The American Civil Liberties Union: Anti-Life Legal Shock Troops

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I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the State itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.

                                    Roger Baldwin, founder of the American Civil Liberties Union.[1]

Anti-Life Philosophy.

The American Civil Liberties Union accurately portrays itself as the "Guardian of the Bill of Rights," and is the foremost defender of our individual freedoms.

The ACLU's paramount interest is free speech, and it will defend the right of anyone to speak in public on any topic whatever from any viewpoint at all. After all, if unpopular speech is censored today, popular speech will be banned tomorrow.

The ACLU's Number One Priority: Abortion!

We are the American Civil Liberties Union, not the American First Amendment Union.

                                                                            ACLU President Norman Dorsen.[2]

Deceptive Rhetoric.

The American Civil Liberties Union has cloaked itself in the red, white, and blue trappings of the First Amendment for decades. The general public impression fostered by the group is that its first and foremost mission is the defense of free speech.

However, the number one priority of the ACLU is certainly not free speech! Consider the following quote from the pamphlet entitled "The ACLU's Campaign for Choice;"

The American Civil Liberties Union has made the right to choose its number one national priority. The ACLU's legal victories helped establish the right to choose, and we have no intention of seeing that right weakened or destroyed. We are challenging the Hyde Amendment in federal court, lobbying for new laws requiring states to pay for abortions for poor women, and fighting against the call for a Constitutional convention in every state legislature.

This one paragraph says it all. The ACLU (often called the "American Child Liquidation Union" by pro-lifers) was one of the leading forces that enshrined abortion in our culture. It demands that everyone pay for abortions with their tax dollars and is even trying to obstruct the wishes of the people by attempting to disable the processes of the state legislatures in trying to curtail abortion in any manner whatever!

The ACLU's Meddling Zealotry.


The ACLU claims to represent the rights of every group and individual equally. However, its actions depart dramatically from its rhetoric.

The ACLU instantly leaps to the defense of sodomites, pornographers, and Nazis, but comes down very hard on Christians, homeschoolers, and pro-life activists.

In particular, the ACLU's legal stormtroopers demand that there be no dignity or status whatever conferred upon preborn children, as demonstrated by the actions described in the following paragraphs.

8-1/2 Month "Blobs."

A car carrying Janet Johnson, 8-1/2 months pregnant, was struck by a drunken driver in Minnesota in 1985. Her baby, just days from being born, was killed. Incredibly, the ACLU took the side of the drunk driver and argued before the state Supreme Court that the driver was guilty of no crime, since he didn't injure anyone. The Court agreed, and the Johnsons couldn't recover a penny of damages.[3]

Interestingly, in June of 1977, the Louisiana chapter of the ACLU auctioned an abortion for $30, a divorce for $19, and a DUI defense for $10.[4]

No Upper Limits on Abortion.

In 1985, a number of prominent abortion supporters, including Dr. Philip Stubblefield, past president of the National Abortion Federation, suggested lowering the upper limit on abortions to 22 weeks for the purpose of improving their public relations image. But Stubblefield was shouted down when he formally presented this proposal. Abortion lawyer Janet Benshoof of the American Civil Liberties Union demanded no upper gestational age limit, stating as fact that abortion on demand "... is a precondition for all other legal and constitutional guarantees of women's equality."[5]

Dead Babies = Trash.

When 16,000 aborted preborn babies were found stuffed into a storage container behind a California pathologist's house, local pro-lifers arranged to have a funeral service for them. However, the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers and the ACLU filed suit to stop the burial, because the ACLU claimed that the babies were only "unwanted biological tissue," and such burial would, of course, "violate the separation of Church and State."[6]

Some of the babies were as large as 4 pounds. This incident shows that pro-abortionists must deny even a decent burial to their victims in order to make certain that the babies' humanity is concealed from the public.

Shoot Those Pregnant Women!

In January of 1991, the Utah state legislature passed a law that merely made it easier for women who had been injured by abortions to file civil suits against their abortionists. The legislature specifically wrote into the law that women would be totally free of any penalties whatsoever for obtaining any abortions legal or illegal.

In response to the passage of this law, the ACLU took out a hysterical full-page advertisement in the March 25, 1991 New York Times that was headlined;


This action proved to the satisfaction of most observers the pro-life allegation that the ACLU does not care about women or the truth. It wants only to insure the preservation of an absolute right to abortion, and will resort to any trickery to achieve its objectives.

The ACLU's Official Policy Statements.

The ACLU's Policy Guide.

In 1988, the American Civil Liberties Union issued for public purchase its 576-page official Policy Guide.

Since the positions of the radical Left and the ACLU are virtually synonymous, a conservative activist need merely glance through this massive volume to determine exactly where the extreme Left Wing stands on literally any issue.

The ACLU embraces the complete Neoliberal spectrum. Not a single one of the more than 300 "Policy Statements" issued in the Policy Guide is conservative in philosophy. In summary, the ACLU demands;

• legalization of abortion to the day of birth, with no parental  interference, and 
   complete state funding for the indigent;
• legalization of all drugs, including marijuana and the "hard" drugs, like 'crack' 
   and PCP;
• legalization of all sexual perversions, including sodomy, bestiality, and 
• legalization of all pornography, including "kiddie porn;"
• legalization of all prostitution, even homosexual and child prostitution; and
• immediate passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Figure 37-1 is a summary of just a few of the more than 300 major points outlined in the ACLU's Policy Guide.


Number                                              Official Statement of Policy

4: The ACLU supports the legalization of all pornography, including "kiddie porn."

18: The ACLU supports ending the private rating system of movies.

47: Despite the very clear language of the Second Amendment, the ACLU claims, in its best blind fashion, that "the possession of weapons by individuals is not Constitutionally protected."

62: The ACLU demands that parents should have no role whatever in their children's education. This means that parents would be legally liable to sanctionsfor even attempting to take some control over how their children are educated. The ACLU, of course, virulently opposes all home schooling.

75: The ACLU opposes the school tuition voucher system, because it takes too much control away from the Humanistic school system and puts it in the hands of parents.

76: The ACLU denies that school officials may search school lockers for drugs, even for probable cause.

78: The ACLU states school libraries may give any material to children, including hard-core pornography. Parents should have no input on this matter.

81: The ACLU supports a total ban on Nativity scene displays on public property, but supports the display of Menorahs.

84: The ACLU demands that the words "under God" be removed from Pledge of Allegiance.

88: The ACLU demands that the military chaplain system be scrapped.

92: The ACLU urges an end to all church tax exemptions as a "clear and flagrant breach" of the First Amendment.

120: The ACLU supports making all branches of the Armed Forces completely sex-neutral. All women should be in all branches and treated in exactly the same manner as men, even in combat.

210: The ACLU calls for total legalization of all narcotics and dangerous drugs, including rock cocaine and PCP ("angel dust").

211: The ACLU states that all prostitution should be legalized.

216: The ACLU opposes laws that prohibit public drunkenness.

239: The ACLU opposes the death penalty for any reason whatever, even for repeated offenses by mass murderers.

242: The ACLU demands that all criminals except those guilty of murder should be given a suspended sentence and sent back to the community. Convicted rapists, child molesters, robbers, and burglars should live in our communities.

263: The ACLU supports all abortions through all nine months of pregnancy and states that all abortions should be paid for by the taxpayer.

264: The ACLU thinks that homosexuals have a constitutional right to marry, become foster parents, and engage in street prostitution.

268: The ACLU opposes compulsory AIDS contact testing.

306: The ACLU supports Equal Opportunity "numerical remedies" (i.e., enforced quotas).

314: The ACLU endorses the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

315: The ACLU supports "comparable worth." It also supports tax-supported day-care centers for working mothers only: such benefits for homemakers and church-based day care centers are specifically excluded.

318: The ACLU opposes policies that require able-bodied adults to work as a condition for receiving welfare.

Reference: The American Civil Liberties Union's 1988 Policy Guide.

The Inescapable Conclusion.

Note very carefully that every one of the ACLU Policies is designed to weaken the fabric of our society. The aggregate effect of all of the ACLU Policies would give the individual unlimited power to do anything he or she wanted in other words, unlimited freedom for all people to abuse or dominate those weaker than themselves. And this, of course, leads to anarchy and destruction of the society.

The ACLU's founder, Roger Baldwin, stated that "I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the State itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal."[1]

The ACLU is fulfilling its founder's stated mission admirably.

It is no coincidence that the ACLU has simply elaborated on Lenin's famed "Ten Rules for Revolution." Its official policies are merely a detailed action guide based upon Lenin's teachings.

What the ACLU really wants, or course, is the 'individuation' of religion, where people may hold personal religious viewpoints and stay at home or in their churches and pray, but are prohibited, both legally and societally, from joining with others in attempts to make those viewpoints public policy.

For a revealing examination of the parallels between the goals of the ACLU and of Communism, read Chapter 95 in Volume III, "Lenin's Rules for Revolution."

The ACLU's Ultimate Weapon.

America needs a civil liberties union. It no longer has one. I still make my contribution because the ACLU still does some good, but if things don't change, it could become an enemy of free speech.

                                               25-year ACLU member Professor Alan Dershowitz.[2]

No Consistency Here!

The Neoliberals have found a very powerful and faithful ally in the nation's court system. Since the public at large resists the Neoliberal agenda, and the state legislatures usually can't be depended upon to implement it to an effective degree, the ACLU uses the court system to force its radical worldview on all of us. The classic example, of course, is abortion. But the ACLU is also diligently pushing homosexual "rights," euthanasia, and a host of other extreme views upon society through the courts.

The favorite tactic of the ACLU is to file lawsuits against anyone or any organization that does not bow and scrape to their atheistic views. Not surprisingly, the ACLU will go to any extremes to achieve its objectives.

This naturally leads to glaring philosophical inconsistencies, as outlined in the following paragraphs.

The Walter Polovchak Case.

The American Civil Liberties Union is the most inconsistent gang of cutthroats imaginable. Just ask Walter Polovchak.

Walter was a Russian boy who had lived in the United States for several years and did not want to be forced to return to the Soviet Union. He pleaded with a Federal court to allow him to stay in this country until he was 18 years old and could make his own decision regarding this matter. The boy obviously knew all too well that he was facing a one-way trip to a vast prison whose gate only swings one way.

The ACLU immediately jumped into the fray and attacked the boy's position in court, stating that "a minor child of tender years does not have the right to control his own destiny."[8] The ACLU poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the effort to pry the boy away from the United States, but, just as it was about to succeed, Polovchak turned 18, and stayed in the U.S. much to the chagrin of the ACLU.

Why does this case demonstrate inconsistency? Because the ACLU stridently opposes any and all parental consent laws for abortion on the ground that even ten-year old girls "... are mature enough to control their own reproductive destinies."

Henry Polovchak's attorney, Henry Mark Holzer, summed up the situation when he claimed that

It still strikes me as strange. The ACLU has a children's rights project. Their attorneys argue that teenage girls are competent to have an abortion without parental consent, but a teenage boy can't choose the United States over a totalitarian state. The only answer that makes sense is that their decisions aren't based on civil liberties but liberal politics. The ACLU likes abortion, and it likes the Soviet Union.[2]

The Rescuers and the Black Man.

The ACLU is at its inconsistent worst when it responds to injustice heaped upon individuals. The organization's reaction is based solely upon the political correctness of the victim's views.

Perhaps the most glaring example of this inconsistency was recently provided by the Los Angeles ACLU. The organization was totally silent while scores of pro-life rescuers were beaten and injured by Los Angeles police, but it exploded in outrage when the same type of treatment was administered to a single Black man by the same police department.

On March 25, 1989, pro-life rescuers were bound and lifted by Los Angeles police, who jammed their fingers up rescuers' nostrils and into their eye sockets. The pro-lifers were dragged by their hair and ears, and mounted police horses "accidentally" and repeatedly stepped on them. Police stood on rescuers' backs and repeatedly slammed their faces into the concrete pavement. At least seven people suffered severe injuries, including broken bones.[9]

Police sexually molested numerous women and strip-searched them in a mocking, exaggerated, and sexually explicit manner. One wave of police would move in and savagely beat rescuers, and retreat, then a second wave would go in and make arrests.

A total of 600 injuries were reported out of a total of 1,100 arrests in two days.

The response of the Los Angeles ACLU? Dead silence, despite the organization being provided with evidence of police brutality by pro-lifers.

By comparison, the ACLU went positively ballistic when a single Black man was beaten by the same Los Angeles cops after being stopped for speeding on March 3, 1991. The organization took out a full-page, $35,000 ad in the March 12 Los Angeles Times showing a brutal-looking policeman wielding a baton with the headline, "WHO DO YOU CALL WHEN THE GANG WEARS BLUE UNIFORMS?" Below was a demand for the immediate resignation of Police Chief Daryl Gates.[10]

One would think that an organization that claims to be a champion of a neutral right such as the right not to be beaten up by cops for a minor infraction would be equally concerned regardless of the skin color or belief system of the victim. This would be a consistent position. But the glaring inconsistencies in ACLU response show it to be yet another garden-variety left-wing pressure group, whose degree of response to injustice is based solely upon the political correctness of the victims.

Print This Or Else!

The ACLU not only wants pro-lifers to shut up, they want pro-lifers to approve of the abortionists, baby-killing. This is central to the anti-life mentality: it is not enough to reduce your opponent to sullen, glowering disapproval he must enthusiastically applaud your immoral activities!

In early 1990, a Vermont Catholic couple who ran a private printing press, Regal Art Press, refused to print membership forms for the state chapter of 'Catholics' for a Free Choice (CFFC). Chuck and Susan Baker said that they refused because CFFC consistently lies about Catholic teachings on abortion.[11]

Linda Paquette, a member of Vermont CFFC (VCFC), sniveled that she was "bewildered" by the Bakers' refusal, since VCFC "promotes freedom of conscience" and "tolerance."[12]

Paquette could easily have taken her business to any other printer, but she had to punish the Bakers because they were pro-life. Hypocritically ignoring the Bakers' "freedom of conscience," Paquette, showing a complete lack of "tolerance," complained to the Vermont Human Rights Commission, which threatened the Bakers with a $10,000 fine and a lawsuit for compensatory and punitive damages.

The charge? "Religious discrimination!" The Commission Investigative Report of July 11, 1990 found that businesses "... cannot deny services to individuals based on religious doctrine ... even if the result has the effect of curtailing the ... free exercise of the owner's religious beliefs."[12]

Perhaps most incredibly, the Vermont chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union agreed to prosecute the Bakers for exercising their 'freedom to choose!'

Note that this couple run a private printing press. They receive no government money, and are not a tax-deductible charity. In other words, they are a private small business but they are being forced to print material that violates their religious beliefs!

This idiocy leads one to speculate as to what action the American Civil Liberties Union would take if a Jewish printer refused to print flyers for the White Aryan Resistance or for any other overtly racist group.

The answer to this question should be obvious.

John Birchers Under Pressure.

As a final example of inconsistency, the ACLU brought suit in the mid-1960s to have the membership lists of the John Birch Society made public, because, as it claimed, "the public has a right to know." Yet the ACLU has repeatedly refused to disclose its own 250,000-member list, claiming that its people had the right to be preserved from prying eyes. This is yet another example of the liberal double standard.

Let 'Em Flunk.

Any ACLU staffer will tell you that he supports the rights of minorities.

But apparently the ACLU doesn't believe its own rhetoric when it comes to helping out minorities who just need a little boost to make it in society on their own terms.

In Detroit, the dropout rate for inner-city Black boys was 54 percent, and the rate for Black girls was less than half that. Therefore, Detroit's board of education set up three special schools for ghetto boys to help equip them with the tools and social skills necessary to get out of their situation and better their lives.

But the Neoliberals apparently didn't like that idea. The National Organization for Women (NOW) and the American Civil Liberties Union immediately sued and won an injunction against the program in Federal Court, and the City of Detroit, unwilling to spend more than a million dollars in its own defense, closed down the schools.

The NOW and ACLU never once set foot in the afflicted neighborhoods to talk with the parents of the boys who would have benefitted from the program or to see what the disastrous results of their social tinkering were. After the judge handed down his decision, 300 parents protested outside the courthouse. One mother said, "If you have money you can go to whatever kind of school you want. But the average Black guy can't go to special schools."[13]

Other ACLU Silliness.


One would think that the ACLU would have better things to do with its time than try to stamp out every vestige of religion in the public arena. After all, it was believers that made this country great not a motley gaggle of sex perverts, pornographers, abortionists, and flag burners.

They Will Overcome.

The ACLU filed suit against Bernalillo County, New Mexico, to have the cross and Spanish words Con Esta Vencemos ("With this we overcome") removed from the county seal. It said that these items, used continuously by the county since 1925, "promote Christianity."

No Bible Clubs Period!

In late 1989, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Equal Access Act of 1984, which held that Bible clubs and other religious clubs had to be admitted to schools as extracurricular activities under the same rules as other clubs.

Despite this final and decisive ruling by the highest court in the land, Ed Doerr of Americans for Religious Liberty urged the ACLU to intimidate schools into locking out Bible clubs by threatening them with lawsuits.[4]

Pro-Homosexual Bigots.

After failing by ballot measure three times, and by legislative action twice, homosexuals in the state of Oregon finally managed to convince their pro-homosexual governor, Neil Goldschmidt, to sign an Executive Order banning job discrimination by the state based on sexual orientation. This bypass procedure forced the views of one man on the entire state. Such blatant disregard for the wishes of the people and the elected legislature spurred the Oregon Citizens Alliance to place on the ballot a measure that would repeal the Order.

The ballot measure passed, and the ACLU immediately challenged it in court. In early 1993, the wishes of the people of Oregon were deemed inferior to those of the ACLU, and the results of the referendum were thrown out.

This demonstrates conclusively that the ACLU couldn't care less about the will of the people and that they scoff at the mechanisms of government that allow the people to have a voice.

ACLU: Pro-Euthanasia.

The ACLU has proven again and again that it is not only pro-abortion, but very much pro-active euthanasia as well. For example, the ACLU's Colorado Branch intervened in the case of 34-year old quadriplegic Hector Rodas, saying that "... he has the right to receive medicine and medicinal agents that would result in his comfortable and dignified death."[14] In plain English, the ACLU wanted him to die by lethal injection.

The ACLU vs. Parents. Ohio's state House and Senate overwhelmingly passed a parental consent law that was approved by 76 percent of the state's residents. But the ACLU brought suit on behalf of two (naturally) anonymous teenaged girls, and Federal judge Ann Aldrich threw out the new law.[15] This court action demonstrates yet again that the ACLU has nothing but utter contempt for the will of the people, and will trample such will blindly in its rush towards its own vision of a perfect society. The ACLU's warped vision of a perfect, Godless society is all that is important to it.

The ACLU Even Opposes Chastity!

In reaction to a California sex education program that emphasizes chastity, the ACLU's California Legislative Office sent a letter to state legislators that stated, in part; "It is our position that teaching that monogamous, heterosexual intercourse within marriage as a traditional American value is an unconstitutional establishment of a religious doctrine in public schools."[16]

Whenever state governments fund chastity programs, the ACLU immediately sues to have the program thrown out, since teaching chastity is "a violation of the separation of church and state." It never seems to occur to the ACLU that teaching comprehensive sex education, establishing school-based clinics, and passing out condoms in high schools also violates the separation of church and state the 'church' in such cases being the self-professed 'religion' of Secular Humanism.

Watch Out, Singles!

When the State of Louisiana passed a law that forbade deliberately exposing others to the HIV virus, the ACLU challenged the law on the grounds that it violated the Constitution's Equal Protection Clause.[17]

It apparently does not matter at all to the ACLU that literally hundreds of wives and their children have been killed by bisexual or homosexual husbands who have concealed their HIV status. All that is important to the organization is the safeguarding of an absolute 'right to privacy,' which is essential if perverted and anti-life activities such as homosexuality, pornography, abortion and euthanasia are to flourish.

Figure This One Out.

The ACLU wants to make sure that it wipes out any trace of religion even if it is the kind that 99.9 percent of the public never sees.

Three miles off the coast of Florida is a submerged statue named the Christ of the Deep, placed in remembrance of those lost at sea. Since the statue is technically within the coastal waters of the United States (and therefore is, by definition, located on Federal property), the Florida ACLU argued that it represents a violation of the separation of Church and State.[18]

What this means is that the ACLU will defend the right of a so-called 'artist' to submerge a picture of a Crucifix in his own urine but when private people sink a statue of Christ in ocean water, the ACLU goes ballistic.

Go figure.

ACLU: Gestapo in Pinstripes.

The ACLU commonly goes to extreme lengths to smear and discredit any opponent that effectively challenges it. In fact, some of the organization's tactics are frighteningly reminiscent of the Secret Police that operated behind the Iron Curtain.

Just ask Congressmen Henry J. Hyde about his experience.

After Hyde introduced the amendment that would ban Federal funding of abortions, ACLU agents tailed him constantly for a period of several months. In support of ACLU challenges to the Hyde Amendment, these spies gathered evidence and took pictures showing Hyde attending Catholic Masses, reading Bible passages from the lectern, and even receiving Communion.

The ACLU demanded to read the mail that Hyde received. Although he was in no way required to agree to such a blatant invasion of his privacy, he agreed. ACLU staffers then constructed a large wall chart and checked off the number of times such "offensive passages" as "God bless you" and "Our Lord Jesus Christ" were included in the letters to Hyde.

The ACLU spies accumulated a large pile of evidence and wrote in a voluminous report that Hyde listened to one priest claim during a sermon that "pregnant women and children" bore "gifts of life." The report also stated that he "prayed frequently."[4]

All of this 'evidence' was used by the ACLU in its attempt to demonstrate that Hyde's beliefs were destroying his effectiveness as a United States Congressman.[4]

On the basis of this "evidence," the ACLU filed suit in Federal court alleging that Hyde was a (gasp!) "practicing Catholic" and was, through his Amendment, "... using the fist of government to smash the wall of separation between church and state by imposing a peculiarly religious view of when life begins."[19] The ACLU squawked in its pamphlet "The ACLU's Campaign for Choice," that "The Hyde Amendment forces one religious view of the beginning of life on poor women, a violation of the separation of church and state."

Naturally, the ACLU was oblivious to the fact that "a peculiarly religious view of when life begins" has already been imposed on this country the mistaken view that life begins at birth.

The ACLU's persecution of Congressman Hyde brings to mind the old question, "If you went on trial tomorrow for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?"

The ACLU found Hyde guilty as charged.

Naturally, if anyone dared to tail and harass a Neoliberal hero, like Edward Kennedy or Henry Waxman, the ACLU would go into a legal frenzy and denounce such tactics as "Fascism," "McCarthyism," and "Nazism."

It is also interesting to speculate about the Neoliberal reaction should a conservative organization begin harassing a liberal Jewish congressman (like sodomite Barney Frank) in a similar manner.

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