Farewell Ceremony, Airport of Manises (9 July 2006)

Author: Pope Benedict XVI

On Sunday, 9 July 2006, at the Farewell Ceremony at the Airport of Manises, the Holy Father expressed his gratitude for the kind hospitality of the King and Queen and all authorities.

Your Majesties,
Mr President (of the Government),
Distinguished Authorities,
My Brother Cardinals and Bishops,
Dear Brothers and Sisters:

1. At the conclusion of my very pleasant stay in Valencia for the Fifth World Meeting of Families, I express my deep gratitude to their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain, the National Authorities, the Generalidad of the municipality and the Province, as well as to the Archbishop and every one of you, for the kind hospitality and evident affection which you have shown me at every moment of my visit to this flourishing levantine land.

2. I am confident that, with the help of the Most High and the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary, this Meeting will keep echoing like a joyful song of the love, life and of faith shared by families, and help today’s world to understand that the marriage covenant, whereby man and woman establish a permanent bond, is a great good for all humanity.

3. I thank you for your presence here. You have come from all the continents of the world, at considerable sacrifice, which you have accepted and offered to the Lord. You have a special place in my heart. My heartfelt prayer is that Almighty God will bless you today and always.