Final List of Propositions

Final List of Propositions

12th Synod of Bishops

Following articles 15 and 39 of the Ordo Synodi Episcoporum, the Final List of Propositions of the XII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops is officially written in Latin and the object individual voting by the Synodal Fathers. This is destined to the Supreme Pontiff, to whom it was duly handed in. This text, by its nature, is confidential and will not be published to respect the consultative character of the Synod Assize. In fact, this text presents propositions.

On this occasion, the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI has graciously allowed the publication of an Italian language version - provisional and unofficial - of the Propositions in the Bulletin of the Holy See Press Office, under the supervision of the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops.

The Propositions are a part of the long Synodal process, which will then eventually lead to the promulgation of a pontifical document. This does not detract from the worth of the contributions in the Lineamenta, the Instrumentum laboris, the Disceptatio in aula, the Relatio ante Disceptationem and the Relatio post Disceptationem and the Message (Nuntius). The Small Groups’ work led to the elaboration of the Synodal consensus. The work was carried out in a climate of intense episcopal communion cum Petro and sub Petro through shared deliberation and even in the immediacy of spontaneous discussion.

The unofficial version in Italian was published in the plurilingual and Italian editions of the Bulletin.