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The Pope's Words Before the Angelus - Pope John Paul II
Before reciting the Angelus, at the end of Mass, celebrated 1 October 2000 in St Peter's
Square for the canonization of 123 new Saints, the Holy Father spoke to those present about
the recent document Dominus Iesus, noting that it does not deny the salvation of
non-Christians, but affirms that its ultimate source is Christ.

Answers to Main Objections Against Dominus Iesus - Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
In an interview published on 22 September 2000, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung invited
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to respond to the principal objections raised against the Declaration Dominus Iesus.

Dominus Iesus and Ecumenical Dialogue - Cardinal Cahal B. Daly
Cardinal Daly responds to critics of Dominus Iesus, the curial declaration affirming traditional
Church teaching on the one Savior and the one Catholic Church.

Note on the Expression 'Sister Churches' - CDF
The expression "Sister Churches" has sometimes been misused in ecumenical dialogue. This Note, issued 30 June 2000, clarifies its proper use, as conforming with the teaching of Vatican II and the post-conciliar papal Magisterium. It is accompanied by a letter from Cardinal Ratzinger to the Presidents of Episcopal Conferences, summarizing the purpose and authority of the Note.

Notification on the Book 'Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism' - CDF
This Notification of 24 January 2001 addresses arguments about the concept of salvation in
Christ, which can lead one to think that any religion is, in itself, a valid way for salvation. Rather, five points are affirmed by the Holy See, which clarify the Church's position on the place of other religions in the plan of God, vis-�-vis Christ, as the only Savior.

Commentary on the Congregation's 'Notification' - LOR
This commentary clarifies the intent of the Notification by the Congregation for the Doctrine of
the Faith, regarding ambiguities in the Jacques Dupuis book, Toward a Christian Theology of
Religious Pluralism. It was to communicate the fact that central truths of the Faith cannot be
treated as "debatable opinions or disputed questions." 

To National Directors of Pontifical Mission Societies: The Declaration Dominus Iesus - Archbishop Charles Schleck
Archbishop Schleck, of the Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples, summarizes the
teaching of Dominus Iesus, clarifying terms, and addressing concerns as to its impact on
dialogue with other faiths.

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