Introduction to Anti-Life Strategies & Tactics

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

We can expect school Bible clubs to bring in adult missionaries to proselytize students as young as 11 or 12 without parental consent; divisiveness as students self-select into sectarian clubs on school premises; disappearance of traditional extracurricular activities; disruption of schools by such groups as the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and anti-women's right clubs.

                       Example of alarmist propaganda by "Americans for Religious Liberty".[1]

Strategy vs. Tactics.

Ye Scots, wha' hae wi' Wallace bled and who th' Bruce hae oft led, onward to your gory beds OR VICTORY!

                                                         Ancient Scottish ballad about Sir William Wallace.

Pro-life and anti-life forces are now waging a tense and protracted "cold war" on a variety of fronts. These fronts which we call "issues," such as abortion and pornography overlap each other considerably, and both pro-life and anti-life groups employ specific philosophies and resources when planning their moves.

The pro-life movement is embroiled in only the latest stage of an eternal war between good and evil that has been fought since Adam and Eve were deceived by the serpent in the Garden a multi-level World War that has claimed more than one billion lives in the last quarter-century alone!

No matter how hard we fight, we must understand that victory is impossible without God. Neither the pro-life nor the anti-life movements will ever decisively win the temporal war. There will be shifting tides and great battles, but final and eternal victory belongs to God alone and will only come when He wills it.

Meanwhile, however, the pro-life movement can generally advance and it can win individual skirmishes. In order to win these battles, we must understand the basic principles of warfare. And in order to understand warfare, we must clearly understand strategies and tactics and the differences between the two concepts.

"Strategies" are general principles of war, such as security, conservation of mass, and infiltration and subversion, which are used to achieve long-term objectives and ultimate victory.

"Tactics" are the day-to-day methods that a soldier or unit uses to accomplish short-term or intermediate missions that support various strategies.

Differences in Approach.

All you'll find in the middle of the road are dead skunks and yellow stripes.

                                              Veteran Washington State pro-life activist Dottie Roberts.


Because the natures of the two 'sides' in this unending struggle are so radically divergent, it follows that their strategies and tactics will differ profoundly as well. Additionally, the strengths and weaknesses of the pro-life and anti-life movements are vastly different, and both sides instinctively account for these strong and weak points in their respective strategies and tactics.

For example, the very qualities that identify most pro-life activists as Christians honesty, even tempers, and meekness are disadvantages in a street fight with an unscrupulous anti-life enemy.

The methods employed by the various groups within the pro-life movement vary considerably. By contrast, all of the anti-life movements use precisely the same strategies and tactics. Pro-abortionists, euthanasiasts, organized child molesters, porn pushers, advocates of drug legalization, prostitutes, Communists, Satanists, New Agers, and all of the other anti-life movements use exactly the same methods to accomplish their goals.

The Focus.

The anti-life movements are so consistent in their methods because they all have a single coherent and easily-definable focus: Freedom, especially freedom from responsibility. On the other hand, the goals of the pro-life movement are more varied and difficult to define. Additionally, pro-lifers have varying ideas as to how much freedom individuals should have. Therefore, strategies and tactics may vary considerably from group to group.

For the purposes of this discussion, the term "Neoliberal" refers to groups of people with specific anti-life philosophies who have banded together for the purpose of accomplishing specific objectives.

Chapters 25 through 28 summarize and describe pro-life strategies and tactics. Chapters 6 to 19 describe anti-life strategies and tactics and how to recognize and neutralize them.

Know Thy Enemy!

Many pro-life activists do not treat this struggle as the World War that it most certainly is. Their focus is too narrow and, in many ways, they are unaware of the situation beyond their own very limited sphere of influence. Without a wider vision, they cannot properly grasp the implications of the strategies employed by the enemy.

There are two primary reasons why it is critically important to know how the anti-life enemy operates.

The first, of course, is so that pro-lifers can achieve victory in battle. If one knows how the enemy operates, it is much easier to plan both offensive and defensive strategies and tactics.

Secondly, it is important for individuals to know how the individual members of the anti-life movements think, because pro-life activists with such an understanding can more easily protect themselves and the interests of their families in day-to-day life.

Read Their Books.

Although it takes a little time and effort, it is generally not difficult to get a "feel" for anti-life and radical-Left psychology. When a pro-life activist has gained such knowledge, it becomes possible to accurately second-guess the opposition and beat them to the punch.

Pro-life activists can gain valuable insight into the mindset and strategy of the opposition by reading their books, periodicals, and other literature. Students of strategy and societal warfare might be interested in some or all of the following books.

Saul D. Alinsky's Reveille for Radicals (Vintage Books, 1969) and Rules for Radicals (Vintage Books, 1972) describe the "nuts and bolts" of Left-wing union organizing, philosophy, and tactics, much of which could also be used by pro-life groups. These two paperbacks can be obtained at many used book stores for one to two dollars each.

George Hayduke's The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks describes interesting tactics that have been used by radicals to confuse and hamper "big business" and the opposition. The book cover advises that the book was written "strictly for entertainment purposes," but the tactics described give valuable insight into the methods used by radical groups.

Mao's "Little Red Book," or "Red Bible" is generally available in radical bookstores, and is a treasure lode of wisdom regarding strategic and tactical philosophy that can be used by activists on both sides of any issue. Pro-lifers, who seem to be perpetually short of resources, will find it especially useful.

Sun Tzu's The Art of War (New York: Oxford University Press, 1973) was written by one of the greatest strategists of all time more than 2,500 years ago. Sun's classic treatise addresses the basics of war and how to win victories with scant resources and time.

Introduction to Anti-Life Strategies.

You don't win a war by dying for your country. You win a war by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country!

                                                                                             General George S. Patton.

The Basic Underlying Theme.

Anti-life strategists are very adept indeed at manipulating public opinion and action with an arsenal of strategies that are all based primarily upon deception and half-truths.

One reason that these strategies have worked so well and so universally is that they appear to be harmless. They lull the average person into thinking that he or she will not be adversely affected by the social agenda that the Neoliberals are pushing.

These strategies are necessarily accompanied by luxuriant growths of Newspeak. Perverted and immoral acts are dressed up in innocuous clothes, so that anyone who has been exposed to them for any period of time automatically assumes himself a "Neanderthal" if he opposes any part of the anti-life agenda.

Most importantly, the Neoliberals preach a 'gospel' of freedom and tolerance, which is much more appealing to man's fallen nature than self-sacrifice and self-discipline. This is the primary reason why it is so very easy for a nation to slide down the "slippery slope," and why it is so hideously difficult to struggle back up.

Macro and Micro Levels.

These Neoliberal general principles or strategies are employed constantly not only by Neoliberal groups in societies, governments, churches, and organizations (macro scale), but by Neoliberal individuals in their day-to-day lives (micro scale). Such deceptive means have literally become an integral component of their personalities.

The only way for a Christian to defend himself in such an environment is to understand anti-life individual and group psychological mechanisms and how they affect the public and "target" groups and individuals.

The most important anti-life strategies and tactics are summarized in Figures 4-1 and 4-2.


STRATEGIES: The general principles and means employed to achieve long-term goals.

(1) Beg the questions.

Simply assume that Neoliberal positions are correct (Chapter 6).

•God is dead. Satan is nonexistent. Therefore, the concepts of "sin" and
 "evil" are outmoded. 
•Any tactic is legitimate. 
•Abortion is a 'fundamental human right.' 
•Homosexuality = heterosexuality. 
•Men and women are equivalent. 
•Marriage is slavery for women.
•The only good Christian is a bad Christian.
•Communism is just an economic system.
•Religion has absolutely no place in education.
•Moral relativism is the rule.
•All progress is good.
•Tolerance, compassion, and nonjudgmentalism are the only intrinsic goods.
•People are a burden to the planet.
•Children are a burden to adults.

(2) Incrementalism (gradualism) (Chapter 7).

Step 1: classify the subject behavior as a necessary evil, ignore current laws, and work for legalization.

Step 2: after legalization, classify the subject behavior as a morally neutral "civil right."

Step 3: classify the subject behavior as intrinsically good, entrench it in the courts and government with coercive and pervasive support, imprint in the public mind that it is now a fundamental civil right that can never be revoked, and that it is even above debate.

Principle of "aggressive compromise" is essential (go for two, take one, try again later).

(3) Privacy cloak (Chapter 8). 

This is absolutely essential to shield perverted or unacceptable behavior from the public view, because normal people would react with shock (and, even worse, with action) if they saw and comprehended such behavior.

•Contraception/abortion/infanticide/passive euthanasia/direct 

(4) Self-created victim status (Chapter 9). 

If a behavior is unacceptable and repugnant to society, the key to eventual acceptance is to make the practitioners of this behavior appear to be pure and lowly "victims of circumstance" who are being "cruelly oppressed" by the Church, the laws, and the "system" in general.

•Neofeminists (oppressed by the "patriarchy").
•Homosexuals (oppressed by "homophobes" and "heterosexists").
•Atheistic 'Jews' (oppressed by "violations of the separation of Church and
•Certain minorities (who unthinkingly use the word "racism" as a magic bullet 
  to achieve goals).
•Eventual result: reversed social hierarchies.

(5) Infiltration and subversion (Chapter 10). 

If the opposition cannot be overcome with a direct attack, the most effective manner of neutralizing it is to infiltrate it and distort and dilute its teachings.

(6) Never admit failure, error or defeat (Chapter 11). 

Neoliberals are in constant pursuit of "personal godhood." Gods do not make mistakes. Therefore, it is psychically impossible for them to acknowledge their past abysmal failures or atrocities. It is also impossible for them to disavow any statement or activity by other Neoliberals, no matter how atrocious, inconsistent, or bizarre.

Change the social environment at any cost. Since the people and the state legislatures resist legalizing perversions and immoral behavior, the courts are the essential avenue of approach under the banner of "civil rights." Never reverse "progress." Once ground has been gained, never give up an inch. Accuse the opposition of attempting to "turn the clock back." This insures a social 'ratcheting effect.' Disregard unfavorable past history through revisionist "history committees," selective censorship, and the mechanism of "inclusiveness."

(7) Control the school system (Chapter 12). 

In order to control the future, the leaders of the future (our children) must be properly indoctrinated. Therefore, control of the public school system is absolutely essential.


TACTICS: The repetitive, day-to-day methods and actions used to support the overall strategy and to accomplish limited or immediate goals.

(1) Negative attribution (transference) (Chapter 13).

Claim that your own undesirable qualities are actually those of your opponent, and that the positive attributes of your opponent are actually your own.

(2) Unilateral pluralism (Chapter 14).

The expression of any Neoliberal view in any outrageous manner is allowable, but the mere expression of any conservative or religious viewpoint is a "danger to pluralism" or "a flagrant violation of the separation of Church and state."

Censorship is the primary tool of this tactic. While proclaiming the importance of "freedom of expression" as a cover, insure that opposing viewpoints are suppressed or distorted beyond recognition. Since the public subscribes to the principle "out of sight, out of mind," such censorship becomes a colossally powerful weapon.

Plead for tolerance while ruthlessly ridiculing, slandering and stereotyping the most cherished beliefs of the opposition, most notably Christians. This tactic is used to insure that the public becomes confused enough to disavow their own moral common-sense and ethical instincts. There is a one-way effect; anyone who retaliates in kind is painted as "intolerant and judgmental."

(3) Pervasive Newspeak (Chapter 15).

"Feel-good" words confuse and deceive the opposition and allow the public an excuse to salve its conscience and not get involved.

(4) Slogans (Chapter 16).

Slogans allow people to 'buy into' a philosophy without really thinking about its implications. This tactic is the most popular among all Neoliberals.

(5) Propaganda (Chapter 17).

Since the public sympathizes with women in distress, Neoliberals stay on the lookout for a woman in a desperate situation. Then they carefully build a media campaign around this one woman as they trumpet their assistance to her (usually in the form of a single "free" abortion), and then, when her usefulness has ended, they dump her and forget her.

Paint anti-lifers as caring and compassionate while claiming that the opposition created the conditions that caused the woman's distress in the first place.

Simultaneous lobbying to eliminate "unjust" or "restrictive" laws, no matter how trivial their actual impact really is.

(6) Illegal activities (Chapter 18).

If a law is considered 'oppressive,' simply ignore it while daring the authorities to take action.

Essential role of the Neoliberal press.

The objectives of this defiance are twofold:

     (1) to render the laws unenforceable by encouraging everyone to break 
           them, and

     (2) to "desensitize" the members of the public to what has been considered 
           immoral behavior, i.e., illegal abortion, euthanasia, homosexual acts.

Hope that someone is arrested so that a martyr for the cause may be created.

(7) Violence (Chapter 19).

Violence as a tool of intimidation or as a rallying point is perfectly acceptable to Neoliberals. When caught, be sure to cloud the issue by pointing to imaginary violence committed by the other side, and attempt to create martyrs or "rally the troops" against the original target.

Characteristics of the Anti-Life Mentality.

Moving Beyond the Mission.

Chapter 1 showed that the overall Christian mission is to make disciples of all nations. Many Christians, in pursuit of this ultimate goal, elect to concentrate on the pro-life mission, which is to convert the people of this nation against abortion.

Pro-lifers cannot hope to accomplish this mission unless they can defeat the devil's busy little helpers the pro-abortionists. In order to defeat the anti-lifers we must understand how they think and, even more importantly, where they get their ideas from. If new pro-life activists can understand how the anti-lifers think, and can formulate a good, solid plan, the pro-lifers can anticipate them and beat them every time.

The Common Characteristics.

It doesn't matter what group of anti-lifers that Christians are dealing with the pro-abortionists, pornographers, the Hemlock society types, the sodomites, the "New Agers," or radical feminists they all think similarly, they all have the same goals, they get their ideas from the same place, and they all use the same strategies and tactics. If a pro-lifer can understand how pro-aborts think, he has gone a long way towards understanding how all anti-lifers think.

There are five primary characteristics shared by all of the anti-life philosophies. These are listed below and are also described in more detail in the following paragraphs.


(1) Same point of origin: Satan.
(2) Same motivation: Guilt.
(3) Coercive nature.
(4) Revolutionary nature.
(5) Uncompromising and implacable nature.

It is important to remember that these general characteristics influence every one of the strategies and tactics used by the anti-lifers, as described in Chapters 5 to 19. These five characteristics help to define the nature of the anti-life response in each area of social activism, and explain why and how pro-abortionists, homosexuals, and others use the strategies and tactics described in subsequent chapters.

The First Common Anti-Life Characteristic:
The Anti-Life Mentality Originates With Satan.

If pro-lifers think that they can eliminate abortion without destroying all of the other evils that inflict themselves on society, they are kidding themselves. Every pro-lifer should try to imagine a nation totally without abortion but with homosexuality, euthanasia, pornography, and other evils running free.

It does not sound likely, because it is impossible. Attempting to eliminate one moral evil while leaving the others intact is like trying to put out one blaze of many in a tinderbox forest. The fires will simply reignite each other. We must remember that the ultimate arsonist, Satan, has a very big book of matches and the will to use them.

The situation facing pro-lifers in this country parallels that of the warriors who fought the legendary Hydra: Cut off one head and three more will take its place. Pro-lifers (and all other Christian activists) must attack the heart of the beast if they hope to kill its heads.

The only way to do this is to create a Christian planet, no apologies! The Muslims have the same objective. So do the Humanists. Even the homosexuals have declared that they want to make ours a "queer planet!"

According to this pagan society, it's okay for anyone but Christians to try to take over the world a form of blatant discrimination. So whenever a pro-abort or a sodomite accuses pro-lifers of trying to cram our morality down their throats, we should say "Of course we are!"

After all, is this not the purpose of all public discourse, debate, and activism to convince others of the correctness of one's views?

All of the anti-life movements have the same source of power which is ultimately Satanic. They all have the same objectives total freedom and identicality of all human beings. And they all use the same strategies and tactics.

In the most basic sense, they are identical.

We must eliminate all of them or we will never eliminate any of them.

The Second Common Anti-Life Characteristic:
The Anti-Life Mentality Is Driven By Guilt.


As described in Chapter 2, "The Anti-Life Mentality," all anti-lifers are driven by guilt.

It is very critical that pro-lifers understand this concept.

This corrosive guilt causes anti-life activists strive not for equality, but for identicality. There is a big difference between these two terms.

Anti-lifers are generally average folks who begin their moral slide by becoming spiritually lazy and dabbling in behaviors they instinctively know are wrong: Adultery, pornography, fornication, contraception, whatever. This causes them to feel guilty and inspires them to either repent or reinforce their immoral behavior.

If they continue to sin, they suffer even more guilt as they pull further away from God. As St. Augustine once said, "There is a God-shaped hole in every person." We must either fill this hole with God or cram some substitute into the void. Naturally, substitutes won't fit into the hole, and so the anti-lifer keeps struggling for peace. There is an unbreakable spiritual rubber band between each individual and God: The further away from Him we pull, the more tension there is on that rubber band, and the more desperately we want to fill that God-shaped hole.

Pope John Paul II said in Familiaris Consortio that "History is a struggle between freedoms in mutual conflict. a conflict between two loves: The love of God to the point of disregarding self, and a love of self to the point of disregarding God."

So the anti-lifers are compelled to either live secret lives of repressed guilt and misery or band together with those of like mind. They join NOW or NARAL or some homosexual group. Pascal said that "Those who reject God have only two recourses to happiness: To create themselves gods or to wallow in the pleasures of the senses."

Eliminating Contrasts.

What are the objectives of these groups?

Essentially, if everyone is identical, then there is no contrast between good and evil. There is no difference between the "right" way of doing things and the "wrong" way of doing things. If all moral differences disappear, then there is no guilt, because guilt is caused by the contrast between good and bad.

This is why the most horrible sins, according to the Neoliberals, are judgmentalism and intolerance, because these imply that someone is being immoral and the anti-lifers instinctively know that they are the ones who are immoral.

This is also why anti-lifers are so intent on stamping out all of the "isms," because "isms" by definition are expressions of contrast. We've all heard about racism and sexism and capitalism and nationalism and colonialism, but what about classism, which is "oppression of the working classes;" able-ism ("oppression of the handicapped"); look-ism ("construction of a standard for beauty and attractiveness"); Eurocentrism (a "preoccupation with Western culture"); interventionism; age-ism; heterosexism; species-ism; size-ism; and weight-ism?

There are now so many "isms" now that someone has actually written a 300-page book on them.

The Third Common Anti-Life Characteristic:
The Anti-Life Mentality is Coercive.

No Choice But Our Choice.

Pro-abortionists not only want free choice, they want to exclude any other choice but abortion, including the choice not to support them. They are trying to shut down all of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the country. They fight against informed consent and they condemn adoption. They demand that we all pay for abortions by attempting to repeal the Hyde Amendment. They want the United States to fund the Chinese coercive family planning program. They want Catholic doctors and hospitals to perform abortions.

Why are they not satisfied with unlimited abortion on demand for themselves? After all, that's what they've got! So why are they still fighting for more?

It is because mere tolerance by Christians is not enough. In order to make their guilt disappear, we must wholeheartedly support the anti-lifers and even applaud them. It would do the pro-abortionists a world of good to see every pro-lifer in the country pay for abortions, even if the payment is coerced.

John Gray said that "When we tolerate a practice, a belief, or a character trait, we let something be that we judge to be undesirable, false, or at least inferior. Our toleration expresses the conviction that, despite its badness, the object of toleration should be left alone."

Once again, there is that contrast that must be eliminated.

New pro-lifers may be vaguely aware that the pro-aborts are coercive by nature, but they don't know that all of the anti-life movements are like that, and they also don't know that they want to destroy all other choices.

Coercion in All Areas.

The anti-lifers won't stop with Edgar Chasteen's suggested compulsory sterilization law.[2] They are pushing for a world where their way of doing things is the only way of doing things. And they have said this quite honestly.

They want to restrict families to two children. Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm has said that "Though coercion is a dirty word to most liberals now, it need not be forever ... Its dirtiness can be cleansed away by saying it over and over without apology or embarrassment. We must have compulsory birth control, limiting every family to two children."[3]

They want to institute mandatory abortion in the United States. Paul Ehrlich said that "It has been concluded that mandatory population control laws, even those requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under our existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently compelling to endanger the society. Many consider the situation already serious enough to justify some forms of compulsion."[4] And this was twenty years ago!

They want to eliminate the family. Vivian Gornick has said that "Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession ... the choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family-maker is a choice that shouldn't be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that."[5]

They want to destroy religion. There are dozens of examples of leading anti-lifers saying this very openly. Abortionist Bill Baird has said "My goal is to see the end of religion in this country." L.A. Law star Corbin Bernsen says that "Religion is outdated ... You have to follow your heart, and not be guided by anything except what is in us as thinking animals. We might have to dismantle religion." Frank Zappa says that "When you see that Christian fish symbol on the car ahead of you, know that that is the enemy." And baldheaded Irish 'singer' Sinead O'Connor tore up a picture of the Holy Father and said that "We have confidence in the victory of good over evil. We must fight the real enemy."[6]

What more proof do we need?

They even want to eliminate genders. The so-called "Queer Manifesto" being circulated by sodomites at some universities says that "Queer politics is no longer content to carve out a buffer zone for a minoritized and protected subculture. Our goal is to challenge the pervasive and often invisible heteronormativity of modern societies ... Our task is to confront modern culture with its worst nightmare a queer planet." Homosexual strategists Kirk and Pill say that "Our work will not be finished until we can say that the whole world is gay."[7]

Rosemary Ruether summed it all up when she said that "No token accommodations will satisfy us. What is required is the total reconstruction of God, Christ, human nature, and society."[8]

These people are not isolated far-Left nutcases with no influence. They are governors, psychiatrists, millionaire authors, entertainers, and Congressmen. They are the elite and they have far more money, power, and influence than we do.

We will evolve from freedom of religion to freedom from religion; freedom of gender to freedom from gender; and, ultimately, freedom of choice to freedom from choice. And they certainly won't stop in the United States. Even if they force this entire country into their mold, there are still countries with morals, like Ghana, Nigeria, Argentina that's why the United States "contraceptive imperialists" are really going after foreign countries in the name of "stemming the threat of overpopulation." This is truly an expression of guilt on a continental scale.

All of this means, quite simply, is that it is us or them. Our Lord has told us this. Satan knows this. The fight between good and evil will continue until one or the other is totally destroyed.

As far as abortion is concerned, all pro-lifers had better support Operation Rescue in their hearts, because the pool of illegal pro-life activities is expanding very rapidly now. Picketing has been banned in front of more than a hundred clinics, and, if the Freedom of Choice Act passes, it could be seen as a Federal civil rights violation. Soon it will be illegal to picket abortionists at their homes in most states because this activity will be classified as "stalking." The United States Postal Service is investigating the constitutionality of banning graphic pro-life postcards from the mails. And the pro-aborts would very much like to shut down all crisis pregnancy centers because they claim that CPCs are 'fraudulent clinics.' What it really comes down to is this: Anything that results in more abortions will be vigorously supported and tax-funded, and anything that leads to even one less abortion will be banned.

In the year 2000, American pro-lifers may have to hold their conferences in Africa, because it may be illegal for so many of us 'terrorists' to meet in one place in this country.

George Orwell has told us that "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever!

If we allow the anti-life juggernaut to have what it wants, Orwell's prediction will become true.

The Fourth Common Anti-Life Characteristic:
The Anti-Life Mentality is Revolutionary.


We must understand that the anti-life mentality has nothing to do with freedom because it is fundamentally coercive. Even more importantly, we must realize that it is irreversibly revolutionary. It is not accommodating; it is not compromising; it is not> egalitarian.

Gloria Steinem has said that "We have to abolish the institution of marriage ... By the year 2000 we will, I hope, raise our children to believe in human potential, not God ... We must understand what we are attempting is a revolution, not a public relations movement ... it is humanism that is the goal."[9]

The Purpose of Revolution.

The purpose of revolution is to eradicate differences. Marxists tried to abolish class differences. The anti-lifers want to abolish all differences.

So the homosexuals say that "domestic partners" have the same rights as families.

Kiddie libbers say that children have all of the same rights as adults.

The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) says that kids should be able to have sex just like adults.

Men are free from the effects of pregnancy, and so women must be.

Married people can contracept and fornicate, so teens should be able to as well.

Crippled and terminal people will be able to choose death, and so will healthy people, even if they are just mildly depressed.

Insatiable Mentality. 

The anti-life mentality is insatiable and it will never stop demanding. Man is only satisfied and content with God, and, since anti-lifers reject Him, they are endlessly prodded on by the Devil. They are always restless, always dissatisfied, always demanding change, because change may bring happiness.

But it never does.

If we think that the anti-lifers will be satisfied with abortion on demand, with "gay rights," with school-based clinics, with "Death with Dignity," we are deluding ourselves. They will not be finished when they have inclusive language, women priests and bishops, even if they set up an alternative 'Catholic' church and elect a pro-abortion woman Pope. They will never be finished. They will never stop their social engineering.

Therefore, pro-lifers must be eternally vigilant, even after final victory, because Satan never rests.

The Fifth Common Anti-Life Characteristic:
The Anti-Life Mentality is Uncompromising.


The fifth and final common characteristic of all of the anti-life movements is that they are uncompromising.

What appears to be compromise on the part of the anti-lifers is really not compromise at all it's just a refined form of waiting. Their general plan is to demand the full loaf, accept half of it right away, and then always come back later for the second half. This is a version of the strategy of incrementalism described in Chapter 7.

As might be expected, the Neoliberal definition of "compromise" is hopelessly skewed. For example, a number of pro-abort legal 'scholars' have termed the provisions contained in Roe v. Wade abortion on demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy a "reasonable balance between the rights of the woman and those of the fetus." And some abortionists have said that a 500-foot no-protest "safe zone" around every abortuary in the country is "a reasonable compromise between the rights of protestors and women seeking abortions."

These examples make some pro-lifers wonder what the pro-aborts would consider to be an unreasonable compromise.

Examples of 'Compromise.'

As one example of Neoliberal 'compromise,' school-based clinic pushers advise their people that, if there is too much resistance to an SBC because it would distribute birth control pills and refer for abortions, then they should promise to install the clinic without these features and put them in six months later when the controversy has died down (see Chapter 82 in Volume II for more information on SBC strategy).

Another example took place in Washington State recently. In 1991, voters rejected the pro-euthanasia Initiative 119 by a wide margin. The state legislature voted in a watered-down version, and, before a year had gone by, had amended it so that it was just as bad as the one rejected by the voters.

Anti-lifers are even less compromising when pro-lifers are making advances. It is axiomatic among Neoliberals that they must never be pushed back an inch. Therefore, when even nearly-insignificant restrictions on abortion are proposed (say a 24-hour waiting period), pro-abortionists will commit all of their resources to fanatically fighting the law with every last ounce of strength. They will scream at the top of their lungs about "turning the clock back," and will produce doctored polls, mountains of bogus statistics, and a raft of (always anonymous) stories about women being "butchered" in "back-alley abortion mills."

And, if the proposed restrictions become law, the pro-aborts will simply disobey or bypass it.

References:Introduction to Anti-Life Strategies and Tactics.

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Further Reading:Introduction to Anti-Life Strategies and Tactics.

Colin Francome. Abortion Freedom: A Worldwide Movement
London: George Allen & Unwin. 1984, 241 pages. Although written from the pro-abortion viewpoint, this book contains much valuable information regarding the basic philosophy and strategy of the worldwide pro-abortion movement.

Florynce Kennedy and Diane Schulder. Abortion Rap
New York: McGraw-Hill, 1971. 238 pages. In 1970, a band of Neofeminists pressed a Federal suit challenging New York State's abortion laws. The suit was never decided, because it was declared moot when the New York legislature overturned the laws in April of 1970. But the testimony obtained had so much propaganda value that excerpts compiled by two of the attorneys for the plaintiffs were published in this book. The result is a veritable text on anti-life strategy, tactics, and thinking. You will find excellent examples of aggressive compromise (incrementalism), use of the victim status, transference, and the begging of every possible question, along with accompanying abundant propaganda, outrageous levels of anti-Catholic bigotry, and quaintly archaic Newspeak. Some idea of the general tone of the book can be gleaned by reading Kennedy's self-written mini-biography (remember that this is a lawyer writing): "Born ... to groovy parents ... was graduated at or near the bottom of [Columbia Law School] class ... I've decided to try for a hustle outside the law whorehouse. I'm into the lecture and writing bag to augment the law hustle ... lawyers can't affect the institutionalized oppression of a corrupt, racist, genocidal, sexist society."

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. The Liberal Crack-Up
New York City: Simon & Schuster, 1984. 256 pages, $16.95. Reviewed by Victor Gold on page 35 of the March 1985 Conservative Digest. His thesis: "New Age Liberalism is no longer the sensible, tolerant, highly principled body of thought that liberalism was in decades past. Sometime in the 1960s or early 1970s, it cracked up into a riot of enthusiasms, usually contradictory, always extremist, often non compos mentis."

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