Greeting After the Meeting at Blonie Park (27 May 2006)

Author: Pope Benedict XVI

After his Meeting with young people at Błonie Park, Krakow, the Holy Father greeted them “from the window.”

My dear friends,

This evening I met the young people gathered in Błonie Park.  It was an unforgettable evening, and it bore witness to their faith and their will to build a future based on the teachings that Christ left for his disciples.  I offer heartfelt thanks to the Polish young people for this testimony.  It includes your presence on Franciszkańska Street, which I know is an expression of your great good will towards the Pope, and I thank you for this also.  Tomorrow lies ahead of us.  In greeting you now, I invite you to the Mass we are to celebrate tomorrow.  I bless you from my heart:  in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Good night!

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