Greetings from the Window of the Archbishop's House

Author: Pope Francis

Greetings from the Window of the Archbishop's House

Pope Francis

On Thursday evening, 28 July 2016, the Holy Father again greeted the faithful from the Archbishop's house in Kraków. The Pope encouraged husbands and wives to speak to each other with courtesy.

People tell me that many of you understand Castilian, and so I’ll talk in Castilian. They tell me too that today there is quite a group here, on this square, of newlyweds and young spouses. When I meet someone who is getting married, a young man getting married, a young woman getting married, I say to them: “You are the ones who have courage!” Because it is not easy to form a family, not easy to commit one’s life for ever; it takes courage. And I am proud that you are courageous.

Sometimes people ask me what to do so that our families can go on and overcome difficulties. I suggest to them to use three words, three words which express three attitudes – over there more couples are arriving! – three words which can help you to live out your married life, because in married life there are difficulties. Marriage is something so beautiful, so wonderful that we have to look after it, because it is for ever. And the three words are: “may I?”, “thank you”, “I’m sorry”.

“May I?”. Always ask your spouse, the wife to her husband, the husband to his wife: “What do you think? What shall we do?” Never trample on the other. “May I?”.

The second word: be appreciative. How many times the husband needs to say to his wife: “Thank you”. And how many times the wife must say to her husband: “Thank you”. Thank one another in turn, because the sacrament of marriage is conferred by the two spouses, one to the other. And this sacramental relationship is maintained by feeling grateful. “Thank you!”

The third word is: “I’m sorry”. It is a very difficult word to say. In marriage there is always some misunderstanding between husband and wife. Knowing how to recognize that, how to say one is sorry, to ask forgiveness, this does a lot of good.

There are young families [here], newlyweds, many of you are married, others are about to get married; remember these three words, which have helped so much in married life: “may I?”, “thank you” and “I’m sorry”. Let’s repeat them together: “may I?”, “thank you” and “I’m sorry”. Right, all together! “May I?”, “Thank you” and “I’m sorry”.

Good, all of this is very good! And it is very good to say this in married life. There are always problems and disagreements in married life. It is normal, it happens that husband and wife argue, they raise their voices, they squabble, and even plates go flying! So don’t be afraid of this when it happens. May I give you a piece of advice: never end the day without making peace. And do you know why? Because the “cold war” the next day is very dangerous. “And how can I do this, Father, how can I make peace?”, one of you may ask. You don’t need speeches, just a gesture is enough, and it is all over, and peace is established. When there is love, one gesture puts everything right.

I invite you now, before the blessing, to pray for all the families present here, for all new spouses, for all who have already been married for some time, and who know what I am saying to you, and for those will get married. Let us pray a Hail Mary together, each of us in their own language.

Hail Mary…


And pray for me! Please, pray for me! Good night and have a good rest! [Provided by Vatican Press Office]

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