Allegiance to 'Humanae Vitae' Pledge

Author: HLI


"He pitied them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd" (Mk 6:34)

During this year of the 25th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's encyclical HUMANAE VITAE, we wish it to be known that we, the Next Generation of leaders, fully adhere to this document.

We recognize the grave damage wreaked upon our society by the evils of fornication/adultery, contraception, sterilization, abortion and divorce, as foretold by Pope Paul VI.

We affirm the inherent goodness of the Church's teaching about the beauty of the marital embrace and human sexuality, when expressed according to the plan of God.

We recognize the clear connection between contraception and abortion, the ultimate abuse of God's great gift of sexuality; we know that we shall never be able to come to grips with abortion until we get to the root causes, which are a lack of faith and the abuse of sex and sexual sins.

We deplore sex education courses which are value-free, and attempt to teach "safe sex", and usually without parental approval.

We affirm the necessity for conveying all the faith-doctrines, good teaching in morality, formation in chastity, and frequent use of the Sacraments and resort to daily prayer.

We are convinced that contraceptors and the sterilized cannot teach religion or chastity effectively and with integrity; we call upon all CCD and Catholic teachers to publicly support HUMANAE VITAE.

We encourage bishops, priests and religiousÑour spiritual leadersÑto be more forthright in preaching, teaching, and publicly supporting HUMANAE VITAE.

We pray for those priests and theologians who openly, or quietly, dissent from the Church's teahcing on contraception, sterilization and abortion. We prayerfully beg them to consider the worldwide consequences of dissent to HUMANAE VITAE and to abandon their dissent. Unfortunately many priests and religious do not know that Natural Family Planning is as effective a means of fertility control as exists, short of sterilization, for the knowledgeable and motivated couple.

We beg all married and engaged couples to read and study the teachings contained in HUMANAE VITAE and FAMILIARIS CONSORTIO, the manuals for marriage preparation and family promotion, and to live out these teachings in their daily lives.

We pledge ourselves to do private and public penance for the sins of the world and for our own sins, so that the good Lord may have mercy upon our world and remove the scourges of contraceptio, sterilization and abortion.


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