GATT & the Flesh Trade

Author: Judith Reisman, PhD


by Judith A. Reisman, PhD

Heeding the "free trade" rhetoric describing GATT, one would think its speedy passage meant greater international trade with governments elected by and accountable to an informed, literate electorate, all of whom share American legal and moral standards. Those concerned about our new yoke to foreign nations and multi-national powers (outlined in GATT's 22,000 pages plus) may find reason for larger concerns when examining the organized, decades long, international traffic in drugs, child labor and heterosexual and homosexual child prostitution and child pornography.

In fact, many foreign countries profit from illicit drugs, child labor, prostitution and pornography. Jeane Kirkpatrick, our former UN ambassador, recently revealed what has been in the international literature on child abuse for decades: namely, that is common practice, worldwide:

Researchers estimate that more than 200 million children-eight to 14 years old -work as virtual slaves, 12-to-14-hour days, seven day weeks, under subhuman conditions, for pennies or for nothing ....Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, China .... Whole export industries depend on child bondage.[1]

So there is a darker side to our culturally diverse "trade" agreements, an underbelly which finds child prostitution a common Third World currency, even staining the corporate flag of the United Nations on 7 March 1988. For on that day UNICEF's Belgian director was convicted of involvement in child pornography and prostitution. Friends of the UNICEF administrator had long been luring children into his UNICEF basement, where records were photographically made of the children's sexual assault.[2]

While , a Dutch pedophile publication in Amsterdam, protested that "the supposed involvement of UNICEF with a child pornography case was sensationalized by the press," the US press remained almost uniformly silent about UNICEF's "supposed involvement." The mainstream press is similarly reluctant to reveal the massive facts surrounding global child abuse, while the 1993 courageously exposed the sex trade "tourism" of children in the Third World.[3]

Molesters' Meccas

Prostitution of even the smallest children is so fully integrated into many national cultures that my recent analysis of (a world guide available in American bookstores) found that 47 percent of the 139 nations cited addressed possibilities of legal or illegal sex with boys. Many otherwise "respectable" countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Japan (where adult "lobbyists" have successfully reduced the age of sexual consent to 13 years) provide advertisements and addresses for boy brothels- from "House of Boys" in Frankfort, to "Boystown" in Thailand. Looking at Germany, 48 citations appear for pedophile organizations or bars where boys may be obtained to sexually please the weary world traveler.

says: "love-starved boylovers flock to Thailand from countries where their tastes are socially taboo and prohibited by law." In a modern, sexually brutal version of "The Ugly American," provides brazen advertisements for prostituting young Thai boys. In Thailand, ($771 per capita income in 1986)[4] a man pays $12 for sex with a boy or youth while a hotel room will cost him about $25.[5]

To accommodate the growing trade in Thai boys a new $10 million development, "Gay estate," is being built in Thailand, says , the homosexual weekly newspaper of the nation's capital. anticipates a September 1995 opening for the "800-home estate for Gay men . . . women or straight men [will not be] interested in living there." Explaining that pedophiles were visiting Thailand to take advantage of the more liberal atmosphere, quotes on the delights of the Thai scene.

Once you have selected your new friend, you can either take him to your hotel, or you can rent a room above the bar (in most places). Note that you must pay the bar a take- out fee which usually varies between 10.0 and 200 baht, but you must also pay your friend....usually 300 to 500 baht, depending upon your satisfaction.[6]

To the cynic, graphic descriptions of what their constituency may expect sexually from nude "go-go boy" sex shows, bars and such, strongly suggests either governmental involvement in the child sex traffic and its golden real estate fallout, or nationwide child prostitution by governmental disinterest and default.[7] Similar travel guides directing American men to destitute hence "willing" young boys are available for a score of other new global trade partners.

Rape and Reap

Child labor and prostitution destroys children emotionally and physically, with pediatric and juvenile AIDS a growing disaster. The incentive is great, however, as records of child rape translate into huge international profits when pornographers sell these crimes against children via photos, films and videos. In an article titled, "The Global Grasp of the Mob," notes a developing trade in children, including embryonic body parts.[8] It is unconscionable to pretend global entrepreneurs are not already using our government's decision to permit embryo research in the United States[9] as a marketing opportunity for global trade via body-parts for profit.[10]

Trafficking in such abject human misery runs in tandem with the use and sale of illicit drugs. Drugs which are easily available in many nations culturally diverse from our own USA corrupt officials at every level, and tempt parents into sale and trade of their children for drugs and/or money.

The World Ministerial Conference on Organized Transnational Crime, held in Naples, 21 November, cited the profits made from the harvesting of body parts, child prostitution, kidnapping, baby trafficking and drug dealing. NORMAL (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, funded for years by ) has long been the legal American based group defending domestic and foreign organized crime drug traffickers.

When reading in of the Italian mafia's "R&D" (research and development), I recalled with some surprise and equal dismay, that early in 1980, while I was on faculty at Haifa University, an Israeli newspaper reported that Bob Guccione, the magazine publisher, employed scientists to research DNA. The presence of monied pornographers in the illicit drug industry and "futuristic" R&D is chilling and cannot be what we, in the United States, would define as in "the best interests of the child."

With what commitment or moral authority will America withstand the criminal drug traffic if even a portion of the claimed "up to 25 percent of the While House staff" are drug users themselves? This recent revelation to the American people by House Speaker Newt Gingrich, though flatly denied by the White House, was confirmed by Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia, whose staff investigated the issue,[11] while scores of books by known drug users document our past governmental officials, including once- president Jimmy Carter's drug czar, Peter Bourne, in illegal drug activities.[12]

Criminal drug merchants have powerful, well connected American allies. The Medellin cartel was identified in expose as having met in 1992 with the Palermo clans in Florida "to acquire a franchise for import of cocaine into Italy and its sale throughout Europe." In December 1986, NORMAL held one of its many conferences in Key West, Florida, where NORMAL lecturers instructed high-priced Ivy League lawyers on how to undermine American law in the service of "automatic-weapon- carrying hoodlums of Bolivia and Colombia who dust our urban ghettos and discotheques with cocaine" as reported by the liberal .[13]

As for global trading, how tightly is GATT connecting Americans with brutal and corrupt criminal governance? Has our precious nation been mis-wed to a worldwide mafia, a global mob incapable of respecting our hard-won civilities? Before we allow ourselves to be led any further down the primrose path, some tough questions might justify an annulment of this hasty union.


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