Catholics For a Free Choice' Exposed, Part II: The Dirty Money

Author: James A. Miller



by James A. Miller

Between 1980 and 1994, CFFC garnered more than $8 million dollars in grants from U.S. foundations promoting abortion and population control. Some of the foundations involved are notorious, mortal enemies of the Catholic Church and everything she stands for.

The largest contributor to CFFC has been the Ford Foundation, which has poured over two million dollars into CFFC's coffers since 1982, including a two-year bequest of $770,000-apparently the largest grant ever awarded to CFFC.[1] Year after year, the Ford Foundation has been among the largest private funders of worldwide abortion and population control. In 1993 the Ford Foundation approved grants of over $22 million for "reproductive health and population" activities.[2]

CFFC's second largest sugar daddy has been the Sunnen Foundation. Since 1979 it has given over one million dollars. Through much of the 1980's, the Sunnen Foundation's yearly grants of $70,000 to 100,000 were the largest received by CFFC, and they kept the organization afloat in those early lean years. The Sunnen Products Co. of St. Louis, MO, the cash cow for the late Joseph Sunnen's foundation, is a machine tools manufacturer which also produced Emko contraceptive foam as a side-line business before selling it off to Johnson and Johnson Company. A gauge of Sunnen's extreme dedication to abortion and anti-Catholicism may be noted by comparing its generous grants to CFFC with the rather modest size of the foundation-total assets of less than $20 million, which is a mere pittance in the foundation business.

A johnny-come-lately to the funding of CFFC has been the multi-billion dollar John and Catherine MacArthur Foundation, the bestower of the so-called MacArthur "genius" awards to brilliant and talented persons. The foundation's assets of more than $3 billion dollars came from the vast fortune built up by Mr. MacArthur, primarily through Banker's Life and Casualty Company of Chicago, the nation's largest health and casualty underwriter.

Although the MacArthur Foundation first began funding CFFC in 1991, it has more than made up for its late entry with two whopping grants to CFFC of $375,000 (1991) and $525,000 (1994). The MacArthur Foundation has also been a major funding source for abortion and population control advocates, particularly in Latin America. In 1993 the foundation awarded grants of slightly over $10 million for such activities.[3]

Rounding out the top five in total funding to the Catholics For a Free Choice, are the Cleveland-based George Gund Foundation and the Educational Foundation of America (EFA) of Westport, CT. The Gund Foundation, which has been pouring money yearly into CFFC since at least 1981, has contributed at least $481,208, whereas EFA grants total a minimum of $462,900.

A tight-fisted skinflint who died in 1966, George Gund's fortune began with the purchase of Kaffee Hag, a decaffeinated coffee firm which became Sanka Coffee under Kellogg's and General Foods' auspices. The Gund Foundation has long been a funder of abortion and population control groups, including Kissling's old outfit, the National Abortion Federation, and the PreTerm abortuary in Cleveland.[4]

The Educational Foundation of America was established in New York in 1959 with funds donated by the late Richard Prentice Ettinger, the founder of the Prentice-Hall publishing company. EFA has funded many abortion/ population control organizations. In 1993, for instance, grants were made to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, to three individual PP affiliates, and to the Reproductive Health Services abortion clinic in St. Louis, Mo.[5]

Foundation Support of CFFC

Ford $2,109,560 Sunnen 1,091,700 MacArthur 900,000 Gund 481,208 Educational Fdn. 462,900 Packard 445,000 General Service 336,700 Public Welfare 298,000 Huber 275,000 Scherman 240,000 Clark 192,000 Gerbode 165,000 Fikes 135,000 John Merck 133,775 Cummings 118,500 Brush 104,853 Noyes 100,000 Prospect Hill 92,000 N. Shore Unitarian 85,000 Moriah 70,000 Babcock 60,000 Tides 35,000 Compton 30,000 Ruth Mott 24,625 Jurzykowski 20,000 Norman 20,000 Playboy 20,000 Ms. 15,500 Weeden 15,000 Field 15,000 J.R. MacArthur 10,000 C.S. Fund 10,000 Ottinger (2) 10,000 Rockfeller Dayton 9,947 Cabot 7,529 TOTAL: $8,138,797

Fattening on foundation $$

Frances Kissling, the president of the so-called Catholics For a Free Choice, has managed to greatly fatten her income thanks to all the foundation monies poured into the CFFC.

Starting out as an unsalaried board member in 1980, Ms. Kissling took over as executive director of CFFC in 1981, earning something under $30,000. In 1982 her CFFC income of $34,119 first exceeded the Internal Revenue Service reporting level for salaries paid by non-profit organizations. In 1983, amid a $43,000 decline in CFFC revenues (to just $221,900), Ms. Kissling took a salary reduction to $28,333.

But in 1993, flush with over $1,500, 000 income from foundation grants that year-a sum nearly 1,000 times greater than the $1,542 raised from CFFC's loyal subscribers-Kissling pulled in $76,400 in salary plus a $10,000 "expense account."

Assisting Ms. Kissling in running CFFC's operation were "deputy director" Mary Jean Collins ($34,354), "communications director" Denise Shannon ($44,325), and "international program director" Karen Lombardi ($38,500), all of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The "preparation of [CFFC's] grant proposals was performed by Cynthia M. Gibson of New York City. In view of the millions of grant dollars flowing into CFFC's coffers, Ms. Gibson's salary of $33,000 has certainly been a bargain. Finally, a Jane Reilly of Lakewood, Ohio "coordinates educational projects," earning $32,400 in the process.

Of CFFC's total income of $1,530, 636 in 1993, $1,501,412 (98%) came from foundation grants, leaving just $29,224 raised from all other sources. The lion's share of that, $17,876, came from interest earned on CFFC's "savings and temporary cash investments." A further $9,466 came from "sales of inventory," i.e. publications, and just $1,542 from "subscriptions." The remaining revenues came from "dividends and interest from securities" ($40), and "honoraria" ($300).

At the beginning of 1993, CFFC had $124,678 in "cash [held in] "noninterest-bearing" accounts, and $798, 805 in "savings and temporary cash investments," for a total of $923,483. At the end of 1993, the non-interest bearing cash holdings had declined to $97,045, while the savings/temporary cash investments had increased to $993, 546, for a total of $1,090,591 in fully liquid cash. And that was after the expenditure of $1,306,192 that year in furtherance of CFFC's goals.

How big is the membership?

Although CFFC claims to represent millions of American Catholics, the organization has no membership dues. How, then, can one determine how many actually support the group?

One measure of an organization's membership is how many subscribe to its principal publication. Surely among CFFC's allegedly vast numbers of supporters there must be a goodly number who pay the small sum of $10 for an annual subscription to CFFC's quarterly publication Conscience.

But an examination of the organization's most recent federal income tax return indicates that its total number of subscribers is no more than a couple of hundred, at best. With actual subscription revenues never more than a paltry $3,775 yearly, CFFC has apparently never had more than 378 supporters willing to fork over the 10 bucks for a year's subscription. Moreover, CFFC appears to be losing subscribers in droves, its subscription income plunging by some 59% since 1991 to a 1993 level corresponding to just 155 subscribers.


1989 $3,427

1990 3,701

1991 3,775

1992 1,641

1993 1,542

Information from CFFC's 1993 Federal Income Tax Return, Form 990: 1993 data, Part 7, p. 5, line 93a; other years, Schedule A, Part 4, p. 2, line 22 and Schedule 2, end page.

Why do foundations pay CFFC?

Imagine a small band of non-observant Jews coming together to form an allegedly Jewish organization that was actually set up to create confusion in the public mind regarding the beliefs and teachings of orthodox Judaism.

Imagine further that the disgruntled founders- who for years have not been seen worshipping in a synagogue or keeping the practices of Judaism - denigrate and bash their supposed faith: denying the Torah, ridiculing and insulting faithful Rabbis, rejecting Jewish dietary laws, and attempting to influence orthodox Jews to eat pork.

Imagine that the principal media outlets of the country-almost every time a story appears about orthodox Jewish beliefs - seek "balance" by featuring and quoting the opinions of this apostate band.

Finally, imagine that some of America's most prestigious foundations have pumped millions of dollars into this organization to advance its agenda.

Could such a situation really occur?

Not here, where the media are active in exposing religious fraud and would never be taken in by a Jew-bashing group fronting as Jewish. No reputable foundation would associate with a group promoting anti-Semitism.

Ditto for almost any other racial, ethnic, social, or religious group in America. Imagine the outcry if it were discovered that a black Conservative organization had been secretly set up by the KKK! No, such a fraud could not succeed against any group but one.

When it comes to Catholics, the media operate by a different set of rules. Much coverage actively fosters anti-Catholicism, and some of America's greatest foundations fund it.

American Catholics quietly put up with these assaults against their faith and clergy. Where is the outcry against CFFC? Except for the Catholic League, a few writers, and a recent statement from the NCCB, there has hardly been a peep from the millions of American Catholics. And the CFFC fraud has been going on for almost two decades, now better funded than ever!


1 See CFFC funding tables, pp. 10-15, which contain the documentation for all the foundation funding of CFFC so far uncovered. Although these figures far exceed those reported by previous researchers, this writer estimates that some $2 million of CFFC funding has yet to be discovered. The 1994 funding figure of $1,147,000, for instance, comes from just seven donors, whereas the near-comparable 1991 and 1993 dollar totals came from 17 and 14 donors, respectively. When the complete 1994 grants are reported, we estimate that an additional $500,000 for CFFC will be disclosed in 1994 funding alone.

2 Ford Foundation, 1993 Annual Report, pp. 85, 97.

3 MacArthur Foundation, 1993 Annual Report, pp. 155, 156-166.

4 Gund Foundation, 1993 Annual Report, p. 26.

5 Educational Foundation of America, 1993 Annual Report, pp. 23, 25.


The information which follows is the most complete record ever assembled of CFFC's financial backers. Year by year, you will see the grants which major American foundations awarded to Kissling's paper organization in that year (actual disbursals may have been later). In each entry, you will see not only the name of the Foundation and the amount awarded but also two more things: (I) the information source from which our researcher, the intrepid James A. Miller, discovered the existence of the grant, so that you can verify for yourself what HLI is reporting, and (2) the stated purpose of the grant, wherever this is available. This last-the purpose-is where the bombshells lie in the pages which follow.

You will see large amounts of money given to promote abortion in Latin America, even though abortion is illegal everywhere on that continent. Over $1.5 million has been poured into CFFC's Latin American abortion agenda since 1986, with the MacArthur Foundation alone contributing $900,000. The Noyes Foundation helped CFFC open branches in Uruguay and Mexico. Hundred of thousands were also earmarked to promote abortion among U.S. Hispanics. Altogether, about a quarter of CFFC's known income has been given to persuade Hispanic mothers to kill their unborn children. Why are U.S. foundations trying so hard to kill off Latino babies?

Another bombshell is the anti-Catholic purpose of grants to CFFC. Look at the Clark grant for 1985, the Gund grant for '87, and many others. They prove: CFFC is the figleaf under which bigots finance the "Maria Monks" of this age.


Clark Foundation, Inc. (Robert Sterling) -$60,000 FGIQ[1] Sept. 1994, p. 60 "For study of Catholic health care system in U.S. and reprinting of report on conservative Catholic organizations and allied non-Catholic organizations."

Ford Foundation - $770,000 (2-year) Personal communication with foundation spokesperson, 12-6-1994.

Gerbode Foundation (Wallace Alexander) - $90,000 (3-year) Personal communication with foundation spokesperson, 12-14-1994. "For reproductive health."

George Gund Foundation -$90,000 (2-year) FGIQ Sept. 1994, p. 97. "For operating support."

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile) - $50,000 Personal communication with foundation spokesperson, 12-7-1994.

Prospect Hill Foundation - $7,000 Personal communication with foundation spokesperson, 12-8-1994. "Meeting in Latin America on ethical issues of abortion."

Public Welfare Foundation -$80,000 Personal communication with foundation spokesperson, 12-7-1994.


Clark Foundation, Inc. (Robert Sterling) -$60,000 FGI 1995[2], p. 2047. "For expansion of publication program, focusing on activities of religious anti-choice organizations."

Educational Foundation of America- $50,000 FGI 1995, p. 194. "For communications project."

Ford Foundation - $210,000 FGI 1995 p. 206. "For international program, institutional evaluation and convening religious consultation on population and reproductive health."

General Service Foundation -$90,000 (2-year) FGIQ, Sept. 1994, p. 18. "For Latin American Program which seeks to educate and mobilize Latin American citizens on important reproductive health and population issues in the region." 1992/1993 Annual Report. - $4,800 "To support the International Network of Feminists Interested in Reproductive Health and Ethics (IN/FIRE)."

George Gund Foundation - $30,000 FGI 1995, p. 215. "Retreat for pro-choice leadership."

Huber Foundation - $30,000 1993 Income Tax Return.

MacArthur Foundation (John & Catherine) -$525,000 (3-year) 1993 Annual Report, p. 157. "In support of the organization's Latin American program."

Moriah Fund - $35,000 FGI 1995, p. 199. "For reproductive rights and health program in Latin America and Eastern Europe."

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile) - $80,000 1993 Annual Report, p. 30. "For general support of domestic Mexican programs ($40,000) and expansion of Mexican program ($40,000)."

Prospect Hill Foundation - $2,500 (last of $30,000 Foundation 1000 1994/1995[3], p. 2097. "To promote reproductive choice in Latin America."

Public Welfare Foundation - $80,000 FGI 1995, p. 195. "Continued general operating support."

Sunnen Foundation - $25,000 Personal communication with foundation spokesperson, 12-6-1994.

Tides Foundation-- $20,000 1993 Annual Report. "General program support."

Weeden Foundation - $10,000 FGI 1995, p. 816. "To promote awareness of reproductive health issues in Latin America."


Babcock Foundation (Mary Reynolds) - $20.000 FGI 1995, p. 214. "For New Approaches Project: Reaching Out to the Uncommitted Middle."

Cabot Family Charitable Trust--$5,029.88 1992 Annual Report, p. 1. "General Support."

Comption Foundation - $30,000 FGI 1995, p. 191. "For New Constituencies/New Approaches Project."

Nathan Cummings Foundation - $45,000 FGI 1995, p. 797. "To increase participation of national Hispanic organizations in reproductive health debate." FGIQ, March 1994, p. 83. - $34,000 "To explore strategies for moderating abortion debate by developing middle-ground solutions."

Educational Foundation of America - $57,900 (2-year) FGI 1994, p. 186. "For Hispanic outreach project."

Leland Fikes Foundation -$30,000 FGI 1995, p. 216. "For general support."

Ford Foundation- $100,000 FGI 1994, p. 800. "Toward consolidation of Latin American Women's Reproductive Health and Rights Network"

George Gund Foundation - $85,000 (2-year) FGI 1994, p. 207. "For operating support."

Huber Foundation -$40,000 FGI 1995, p. 203.

Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation- $20,000 GPP&PA 94/95[4], p. 129. "For programs to further reproductive rights in Brazil."

Moriah Fund- $35,000 FGI 1995, p. 203. "For reproductive rights and health in Latin America and Eastern Europe."

Noyes Foundation (Jessie Smith) -$20,000 FGI 1994, p. 203. "To support education, advocacy and outreach initiatives designed to further dialogue and policy making, and to forge consensus around important reproductive health issues in Latin America."

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile) - $40,000 FGI 1994, p. 184. "For non-legislative publications and out reach programs" FGI 1994, p. 194. - $25,000 "For preparation costs for North-South Dialogue in Mexico City"

Prospect Hill Foundation, Inc. - $12,500 (part $30,000) FGI 1994, p. 204. "For International Program's activities in Central and South America." Personal communication, 12-8-1994-- $5,000 (matching grant)

Public Welfare Foundation- $80,000 FGI 1994, p. 187. "For continued general operating support for international educational organization, supporting right to legal reproductive health care, especially family planning and abortion."

Scherman Foundation - $50,000 (2-year) FGI 1995, p. 213. "For general support."

Sunnen Foundation-$50,000 Personal communication with foundation spokesperson, 12-6-1994.

Tides Foundation- $15,000 1992 Annual Report.


Brush Foundation- $20,000 Quadrennial Report 1989-1992.

Clark Foundation, Inc. (Robert Sterling) - $47,000 FGI 1993, p. 737. "For research, production and dissemination of series of fact sheets/booklets on role of Catholic Church in shaping public policy on family planning services and availability of contraception."

Nathan Cummings Foundation, Inc. - $39,500 FGI 1994, p. 798. "To encourage Hispanic organizations to develop reproductive health positions which support health of their constituents."

Educational Foundation of America - $50,000 (2-year) FGI 1993, p. 182. "For grassroots organizing and Hispanic outreach projects."

Leland Fikes Foundation - $30,000 FGI 1994, p. 209. "For projects in Mexico and general support."

Ford Foundation - $300,000 (2 1/2-year) FGI 1993, p. 193. "For supplement for public policy and education programs on reproductive choice in U.S." FGI 1993, p. 193. - $50,000 "For education on reproductive health and rights in Latin America." FGI 1993, p. 740. - $150,000 "For family planning and reproductive health program in developing countries."

General Service Foundation - $80,000 (2-year) FGI 1994, p. 186. "For general program support to provide analysis, education and advocacy on reproductive health issues from religious and ethical perspective." 1991 Annual Report, p. 10. - $5,000 "To fund the Chiapas Initiative, a public education campaign in Mexico, to assure participation of pro-choice women's organizations in the debate regarding expansion of legal abortion."

George Gund Foundation - $41,708 FGI 1993, p. 201. "For operating support."

Huber Foundation -$25,000 1991 Income Tax Return.

MacArthur Foundation (John & Catherine) - $375,000 (3-year) FGI 1994, p. 766. "For Latin American programs."

John Merck Fund - $83,775 FGI 1994, p. 193. "To assist local activists in responding to recent legal challenges to reproductive rights in Poland and Germany and to maintain a branch office in Uruguay for promoting reproductive rights in Latin America, and to expand reproductive rights advocacy in Mexico."

Noyes Foundation (Jessie Smith) - $25,000 $20,000 for Catolicas por Derecho a Decidir (Uruguay)- total grants since 1989: $35,000 (see 1989 grant)-and $5,000 for Grupo de Mujeres de San Cristobal (Mexico), both channeled through Frances Kissling, president, CFFC. 1991 Annual Report, pp. 52, 55.

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile) - $30,000 FGI 1993, p. 180. "For U.S. and Latin American programs."

Prospect Hill Foundation - $10,000 ($30M 3-year) FGI 1993, p. 199. "To promote reproductive choice in Latin America."

Public Welfare Foundation -$50,000 FGI 1993, p. 183. "For general support for work to reduce incidence of abortion and to increase women's choices in child bearing and child-rearing through advocacy of social and economic programs for women, families and children." Personal communication, 7 December 1994. - $8,000

Sunnen Foundation -$50,000 Personal communication with foundation spokesperson, 6 December 1994.

Frank Weeden Foundation - $5,000 1991 Annual Report. "An unrestricted grant in support of this organization's educational efforts."


Educational Foundation of America -$80,000 FGI 1992, p. 173. "For education and communications program."

Leland Fikes Foundation, Inc. -$25,000 FGI 1993, p. 203. "For general support."

Ford Foundation -$200,000 (2-year) FGI 1992, p. 183. "For supplement for research and education on reproductive rights in U.S."

General Service Foundation -$32,000 FGI 1993, p. 182. "For general program support." 1990 Annual Report, p. 11. - $2,400

George Gund Foundation -$30,000 FGI 1992, p. 190. "For reproductive rights activities."

Huber Foundation- $55,000 TFR 1993, p. 446.[5]

John Merck Fund- $30,000 FGI 1993, p. 188. "For Latin American program."

Noyes Foundation (Jessie Smith) -$40,000 FGI 1992, p. 187. "To build grassroots support for reproductive rights in targeted states and regions, and to provide outreach and technical assistance to Hispanic organizations concerning this issue."

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile) - $10,000 FGI 1992, p. 172. "To print and distribute copies of publication, Guide for Prochoice Catholics: The Church, The State, and Abortion Politics." Personal communication, 7 December 1994 -$35,000

Prospect Hill Foundation -$20,000 FGI 1992, p. 187. "To promote reproductive choice in Latin America."

Scherrnan Foundation -$50,000 (2-year) FGI 1993, p. 200. "For general support."

Sunnen Foundation--$100,000 ARGS, 25th Ed. (1992)[6], p. 616; TFR 1993, p. 889.


Leland Fikes Foundation-$25,000 TFR 1992, p. 259.

General Service Foundation-$32,500 1989 Annual Report, p. 9. "For general support of this organization which provides analysis, education and advocacy on reproductive health issues from a religious and ethical perspective for a domestic and international audience."

Gerbode Foundation (Wallace Alexander) -$75,000 (3-year) "Family Planning & Reproductive Health" 1990/91, microfiche card #42.[7] "For family planning and abortion rights work."

George Gund Foundation -$12,500 1989 Income Tax Return. "For operating support for CFFC's advocacy and public education programs related to abortion rights."

Huber Foundation-$30,000 TFR 1992, p. 403.

John Merck Fund-$20,000 FGI 1992, p. 179; 1989 Annual Report, p, 8. "To support a program based in Uruguay that promotes access to family planning and the full range of reproductive health care for Latin American women and men."

Ruth Mott Fund -$24,625 The Foundation 1000 93/94, p. 1846; FGI 1992, p. 686. "For conference component on reproductive health ethical and policy perspectives."

Noyes Foundation (Jessie Smith) -$15,000 "FP & RH," 1990/91, card #42. Catolicas por Derecho a Decidir (Uruguay). "For initial support for newly formed organization dealing with population and reproductive rights."

Sunnen Foundation-$75,000 TFR 1992, pp. 797.


Educational Foundation of America -$80,000 FP & RH 90/91, card #42. "For education and communications programs to further national dialogue on ethical questions related to human reproduction and implementation of sound public policy related to family planning."

Leland Fikes Foundation- $15,000 FP & RH 90/91, card #42. "For general support."

Ford Foundation-$120,000 (2-year) FGI 18th Ed., p. 426. "For public education on issues related to reproductive choice."

General Services Foundation -$28,000 The Foundation 1000 93/94, p. 976. "For organization's work to counter efforts of Roman Catholic Church to limit legal access to reproductive health care."

George Gund Foundation -$50,000 FGI 1990/91, p. 575. "Operating support for advocacy and public education programs related to abortion rights."

Huber Foundation-$20,000 The Foundation 1000 93/94, p. 1254; TFR 1991, p. 344.

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile) -$45,000 FP & RH 90/91, card #42. "For general support."

Prospect Hill Foundation-$20,000 Foundation 1000 93/94, p. 2130. "For international program that enhances family planning efforts of health and religious workers in Latin American countries by making available supportive information prepared by leading Catholic scholars."

Scherman Foundation -$40,000 (2-year) The Foundation 1000 93/94, p. 2335. "For general support."

Sunnen Foundation -$100,000 TFR 21st Edition (1990), p. 634.


Ford Foundation -$90,000 FGI 17th Ed., p. 400. "For public education and policy analysis in area of reproductive choice."

General Service Foundation -$31,500 FGI 18th Ed., p. 88. "To support Latin American Program which utilizes ethical and theological perspectives and service-oriented methods to assist Latin American Catholics with issues of reproductive choice."

George Gund Foundation -$25,000 FGI 18th Ed., p. 589. "For continued operating support for public education and advocacy efforts supporting Catholic dissent on issue of abortion."

Huber Foundation-$20,000 TFR 21st Ed. (1990), p. 320.

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile) -$40,000 FGI 18th Ed., p. 55. "For general support."

Prospect Hill Foundation -$15,000 FGI 18th Ed., p. 521. "For international program that enhances family planning efforts of health and religious workers in Latin American countries by making available supportive information prepared by leading Catholic scholars."

Sunnen Foundation-$126,700 TFR 20th Ed. (1989), p. 642.


Brush Foundation-$5,000 1986 Income Tax Return

General Service Foundation-$7,500 FGI 17th Ed., p. 94. "To disseminate radio documentary to members of Congress which provides expert scientific information on fetal brain development to counter assumptions put forth in the film, " FGI 17th Ed., p. 94. -$23,000 "International program: Latin America. To support Latin American component of organization's 1986 conference, Ethical Issues in Reproductive Health: Religious Perspectives, and to support their Latin American program in 1987."

George Gund Foundation -$25,000 FGI 16th Ed., p. 539. "Toward general operating expenses and for such activities as expanded publication distribution effort, conference on Ethical Issues in Reproductive Health Care, an continued public education activities."

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile) -$25,000 FGI 17th Ed., p. 52. "For general educational effort to help Catholics consider reproductive options and ethics." TFR 19th Ed. (1988), p. 538. -$5,000 "For two educational briefings on population issues for Catholic members of Congress and their staffs."

Scherman Foundation -$35,000 (2-year) FGI 17th Ed., p. 534. "For general support."

Sunnen Foundation -$75,000 TFR 19th Ed., 1988, p. 676.

Clark Foundation Inc., (Robert Sterling) -$25,000 FGI 15th Ed., p. 329. "For program to educate American Catholics about wide diversity of opinion that exists within Church on issue of reproductive freedom, and to provide Catholic citizens with rational alternative to Church doctrine."

Educational Foundation of America -$20,000 FGI 15th Ed., p. 106. "For Spanish publications and dissemination program."

Leland Fikes Foundation-$10,000 FGI 16th Ed., p. 630. "For general support."

Ford Foundation -$50,000 FGI 15th Ed., p. 361. "To expand distribution of organization's publications, which explore religious, ethical and policy issues related to abortion."

George Gund Foundation -$17,000 FGI 15th Ed., p. 522 says $15,000; TFR 18th Ed. (1987), p. 257. "Operating assistance for this national membership organization dedicated to preserving reproductive freedom and upholding the principle of separation of church and state."

Huber Foundation -$20,000 TFR, 18th Ed. (1987), pp. 303.

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile) -$40,000 FGI 16th Ed., p. 53. "General support and translating and disseminating Spanish publications."

Sunnen Foundation-$100,000 TFR, 18th Ed. (1987), p. 637.

C.S. Fund - $10,000 FGI 15th Ed., p. 28. "For general support of programs of public education and technical assistance on reproductive rights issues."

Ford Foundation - $25,000 1984 Income Tax Return.

George Gund Foundation - $15,000 TFR 17th Ed. (1986), pp. 265. "Operating assistance for this national membership organization dedicated to preserving reproductive freedom and upholding separation of church and state."

Scherman Foundation - $30,000 (2-year) TFR, 17 Ed., p. 621. "For general support."

Sunnen Foundation - $100,000 TFR 17th Ed. p. 676.

Babcock Foundation (Mary Reynolds) -$20,000 "Abortion, Birth Control & Family Planning," microfiche card #42 (1985).[8] "Public information program. For 2nd year of funding to distribute press kits and participate in media interviews, provide technical assistance to other Catholic organizations wishing to discuss abortion, and conduct a direct mail campaign to acquaint Catholic activists with pro-choice position and need for addressing the issue."

Brush Foundation-$30,000 1983 Tax Return.

Cabot Family Charitable Trust-$2,500 1983 Annual Report

Educational Foundation of America -$25,000 TFR 1985 Ed., p. 175. "To educate the community about the issues of reproductive choice and advance public debate about abortion."

Ford Foundation -$25,000 AB, BC & FP, 1984, card #42. "For fellowship program in journalism and moral theology dealing with theme of contraception and abortion."

George Gund Foundation-$20,000 TFR 1985 Ed., p. 250. "General Support."

Huber Foundation-$20,000 TFR 17th Ed. (1986), p. 315.

J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation-$10,000 1983 Tax Return.

North Shore Unitarian Veatch Program-$5,000 1983-84 Annual Report, p. 49.

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile)-$10,000 AB, BC & FP, 1985, card #42. "For general support."

Playboy Foundation-$10,000 Annual Report 1983, p. 8.

Sunnen Foundation-$70,000 TFR 1985, p. 639.


Educational Foundation of America -$50,000 TFR 1984, p. 174 "Education: materials, media, and outreach."

Ford Foundation -$19,560 FGI 12th Ed., p. 249. "For study of effects of religious upbringing and religious attitudes on decision to have abortion."

George Gund Foundation -$20,000 AB, BC, & FP, 1983, card #42. "For projects aimed at increasing public understanding of issues related to reproductive freedom."

Huber Foundation-$15,000 TFR 1984 Ed., p. 288.

North Shore Unitarian Veatch Program-$5,000 1984 Annual Report.

Packard Foundation (David & Lucile) -$10,000 AB, BC & FP, 1984, card #42. "For community contact program."

Playboy Foundation-$10,000 FGI 12th Ed., p. 114. "For reproductive freedom project."

Scherman Foundation-$25,000 TFR 1984 Ed., p. 555.

Sunnen Foundation -$63,500 TFR 1984 Ed., p. 605 "Abortion rights."


Babcock Foundation Inc. (Mary Reynolds) -$20,000 FGI 12th Ed., p. 343. "Media Program. For campaign to educate public on Catholic position favorable to responsible family planning, contraception, and abortion."

Brush Foundation- $21,103 CFFC 1981 Income Tax Return.

Education Foundation of America-$50,000 CFFC 1981 Income Tax Return.

George Gund Foundation-$20,000 FGI 11th Ed., p. 336. "For operating support for organization dedicated to preserving reproductive freedom and upholding principle of church and state separation."

Norman Foundation-$10,000 CFFC 1981 Income Tax Return.

North Shore Unitarian Veatch Program -$7,500 CFFC 1981 Income Tax Return.

Scherman Foundation-$10,000 CFFC 1981 Income Tax Return.

Sunnen Foundation-$75,000 CFFC 1981 Income Tax Return


Brush Foundation-$28,750 The Brush Foundation: 1928-1980, p. 21 "Abortion rights."

Field Foundation -$15,000 TFR 1982 Ed., p. 193; FGI 11th Ed., p. 209. "For defense of reproductive rights of women."

Ms Foundation -$2,500 1980/81 Income Tax Return "Publish booklets in Spanish for dissemination in Hispanic community."

Norman Foundation -$10,000 FGI 11th Ed., p. 279. "For general support of educational activities aimed at articulating and airing the pro-choice position of many Catholics on abortion."

North Shore Unitarian Veatch Project -$22,500 1979-80 Annual Report, p. 44. "Small group providing a forum for dissenting Catholics and is a member of the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights." (p. 20).

Ottinger (Louise L.) Charitable Trust - $5,000 FGI 11th Ed., p. 282. "For educational program about history and practices of Catholic Church on reproductive matters."

Sunnen Foundation -$75,000 TFR 1982 Ed. p. 614.

Prior to 1980

North Shore Unitarian Veatch Project-$45,000 1979-80 Annual Report, p. 44.

Ms. Foundation-$13,000 1979 Annual Report.

Alida Rockfeller Dayton-$9,947 CFFC 1981 Income Tax Return.

Sunnen Foundation-$6,500 CFFC 1981 Income Tax Return.


1994 $1,147,000 1993 1,252,300 1992 799,429 1991 1,474,983 1990 709,400 1989 309,625 1988 518,000 1987 348,200 1986 200,500 1985 282,000 1984 180,000 1983 247,500 1982 218,060 1981 213,603 1980 163,750

TOTAL: $8,064,350

Prior to 1980:

Total: $ 74,447




1 , published by The Foundation Center, 79 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003-3076; phone: (212)-6204230.

2 , same publisher as in note 1.

3 The Foundation Center, See note 1.

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5 , Taft Group, 12300 Twinbrook Parkway, Rockville, MD 20852; phone: 301/816-0210.

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8 The Foundation Center; card to be cited hereafter as AB, BC & FP.


Ordinary Catholics can make a difference, when they have the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the principal directors of the five biggest funders of CFFC. This information appears on the next two pages. Write or call these directors at their offices and homes. Ask them: Why are they funding a self-styled Catholic organization which has zero Catholic membership? Why are they involved in promoting anti-Catholicism? Why are they interfering in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations by promoting sterilization, population control, and abortion in lands where it is illegal?

The Ford Foundation[1]

Address: 320 East 43rd Street, New York, NY 10017 Phone: 212/573-5000.

Ford Foundation Trustees:

The chairman of Board of Trustees is Henry B. Schact, who is also CEO of the Cummins Engine Company, the leading U.S. maker of heavy-duty truck engines. Mr. Schact can be reached at P.O. Box 3005, Columbus, IN 472023005 (812/377-3164).

President, Franklin A. Thomas. Contact Mr. Thomas care of the Ford Foundation.

Frances D. Fergusson, who is also the President of Vassar College. She may be reached at 124 Raymond Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 (914/4377200).

Kathryn S. Fuller, who is also President of World Wildlife Fund. She can be reached at 1250 24th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20037 (202/293-4800).

Robert D. Haas, who is CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. Why not write or phone Mr. Haas and tell him why you will no longer buy Levi jeans or shoes? You can reach him at 1155 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 (415/5446133).

Christopher Hogg, who is Chairman of the chemicals and coatings manufacturer Courtlands PLC. The address is 50 George Street, London W1A 2BB, UK; phone: 716- 121000

Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., a noted civil rights activist, who is also a senior partner with the law firm of Atkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld. Why not ask Mr. Jordan how his involvement in anti-Catholic bigotry squares with his concern for civil rights? You can reach him at 1333 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20036 (202/887- 4000).

David T. Kearns, who is the former Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation, 100 First Stamford Place, Stamford, Connecticut 05904; (203/325-6232).

Wilma P. Mankiller, who is Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Reach her at P.O. Box 948, Tahlequah OK 74465 (918/456-0671, x 201).

Barbara Scott Preiskel, the former general counsel of the Motion Picture Association of America, who is also an attorney in private practice at 36 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036 (212/8192216).

Dorothy S. Riddings, who is the publisher and president of newspaper, 102 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, FL 34205 (813/ 748-0411). Residents of the Bradenton area might tell Ms. Riddings why her paper is not welcome in their homes.

The Sunnen Foundation Address: 7910 Manchester Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63143 Phone: 314/781-2100 Fax: 314/781-1533

Sunnen Foundation Directors:

Helen S. Sly, President of Sunnen Foundation.

Esther S. Kreider

Paul E. Slaten

James K. Berthold

C. Diane Boulware

Mrs. Sly and Kreider are daughters of Joseph Sunnen, the founder of Sunnen Products Company, of which they are also directors. Mr. Berthold, Mr. Slaten, and Ms. Boulware are, respectively, President, Treasurer, and Secretary of Sunnen Products Company.

Sunnen is a manufacturer of high precision tools and gauges, including honing machines, abrasive supplies, auto engine rebuilding equipment, and precision hole gauges.

The Sunnen Foundation and the Sunnen Company are located at the same address and share the same phone number.

The MacArthur Foundation (John D. and Catherine T.)

Address: 140 South Dearborn Skeet, Chicago, IL 60603 Phone: 312/726-8000 Fax: 312/917-0334

MacArthur Foundation Directors:

Elizabeth J. McCormack, Chairman of the Foundation, is employed by the Rockfeller Family & Associates; reach her at 30 Rockfeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 (212/649- 5610).

John E. Corbally, an educator and former president of the foundation, resides at 1057 151st Place S.E., Mill Creek, WA 98012; (206/316-3369).

William H. Foege, M.D., is also the executive director for the Task Force for Child Survival and Development at the Carter Center of Emory University. How does the promotion of abortion contribute to child survival? Ask him at the Carter Center, 1 Copenhill, Atlanta, GA 30307 (404/873-7003), or at home: 2191 El Dorado Drive, Atlanta, GA; (404/325-5586).

Murray Gell-Mann, Ph.D., a world-famous nobel laurate in physics, is also on the faculty of the California Institute of Technology. Reach him at the Department of Physics, Pasadena, CA 91125 (818/395-6685).

Alan Montgomery Hallene, a retired executive of an elevator and escalator company, resides at 1903 Glenwood Drive, Moline IL 61265-5233 (309/ 762-3595).

Paul Harvey-yes, the famous radio/ TV commentator. He may be reached at ABC News, 333 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60601 (312/8994055). Write him as a fan disappointed to learn of the MacArthur Foundation's support of CFFC, and ask him, as a director, to help bring it to an end.

John P. Holdren, Ph.D., an environmental/population control extremist, who is also on the faculty at the University of California at Berkeley. He can be reached at the Energy and Resources Group, 100 T-4, Berkeley, CA 94720 (510/642-1640).

Shirley Mount Hufstedler, who is a partner with the law firm of Hufstedler, Kaus & Ettinger, 355 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA (213/6177070).

Margaret E. Mahoney, who is the president of Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit foundation located at 1 E. 75th Skeet, New York, NY 10021 (212/5350400.

George A. Ranney, Jr., an attorney with Mayer, Brown & Platt, 190 S. La Salle Skeet, Chicago, IL 60603-3441 (312/ 782-0600.

Jonas E. Salk, MD, the discover of the Salk anti-polio vaccine. He is the founding director and distinguished professor at Salk Institute of Biological Studies, P.O. Box 85800, San Diego, CA 92186-5800; (619/453-4100). What in heavens name is the respected Dr. Salk doing on the Board of Trustees of an organization funding Catholic- bashing?

Adele Smith Simmons, president of the MacArthur Foundation, may be reached at the foundation's headquarters.

The George Gund Foundation Address: 45 Prospect Avenue, Suite 1845, Guildhall Building, Cleveland OH 44115. Phone: (216/241-3114

Gund Foundation trustees:

George Gund III, a co-owner of the San Jose Sharks (National Hockey League) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (National Basketball Association). He has an office at 1821 Union Skeet, San Francisco, CA 94123-4307 (415/929-5160). Perhaps Mr. Gund should be told why outraged readers will not support his professional sports teams.

Other trustees Ann, Llura, and Geoffrey Gund, as well as executive director David Bergholz (a former community development planner for Pittsburgh) may be contacted at the Gund Foundation headquarters.

Educational Foundation of America Address: 35 Church Lane, Westport, CT 06880. Phone: 203/226-6498 Fax: 203/227-0424

Educational Foundation Directors:

EFA's board of directors is top heavy with Ettingers, with at least 10 children and other descendents of founder Richard Prentice Ettinger serving on the board. Because of the near complete lack of public information regarding the Ettingers and other board members, just two of the 30 directors are listed here.

Barbara P. Ettinger, the President of EFA's Board of Directors, may be reached at EFA's headquarters.

Richard Prentice Ettinger, Jr., the son and name sake of Prentice-Hall's founding father, resides at 2132 Foothills Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505 (505/8200347. Mr. Ettinger should oppose the funding of CFFC, since he is the 2 Does he believe that only the rich can have the number of children they desire?


1 Although the Ford Foundation was originally funded with millions of dollars of Ford Motor Company stock, it has completely divested itself of all Ford Co. holdings. Today the Ford Foundation has no ties to the Ford family or car company. So there is no point in bothering the Ford family heirs, etc.

2 (New Providence, NJ: Reed Reference Publishing Co., 1995), p. 1101.

HLI's entire expose of the misnamed "Catholics" For a Free Choice can be order now as a booklet.

Send $3.00 to HLI, 7845 Airpark Drive, Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. Five copies for $12.00.