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Author: St. Louis de Montfort



Now that the privileged task of editing this volume has been completed,
it is a joy to thank the many people who so willingly assisted in its

In addition to the contributors and to the professional translators, the editors of the English edition of the Handbook express their gratitude to the members of the Company of Mary of the American Province, especially to Father Gerald Fitzsimmons (Provincial), Fathers Frank Allen, Edwin Blydenburgh, Roger Charest, Theodore Murphy; to Fathers Marcel Gendrot, Superior of the Mother House at St.Laurent-sur-Sèvre, Guy Jacob of Montreal and Jean-Louis Courchesne of the Generalate in Rome for assistance in securing illustrations for the Handbook; to Father Dorio Huot, for many years of Rome, presently of Montreal, for his scholarly, clear advice which was always deeply appreciated; to the members of the Company of Mary of the Great Britain and Ireland province, especially to Father Robert Douglas (Provincial), Fathers Paul Allerton, Fred Scragg (Assistant General), Lawrence Handley, Wilfrid Jukka and to Sister Jean Hickey of the English province; to the members of the Daughters of Wisdom of the American province, especially to Sisters Eileen Burton, Rachel Bouchard, Edna Butler, Veronica Byrne, Alice Crowell, Rosemary Gaffney, Ann Nielsen, Gertrude O’Brien, Margaret Oehrlein, Josephine Thomas, Anne Werner; to the Brothers of Saint Gabriel, especially to Brother Julien Rabiller of London, England, and Brother Adélard Faubert of Montreal, Canada.

The secretaries deserve special mention: Father Michel Bertrand, General Secretary of the Company of Mary, Rome, and Sister Marie-Paule, formerly secretary of Father General, Rome; Cindy Cassotto, secretary of the Montfort editorial office at Litchfield, Connecticut; project volunteers Diana Casey, Debby DiAngelo, Millie Higgins, Tom Higgins, Andy Lach, Tom McDermott, Aline Nelson, and Pat Zuccarelli. Thanks are due to Robert Houser of Litchfield for his expert photography work, to Sara Day for her beautiful layout designs, to Joseph Carey for accomplishing so well the difficult task of Copy Editor, to Steven Riecker and the Princeton Academic Press, to Wordworks for compiling the topical index, to Lynn McNamee for her assistance with the endnotes, to Robert White and Michael Guerin for giving up part of their summer vacation to assist in the publication of this volume. The Montfort community of Litchfield, Brother Alfonso, Ken Footit, Fathers Ronald Lloyd, Flavius Gamache and George Werner, has shown exemplary patience and support in the many months they have had to put up with the varied activities of the editorial team!

The editors of the English edition wish to thank Stephen Payne for his magnanimous service at the computer day in and day out for the last several months; his constant and faithful updating of the computer files for the entire editing process was an essential element in publishing the Handbook of Montfort spirituality.

Finally, in a special way the editors wish to thank Sisters Yvette and Marie Franck of the Daughters of Wisdom. Their joyful and skilled dedication to the publication of the Handbook was invaluable. An index to such a massive volume, even though found at the book’s back door, more often than not becomes the front door to interested readers. Sisters Marie and Yvette who prepared the Proper Name and Biblical indexes for Jesus Living in Mary, with such care and precision, not only gained the last word but became the welcoming doorkeepers offering hospitality and direction to those who would enter this treasure house of Montfort spirituality.

List of Contributors

AMATO, Angelo, SDB:  Dean of Theology, Salesian Pontifical University, Rome (Italy). Articles: Inculturation, Jesus Christ, Penance (co- author).

AUDUSSEAU, Jean, SMM: Licentiate in Theology and Holy Scripture, Marseille (France). Article: Covenant.

AUMANN, Jordan, OP: Formerly Professor of Theology, Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (The Angelicum) Rome; retreat master and author, St. Thomas Aquinas Priory, River Forest, Illinois (USA). Article: Path of Perfection

BARBERA, Gaetano, SMM: specialist in Mariology, Bergamo (Italy). Article: Hope.

BOSSARD, Alphonse, SMM: Doctor of Theology, Rector of Notre-Dame du Marillais Sanctuary (France). Articles: Faith, Incarnation, St. Louis Marie de Montfort (co-author), Secret of Mary, True Devotion.

BULTEAU, Jean, SG: Bachelor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Religious Sciences, La Mothe-Achard (France). Articles: Cross (co-author), Sick.

BURRASCANO, Pietro, SMM: Licentiate in Moral Theology; founder of the Centro Famiglie incontro of Pozzuolo Martesana (Italy). Article: Family (co-author).

CHAREST, Roger M., SMM: Director of the Marian Center; managing editor, Queen of All Hearts, Montfort Publications, Bayshore, New York (USA). Article: Legion of Mary .

CHIARI, Ismene (Sister Bernardetta dell’Immacolata), DW: Specialist in Mariology, Rome (Italy). Article: Silence.

CORTINOVIS, Battista, SMM: Doctor of Theology, specialist in Mariology; Provincial Superior, Rome (Italy). Article: Church.

COUSINS, Ewert: Professor of Theology, Fordham University, New York, General Editor, World Spirituality Encyclopedic History (USA). Article: Trinity (co-author).

CROTEAU, Georges, SG: Doctor of Educational Science, Toronto (Canada). Article: Education.

DALLAIRE, Gilles, SMM: Instructor in Montfort Spirituality, Montreal (Canada). Article: Apostle (co-author).

DAVIAU, Pierrette, DW: Bachelor of Pedagogy, Doctor of Letters; Director of the Institute of Social Communication at Saint Paul University of Ottawa (Canada). Article: Tenderness.

DE FIORES, Stefano, SMM: Doctor of Theology; Professor of Mariology, Gregorian and Salesian Pontifical Universities; the Pontifical Faculty of the "Marianum", Rome (Italy). Articles: Adoration (co-author), Apostle (co-author), Childhood (co-author), Daughters of Wisdom (co- author), End Times, St. Louis Marie de Montfort (co-author), Montfort Spirituality.

DEMERS, Odilon, SMM: Bachelor of Pastoral Theology, Montreal (Canada). Article: Hymns (co-author).

DELESALLE, Agnès, DW: Specialist in pastoral liturgy, assistant for the development of priests and the laity, diocese of Tours (France). Article: Angels/Demons.

DEVILLE, Raymond: Specialist in the spirituality of the seventeenth century, Superior General of the Company of Priests of Saint Sulpice, Paris (France). Article: French School.

ÉVENOU, Jean: Expert in liturgy, Congregation of Divine Worship, Rome (Italy). Article: Liturgy (co-author).

FENILI, Giuseppe, SMM: Doctor of Theology, Santeramo (Italy). Article: Adoration (co-author).

FRANCINI, Giorgio, OSM: Professor of Italian literature, Rome (Italy). Articles: Noels (co-author), Hymns (co-author).

FRITH, Mary (Sister Philip-Mary), DW: Specialist in theology and Holy Scripture, Chorley (Great Britain). Article: Zeal (co-author).

GABBIADINI, Rosino: Specialist in educational science, Ravenna (Italy). Article: Model.

GAFFNEY, Patrick, SMM: Doctor of Theology; Professor Emeritus of theology, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri; Montfort Missionaries, Litchfield, Connecticut, (USA). Articles: Consecration, Cross (co-author), Ecumenism (co-author), Freedom (co-author), Mary, Reign, Sin (co-author), Trinity (co-author), Providence, Reparation (co- author).

GARAT, François, SG: Licentiate in Religious Studies, Mortagne-sur-Sèvre (France). Article: Pilgrimage (co-author).

GASPARI, Sergio, SMM: Doctor of Biblical Theology; Professor of liturgy, Rome (Italy). Article: Priest.

GENDROT, Marcel, SMM: Doctor of Philosophy, Licentiate of Canon Law, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre (France). Articles: Associations (co-author), Canonization (co-author).

GUIL, Emmanuel, SMM: Spiritual director and retreat master, Le Marillais (France). Article: Pilgrimage (co-author).

GUINDON, Henri-Marie, SMM: Doctor of Theology, Ottawa (Canada).  Articles: Noels (co-author), Fidelity, Little Crown, Prayer, Sacred Heart, Salvation.

GUITTENY, Bernard, SMM: spiritual director and retreat master, Meaux (France). Article: Creation.

HÉMERY, Jean, SMM: Staff of the Basilica of St. Louis Marie de Montfort, spiritual director and retreat master, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre (France). Articles: Associations (co-author), Baptism, Charisms.

JOSEPH, T. A., SG: Doctor of Letters, Licentiate of Sacred Scripture, visiting Professor of Sacred Scripture, Hyderabad (India). Article: Psalms.

JÜNEMANN, Hermann Josef, SMM: Master in Spirituality; Director of the Marian Montfort Center, Salzburg (Austria) and assistant Director of the International Montfort Center, Louva in (Belgium). Articles: Man, Mystic, Grace.

KOELHER, Théodore, SM: Doctor of Theology; former director of the Marian Library, Dayton, Ohio (USA). Article: Slavery of Love.

LAURENCEAU, Jean, OP: Theologian, spiritual director and retreat master, Lille (France). Article: Rosary.

LAURENTIN, René: Doctor of Letters, Sorbonne; Mariologist, Évry (France). Article: Holy Spirit.

LE BOT, Corentin, SG: Licentiate of Letters, Rome (Italy). Article: Friendship.

LEMARIÉ, Michel, SMM: Specialist in social sciences, Buenos Aires (Argentina). Article: Poverty.

LEPERS, Simone, DW: Licentiate in Pilosophy and Pedagogy; Archivist of the mother house of the Daughters of Wisdom, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre (France). Articles: Daughters of Wisdom (co-author), Marie-Louise.

LOGISTER, Wiel, SMM: Doctor of Theology, Professor of Theology at the Catholic University of Tilburg (Netherlands). Article: God.

MACDONALD, Donald, SMM: Spiritual director and retreat master, Montfort Missionaries, Manila, (Philippines). Article: Peace.

MACKRELL, Gerard, SMM: Spiritual director and retreat master, Andover (Great Britain). Article: Freedom (co-author).

MADORE, Georges, SMM: Provincial Superior, Montreal (Canada). Article: Love.

MAGGIONI, Corrado, SMM: Doctor of Liturgy, Congregation of Divine Worship, Rome (Italy). Articles: Eucharist, Liturgy (co-author).

MAIRE, Olivier, SMM: Licentiate in Natural Sciences, Rome (Italy). Articles: Beauty, Last Things.

MICHAUD, Jean-Paul, SMM: Doctor of Theology, Licentiate in Sacred Scripture, Professor of Theology at Saint Paul University, Ottawa (Canada). Articles: Bible.

MORINAY, Jean, SMM: spiritual director and retreat master, Chezelles (France). Articles: Beatitudes, Virtues.

MYLADIL, Thomas, OCD: Doctor of Theology, Fordham University; retreat master and teacher, New York (USA). Article: Mortification

NAVA, Pier Luigi, SMM: Licentiate in Canon Law; Director of "Quaderni Monfortani," Rome (Italy). Articles: Company of Mary, Parish Missions, Penance (co-author), Triptych.

PAPÀSOGLI, Benedetta: Doctor of Letters; Professor of literature, University of Messina; hagiographer, Rome (Italy). Article: Hymns (co- author).

PAYNE, Richard J.: Executive Director, Arcadia House; publisher and editor, founding editor The Classics of Western Spirituality, World Spirituality - Encyclopedic History, and the forthcoming The Classics of Eastern Spirituality, Goshen, Connecticut (USA). Article: Sin (co- author), editor’s notes - Ecumenism, Incarnation, Hymns.

PÉNISSON, Jean, SG: Instructor in modern letters, Professor of history and educational sciences, Center for Pedagogical Development, Marseille (France). Article: Milieu.

PRÉVOST, Jean-Pierre, SMM: Doctor of Biblical Theology, Licentiate in Sacred Scripture; Professor of Theology, Saint Paul University, Ottawa (Canada). Articles: Love of Eternal Wisdom, Wisdom.

ROBITAILLE, Hélène, DW: Professor of religious studies, Rome (Italy). Article: Retreat.

ROLANDEAU, Jean-Baptiste, SG: Specialist in Montfort history and spirituality, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre (France). Article: Brothers of Saint Gabriel.

RUM, Alberto, SMM: Writer, Montfort Marian Center, Rome (Italy). Articles: Pope/Bishops, Saint, Zeal (co-author).

SAWARD, J.: Professor, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Philadelphia (USA). Articles: Ecumenism (co-author), Oxford Movement.

SIBOLD, Marcel, SMM: Specialist in Montfort research (France). Articles: Family (co-author), Iconography

STERN, Jean, MS: Theologian, archivist of the mother house of the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, Rome (Italy). Article: Reparation (co-author).

STOCKERT, H. R.: Priest of the Byzantine Rite of the Diocese of Passaic; Communications Director of the diocese, Granville, New York (USA) Article: Angels/Demons (co-author)

VALENTINI, A., SMM: Doctor of Theology; Professor of Theology, Rome (Italy). Articles: Disciple, Magnificat.

VAN DEN HOOF, Bernadette, DW: Licentiate in Philosophy and Letters, Brussels (Belgium). Article: Daughters of Wisdom (co-author).

VAN DER HULST, Adrianus, SMM: Masters in spirituality; Director of scholastics, Manila (Philippines). Article: Discernment.

VETTICKAL, J. (Antony Francisco), SG: Specialist in educational sciences, Tiruchirapalli (India). Article: Childhood (co-author).

VIENNE, Claire (Sister Marie-Claire), DW: Graduate in religious studies, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre (France). Article: Canonization (co-author).


Frank Allen, SMM; Paul Allerton, SMM; Eileen Burton, DW; Rachel Bouchard, DW; Edna Butler, DW; Veronica Byrne, DW; Ann Crowell, DW; Adélard Faubert, SG; James Fowler and the Alliance Francaise; Mary Firth, DW; Rosemary Gaffney, DW; Lawrence Handley, SMM; Jean Hickey, DW; Wilfred Jukka, SMM; Ann Nelson, DW; Julien Rabiller, SG; Gertrude O’Brien, DW; Margaret Oehrlein, DW; Stephen Perry; Fred Scragg, SMM; Carol Marshall Stopforth; Rev. Charles Underhill Quinn; Ann Werner, DW.


The following bibliography is limited to a sampling of some of the works on Montfort spirituality. Additional references may be found in the end notes of the various articles in this Handbook.

I. The Works of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort God Alone: The Collected Writings of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, Bay Shore, Montfort Publications, 1987.

This volume includes most of the works of Saint Louis de Montfort. It contains only a few pages of the Book of Sermons and omits the saint’s Notebook; both of these works have yet to be translated into English. Only eleven of the saint’s 164 hymns are found in God Alone. The entire corpus of Father de Montfort’s "Cantiques" will be published in English at the end of 1995 by Montfort Publications, Bay Shore. 

Gendrot, M.(ed.) Make Way for Jesus Christ, Montfort Publications, Bay Shore, 1984. This small volume contains excerpts from various writings of Saint Louis de Montfort.

II. Biographies of Saint Louis de Montfort Included in this list are only some of the better known biographies of more than 100 pages. They are listed chronologically:

1. 18th Century:

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2. 19th Century:

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3.  20th Century:

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III.  Commentaries on Montfort Spirituality:

A.  The Series


Published under the direction of Marcel Gendrot, s.m.m., formerly Father General of the Company of Mary. The volumes are published at the International Montfort Center, Montfort Generalate, Rome. The new International Montfort Center at Louvain, Belgium, will be offering courses and publications concerning montfort spirituality.


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XI. En direct avec Marie-Louise de Jésus, Ecrits - Paroles, 1994.

XII. Gabriel Deshayes, 1995


I A.A. VV, Dieu seul, A la rencontre de Dieu avec Montfort, 1981.

B.  Books and Articles Relating to Montfort Spirituality

AA.VV. Circulaires des supérieurs généraux des Filles de la Sagesse, 16 vol., Rome, Generalate of the Daughters of Wisdom (private printing)

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C. Reviews

The Company of Mary (Montfort Missionaries) publishes reviews in several countries, dealing with Montfort spirituality on a popular level. For the United States: Queen of All Hearts, published at Montfort Missionaries, Bay Shore, NY 11716.


The resurgence of interest in the teachings of Father de Montfort has prompted many to seek ways of networking those who live his consecration spirituality. We do, therefore, urge those who integrate his doctrine in their lives, to enroll in the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts; we would ask priests to join the Association of the Priests of Mary. Addresses of some of the centers in certain English speaking countries are given below. We also suggest that those interested in the spirituality of Saint Louis de Montfort subscribe to the Montfort review, Queen of All Hearts, which is a means of clarifying and updating the saint’s teachings and also of dialogue among the members of the associations. We again strongly request that all interested in Saint Louis de Montfort’s spirituality have the necessary companion volume to the Handbook, God Alone: The Collected Works of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort.

We also pray that some young men and women studying this volume may be drawn by the Holy Spirit to dedicate themselves to the living and proclaiming of Montfort’s spirituality by entering the core Montfort family: the Daughters of Wisdom, the Missionaries of the Company of Mary and the Brothers of Saint Gabriel, the three religious communities who trace their ancestry back to Saint Louis de Montfort himself. Although Montfort spirituality belongs to the entire Church, the custodians of this treasure, as Pope John Paul II has reminded the Company of Mary, are his "children," these "servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary who will range far and wide with the holy Gospel issuing from their mouths like a bright and burning flame and the Rosary in their hands and bay like your watchdogs, burn like fire and dispel the darkness of the world like a sun" (PM 12). We ask all to join in Montfort’s Prayer for Missionaries, so that "the face of the earth may be renewed and the Church reformed."

For subscriptions to the review, Queen of All Hearts, write to:

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For all information concerning the Associations and vocations to the Montfort family, contact:

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Any questions or comments concerning this volume may be directed to: The Montfort Handbook Montfort Missionaries, Litchfield, Connecticut 06759 USA

For information on Montfort Spirituality seminars and retreats: Montfort Missionaries, The Retreat House, Litchfield, Connecticut 06759

Shortly before the Handbook went to press, we received the news of the sudden death (on September 20, 1994) of Father Charles Underhill Quinn, of the Archdiocese of New York. He translated a number of the articles for this work and had begun translating the Hymns of Saint Louis de Montfort which were scheduled for publication in several months. A fine poet himself, he had a magnificent grasp of Father de Montfort’s canticles. Father Quinn dubbed himself a "convert to Saint Louis de Montfort," since it was only in the light of the articles in this Handbook that he said he understood the "real Montfort," so different from what he had learned by hearsay. The last lines of Saint Louis de Montfort’s Hymns translated by Father Charles Underhill Quinn, perhaps the night before his massive heart attack, are H 13:90:

To live and die with joy And so full of hope.

Patrick Gaffney, s.m.m.
Handbook of the Spirituality of Saint Louis de Montfort
Litchfield, Connecticut
September 29, 1994
Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

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