Abortion: The Racist's Most Devastating Weapon

Author: A.L.L.


American Life League

Now the womb of the Black woman is seen as the latest battleground for oppression. In times past, the Blacks couldn't grow kids fast enough for their 'masters' to harvest. Now that [Black] power is near, the 'masters' want us to call a moratorium on having babies. When looked at in context, the whole [abortion] mess adds up to blatant genocide.

Erma Clardy Craven, chairwoman, Minneapolis Commission of Human Relations.[1]

Anti-Life Philosophy.

If abortion becomes illegal, incredible numbers of poor women, including many women of oppressed nationalities, will die horrible deaths ... there is a very racist side to the bourgeoisie's attacks on abortion. When women of color are denied control of their own reproduction, this contributes to the overall conditions of national oppression in this country ...

Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States.[2]

Abortion Is Racial Genocide!

Government family planning programs designed for poor Blacks which emphasize birth control and abortion with the intent of limiting the Black population is genocide. The deliberate killing of Black babies by abortion is genocide perhaps the most overt form of all.

                                                                                                         Dick Gregory.[3]

The Argument.

Pro-abortionists commonly argue that any pro-life activism directed towards the elimination of legal abortion (or the refusal to fund abortions for poor women) is racist, because 'women of color' would not be able to exercise their "rights" in the same manner as White women.

Whose "Rights?"

Unscrupulous pro-abortionists have made clear their contempt for minorities ever since Margaret Sanger railed against Blacks in her Birth Control Review more than a half-century ago.

So why do they cry so loudly about "women of color" now?

The answer is quite obvious. They are using Black and poor women as a cover to protect their "right" to kill their own unborn children. After all, there would not be much public sympathy for the typical abortion patient, who happens to be White, 22 years old, unmarried (and therefore pregnant as a result of fornication), and perfectly capable of paying for her own abortion(s).

Two False Assumptions.

Pro-abortionists who argue that minority women must have easy access to abortion make two false implicit (unstated) assumptions;

• That all people must have equal access to everything, bad or good, in the name of equality. This is equivalent to saying that the criminalization of drug use is racist, because 'women of color' are generally poor, and cannot afford the very latest and most potent drugs, and

• That abortion is a desirable 'good' that must be made available to all women by society.

The Overt Racists in the Pro-Abortion Movement.

Planned Parenthood's policies are made by upper-middle-class White people who have a fetish about controlling the reproductive capacities of others, especially those who are poor and Black.

                                                                                             Erma Clardy Craven.[4]

Planned Parenthood's Role.

Planned Parenthood, founded by racist/eugenicist Margaret Sanger, promotes abortion relentlessly among Blacks. More than 80 percent of PP's sixty efficient abortion mills are located in areas generally classified as 'inner city.' These areas possess a very large proportion of minorities: Usually more than fifty percent.

In fact, the number of abortion clinics in a large city generally correlates closely to the size of that town's minority population. Figure 78-1 shows that there are at least fifty percent more abortion clinics per million people in cities that have large minority populations, compared to those cities with smaller minority populations.


[A medium text size on your computer's 'view' setting is recommended, otherwise, the tables may be discombobulated.]

                                                                                 Population                 Per
            (Millions)                                                     Percent     Total    Million
Metropolitan Statistical Area   Total    Minority  Minority  Clinics   People


San Antonio, Texas                      1.298      0.763       58.8%         12          9.2
Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Florida   3.065      1.395       45.5%         26          8.5
Memphis, Tennessee                    0.983      0.420       42.7%           6          6.1
Los Angeles-Anaheim-
   Riverside, California                13.897      5.364       38.6%         61          4.4
   Texas                                       3.608       1.357       37.6%        25           6.9
New Orleans, Louisiana               1.326      0.497       37.5%          9           6.8
NY City-Northern NJ-Long Island,
   NY-NJ-CT                            18.114      5.779       31.9%         72          4.0
Chicago-Gary-Lake County,
   IL-IN-WI                                 8.200      2.509        30.6%        34          4.2
Norfolk-Virginia Beach-
   Newport News, VA                 1.370      0.416       30.4%           2          1.5
Richmond-Petersburg, Virginia     0.843      0.255       30.2%           5          5.9
Washington, DC                          3.724      1.117       30.0%         32          8.6
Birmingham, Alabama                  0.936      0.275       29.4%           7          7.5
Baltimore, Maryland                     2.373      0.631       26.6%          8          3.4
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas             3.752      0.953       25.4%        21          5.6
Atlanta, Georgia                           2.771      0.687       24.8%        11          5.1
TOTALS                                   66.260    22.418       33.8%      331          5.0


Milwaukee-Racine, Wisconsin     1.569       0.226      14.4%          6           3.8
Dayton-Springfield, Ohio             0.944       0.134      14.2%          6           6.4
Louisville, Kentucky-Indiana        0.971       0.135       13.9%         4           4.2
Columbus, Ohio                          1.342       0.165      12.3%          4           3.0
Hartford-New Britain-
   Middletown-Bristol, CN           1.122       0.138      12.3%          5           4.5
Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana               1.727       0.209      12.1%          3           1.7
Buffalo-Niagara Falls, New York 1.185      0.141      11.9%           3          2.5
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma           0.983      0.115      11.7%           4          4.1
Rochester, New York                  0.991      0.113      11.4%           2          2.0
Pittsburgh-Beaver Valley, PA       2.299      0.200        8.7%           6          2.6
   Brockton, MA                          3.735      0.310        8.3%         10          2.7
Seattle-Tacoma, Washington        2.388      0.160        6.7%           8          3.4
Salt Lake City-Ogden, Utah        1.066       0.065        6.1%           2          1.9
   Woonsocket, RI                       0.912      0.052        5.7%           3           3.3
Portland-Vancouver, Oregon-
   Washington                              1.388       0.068        4.9%           3          2.2
Minneapolis-St. Paul,
   Minnesota-Wisconsin               2.389       0.086        3.6%           5          2.1
TOTALS                                   25.011      2.317        9.3%         74          3.0

References. (1) United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Reference Data Book and Guide to Sources, Statistical Abstract of the United States. Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office. 1990 (110th Edition), 991 pages. Table 38, "Fifty Largest Metropolitan Areas Black and Hispanic Origin Populations: 1988." (2) The number of abortion clinics in each city was compiled by examining the corresponding 1988 and 1989 Yellow Pages, under the headings "Abortion," "Birth Control Information," "Clinics," and "Physicians." An "abortion clinic" is defined here as a single physical location where one or more physicians perform abortions as a large portion of their practice.

The Founder's Views.

Perhaps the most cherished goal of Margaret Sanger was to eliminate the Black race. She envisioned a program that would

... hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.[5]

This quote causes us to conclude that Planned Parenthood possesses at least a rudimentary if crude sense of humor. The recipient of the very first Margaret Sanger Award in 1963 (bestowed for outstanding dedication to PP's racist principles) was none other than Martin Luther King the best-known Black minister of his time!

As everyone knows, the future of any country or race lies with its children. Therefore, the most efficient method possible for eliminating an entire race would be to destroy its children. And, of course, the easiest and most efficient way to destroy children is to "nip them in the bud," so to speak by killing them before they are born.

Sanger believed that minority human beings were nothing more than farm animals to be bred or aborted, and this view is reflected in the lurid terms she applied to those who did not measure up to her high standards of perfection.

Sanger's racist viewpoint saturated her writings. For example, she referred to Blacks and Jews as "bad stock," and to her Master Race as a "race of thoroughbreds" in the November 1921 Birth Control Review.

In the April 1933 issue of the same publication, she declared that "[Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are] Human weeds ... a deadweight of human waste ... [Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a] menace to the race ... Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need ... We must prevent multiplication of this bad [Black] stock."

It is interesting that the masthead slogan of the Birth Control Review was "Creating a Race of Thoroughbreds." In 1933, the magazine featured an article entitled "Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need," authored by Adolf Hitler's Director of Genetic Sterilization and founder of the Nazi Society for Racial Hygiene Ernst Rudin!

Lothrop Stoddard sat on the board of the American Birth Control League (later Planned Parenthood) in the 1930s, when Margaret Sanger headed it. Havelock Ellis, one of Sanger's lovers, enthusiastically endorsed Stoddard's book The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy in Sanger's magazine The Birth Control Review.[6] In this book (introduced by fellow racist/eugenicist Madison Grant), Stoddard demonstrates beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt the intimate connections between abortion, eugenics and goal-oriented racism;[7]

 ... upon the quality of human life all else depends ... none of the colored races shows perceptible signs of declining birth-rate, all tending to breed up to the limits of available subsistence ... It can mean only one thing: a tremendous and steadily augmenting outward thrust of surplus colored men from overcrowded colored homelands ... But many of these relatively empty [Northern] lands have been definitely set aside by the White man as his own special heritage ...

His ["colored" man's] outstanding quality is superabundant animal vitality. In this he easily surpasses all other races. To it he owes his intense emotionalism. To it, again, is due his extreme fecundity, the negro being the quickest of breeders. This abounding vitality shows in many other ways, such as the negro's ability to survive harsh conditions of slavery under which other races have soon succumbed ... black blood, once entering a human stock, seems never really bred out again ...

White men cannot, under peril of their vary race-existence, allow wholesale Asian immigration into White race-areas ... The grim truth of the matter is this: The whole White race is exposed, immediately or ultimately, to the possibility of social sterilization and final replacement or absorption by the teeming colored races.

And, of course, the more primitive a type is, the more prepotent it is. This is why crossings with the negro are uniformly fatal. Whites, Amerindians, or Asiatics all are alike vanquished by the invincible prepotency of the more primitive, generalized, and lower negro blood.

 ... whether we consider interwhite migrations or colored encroachments on White lands, the net result is an expansion of lower and a contraction of higher stocks, the process being thus a disgenic one.

For race-betterment is such an intensely practical matter! When peoples come to realize that the quality of the population is the source of all their prosperity, progress, security, and even existence; we shall see much-abused "eugenics" actually moulding social programmes and political policies ... we or the next generation will take in hand the problem of race-depreciation, and segregation of defectives and abolition of handicaps penalizing the better stocks will put an end to our present racial decline.

Notice how, near the end of the second paragraph, Stoddard lets slip that he does not consider Blacks to be human.

Does this sound familiar?

Remember that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, heartily approved of the contents of Stoddard's book.

Notice also how Stoddard waxes prophetic in the last paragraph. His prophecy, unfortunately, has finally been transformed into practice. It is our benighted generation that has taken up the task of "abolishing handicaps" and dealing with "race-depreciation" by employing the devastatingly effective weapon of racially-directed abortion.

Staying the Course.

Although it has been challenged to do so many times, Planned Parenthood has never once repudiated the racist attitude or writings of Margaret Sanger. Quite the contrary: The organization is extremely proud of her views!

Faye Wattleton, former president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (and who is herself a token Black), stated at PPFA's annual luncheon in St. Louis, on May 2, 1979, "I believe Margaret Sanger would have been proud of us today if she had seen the directions that we have most recently in this organization taken."[8]

And Planned Parenthood's work continues. Sanger's grandson, Alexander C. Sanger, became President and Chief Executive Officer of Planned Parenthood of New York City in January of 1991. This organization has a budget of $18 million a year and 250 full-time workers. Sanger boasted that

I intend to be out on the front lines of our issues. That is why I'm here ... Right now, we have three clinics in this city and I want ten more. We currently have a small storefront office in central Harlem, and it is my first priority to see if we can transform that into a clinic ... With all her success, my grandmother left some unfinished business, and I intend to finish it.[9]

Seeing how his grandmother desired to "exterminate the Black race," a clinic in Harlem would certainly be an efficient way to "finish it."

The racists have every reason to be proud. There currently exists a deadly inequity between the abortion ratios of White women and minority women in this country. Figures 78-2 and 78-3 show that minority women obtain abortions at more than twice the rate that White women do. This lends credibility to Erma Clardy Craven's statement that abortion is racial genocide. It also dovetails quite nicely with Planned Parenthood's racist philosophy of "more children from the fit, less from the unfit."


                                                                                  Annual Abortions Per
                           Legal Abortions                                  1,000 Women

Year        Total            White        Minority       White      Minority     Ratio

1972        586,800         455,300        131,500        11.8          21.7         184%
1973        744,600         569,200        175,400        13.5          27.9         207%
1974        898,600         648,000        250,600        15.4          33.7         219%
1975     1,034,200         701,000        333,200        17.2          49.7         289%
1976     1,179,300         784,600        394,700        18.8          56.3         299%
1977     1,316,700         888,100        427,900        20.9          59.0         282%
1978     1,409,400         969,400        440,000        22.3          58.7         263%
1979     1,497,700      1,062,400        435,300        24.0          56.2         234%
1980     1,553,900      1,093,600        460,300        24.3          56.5         228%
1981     1,577,300      1,107,700        469,600        24.3          55.9         229%
1982     1,573,900      1,095,200        478,700        23.8          55.5         233%
1983     1,575,000      1,084,400        490,600        23.3          55.5         237%
1984     1,577,200      1,078,900        498,300        23.1          54.3         235%
1985     1,588,100      1,066,500        521,600        22.6          55.5         246%
1986     1,475,000         997,600        477,400        22.5          57.0         253%
1987     1,510,000      1,002,600        507,400        22.8          58.5         257%
1988     1,540,000      1,007,000        533,000        23.5          59.6         254%
1989     1,520,000      1,012,200        507,800        22.4          57.8         258%
1990     1,535,000      1,023,600        511,400        22.7          57.9         255%
1991     1,545,000      1,004,500        540,500        22.6          58.5         259%
1992     1,540,000         998,500        541,500        23.3          59.1         254%
           28,777,700    19,651,000     9,126,700        23.1          57.0         247%

References. (1) United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Reference Data Book and Guide to Sources, Statistical Abstract of the United States. Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office. 1990 (110th Edition). Table 100, "Legal Abortions Estimated Number, Rate, and Ratio, By Race: 1972 to 1985." (2) S.J.D. Forrest, E. Sullivan, and C. Tietze. "Abortion in the United States, 1978-1979." Alan Guttmacher Institute, Family Planning Perspectives, Vol. 13, No. 1, 1981. (3) Peggy Cuddy. "Abortion and Racial Genocide." ALL About Issues, October 1983, pages 23 and 24.


References. (1) United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Reference Data Book and Guide to Sources, Statistical Abstract of the United States. Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office. 1990 (110th Edition). Table 100, "Legal Abortions Estimated Number, Rate, and Ratio, By Race: 1972 to 1985." (2) S.J.D. Forrest, E. Sullivan, and C. Tietze. "Abortion in the United States, 1978-1979." Alan Guttmacher Institute, Family Planning Perspectives, Vol. 13, No. 1, 1981. (3) Peggy Cuddy. "Abortion and Racial Genocide." ALL About Issues, October 1983, pages 23 to 26.

Current Racism.

The attitude of utter contempt towards minorities waxes strong among latter-day abortionists. Perhaps this is because more than 90 percent of all abortionists are White males. These killers have been far more effective and deadly at exterminating the Black race than any number of goose-stepping Nazi goons could ever be; the abortionists have labored in anonymity, virtually unchallenged behind their formidable wall of attorneys and corrupt judges, as they have exterminated more than eight million Black babies.

Delores Bernadette Grier, in her testimony before the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee during its May 1990 hearing on the so-called "Freedom of Choice Act," said that "Black women never requested, demanded nor demonstrated for the right to have an abortion. It was thrust upon us as a solution to our social and economic crises. The White master is still telling Black people what is best for us death instead of life. 97 percent of the abortionists who kill unborn Black babies are White American males ..."[10]

Edwardian Slips.

Sometimes the White racist mega-abortionists even 'slip up' in public and reveal their true feelings and objectives, as shown in the following quotes.

I would do free abortions in Mexico to stem the new influx of Hispanic immigrants. Their lack of respect for democracy and social order is frightening ... When a sullen Black woman of 17 or 18 can decide to have a baby and get welfare and food stamps and become a burden to all of us, it's time to stop. In parts of South Los Angeles, having babies for welfare is the only industry these people have.

                                                                     California abortionist Edward Allred.[11]

Above all, society must grasp the grim relationship between unwanted children and the violent rebellion of minority groups.

Lawrence Lader, co-founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League.[12]

Legal abortion will result in a reduction in welfare roles.

                                                               National Abortion Rights Action League.[13]

Even far-Left and Marxist theorists occasionally become momentarily coherent and recognize the starkly racist nature of the abortion-mad population controllers. Alexander Cockburn, one of the most prolific writers on the Left, declared that

The not-so-concealed theme of some major figures in NARAL [National Abortion Rights Action League] and NOW [National Organization for Women] was that abortion should be legal because the most prolific breeders were welfare mothers from the dangerous classes ... the leader of NARAL in New York lobbied against the provisions to protect poor minority women from involuntary sterilization, and so did Planned Parenthood.[14]

Slaughtering Black Women for Money.

White male abortionists not only kill Black babies, they also kill young Black women at a tremendous rate.

Chapter 59, "Maternal Deaths Due to Abortion," lists the names of nearly two hundred women who have died of so-called "safe and legal" abortion. The races of 118 of these women has been positively identified. The dead women included 42 Blacks, 17 Latinas, 7 Orientals, and 52 Whites. This means that 56 percent of all known legal abortion deaths have occurred among minority women.

By comparison, Figure 78-2 shows that minority women obtain only 30.8% of all abortions.

This means that the death rate among minority women who obtain abortions is fully three times higher than that of White women who abort (7.0 per 100,000 abortions for Black women and 2.2 per 100,000 abortions for White women). This number is confirmed by Planned Parenthood, which has admitted that the risks of abortion for Black women are more than three times as high as for White women. Planned Parenthood states that the death rates for second-trimester abortions for Black and White women respectively are 24.8 and 6.8 deaths per 100,000 abortions.[15]

The death rate among poor minority women may be even higher than this estimate, because such women have been disenfranchised from the system and do not trust attorneys or anything to do with litigation, for good reason and therefore do not press their claims.

Nobody seems to care about this continuing slaughter, least of all those who hypocritically call themselves "pro-choice." In fact, the pro-aborts put on their best 'indignant' act and puff up with anger and rage whenever anyone suggests that they might be supporting genocide. For example, Helen I. Howe, a spokesperson for the phony front group that calls itself the 'Religious' Coalition for Abortion Rights, alleged that "RCAR views it as an insult to black women to make the generalized claim that abortions performed on black women are genocide."[16]

What is the truth in this matter?

One Black mother, Mattie Byrd, recently mourned her dead daughter Belinda in a letter to a friend as she said that

I cry every day when I think of how horrible her death was. She was slashed by them and then she bled to death ... Where is [the abortionist] now? Has he been stopped? Has anything happened to him because of what he did to my Belinda? ... People tell me nothing has happened, that nothing ever happens to White abortionists who leave young Black women dead.[17]

Stephen Pine of the Inglewood Women's Hospital was the busy abortionist who killed Belinda Byrd. She was his 74th abortion of the day!

Pine perforated Byrd's uterus and she died three days later. As a partial result of this botched abortion, the Inglewood Women's Hospital had its license revoked by the State of California and closed down. However, money is a great motivator, and it opened only two weeks later with a different name: The West Coast Women's Medical Group. It was subsequently bought by mega-abortionist Edward Allred (who has also killed several women), and still functions to this day.

The New Eugenics.

Legal abortion will result in a reduction in welfare roles.

                                                      The National Abortion Rights Action League.[13]

Spawn of a Rotten Seed.

The eugenics movement is inherently and irreversibly racist because it considers minorities to be handicapped or somehow deficient because of their skin color. Chapter 105 of Volume III, "Eugenics," describes in detail how this movement flourished in the United States during the 1920s, and how this line of thought led to the establishment of the Nazi eugenics program in the early 1930s.

One of the first eugenicists was none other than Charles Darwin, who wrote in his work The Descent of Man that;

With savages, the weak in body or mind are soon eliminated; and those that survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health. We civilized men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check the process of elimination; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick; we institute poorlaws; and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the life of everyone to the last moment. There is reason to believe that vaccination has preserved thousands, who from a weak constitution would formerly have succumbed to smallpox. Thus the weak members of civilized society propagate their kind.

No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man. It is surprising how soon a want of care, or care wrongly directed, leads to the degeneration of a domestic race; but excepting in the case of man himself, hardly anyone is do ignorant as to allow his worst animals to breed.[18]

A Eugenics Expert Speaks.

A very concise and complete summation of the innate racism of the fully-devolved eugenicist philosophy is provided to us by Norman E. Hines in his 1938 book Practical Birth-Control Methods;

All the rights we have are those granted to us by society. Certainly there is no natural right to spawn defective children who must be supported by others through taxation or charity. The crisis in this instance is the enormous expense to the state of the care of the defective classes and the contamination of the biological stock which results from their reproduction ... While sterilization is no substitute for segregation, it is also true that segregation is no substitute for sterilization. They must go hand in hand.

Ever since the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany an objection that has frequently been raised against eugenical sterilization is that a voluntary sterilization program may turn into a compulsory one. Some thoughtful people sincerely fear this. But the history of eugenical sterilization in the United States and in other democratic countries offers little warrant for the contention. This is the old fallacy of ultimate danger; that if we take step A, it would lead to step B; that if we take step B. it may lead to step C, and so forth without end. The evidence now available shows that even in Nazi Germany, where there is a great deal of compulsion that would not be tolerated by citizens who believe in democracy, there has been as yet no attempt to sterilize any special racial group ...

Most of the objections to eugenical sterilization are based upon unfounded fears, insufficient knowledge, or faulty reasoning. None of the objections has substantial merit. They are comparable to the arguments made ten years ago against birth control, even by some supposedly well-informed individuals, that birth-control devices caused sterility, necessarily led to immorality, would cause 'race suicide,' were unreliable, etc.

... we do not need the defective classes. They are already an excessive burden upon the State. A few special students of the problem even believe that our society is undergoing a "moronization" process; that the intelligence level of the American people is declining because the gifted have few children and the stupid many ... Probably it will take society a span of years to learn how to use it [eugenic sterilization] properly as a weapon for its own improvement ...[19]

Note the author's representation and summation of classic eugenicist theories, which, despite their antique quaintness, are still deadly poisonous to this day;

• that all rights are granted by the State, even the right to life of the handicapped;

• that "defectives" are expensive and "contaminate the biological stock," and therefore society does not need "the defective classes;"

• that the slippery slope theory (here called the "ultimate danger fallacy" has no merit, and, in fact, all anti-eugenicist arguments are baseless and originate from ignorance; and

• that birth control methods are reliable, do not cause physical damage, do not lead to immorality, and may one day be compulsory.

It is amusing indeed that Hines tried bravely to debunk the "ultimate danger" (slippery slope) theory by stating that there was "little warrant" for the contention that Nazi Germany's voluntary sterilization program might turn into a campaign of compulsory sterilization. Hines' book was first published in August 1938. Unknown to him, a compulsory sterilization program had already begun in Nazi Germany.

He also feigned ignorance of the fact that, by 1938, several states had created Boards of Eugenics that typically endorsed involuntary sterilization and castration for such reasons as "feeble minded, insane, epileptic, habitual criminal, degenerates and sexual perverts reported to it who will probably become a social menace or ward of the State."[20]

So much for disproving the "slippery slope" theory! And yet, modern-day eugenicists are following Hines' lead as they insist that they can control the extent to which their "reforms" are applied in society.

Eugenics Advances in the '60s.

Beginning in 1965, euthanasia and eugenics advocates advanced, almost unseen, behind an almost unbroken string of pro-abortion political and judicial successes. As this multi-pronged wave of death surged forward, the most helpless people of all were naturally the first target they invariably are.

And so, the unborn, the old and infirm, and poor Blacks found themselves in greater danger than ever before.

"Good Germans" Again?

As far back as 1971 two years before nationwide legalized abortion the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence found that "The overwhelming majority of White Americans would be 'Good Germans' if the government turned to massive racial repression."[21]

Why was this study performed in the first place unless members of the Commission perceived an actual threat?

As it turned out, there was ample cause for the Commission's concern; experts testified that there had already been many cases of outright propaganda and coercion directed against minorities by governmental and quasi-governmental agencies in numerous States;

• In the 1960s, Chicago's Planned Parenthood Association sponsored birth control "coffee parties" all over the Black sections of the city but not a single one in the White-dominated suburbs.[22]

• Representatives of Federally financed family planning programs sent a brigade of "home visitors" and public assistance workers to thousands of homes of indigent Black Pittsburgh women in order to coerce them into visiting and making use of family planning clinic's services. If a woman did not immediately comply, workers would directly threaten her with a cutoff of all public assistance if she had any more children. When Black citizens exposed this coercion and called it "genocide," the Pittsburgh Antipoverty Board voted down funds from the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) that would have continued Planned Parenthood clinics in six of the city's poorer neighborhoods.[23]

• In the 1960s, the South Carolina and Delaware Legislatures considered laws that would mandate the sterilization of all welfare mothers after they had borne two children out of wedlock. In New York, municipal judges commonly offered women the choice of sterilization or no welfare money.[24]

• Dr. Constance Redbird Uri testified before her State legislature that "What is family planning for Indians? The highest priority is abortion. We have been controlled by your government for 200 years now, but you have another weapon [abortion]. We often doubt whether we will be here in another 200 years."

• Raoul Silva testified that "California is waging a war of genocide against Blacks, Latins, and Indians. They offer abortions to minority women who don't even ask and they get teenage girls to decide for abortion before they're pregnant. That's how they play the genocide game in Los Angeles County."[25]

And They're Still At It ...

The corrupt and racist theory of eugenics, which seeks to create a "race of thoroughbreds" through birth control, abortion, and sterilization (without consent, if necessary) certainly did not die with Adolf Hitler in 1945. It is worrisome indeed to discover that some of the world's most distinguished and influential scholars and social engineers still advocate the widespread use of eugenics to rid society of its ever-present "undesirable elements."

• Two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling has suggested that those who carry "dysfunctional genes" have information on their disabilities tattooed in code onto their foreheads.[26] While we're at it, why don't we take just a few extra minutes and tattoo the numbers "666" there as well?

• 'Distinguished' biologist John Maynard Smith would like to give tax breaks and bonuses to the educated and intelligent who have children and heavily penalize others (i.e. minorities and those with "dysfunctional genes."[27]

• Perhaps not surprisingly, the omnipresent population controller Garrett Hardin weighed in with his eugenicist views in the June 1992 issue of Omni Magazine; "It would be better to encourage the breeding of more intelligent people rather than the less intelligent. ZPG's entire attraction has been among the college population. So in effect, ZPG is encouraging college-educated people to have fewer children instead of encouraging reduced fertility among the less intelligent."[28]

• A Washington state doctor, Bruce Tracy, urged the state Senate to provide sterilization bounties for women on welfare. The measure, Senate Bill 6379, sponsored by Senator Scott Barr, would pay $10,000 to a woman if she agreed to be neutered after her first child, and $5,000 if she agreed after the second child. The bill would also give $500 to men who got neutered after fathering a welfare child.[29]

NORPLANT: Abort 'Em or Neuter 'Em.

It takes little imagination to see that the unborn Black baby is the real object of many abortionists. Except for the privilege of aborting herself, the Black woman and her family must fight for every other social and economic privilege ... The quality of life for the poor, Black, and the oppressed will not be served by destroying their children.

                                                                                             Erma Clardy Craven.[4]


Abortion is a marvelously efficient weapon for the population controllers, but it has its drawbacks. It is expensive, messy, and worst of all it is being exposed as a racist institution by the very people the abortionists accuse of being prejudiced.

For decades, the popcon fanatics have dreamed about a means of neutering minority women that would be quick, efficient, and private. And the concept of a "safe and handy" abortifacient is certainly nothing new. A quarter-century ago, Garrett Hardin and other population theorists fantasized that the dominant "contraceptive" of the future would be an efficient abortifacient pill.[30]

Your Wish is Granted, Master.

It appears that the science genie has finally granted the population controller's wish. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the abortifacient "contraceptive" NORPLANT for public use on December 10, 1990.

This "contraceptive," supposedly effective for a period of five years, consists of six small plastic tubes inserted into a woman's upper arm. Once implanted, these tubes slowly release the drug levonorgestrel, an abortifacient that prevents implantation of the developing human being. A woman being used by NORPLANT will therefore be blissfully unaware that she is aborting several times each year.

The FDA warns that NORPLANT "... should not be used by women who have acute liver disease, unexplained vaginal bleeding, breast cancer, or blood clots in the legs, lungs, or eyes."

The ominously-named Population Council owns the patent for NORPLANT and will reap four percent of the colossal profits that will accrue from use of the drug. It is produced by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories in Philadelphia, a subsidiary of American Home Products, and will cost about $500 to insure about five years of sterility.[31]

For more information on NORPLANT, see Chapter 33.

The Dark Side of the Power.

Many people, including Law Professor Charles Rice of Notre Dame university, see a dark side to the great convenience of NORPLANT. Certain countries, including South Africa, have made the injectable abortifacient Depo-Provera mandatory for teenaged schoolgirls, female prisoners, welfare recipients, and the mentally handicapped. And now, radical thinkers are tentatively suggesting that NORPLANT be made mandatory in certain cases for women in the United States (for more information on how the United States ships dangerous birth-control devices overseas in great quantities, see Chapter 131 in Volume III, "Overpopulation").


With so many influential people pushing abortion and birth control on poor minority women, it is inevitable that the secret will slip out occasionally. Strangely, these stories seem to have little effect on the blissfully unaware public. Typically, those pro-abortion groups that claim to be fighting for the rights of minorities ignore these racist incidents entirely.

In a classic recent example, deputy editorial page editor Donald Kimelman of the Philadelphia Enquirer stated in a December 12, 1990 article, ominously entitled "Poverty and NORPLANT: Can Contraception Reduce the Underclass?" that

As we read these two stories [about NORPLANT and Black poverty], we asked ourselves: Dare we mention them in the same breath? To do so might be considered deplorably insensitive, perhaps raising the specter of eugenics. But it would be worse to avoid drawing the logical conclusion that foolproof contraception could be invaluable in breaking the cycle of inner city poverty one of America's greatest challenges.[32]

Kimelman continued by suggesting that welfare mothers could be implanted with NORPLANT for free and perhaps receive increased welfare benefits as a reward. He apparently failed to realize that this was one of the first elements of the coercive Chinese population program that now features mandatory sterilization and forced abortions even in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Who is the Target?

We might ask ourselves this question: If Kimelman and his fellow "thinkers" were truly concerned about poverty in general, why did he not also recommend the use of NORPLANT for poor White women?

Others apparently asked this same question. Vanessa Williams, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists, called Kimelman's article "A tacit endorsement of slow genocide."[33]

Inquirer columnist Steve Lopez sarcastically suggested on December 16th that contraception would not reduce the underclass quite so fast as "just shooting them."

The Enquirer publicly apologized for its racist article on the 22nd of December, after a wave of complaints. But the damage had been done; the truly racist nature of the thinking of some very influential people had been exposed once again.

Abortion As Human Culling. Kimelman was not the only racist journalist to step on his tongue after NORPLANT was released to the public. Anthony Bouza, the former Minneapolis Police Chief and columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, wrote a 1990 Mother's Day editorial with the incredibly oxymoronic title "A Mother's Day Wish: Make Abortion Available to All Women."

He described the "at risk" population as "poor, Black and Indian," and said that their offspring are "marked for failure." Then he went on by stating that

When abortions are illegal, poor women deliver and keep their babies. Then they plunk them in front of a TV set, watch them get abused and conditioned to violence by parades of males, and expose them to all the factors the criminologists describe as the precursors to a life of crime ... Making abortions freely available to the impoverished young women who produce our criminals is very likely the most important crime-prevention measure adopted in this country in the last 25 years.[34]

Bouza's astounding racist stupidity is even more remarkable in light of the fact that he is a former police chief. If his thesis is true that abortion is our "most important crime-prevention measure" why is our country's rape rate 250 percent higher than it was before abortion was legalized in 1973? Why has our murder rate doubled in the last twenty years? Why has child abuse exploded more than 500 percent during the same period? Why is our prison population now nearly one million, double what it was before Roe v. Wade? If abortion is so effective at "crime-fighting," why does the United States possess the dubious distinction of having the largest percentage of its population imprisoned among all the countries of the world, including the former Soviet Union, Cuba, and South Africa?

Don't expect answers to these questions from pro-abortionists especially pro-abortion journalists. They have a very big axe to grind, and nobody had better bother them with the facts.

Journalists Kimelman and Bouza are not the only people who think that abortion can be used to cull out society's "undesirable elements" who, incidentally, always seem to come from minority populations.

Dr. David A. Hamburg of the psychiatry department of the Stanford University Medical School has approved of the UNESCO (United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization) theory that abortion might be a way to prevent a future Genghis Khan or Hitler from being born.[35] The implementation of such an abortion program would require the mandatory genetic testing of all unborn babies via amniocentesis or chorionic villi sampling (CVS), and the mandatory abortion of those babies whose genes were deemed "unsatisfactory" by the eugenicists. This figure would vary from 20 to 50 percent of all pregnancies.

Getting With the Program.

Immediately after NORPLANT was introduced to the public, several judges ordered women (usually poor Blacks) onto the drug because they had been convicted of the abuse of previous children. In one such case, Tulare County (California) Superior Court Judge Howard R. Broadman gave Darlene Johnson a very simple but coercive choice: Be sterilized with NORPLANT or go to jail for two to four years.[36]

Number One on the Hit Parade.

Of course, NORPLANT is not the only tool used by modern racists to neuter women from "undesirable" classes. The all-time number one favorite tool for this purpose has been and is the "Mississippi Appendectomy" surgical sterilization without knowledge or full informed consent of those being operated on.

The United States court system bestowed its imprimatur upon eugenic sterilization in 1927, when Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote the majority opinion in the Court's Buck v. Bell decision, which upheld the enforced sterilization of poor Black women. Holmes held that; "We have seen more than once that the public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives. It would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices ... Three generations of imbeciles are enough."[37]

Following the lead of the Supreme Court, thirty states had enacted laws that mandated sterilization for the poor by 1933.[38] This eugenic sterilization law was reversed by the Supreme Court only as recently as 1972. But the damage had been done.

These laws followed the Model Eugenical Sterilization Law, promulgated by Harry H. Laughlin, director of the Eugenics Record Office. They called for the sterilization of criminals, mental patients, the retarded, the blind, deaf, diseased, and alcoholics, and for dependents upon society the homeless, orphans, and tramps.[39] It was not coincidental that Blacks made up a percentage of those sterilized that was grossly out of proportion to their actual representation in such "undesirable classes."

From 1924 to the early 1970s, more than 7,500 poor men and women (almost all of them Black) were forcibly sterilized in the State of Virginia alone. Of course, these operations were performed in approved "mental health facilities" on "unwed mothers, prostitutes, petty criminals and children with disciplinary problems."[40]

Other laws drafted by American eugenicists mandated segregation of those with birth defects and mental disabilities in state-run institutions. No inmate ever left these places with their reproductive organs intact they were all neutered like stray dogs. In some states, all of those inmates who carried hereditary disabilities were sterilized. Other state regulations mandated contraceptive use by all whose family history indicated a predisposition towards serious hereditary defects.[40]

A person with common sense might think that this type of thinking would die out after the eugenics-driven horrors of World War II. Unfortunately, those who long for a better world right now always desire it at the expense of those they consider inferior to themselves.

Destroying Cultures to Improve Them.

We hope these words will be carried by the four winds, to reach the ears and hearts of all our Indian Tribes, so that they may learn of the dangers to our tribal survival and be strong against the new enemy ... We belong to a culture that holds all life to be sacred ... This belief has sustained our people throughout the long struggle for survival ... The whiteman's culture that kills its unborn is foreign to our way of life ... The Great Spirit gave to the Indian Woman the duty to look after each succeeding generation ... The whiteman's solution to the Indian Woman's poverty is to kill her unborn.

                                                               Indian Women United for Social Justice.[41]

Because of the nature of our country and the free exchange of ideas, truly effective racist policies must "go underground" and employ total secrecy in order to remain in existence. The classic example of this is the concentration of abortion mills in minority neighborhoods, as described earlier in this chapter.

However, there exists a huge and extremely powerful network of organizations that practices overt racism on a grand and international scale. As these institutions, larded with Western money, hold entire nations captive, the American press feigns ignorance and disinterest.

There are several multinational lending corporations in existence today that loan huge sums of money to developing countries so that they may develop and construct large-scale projects to improve the low standard of living of their citizens. The World Bank, for example, has for several years been considering a multi-billion dollar loan to the People's Republic of China for the purpose of constructing the mammoth Three Gorge Project, which would provide electricity and flood control for the large and fertile Dongting plain north of Changsha.

However, in the mid-1960s, Paul Ehrlich's book The Population Bomb kicked off the modern expression of the radical population control movement. This movement, laden with radical environmentalists, sees overpopulation as the root of all evils. Groups like Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club have been bringing pressure to bear on international lending institutions, demanding that they attach population-control "strings" to their loans.

These loan preconditions lately feature coercive population-control conditions that, in many cases, give the receiving country a choice: Implement our Western values regarding family and population, and you will get your loan. Otherwise starve!

Reverend Peter Proeku Dery of Tamale, Ghana, stated that "The World Bank denied loans to Ghana until my country agreed to institute a nationwide contraception and family-planning policy. There was also pressure to legalize abortion. The people have so far been able to prevent this, but for how long, I don't know."

The United Nations Fund for Population Assistance (UNFPA), the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, and many other rich Western organizations have taken it upon themselves to impose their (per)version of the "perfect world" on other countries. To the extent that this vision provides clean drinking water, sanitation, medical facilities and education, there can be little objection.

But when these institutions demand that poor countries employ population control measures that conflict with their ideology and customs, we are engaging in what can only be called racist "contraceptive imperialism."

The Ultimate Impact of Abortion.

I fully support the right to life of every human being, from conception until natural death. In addition, I unequivocally endorse a total Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, that would promote the value and integrity of every human life.

                                                                                                      Dick Gregory.[42]

As described in Chapter 48, "The Demographic Effects of Abortion," no race or country can continue to exist if it aborts more than half of its heritage. Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, and most other European countries are learning the lessons dealt by this painful and apparently irreversible process right now.

If the Black race continues to abort at its current rate, it will inevitably occupy a smaller and smaller percentage of this country's population in comparison to other races, as shown in Figure 78-4. In general, groups of people exert a degree of political and social influence that is roughly proportional to their representation in terms of population. Therefore, as a group slowly shrinks, its influence will shrink at a similar rate. The Black race has always suffered from a disproportionately small degree of influence in society; it simply cannot afford to lose any more.


References: Calculations are based upon demographic data contained in United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Reference Data Book and Guide to Sources, Statistical Abstract of the United States. Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office. 1990 (110th Edition), 991 pages. Table 11, "Total Population, By Race: 1960 to 1988," Table 14, "Estimated Components of Population Change, By Race: 1960 to 1988," Table 15, "Projections of the Hispanic Population By Age and Sex: 1989 to 2010," and Table 16, "Projections of Total Population, By Race: 1989 to 2025."

At this point in time, the Black race accounts for about fifteen percent of the people in the United States. One hundred years from now, it will constitute only about eleven percent of the total population. What will this do to its ability to effect societal change and advance its own interests?

Only the future will answer this critical question. All we can do now is guess and speculate.

But we do know one thing Maggie Sanger would certainly have been proud!

References: The Racism of Abortion.

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Further Reading: The Racism of Abortion.

Robert Bluford and Robert E. Petres. Unwanted Pregnancy
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