Suspecting foul play, Catholics all over the country rose up and demanded to know where he was.

Forced to produce his body, the grinning secret police dragged his unrecognizable corpse out of the River Vistula eleven days after he died. In spite of the government's demand that he be buried in obscurity, he was laid to rest in a tomb surrounded by a large Rosary shaped in the outline of Poland at a funeral attended by more than two million. Since then, his grave, at the Church of St. Stanislaw Kostka, has been visited by more than ten million pilgrims, including Pope John Paul II.[11]

Jerzy was not the last to die. Many Polish priests are still murdered by the cowardly Communists. The pro-Solidarity priest, Stanislaw Suchowolek, a frequent victim of government harassment, died of suffocation in his home, which then mysteriously burned down. Father Stefan Niedzielek, 74 years old, died of a broken neck inflicted on a dark Bialystok street in January 1989. The local community believed, once again, that this was the work of the government. They are, by now, familiar with the cowardly atheist attacks on old men in the dark.

The Communists are not only cowards, they are incurably inept. In Poland, the Communists confiscated all hospitals and schools run by the Catholic Church. Today there are only three kidney dialysis machines in the entire country. Doctors are paid less than common laborers, because the Communists know that those persons with education and intelligence must be humiliated and worked like animals if they are to remain harmless. Surgeons must endure double shifts because their woefully outdated equipment is so scarce. Virtually all advanced medical equipment and medicines have to be imported from the "decadent" West.

It is wise to remain healthy behind the iron curtain.

As Christians have known for 2,000 years (and as tyrants seem incapable of learning), the Church may well be healthiest when it is persecuted. For example, despite all of her tribulations, the Polish Catholic Church currently ordains more priests than any other country in the world and more than twice as many as the United States, which possesses three times Poland's population! Additionally, Poland is only the size of New Mexico, but has more than 3,000 centers dedicated to teaching natural family planning. This is ten times the number of NFP centers in the entire United States![11]

Standoff in the Ukraine.

In the Western Ukrainian village of Holyn, close to the Polish border, the Communist authorities told the people that they could finally open a church as long as they footed the cost themselves. The enthusiastic villagers went to work and finished their beautiful church in 1977. But the atheists, liars as always, announced that they were then going to seize the church and convert it into an "atheist museum."

However, the villagers would not be bullied. The atheist Soviets, showing the true colors of 'tolerant' atheists everywhere, bulldozed more than 150 churches in the Ukraine in 1977 alone. So the villagers stood guard for more than ten years, day and night, to prevent atheist thugs from destroying the church. The atheists gangs attempted more than 100 times to gain access to the church by beating up and tear-gassing the guards, who did not yield. Finally, the atheists poisoned the water that the village men drank, and several of them died.

The church, however, was not closed.

The Spiritual Battle in Bulgaria.

The Church had been a constant thorn in the side of Bulgarian Communists for decades when the Communist Party Congress finally got fed up and passed a resolution in 1988 to "finish the Church."[12] And they weren't talking about completing its construction!

The Bulgarian Communist government strictly controls all printing, and the personal possession or manufacture of any religious articles or books is strictly forbidden. Many church buildings dot the Bulgarian countryside, but most have been converted into discos and ice-skating rinks. The larger cathedrals and more well-known and popular church buildings are kept permanently closed by "reconstruction" activities and cannot be entered.

But Bulgarian Christians carry on. As one of them said, "God had me born here because if I had been born in the West I would have died of temptation in one day. Here the enemy is visible."[12]

References: Life Under Communism.

Here they [the Soviets] are, trying to emulate our system, which is collapsing.

                                                        Ted Turner to his wife, "Hanoi Jane" Fonda.[13]

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Warren H. Carroll. 70 Years of the Communist Revolution
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John Koster. The Atheist Syndrome
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Although there is much to be said for liberation theology, this concept has been the perfect vehicle for left-wing groups to exploit. For information on the propagation of this theory in the Catholic Church, contact;

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For further information on Communism from the Christian point of view, call or write to;

The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation
Post Office Box 11321
St. Louis, Missouri 63105
Telephone: (314) 991-2939

The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, founded in 1958 by a missionary expelled from China by the Communists, is a worldwide, non-profit educational organization that offers reliable and documented information on the nature, propaganda, and goals of atheistic Communism. The Foundation issues its monthly Mindszenty Report and a quarterly Red Line magazine. The Foundation is named after the late Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty of Hungary. After the Communist takeover of his country in 1949, in keeping with typical Communist treatment of church leaders, he was sentenced to life imprisonment on the usual totally false charges of "treason, espionage, and currency offenses." He was imprisoned until freed by Hungarian nationalist rebels in 1956, and then took refuge in the United States embassy in Budapest for 15 years. In 1971, he was exiled to Rome and died in Vienna in 1975.

On September 22, 1989, an official Hungarian State Commission exonerated Cardinal Mindszenty of all of these crimes posthumously, and revealed that the primate had been tortured extensively during his incarceration.

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