Contraceptives are Pollution

Author: Peggy Norris


by Peggy A. Norris, M.D.

Birth control pills, devices and injections pollute women's bodies and endanger their offspring. It is fashionable to be concerned about the environment and ecology. The womb is mankind's environment for the first nine months of life. When mothers' bodies are polluted by toxins, virus, bacteria, etc., then the life and health of the next generation is also at risk.

In September of 1986, "Science Digest" published an 8-page article "The Contraceptive Crisis," reporting that during that year, insurers canceled the policies of almost every manufacturer of contraceptive pills. "We are driving ourselves back into the middle ages," said abortionist Malcolm Potts.

"The Dalkon shield introduced in 1971 was withdrawn after 3 years" the article continued, "because of thousands of cases of pelvic infections, sterility and miscarriages." Heavy bleeding with 60-150% loss has been noted. "A study 4 years ago found that 60% of non-sterilized women felt that no available contraceptive was satisfactory."[1]

IUDs work by preventing or disrupting implantation. Ovulation may be inhibited because of the presence of the foreign body in the womb. Tubal and uterine muscle activity is accelerated. Oral contraceptives are intended to suppress ovulation. In 1965 Arnold Klopper, a scientist and obstetrician, stated that women taking these drugs "are, endocrinologically speaking, in a state of chemical castration . . . in cases where ovulation is not suppressed it is likely that nidation is prevented; or cervical mucus prevents sperm passage . . . Words like testosterone have an unfortunate connotation and are carefully avoided, although all but one of the compounds on the British market are 19-nortestosterone derivatives."[2]

These drugs are highly potent artificial steroids (hormones). Malcolm Potts states in his book that they cause 150 different chemical changes in the body.[3] Fat (lipid) and glucose metabolism and blood viscosity are altered as are trace elements and vitamins. It is a nightmare scenario. No wonder contraceptive pills for men have been slow to appear!

The death rate in women taking OCs continuously for 5 years are ten times that of controls, and death from circulatory disease are 5 times that of women who have never taken OCs.[4] Deaths include heart attacks, brain hemorrhage and pulmonary embolism.

A recent report confirmed cancer of the breast, with 20% raised risk in younger nulliparous women.[5] Cancer of the neck of the womb in teenagers who are already infected with the papilloma virus is potentiated by the pill. The pill advertisements in medical journals mention tumors of the liver (malignant and benign), hemorrhage in the eye, double vision, migraine, depression and skin rashes. Cleft palate and limb reduction has been reported in newborns.[6] The list is endless.

The injectable preparations are Depo-Provera and Norplant. Depo is commonly given at 3 monthly intervals. Norplant consists of 6 rods which are inserted under the skin and last 5 years. The U.S. journal "Fertility & Sterility," no. 5 (1988), stated these alternative delivery systems "have not been studied as extensively as oral progestins but undoubtedly have similar effects." This article included reference to vaginal rings. Complications included delay in return of fertility, inability to reverse adverse effects, concern regarding neoplasia (cancer). Ectopic pregnancies have occurred with injectables. Women in Bangladesh were not informed that they were part of a trial when given Norplant. This was exposed by the organization UBINIG in the quarterly journal of the international feminist organization, FINRRAGE. The women in this study complained of dizziness, headache, irregular bleeding and burning sensation of the hands and feet and generalized aches and pains.[7]

Earlier in 1988 hard sell advertising in India claimed that the pill would keep "the woman in you young and alive, besides improving the complexion."[8]

Mass sterilization in India brought down the Government in the 1970s. Complications included death, uterine, bowel and bladder perforations and pelvic infection. Men also died from sepsis. In the UK and US there is now a query regarding sterilization and cancer of the prostate, also kidney stones and hardening of the arteries.

In a series of 73 pregnancies in the UK after failed sterilization there were 11 tubal (ectopic) pregnancies--that is, 15%. Tubal sterilizations are the most common cause of medico-legal action.[9] Imagine the dangers of tubal pregnancies in rural areas in the world without access to medical services. A few women in England have died in their homes from unrecognized ectopic pregnancies.

In 1978 the noted former colonical medical officer, Dr. Cecily Williams, writing on health and births in Singapore, stated "the vast improvement in health is not due . . . to mass campaigns for disease or birth control but to the gradual establishment of law and order, health education and economic development . . . The remarkable reduction in birth rate from 50 per 100,000 in 1950 to 12 per 100,000 now is due to child care, not to vast expenditure or birth control."[10] Similarly, in 1991 J. Kelly wrote "in the area (ATTAT) of Ethiopia covered by health care programs . . . there was a substantial reduction in crude birth rate from 38 to 16.6 per 1,000."[11]

Why do the WHO and the UN not heed those who work with the people in the Third World? And why do they not publicize and promote breast feeding? "The Lancet" (23 March 1991) stated "this can give (women) a two year interval between births." The WHO have admitted that using a woman's natural cycle of fertility and infertility is as efficient as contraceptives and is culturally acceptable. For example, it has been taught and used for the past 25 years in Nigeria and elsewhere. It gives control of fertility to the husband and wife. Only they have the right to decide on the number of children they can rear and educate.

The encyclical "Humanae Vitae" was prophetic in refusing to bow to the pressure to endorse methods which interfere and destroy the rhythms of our bodies.

Catholics should be proud of the fact that the Vatican is the only institution in the world to have defended the world's people against the population policies of the West which are genocidal and racist.


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