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Super Saints
Host - Bob and Penny Lord
Synod of the Family, 2015
Host - NA
Host - Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni
Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie is a unique live daily call-in show. Hosts Jerry Usher and Debbie Georgianni share from their hearts and personal experiences, focusing closely on their listeners and helping them become aware of their tremendous worth and potential. Taking a fresh look at personal, spiritual and cultural issues, their ultimate desire is to bring others to a realization of how much God loves them and has a beautiful plan for their lives.
That They May Have Life
Host - Fr. Pablo Straub
Fr. Pablo Straub, CSSR conducts this in-depth teaching series and study on the seven sacraments, the manner in which we should live our lives in response to them, and the underlying prayer that must support our participation in each of them.
The Angelus with Mother Angelica
Host - Mother Angelica and her Sisters
Please pray the Angelus with Mother and her Sisters.
The Biblical Story of the Mass
Host - Tom Nash, Fr. Wade Menezes
Prefigured in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New, the biblical story of the Mass spans the breadth of Scripture and beyond. What Jesus began on Calvary culminated in everlasting glory in the heavenly sanctuary, and is made present on earth every time Catholics celebrate and partake of our Eucharistic Lord in the Sacrifice of the Mass. Join Father Wade Menezes and EWTN Theology Advisor Tom Nash as they explore “The Biblical Story of the Mass.”
The Carpenter's Shop
Host - Steve Wood
A show designed to help men reach their full potential as husbands and fathers. Host Steve Wood and his guests discuss the importance of the role of the father in today’s society and families.
The Catholic Church through the Ages
Host - Fr. Charles Connor
Fr. Charles P. Connor, Ph.D., offers an historical overview of the significant events and personages contained within the first 15 centuries of the Catholic Church’s existence. Events include the Church’s founding by Christ in the first century through the Reformation and Counter Reformation in the 16th century.
The Catholic Church: Builder of Civilization
Host - Prof. Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
Hosted by Prof. Thomas E. Woods, Jr., this series exposes the fact that contrary to the conventional wisdom, the Catholic Church has been responsible for the vast bulk of what we treasure in Western civilization: science, the university system, Western moral principles, law (domestic and international), economic thought, and much else besides.
The Catholic Vote - 2006
Host - Fr. Frank Pavone
Father Frank Pavone, National Director for Priests for Life, presents a six-part series on the relevance of the upcoming elections in the United States for the protection of human life. He cites several ways to get further involved in the political process.
The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Host - Fr. Kosicki and the nuns
Fr. George Kosicki C.S.B. and the nuns of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery pray this beautiful devotion to God's Mercy
The Chaplet of St. Michael
Host -
The Church and the Poor - A Retreat with Missionaries of the Poor
Host - Fr. Richard Ho Lung, MOP
Fr. Ho Lung, MOP of the Missionaries of the Poor leads us on a series of reflections on what the spiritual life is about.
The Comforter
Host - Fr. Apostoli
Fr. Andrew Apostoli reveals the Holy Spirit's role as comforter.
The Crux of the Matter
Host - Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM (Fathers of Mercy)
Fr. Wade succintly gets to the Crux of the matter, generously sowing the seeds of Our Lord's teachings on the path of life.
The Family Hearth
Host - Brother Bob Fishman
In this series Brother Bob Fishman shares his Jewish roots in oral tradition to make Bible stories and teaching come alive. Gather your loved ones around and enjoy time by The Family Hearth.
The Glory Of The Papacy
Host - Dr. Timothy O'Donnell
Dr. Timothy O'Donnell teaches about the lives of some of the great popes and the turbulent historical periods in which they lived.
The Good Fight
Host - Barbara McGuigan
The Gospel of John
Host - Prof. Tim Gray et al.
Professor Tim Gray and 5 young adults of the FOCUS group, discuss in the 30 mins. show the writings in the Gospel of John. Explaining all the signs and symbolisms.
The Gospel of Life in Healthcare
Host - Fr. Stephen Torraco
The Gospel of Life vs. The Culture of Death
Host - Fr. Wade Menezes, C.P.M. from The Fathers of Mercy
Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM, will address the important questions with concrete examples of how to live the gospel message of life, love, and joy in a society that seeks to devalue the mystery of God's creation.
The Gospel of Matthew "The King and His Kingdom"
Host - Dr. Tim Grey and 4 students from the Augustine
Professor Tim Grey and 4 students from the Augustine discuses the first Gospel in the new Testament: St. Matthew’s. We’ll learn the genealogy of Jesus, the meaning of His parables, and his message of love.
The Great Heresies
Host - Fr. Charles Connor
In the series, The Great Heresies, Fr. Charles Connor of the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania examines how the Catholic Church has handled issues of heresy throughout its history, thereby providing a clarified understanding of the deposit of faith.
The History of the Catholic Church in the U.S.
Host - Fr. Charles Connor
The Holy Rosary with Mother Angelica and the Nuns of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery
Host - Mother Angelica and her sisters
The Holy Spirit at Work in the Church
Host - Fr. Andrew Apostoli
Join Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR, for an enlightening study of the hidden workings of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church. Often called the “forgotten God,” the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity is revealed to be the “Soul of the Church.” Just as the Spirit is the bond of love between the Father and the Son, he shows himself to be the bond of unity between God and the Church, and among all mankind. Anyone striving for holiness will benefit from a closer look at the Sanctifier and Comforter, the Spirit who leads us into the depths of God’s love for us and into the fullness of truth. Anyone desiring deeper intimacy in relationship with Our Lord will find in the Spirit a ready guide. Fr. Apostoli illuminates the many mysterious ways in which the Paraclete promised by Christ leads to purposeful action and more effective ministry, directing the faithful in ways most pleasing to Our Lord.
The Journey Home
Host - Marcus Grodi
Why are so many people, from fallen away Catholics to individuals from other denominations, being drawn home to the Catholic Church? Host Marcus Grodi and his special guests discuss their personal conversion stories.
The Last Things: In Time and Eternity
Host - Colin Donovan and Desmond Birch
The Letters of St. Thérèse
Host - Fr. Jacques Daley
The letters of St. Thérèse reflect her very human struggle to live out the vocation of love to which God called her. With great warmth and sensitivity, host Fr. Jacques Daley delves into these epistles of spiritual direction, spiritual teaching, and spiritual friendship.
The Little Flower
Host - Fr. Jacques Daley
This series hosted by Fr. Jacques Daley, O.S.B. teaches us about one of the most popular saints of the Church, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, the Little Flower. Saint Thérèse is a beautiful example of how we are all called to be saints.
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