1998 Ad Limina addresses to the U.S. Bishops

Author: Pope John Paul II


Pope John Paul II

Every five years diocesan bishops are required to make a visit "ad limina apostolorum" (to the 'doorstep' of the apostles), to pay their respects at the tombs of the apostles Peter and Paul and to provide the Holy See with an accounting of their ministry during the previous 5 years. During 1998 the bishops of the United States satisfied this obligation. Following are the discourses made by the Holy Father to the bishops of the various regions of the U.S. on the occasion of their audience with him.

Region 1 (New England):
Our most urgent task is to satisfy the spiritual hunger of our times

Region 2 (NY):
When the Church proclaims the truth, she is never marginal

Region 3 (PA, NJ):
The profound Mystery of the Church

Region 4 (DC, MD, DE, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL):
New Evangelization should inspire all your teaching and catechesis

Region 5 (KY, TN, AL, MS, LA):
Be men of supernatural faith and loyalty to Christ and the Church

Region 6 (MI, OH):
Priest's ministry and spiritual life are intimately connected

Region 7 (IL, IN, WI):
Students have the right to the Church's teaching in all its richness

Region 8 (MN, ND, SD):
Promote deeper awareness of the responsibility of lay people

Region 9  (MO, NE, IA, KS):
The Church awaits a renewal of Consecrated Life

Region 10 (TX, OK, AR):
Consciences must be formed to discern the objective moral order

Region 11 (CA, HI, NV):
Stand firmly on the side of life, encouraging those who defend it

Region 12 (WA, OR, MT, ID, AK):
Fidelity to doctrinal foundations must guide all liturgical renewal

Region 13 (UT, AZ, NM, CO, WY):
The role of law in the Church and marital nullity trials

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