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Islam (Concept) - Catholic Encyclopedia
A short essay on the original meaning of the word "islam," its religious meaning, and the concept(s) it represents.

Eastern Christianity on the Eve of Islam - Dr. George Khoury
Taken from the magazine "Al-Bushra" created by Rev. Labib Kobti from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

The Virgin Mary in the Koran - Giancarlo Finazzo
The author shows the importance of Mary in the thought of Mohammed, who upheld the Virgin
Birth (and her perpetual virginity), even while denying the divinity of her Son.

Our Lady and Islam: Heaven's Peace Plan - Fr Ladis J. Cizik
Fr Cizik, National Executive Director of the Blue Army, recalls the reverence Muslims have for
Our Lady, and shows how she may provide the solution to current conflicts between Muslims and Christians. 

Muslims and Christians Adore the One God - Pope John Paul II
On religious dialogue with Islam, the Holy Father observes that, like Christians and Jews, Muslims look upon Abraham as a model of submission to God's will, and know that in God we find our origin and end. We are "called in one spirit of love to defend and always promote human dignity, moral values and freedom".

Address at the Palace of Congress, Astana - Pope John Paul II
In his last public appearance in Kazakhstan, 24 September 2001, at the Palace of Congresses in Astana, the Holy Father condemned terrorism and expressed the Church's respect for Islam.

We Are Fighting an Enemy of Two Civilizations - ZENIT
An article showing that Islamic fundamentalism is as much at war with mainstream Islam as it is with the West. 

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