Greeting by the Holy Father “From the Window” (26 May 2006)

Author: Pope Benedict XVI

Meeting with young people at the Archbishop's Palace, Kraków, 26 May 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Following the practice which arose during Pope John Paul II’s visits to Kraków, you have gathered in front of the Archbishop’s residence to greet the Pope. Thank you for being here and for your warm welcome. 

I know that on the second of every month, at the hour of my beloved Predecessor’s death, you come together here to commemorate him and to pray for his elevation to the honours of the altars. This prayer supports those working on his Cause, and enriches your hearts with every grace. During his last visit to Poland, John Paul II said to you with regard to the passing of time: “We cannot remedy it. There is only one remedy. It is the Lord Jesus. ‘I am the resurrection and the life’ means – notwithstanding old age, notwithstanding death – youthfulness is found in God. This is my wish for you: for all the young of Kraków, of Poland, and of the world” (17 August 2002). This was his faith, his firm conviction, his witness. And today, despite death, he – youthful in God – is among us. He invites us to reinvigorate the grace of faith, to be renewed in the Spirit and to “put on the new nature, created after the likeness of God, in the uprightness and holiness of the truth” (Eph 4:24).

I thank you once again for wishing to be with me this evening. Please pass on my greetings and blessing to the members of your families and to your friends. Thank you!

Blessing in Latin

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