Christ the Savior

Author: Rev. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.


Rev. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

A Commentary on the Third Part of St. Thomas' Theological Summa

Table Of Contents

Chapter I: The Mystery And Fact Of The Incarnation
Chapter II: Preliminary Question The Possibility Of The Incarnation
Chapter III: Question 1: The Fitness Of The Incarnation
Chapter IV: Question 2
Chapter V: Question 3: The Mode Of The Union On The Part Of The Person Assuming
Chapter VI: Question 4: The Mode Of The Union On The Part Of The Human Nature Assumed
Chapter VII: Question 5: The Mode Of The Union Concerning The Parts Of The Human Nature Assumed
Chapter VIII: Question 6: The Order Of Assumption
Chapter IX: Question 7: The Things Co-Assumed The Grace Of Christ
Chapter X: Question 8: Christ's Grace As Head Of The Church
Chapter XI: Question 9: Christ's Knowledge In General And His Power Of Contemplation
Chapter XII: Question 10: The Beatific Knowledge Of Christ's Soul
Chapter XIII: Question 11
Chapter XIV: Question 12: The Acquired Knowledge Of Christ's Soul
Chapter XV: Question 13: The Power Of Christ's Soul
Chapter XVI: Question 14: The Bodily Defects Assumed By The Son Of God
Chapter XVII: Question 15: The Defects Of Soul Assumed By Christ
Chapter XVIII: Question 16 The Consequences Of The Hypostatic Union
Chapter XIX: Question 17: What Pertains Commonly To Christ's Unity Of Being
Chapter XX: Question 18: What Pertains To The Unity Of Christ As Regards His Will
Chapter XXI: Question 19: Christ's Operation And His Merits
Chapter XXII: Question 20: Christ's Subjection To The Father
Chapter XXIII: Question 21: Christ's Prayer
Chapter XXIV: Question 22: The Priesthood Of Christ
Chapter XXV: Question 23: The Adoption Of Christ
Chapter XXVI: Question 24: The Predestination Of Christ
Chapter XXVII: Question 25: The Adoration Of Christ
Chapter XXVIII: Question 26: Christ The Mediator
Chapter XXIX: Prefatory Remarks
Chapter XXX: Testimony Of Sacred Scripture And Tradition
Chapter XXXI: Question 46: Christ's Passion
Chapter XXXII: Question 47: The Efficient Cause Of Christ's Passion
Chapter XXXIII: Question 48: The Efficiency Of Christ's Passion
Chapter XXXIV: Question 49: The Effects Of Christ's Passion
Chapter XXXV: The Sublime Mystery Of Redemption
Chapter XXXVI: Christ's Threefold Victory Preliminary Remarks
Chapter XXXVII: Christ's Death And Descent Into Hell
Chapter XXXVIII: Christ's Resurrection And Ascension
Chapter XXXIX: Christ The King, Judge, And Head Of The Blessed
Chapter XL: Compendium Of Mariology

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