Communism: an Inherently Anti-life System

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

Taking up the battle to defend abortion is part of preparing the ground for revolution. We want to live in a different society. Where women are truly liberated and don't have to face day after day shit from a rabid woman-hating system.

                                                                       Revolutionary Worker, July 10, 1989.

Anti-Life Philosophy.

WHY are we Revolutionary Communists so concerned about the abortion battle and why do we feel that everyone who hates oppression, not just women, must take up this question?

BECAUSE if we don't struggle TODAY to bust up the chains which keep women down, we won't even get the chance to get started along a new road. We won't be able to have a revolution in the U.S., let alone have the RIGHT KIND of revolution [emphasis in original].

                                                           Revolutionary Worker, November 6, 1989.[1]


To the Communist elite, human beings are merely a thinking breed of cattle, to be bred, driven, and aborted for the benefit of the fortunate few. The above quotes by honored "heroes of the People's Revolution" baldly admit this philosophy.

Remember that a Communist is, by definition, proudly and completely atheistic. Therefore, it is absolutely inevitable that a Communist state or individual will be totally committed to the complete range of anti-life perversions.

Every Communist bemoans the unequal distribution of wealth in capitalist countries, while ignoring the fact that such disparities are even more sharply pronounced in Communist countries, where the vast majority of the wealth is owned by or controlled by less than five percent of the people.

This artificially-created disparity is absolutely essential in order for Communism to succeed, for it allows the elite to totally control wealth, information, and goods.

One Soviet comedian hit the nail on the head when he remarked that "Capitalism involves the unequal distribution of wealth, while Communism involves the equal distribution of poverty."

Eunuchs in Red.

Local Communists.

Many pro-life activists have noticed the increasing visibility of American Communist groups such as the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), the Spartacist League, and the Socialist Workers Party. There are at least six of these national Communist organizations, which dearly love (and even need) the limelight and the increased exposure that supercharged political and social issues bring i.e., abortion, flag-burning, sodomite rights, and Skinhead attacks.

Group Composition.

The RCP and similar groups are composed almost entirely of bored housewives and brain-damaged incompetents whose sole talent is the ability to spew out torrents of incandescent but utterly empty and meaningless rhetoric. These are the outcasts of society, those people who have failed repeatedly at other ventures. Like flotsam everywhere, they naturally aggregate in groups that allow them to salve their sizable egos with role-playing while they spew vitriol at the 'system' they were not talented enough to join.

In other words, they are social eunuchs.

These groups are amateurs (although their egos lead them to play the role of the big, bad professional revolutionary), and their actions are harmless except that they divert attention away from the real revolutionaries, who are doing real damage to the 'system.'

The most significant action yet mounted by these amateur revolutionaries was anonymously calling grieving mothers during the Vietnam War and gloating over their son's deaths.

Cover for the Pros.

While the American public points and giggles at the cute antics of these amateurs, the real damage is being done behind the scenes by the professionals. The only threat the RCP and its ilk represent is physical they are the left-wing version of the "Skinheads," and like to assault those who are smaller or weaker than themselves.

The professional revolutionary worker labors quietly and consistently behind the scenes, shunning the spotlight and the publicity that would inevitably compromise his work. The amateur American Communist groups are in no way associated with these professional revolutionaries, except in an occasional rigidly-compartmentalized transfer of advisory data, because their members are too flamboyant, unintelligent, and lacking in self-discipline for real revolutionary work.

It is instructive (and logical) that groups like the RCP are the first to be eliminated after the Revolution because of their tendency for knee-jerk rebellion against whatever regime happens to be in power at the moment.

Genocide for the Sake of the Revolution.


Only the most naive, ignorant, or self-deceptive person would deny that Communists are the most anti-life class of people that have ever existed. Communists are born liars and have absolutely no use for the truth unless it serves their own purposes. They live by a classic double standard: Everyone else must be perfect, while the good Communist can do anything he wants, the only requirement being that it is done in the name of 'The Revolution.'

Examples of Genocide.

Vlad the Impaler and Attila the Hun would turn pale at descriptions of the Communists' most savage butchery, which has been historically directed at their own people. Following are just a few examples of the hypocrisy of Communism.

Communist Genocide.

American Communists denounce as the worst kind of terrorist the people who bomb abortion clinics, and even calls them "agents of genocide." However, they ignore the glaring fact that the greatest genocides have all been committed by Communists, who have, by conservative estimate, killed over 150 million individuals in undeclared wars on their own people Mao (50 million), Pol Pot (12 million), Lenin (6 million), Stalin (25 million), and uncounted others. The American Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) and other Communist groups applaud these horrors or excuses them with such limp euphemisms as "unfortunate excesses of the People's Armies" and "necessary readjustments of the social order."

Communist Forced Abortions.

American Communists love to chant "No forced birth control, no forced sterilization of poor women!" Yet they fully support the population control program in Communist China, which includes widespread forced contraception, forced sterilization, and forced abortion. In fact, the only countries in the world that force women to have abortions and force them to be sterilized are Communist. The only countries in the world that have the dreaded "Uterus Police" are Communist. And, of course, the only countries in the world that can force women to have babies for the good of the almighty State are Communist (witness the situation in Romania before the dictator Caucesceau was overthrown in 1989).

For detailed information on the forced abortion program in the People's Republic of China, see Chapter 50 of Volume II.

Destroy the Constitution!

American Communists squawk endlessly about how pro-lifers seek to "destroy the Constitution" by seeking to outlaw abortion. Yet Communists have sworn a deadly and unholy oath to destroy this country violently through revolution, throw out the Constitution, and establish "A glorious People's Socialist State" in its place. In other words, these lowly flag-burning hypocrites are hiding behind the very document that they have vowed to utterly destroy.

After the Supreme Court ruled that it was permissible to desecrate the American flag, pro-aborts gleefully spat on, wiped their noses on, urinated on, and burned American flags in at least a dozen cities: San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, Atlanta, Boston, New York City, Rochester, New York, Chicago, Iowa City, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. In San Francisco, they ran through the streets, screaming "Fuck the police! Make dope legal! Keep abortion legal!" In New York, they vandalized numerous buildings and blocked the Brooklyn Bridge.[2]

And these are the same people who criticize pro-lifers for attempting to "destroy the Constitution!"

Communist Abortion Factories.

Just two Communist countries, the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China, commit 20 million abortions a year, or 40 percent of the entire world total. Both countries freely admit that abortion is their simplest and easiest method of birth control.[3] Yet American Communists loudly insist that women do not use abortion for birth control.

Objective: Total Domination.

The Communists have baldly stated that their ultimate objective is the total domination of every human being on earth. As Lenin said, "What does it matter if three-quarters of the world perish, as long as the remaining one-quarter is Communist?"[4]

Since the Bolshevik Revolution in November 1917, forty countries and regions have fallen to the Communist cancer, and are now all officially atheistic. These countries and regions, and their estimated 1990 populations, are shown in Figure 93-1. Many of these countries have thrown off the Communist yoke in the past five years, but many are still crushed by this system.


Country                            Population

Afghanistan                       18,900,000
Albania                               3,050,000
Angola                                7,600,000
Armenia *                           4,100,000
Aserbaijan                          1,750,000
Byelorussia *                    11,230,000
Bulgaria                            10,750,000
Cambodia                           6,060,000
Chad                                  4,250,000
China (PRC)                1,091,710,000
Cuba                                10,730,000
Czechoslovakia                 17,740,000
East Germany                   19,390,000
Estonia *                             7,770,000
Ethiopia                            45,020,000
Georgia *                            4,500,000
Guyana                                  880,000
Hungary                            12,430,000
Kazakhstan                       16,500,000
Kurile Islands                         550,000
Laos                                 10,000,000
Latvia *                              3,300,000
Lithuania                             4,780,000
Mongolia                            1,850,000
Mozambique                     13,550,000
Nicaragua                           2,530,000
North Korea                     20,790,000
North Vietnam                  44,280,000
Poland                              39,100,000
Romania                           23,200,000
Russia                             222,500,000
Saint Tromain                        110,000
Sakhalin Island                         75,000
South Vietnam                  19,270,000
South Yemen                      2,000,000
Suriname                                390,000
Tana-Tuva                          1,100,000
Tibet                                   6,760,000
Ukraine *                          17,500,000
Yugoslavia                        22,300,000

Note. * Portion of the former Soviet Union, whose population is divided into its component countries in this table.

Reference: United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Statistical Abstract of the United States, 1990 (110th Edition). Table 1,437.

It is a fascinating fact that the unborn have no protection whatever in any of these Communist-infested countries. Abortion on demand (invariably paid for by the almighty State) is the law of the land.

For more information on the abortion situation in 143 countries around the world, see Chapter 57 of Volume II, "The International Abortion Situation."

Target for Destruction: The Family.

The Communist Party supports the family only if it can be made to efficiently inculcate good Socialist principles in its children. The following passage regarding life after the longed-for Revolution in the United States is taken from the American Revolutionary Communist Party's New Programme; "The right to abortion will be guaranteed ... As far as the policy toward the family, it will be recognized for what it is: Not some holy or sacred institution to be preserved for all time ... not only will the family be a secondary form for determining children's upbringing, but its influence in promoting conservatism among its members, especially the women and children, will be actively combatted. While the parents will still have significant responsibility for their children, this does not mean they are "theirs," and there will be struggle to prevent parents from imposing old values, and conservative, non-revolutionary thinking generally on the children."[5]

Do you ever get the uncomfortable feeling that these 'good Socialist values' are already being programmed into your children in our public schools? That is why the National Education Association so fanatically opposes home schooling and the voucher system because they cause the NEA to lost control of your children, and this naturally must be prevented at all costs.

The bottom line is that Christians cannot be permitted to teach their children "conservative, non-revolutionary thinking."

Communists and Abortion in the United States.

American Communists are concerned with the rightward drift that the Supreme Court has recently taken, and are particularly concerned with the "looming threat" to "abortion rights." They write and speak on this issue at every opportunity. In fact, pro-abortion tirades dominate virtually every Communist, Marxist, and Socialist national newspaper in the country.

The list of Communist periodicals that are freely available on college campuses and in Neoliberal bookstores is literally endless. Just a few of these American Communist publications are listed below.

Against the Current ("Promoting the Vision of Socialism from Below");
Bulletin in Defense of Marxism ("Newsletter of the Fourth Internationalist 
The Freedom Socialist ("Voice of Revolutionary Feminism");
The Guardian ("The Independent Radical Newsweekly");
The Militant ("A Socialist Newsweekly");
The People ("Published by the Socialist Labor Party");
People's Daily World ("The Marxist Press");
Proletarian Revolution ("League for the Revolutionary Party: Re-Create the 
   Fourth International!");
Revolution ("The Propaganda Organ of the Central Committee of the 
   Revolutionary Communist Party, USA");
Revolutionary Worker ("Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA");
Socialist Action ("For Peace, Justice, Equality & Socialism");
Voice of Revolution ("Publication of the U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization");
Women and Revolution (WAR); ("Journal of the Women's Commission of the 
   Spartacist League");
• and many, many others.

A recent article that neatly sums up the Communist attitude towards the preborn recently appeared in an article entitled "Life and Death Decisions," written by a hysterical and understandably anonymous author in the March 6, 1989 Revolutionary Worker. Strangely, the Supreme Court so lavishly praised by the Communists when it expands homosexual, pornography and abortion rights, is shown in an illustration accompanying this article as a particularly ugly pig dressed in judicial garb and holding a noose in its hoof (shaped like a coat hanger, of course).

The below verbatim extracts from this article should cement the Communist/anti-life link in any reader's mind. Remember that this is an entirely typical example of American Communist hysteria; pick up any Communist publication and you will see this type of writing, inevitably preceded and followed by the obligatory mindless slogan(s).


The Supreme Court could now put a legal stamp of approval on these violent [Operation Rescue] attacks on women ... Women who faced illegal abortions were brutalized and murdered, faced nightmarish, desperate, deadly choices and terror, lye, coat hangers and mutilation ... Banning abortion is like rape. Both constitute the forceful, violent assertion of male domination. Both represent the domination of male supremacist society over women at the level of forcefully and violently controlling women's bodies. Banning abortion means suppression by the force of law and the state. It is nothing more than institutionalized violence against women. And it means the further unleashing of attacks against women by fanatic "right-to-life" stormtroopers ... Absurd and vicious lies [by pro-lifers] must be ripped apart and exposed ... The effort to take away the right to abortion is a direct assault on women's right to fully participate in society, including especially the struggle to completely transform society. If the Supreme Court overturns or in any way undermines Roe v. Wade, it will give states legal permission to forcefully and violently assign women the role of incubators and breeders ... This spring, they [the Supreme Court] may decide to add brutal terror from yesterday onto the already intolerable horrors of today.

Believe it or not, this is typical Communist pro-abortion rhetoric! One must almost smile in amusement while picturing the writer (presumably female), her frantic mind seething with vicious fantasies, frothing with rage as she vomits her hatred of men, children, and society in general onto the page. This person obviously despises herself and anyone who does not submit to her "I'm not OK You're not OK" brand of 'thinking.' Strangely, this is the kind of person who accuses others of being 'narrow-minded.'

Now imagine attempting to carry on an intelligent debate about abortion with this writer.

In the May 2, 1989 issue of the Revolutionary Worker, the Webster case is referred to as Women v. Pig Patriarchs, and, once again, the "pig/rape" theme runs strong in the article. The five pro-life justices are portrayed as particularly ugly and vicious-looking pigs, and, not surprisingly, the Communists miss the fact that one of these five is a "Pig Matriarch:" Sandra Day O'Connor.

In any case, the (once again) anonymous author clearly makes the connection between Communism and extreme violence, this time with regard to "women's rights;"

Forcing women into childbirth is actually like rape the violent assertion of male domination and male supremacist society over women. Women are supposedly naturally destined to be baby machines and incubators ... The whole question of the position and role of women is society is more and more acutely posing itself in today's extreme circumstances this is a powderkeg in the U.S. today. It is not conceivable that all this will find any resolution other than in the most radical terms and through extremely violent means!

Another writer in the April 8, 1989 edition of The People states the official position of the Socialist Labor Party;

It is therefore imperative that the Socialist Labor Party, as a party of and for the working class, take a stand in defense of women's right to choose abortion. To those who maintain that such a stance is immoral, that it condones murder, we reply that morality must be grounded in social and material reality ...

The Right's ulterior motive is to push women into the confines of the home to accept the role of breeding and raising greater numbers of future workers and soldiers, to accept a sexually divided working class and inferior wage status while in the work force on a limited basis, to accept the role of the state in regulating personal conduct, and to accept authoritarian relations throughout society, which the Right sees as a means to stabilize capitalism.

Yet another Revolutionary Worker writer (once again wisely preserving his/her anonymity) denounces and dehumanizes pro-life activists and dismisses them as "vicious, rabid dogs;"

Think about it: People routinely terminate "life" for what is seen as a greater good. We do this every time we eat ... In other words, we kill life to preserve and enrich other life ... From a social point of view, these people who want to forcibly take away a woman's right to abortion are nothing but vicious, rabid dogs ... An abortion kills and removes some living cells which are part of the woman's body.[6]

After reading the above, isn't it strange to note that in the former Soviet Union, the great bastion and stronghold of male/female equality, not one woman is a member of the Politburo?

Interestingly, the Communist Party, USA is calling abortion "the Vietnam issue of the 1990s." Pro-life activists couldn't agree more. We are looking forward to the time when we can face the pro-aborts on a "level field," without the full force of the United States government against us. The American Communists should be warned now that, unlike in "Vietnam I," this time we are not going to run away to defeat.

We will continue fighting until final victory!

"Choice" in the People's Paradise.

Judging by the above incandescent rhetoric, the Soviet Union must be a 'family planning paradise,' right?

Guess again!

Ironically, the very best example of the Communist overlord's attitude toward the 'masses' is contained in the Soviet abortion system. For the average legal abortion, the woman receives no anesthetic (it's too scarce), must bring her own linen and wash it after the abortion, and is treated literally like a head of cattle in the assembly-line abortion rooms as she climb onto the "obstetrical execution blocks," as the women call them.[3]

By official count, 6.4 million legal abortions are done in the Soviet Union, and officials also acknowledge that an equal number of illegal abortions are performed, primarily to escape the hideous conditions encountered in the State hospitals. This means that there are at least 13 million abortions committed every year in the USSR compared to about five million births, the highest abortion rate in the world.

Soviet family planners freely admit that, in the People's Paradise, abortion is the most convenient form of birth control.

It is also interesting that Planned Parenthood has worked as partners with the Communists in Poland since 1957. It is known there as the Polish Association for Conscious Parenthood (as opposed to Unconscious Parenthood)? Every new mother must view a mandatory film on contraception and abortion (so much for "Free Choice")! Planned Parenthood's Securitas Company has been manufacturing its primitive and dangerous IUDs in Poland for twenty years.

References: Communism/Abortion Connection.

[1] Quote from "Women Are Not Incubators!: The Assault on Abortion Rights." Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States, Revolutionary Worker, November 6, 1989. Also distributed as a special reprint booklet by the same name, pages 28 and 29.

[2] Revolutionary Worker, July 10, 1989, page 8.

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Further Reading: Communism/Abortion Connection.

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Father Vincent P. Miceli. The Gods of Atheism
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