Bishop Donald W. Trautman


Bishop Donald W. Trautman

To: All Bishops

I wish to bring to your attention that within the next few weeks a new biblical translation of the New Testament will be published by Oxford University Press. It is called "The New Testament and Psalms: An Inclusive Version." It is a most irresponsible translation that offends the doctrine of the Church and revealed truth of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This new English translation eliminates all references to God the Father. The Lord's Prayer begins "our Father—Mother in heaven." The editors of this volume have done a great disservice to biblical scholarship and the need for a balances use of inclusive language. In some instances the translation is not based on the inspired text and even adds words not found in the original. In my opinion it is not so much a translation as a rewrite based on contemporary political and social ideologies. This new version represents a radical and extreme reaction to the need for a balanced use of inclusive language. Without question it is a distortion of the inspired Word of God.

Memorandum from the Secretariat for the Liturgy Most Rev. Donald W. Trautman, STD, SSL., Bishop of Erie, Chair, Bishops Committee on the Liturgy Re: "The New Testament and Psalms: An inclusive Version" published by Oxford University Press

Date: September 5, 1995