Blueprint for World Domination

Author: Brian Clowes

Taken from "The Pro-Life Activist's Encyclopedia", published by The American Life League.


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"War to the hilt between Communism and Capitalism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in 20 or 30 years. To win, we shall need the element of surprise. The bourgeoisie will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There will be electrifying overtures and unheard-of concessions. The capitalistic countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist."

-- Dimitry Z. Manulsky, to the Lenin School of Political Warfare, 1931.

Anti-Life Mentality.

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Right-wing fanatics are constantly harping about "Communist plots," and are blaming mythical Communist "subversives" for all of their own problems and for all of the problems they think they see in this country. If they don't like the way the country is going, that's too bad; it is all part of the Democratic process. Introduction. The 'Rules for Revolution' described in this chapter are the most important actions that can be taken to weaken a country in order to prepare it for armed attack or a skillful coup d'etat .

These rules are summaries that are extracted from a number of books written by professional revolutionaries from the former Soviet Union, from other Communist- dominated countries, and from the United States itself.

They are most concisely summarized in the 2,225 page, three-volume set Lenin: Selected Works , distributed in English by Progress Publishers, 21, Zubovsky Boulevard, Moscow.

These general principles, dedicated to one of the most famous revolutionaries of all time, Vladimir Lenin, are studied by every Communist political scientist, and by every ambassador or emissary of any type who leaves the former Soviet Union.

They are also carefully analyzed by many social scientists in the United States.

These 'Rules' are meant to be a loose parody of the Ten Commandments, and are particularly emphasized at the Lenin School of Political Warfare.

They are practical rules that are being implemented all over the world -- with special emphasis on the strongest foe of Communism, the United States.

Study these Rules very carefully. And then reflect upon what is happening in our society right now.

Perhaps this list will provide answers to some of the questions that seemed -- until now -- to have no answers.

The Goal.

Lenin himself said that it didn't matter that three- fourths of the world be destroyed, just so the remnant were good Communists.

Chapter 96, "Life Under Communism," gives some details on how grim life is in a formerly free country after the Communists have taken over.



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The Rule.

The future of any nation lies with its youth. So corrupt them; since religion teaches moral virtue, erode the churches and divert the young from religion. Make them interested only in themselves. Get them involved in drugs, alcohol, and sex. Get them addicted to privileges and rights.

The Reality.

Church attendance is at its lowest rate ever in the United States.

Traditional values are mocked constantly by every arm of the media and attacked viciously in the courts by the American Civil Liberties Union and other left-wing groups (Roger Baldwin, founder of the ACLU, has baldly stated that "Communism is the goal)."

Teenage pregnancy, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, abortion, rape, child abuse, murder, prostitution, and the rate of runaway children are all at an all-time high.

Any attempt to combat this trend in the public school system by teaching values is instantly attacked by the National Education Association (NEA) and others as "a pernicious violation of the separation of church and State."

Many of today's youth are grossly overprivileged, committed to fashion, physically flabby and lazy, and mentally undisciplined. If they don't want to do something, they simply will not do it. And if they want to do something to indulge themselves, no law or moral standard will hold them back.

They feel that they are entitled to the 'good things in life,' not as a reward for hard work, but as an expected gift, to be received without effort and even without asking.

And where do they learn such slovenliness? Just spend two hours in front of a television watching a random selection of situation comedies to find out. Unfortunately, kids who fit the above description usually model themselves after their parents.

Such parasitic habits would not be tolerated in the former Soviet Union.

The prevailing attitude among today's pampered American youth is one of nihilism ( I am nothing, life has no meaning, I don't care) -- and for good reason.

For further information on these attitudes, see Chapter 2 of Volume I, "The Anti-Life Mentality."



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The Rule.

Since the media shapes the minds of the people, infiltrate it and control it.

Dominate television, radio, and the newspapers, and you control the minds of the people.

The Reality.

It is quite obvious to any observant Christian that traditional values are considered ridiculous to all branches of the media.

Christians, clergy, and even Christ Himself are held up as objects of scorn and mocking laughter by television, motion pictures, radio, artists, and songwriters.

In the place of decency and morality, a constant stream of Left-wing values is presented.

Homosexuality, abortion, violence, and contempt for all parental and governmental authority is the prevailing order of the day.

A particularly powerful form of media is represented by the so-called "arts community."

Some latter-day "artists" actually make a pretty good living by mocking traditional values and Christianity.

Consider Andres Sorrano's "Piss Christ" (a photograph of a crucifix submerged in urine) or Robert Mapplethorp's photos, which include one showing a bullwhip protruding out of his rear end. This media bias is not a fantasy of a few right-wing whiners; this is cold, hard reality . The extreme leftward tilt of the media has been documented by impartial observers and study managers, and has even occasionally been acknowledged by the press itself.

Only when politics appear to be radicalized can the radical agenda seem to be reasonable to ordinary people.

The only way the Left has ever won is by making it appear as if the "middle ground" on various issues has disappeared.

Only when the Neoliberals present themselves as the only alternative to a "Fascist, extreme Right-wing element" can they possible achieve victory.

They can accomplish this objective with the willing aid of their most powerful ally, the media.

For further information on this phenomenon, see Chapters 124 through 127, "Media Bias."



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The Rule.

Cause the people to become disinterested in their own government and in world affairs. Get them to feel disenfranchised. Get them to ridicule and lose respect for government leaders.

The Reality.

Americans now vote at a lower rate than at any other time in our history. Every American knows how disenfranchised and powerless the average voter feels.

The media constantly trumpet instances of hypocrisy and corruption in our government, despite the fact that we have the most open and honest political system in the world.

The United States Supreme Court has wrested much of the State's power from them with judicial activism.

This means that the people's representatives at the State level -- and therefore the people themselves -- have much less of a voice in their own government.

On the state level, when people or local legislators finally manage to pass a conservative law regarding abortion, pornography or homosexuality, it is invariably challenged by Neoliberal groups and struck down by higher courts, leading voters to ask themselves "Why bother participating in the process? We have no real voice in how things are run anyway!"


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The Rule.

Divide the people into hostile groups. Divide them against themselves by getting them to squabble about inconsequential social issues.

The Reality.

Never before have so many trivial issues captured so much air time. Major construction and other projects are halted due to sometimes trivial environmental concerns.

Critical research which uses animals is halted or impeded by animal-rights groups.

Sodomy rights, old- growth timber, anti-fur, and dozens of other Neoliberal causes (and the conservative backlash) cause more friction among our nation's people than in any other nation in the world .

Meanwhile, the real issues of importance are either entirely neglected or paid weak lip service:

Crime, poverty, hunger, and, beneath all of them, the moral disintegration of our country.

All of these lead to despair among those affected and encourage violent change at any cost, with no thought given to the kind of change being fought for.

Naturally, when conservatives react to Neoliberal initiatives with concrete action, they are painted as agents of "divisiveness" and "disunity," further leading to the impression that American society is composed entirely of squabbling special-interest groups.



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The Rule.

Always preach true democracy, but seize power as completely and ruthlessly as possible.

Vigorously censor viewpoints that conflict with ours.

The Reality.

If the slightest complaint against pornography in our schools is raised by concerned parents, People for the American Way (PAW), the ACLU, and other left-wing groups instantly shout "censorship!"

But they say not a word when it is pointed out that the Bible and all mention of morality in textbooks have been ruthlessly hounded from the schools.

Religion has literally disappeared from our children's textbooks. The media relentlessly suppress the reasoning behind conservative and traditional viewpoints while reporting their version of the facts and claiming "impartiality."

'Artists' demand that the people pay for their atrocities. When the people balk, the 'artists' whine about censorship. All traditional groups and viewpoints are fair game for ridicule; yet when was the last time you saw any 'artist' making fun of sodomites or women?

In other words, the censorship is all one-way. And the "pluralism" valued so much by the Neoliberals is entirely unilateral (one way only), as described in Chapter 14 of Volume I.

Communist atrocities which have killed more than 150 million all over the world are glossed over or ignored, but the most trivial international action by the United States brings immediate and forceful condemnation.



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The Rule:

Encourage government extravagance on every front.

Get the government deeply into debt. Get the people dependent on government by providing for their every need. This destroys their independence, motivation and strength.

The Reality.

The United States is flat broke. It is the number one debtor nation on earth, with a deficit of more than $4,000,000,000,000 (four trillion dollars).

Social programs pay for everything from abortion and homosexual-run "sensitivity training sessions" to comprehensive sex education. We are the most truly Socialistic society on earth, a nation of people addicted to entitlements, unable to break away from the ample government teat, people who scream at the top of our lungs if any cutbacks in services are proposed.

And yet, the Neoliberals want to spend even more.

They want us to fund family benefits for sodomites, a comprehensive health care plan that will inevitably turn into a Britain-like socialized horror, and "art" that is blatantly anti-Christian.



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The Rule:

Cause a breakdown of indigenous national values.

Destroy all tradition in preparation for the bright dawn of glorious Socialism.

Ridicule religion, patriotism, and honesty. The people must be led to have only one interest:


The Reality. From the public schools to the pulpits of Christian "churches," moral relativism and situational ethics are the rule of the day. The highest goods are compassion, nonjudgmentalism, and tolerance.

Any individual weakness is treated as a problem of society, not of the person, and this relieves everyone of the responsibility of improving themselves.

Why should there be any effort to take responsibility for one's own faults when "society" is so conveniently ready to take the blame for all one's sins? Society, not Christ, has made the sacrifice.

So criminals, addicts, alcoholics, child molesters, wife beaters, and others can always blame their problems on society.

We have truly become the "me generation."



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The Rule:

Control or register all firearms if possible. This will make their confiscation much easier when the time comes for revolution.

The Reality.

When the Communist Revolution occurs in the United States, the last thing the Red Armies want to face is ten million determined and well-trained guerrillas (gun owners) taking potshots at them from around every corner.

The Communists don't want the equivalent of ten Afghanistans in the United States.

Although the objective of inhibiting gun ownership has not yet been completely met, there are dozens of bills and initiatives being submitted all over the country for compulsory gun registration, permitting, and other controls.

The Second Amendment is disregarded entirely as Neoliberals trumpet for all guns to be totally banned.

After all, they say, thousands die from gun-related accidents and crimes every year. They fail to see that criminals will always get guns, a parallel to their own argument stating that, if abortion becomes illegal, women will still get abortions.



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The Rules:

Destroy the reputation of the armed forces.

Cause the young men to perceive military duty as distasteful and ridiculous. Fight registration of any kind, and encourage defections within the ranks. Cause the people to desire peace at any cost.

Cause them to oppose any and all of their government's actions regarding the strengthening or use of their armed forces.

The Reality:

Our country's armed forces consume a vast percentage of our gross national product.

We possess the best and most advanced weapons systems in the world. But our armed forces are a joke for two reasons:

(1) they are completely restrained in their actions by a hostile Congress, and

(2) the armed forces have been saddled with such a bad reputation that it is virtually impossible to fill the ranks with volunteers, even in the new and streamlined armed services.

Where serving in the armed forces was once considered patriotic and honorable (as it was in the former Soviet Union), it is now looked upon as foolish and 'anti-progressive.'

Servicemen are ridiculed and denigrated at every turn. People say that, if you can't make it on the outside, you wind up in the armed forces. Every serviceman is considered to be a useless gobbler of tax money.

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Further Reading: Lenin's 'Rules for Revolution.'

Robert Conquest and Jon Manchip White. What To Do When the Russians Come . $14.95 from the Conservative Book Club, 15 Oakland Avenue, Harrison, New York 10528.

How the Soviets will conquer this land, how various groups are likely to fare under the new government, details on the resistance movement, famine in America, and how life in general under a Communist regime will be.

Joseph Finder. Red Carpet . 372 pages, $16.95. Order from Our Lady's Book Service, R.D. No. 1, Box 258, Constable, New York 12926, telephone: 1-800-263-6160.

This book examines the role of famous Americans who have collaborated with the Soviets in "selling us the rope we need to hang ourselves."

These rich and deceived men have caused incomprehensible damage to our country's ability to resist Communism.

The book describes the roles of Armand Hammer, David Rockefeller, Cyrus Eaton, Donald Kendall, and many others.

Robert Morris. Our Globe Under Siege III . 200 pages, $9.95. Order from Our Lady's Book Service, R.D. No. 1, Box 258, Constable, New York 12926, telephone: 1-800- 263- 6160.

The second revised version of a comprehensive and authoritative warning to the United States and the free world. Shows how the stated goal of Communist world domination is already far towards completion. Primarily addresses the threat of Communist disinformation and propaganda, and shows how our country is being eaten away from within as we vigilantly watch our borders fruitlessly, in anticipation of a physical attack.

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