At Recitation of the Angelus, World Youth Day, Cologne

At Recitation of the Angelus, World Youth Day, Cologne

Pope Benedict XVI

Holy Father thanks all involved in World Youth Day, announces next WYD in Sydney, 2008

On Sunday morning, 21 August [2005], at the end of Holy Mass on Marienfeld Esplanade to conclude World Youth Day, the Holy Father introduced the Angelus with a Reflection. The following is a translation of that Reflection from German and various languages.

Dear Friends,

We have come to the conclusion of this marvellous celebration and indeed of the Twentieth World Youth Day. In my heart I sense welling up within me a single thought: "Thank you!" I am sure — and I feel — that this thought finds an echo in each one of you. God himself has implanted it in our hearts and he has sealed it with this Eucharist which literally means "thanksgiving".

Yes, dear young people, our gratitude, born from faith, is expressed in our song of praise to Him, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who has given us yet another sign of his immense love.

Our "thank you", to begin with, rises up to God  — only he could have given it to us in this way, as it was —, and our thanks are now extended to all those who have been involved in its preparation and organization.

World Youth Day was a gift, but, as it developed, was also the result of much work. For this I must renew my gratitude particularly to the Pontifical Council for the Laity, under its President Archbishop Stanisław Ryłko, ably assisted by the Secretary, Bishop Josef Clemens, and also to my Confrères from the German Bishops’ Conference, in the first place to the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner. I am grateful to the political and administrative Authorities who have ensured that each event has run smoothly.

In a particular way I thank the many volunteers from German Dioceses and from all the nations. A cordial word of thanks goes also to the many contemplative communities who have supported us in prayer during this World Youth Day.

WYD to travel 'Down Under'

And now, as the living presence of the Risen Christ in our midst nourishes our faith and hope, I am pleased to announce that the next World Youth Day will take place in Sydney, Australia, in 2008. We entrust to the maternal guidance of Mary most holy, the future course of the young people of the whole world.

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L'Osservatore Romano
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24 August 2005, page 12

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