Christian Anthropology and Homosexuality

Author: Various


This 1997 series on Homosexuality was published in L'Osservatore Romano, the semi-official newspaper of the Holy See.

1.  Homosexuality in the context of Christian Anthropology

2.  Homosexuality and Classical Antiquity

3.  Homosexuality and the Old Testament

4.  Homosexuality and the New Testament

5.  Sexuality and friendship in Early Christianity

6.  The Homosexual Condition: I. Definition and causal factors

7.  The Homosexual Condition: II. Structural Attitudes

8.  Lesbianism

9.  The homosexual condition and  constitutional law

10. Should the law formally recognize homosexual unions?

11. Do homosexual couples have a right to marriage?

12. Antecedents to homosexuality: science and moral evaluation

13. Moral criteria for evaluating homosexuality

14. Elements of pastoral care for homosexual persons