Request for prayers
Request for prayers
real friendship
Please pray for employment and healingl
Grand children
Work Issues
Successful serious surgery on 2/11 for Giovanni
Healing for Karen
grandson depression
Pray for healing
Help me because I'm angry
Prayers for daughter
request for prayer for Nena
Prayers for Abundance and Prosperity
Grandfather still in ICU
PRayer asking for safe travels
Broken relationships and family to return to the church
Broken relationships and family to return to the church
More work days
A Catholic Couple
Thanksgiving for prayers answered!
A Real Desperate Prayer
Prayers for Thomas
Prayers for Daniel
Prayer for sister
For my brother Joe,
Prayers for Lucian and Brenda
prayers for Monte McN
healing of epilepsy and healing of breast cancer
My mom has cancer
Request for prayers
religious freedom
friends and relatives
Thelma Needs Prayers Please
Prayer for nephew
Prayer for nephew
Healing of my daughter
Deliverance for nephew, Joshua
Repose of Soul for Monica,
Healing of My Husband and Jobs for My Son and Son in Law
Prayers for my son & his wife & family
Miracles for deliverance and restoration now
Financial needs
mental illness
prayer request
for healing of second degree burns on right foot
Prayer for physical ,emotional and spiritual healing of Bobbi
Request for Prayer for Nena
prayer request
Cancer - USA - Feb 6th
Continued prayers needed for children's school, jobs, family
Thank You Blessed Saint Jude
Prayer Requests
Work Issues
Prayers for Fr. Roger
Nearing end of life - cancer prayer for Larry
Prayer for seminarians of the Caroline Islands
burned throat
Request for Prayer
Prayers for My Health
Prayers for My Husband
Life be all right
Healing Prayers for Susan
Kailey and Bob need our prayers.
request for prayer
Prayers for Phil
Prayers for Nick my son
Healing from depressio
Prayers for Johnny
Spouse's healing and Marriage Restoration
desperate for sleep
Promotion at Work
Cancer treatment
Prays for mom
request for prayer
Health issues possible cancer also
Recovery after heart attack
Prayer for nephew
fired from job
Request for prayers
Extreme Lower Back Pain
Thank You!
Prayer for Swanti to be healed of nodule in her lung and also to be healed of gout
Losing Hope
Blood Cancer and Anxiety
Please pray for us.
Prayer for a high risk mother in labor
request for prayer
recovery from stroke
continuation of the jobs and anxiety prayer
jobs again and anxiety
Say A Prayer
Prayers Needed
Praying for a job for my NEPHEWS DAVID AND STEVEN
friend away from confession
Prayer Intentions
Prayers for my family
Marriage and Family
pray for my children & husband, and our possible move
Prayers for Hermann
niece's health and peace of mind, new job
healing and protection for family
Prayer request
Prayers for Michael
RCIA class
sale of home
Miracle healing for Tom
Special Prayer of Surrender
Say A Prayer For Me and Hugo M.
Osdel - Passed away unexpectedly
Prayer for nephew
Prayer for nephew
Prayer for sister
Prayer request for Dad who has been kidnapped in Nigeria
Young boy in danger of premature organ harvesting
Past sins coming back
Request for prayers
Car accident!
Urgent Prayers for Jacob M.
Say A Prayer For Me.
Prayer for my pension to be processed correctly
Prayer Request - Mental Health, Anxiety, Finance
Prayers for stength and patience
Prostate cancer
Healing of Foot Pain
Prayer for healing -constant catarrh
Prayer for healing of Toolya and Harry
Please Pray for Kathy
Prayers for Connie
Prayers needed for daughter's disernment
Father R and Perpetual Adoration
Request for prayers
My Husband's Cancer
Help my family get through loss of loved ones
Thanksgiving for Siena (Cat )
Prayer for Helen
Return to Church
Request prayers for Sue recovering from surgery
Requests prayers for Barbara C.
Emergency Prayer Request - Regarding great niece found unconscious
Request prayers for Annette who has blockage in artery
Pray for a six year old who set home on fire.
Repose of Soul for Donald F.
prayers for richard
son, Paul
Prayers for Cindy
That Cindy will get an appetite
Prayer for family
Request for Prayer
Will to Live
Request for Alice & Tom
Please pray for Rita
Prayers for Nancy
crooked administrators
Prayers for a dying Nun
Pray for Johnny D
Jonathan P.
Phylis B
Harold B
prayers for Cynthia
Prayers for the soul of my mother Marianne L.
Deliverance from drug addiction for our two sons.
Grandfather in ICU
family members
Prayers for Terry
Protection from Winter Storms
Prayers for are sister Jackie H.
Please pray for deliverance from demons
family healing
Prayer for Someone Injured
Prayers for woman living together
Johns Health
James needs prayers
prayers needed to keep family farm going
Foster Child
Prayer Request
Continued healing from heart procedures for Del, George and Marylou
Healing for Linda of heart, aneurism, thyroid and artery disease
Continued healing for Ron
Healing of blood disease for 2 year old Patrick
Healing for Warren of hip issues
Successful surgery for Mrs I
Healing of Florinda's MS
health job
request for prayers
fervent prayers
request for prayer
Say A Pray For Me.
unprepared for death
Healing - Maine - Jan 23rd
employment, worries, family relationships, health, and more
Prayers for Robert F. J. Sr. for healing of pneumonia
Kelley's Father Heart Surgery
That SJAY will be able to graduate from high school this April
My grandmother
Prayers for Gilbert and Family
Father of nine, prayers for health
Fervent Prayer
Request for prayers
for daughter and husband
Prayers for Cynthia
prayers for Jose
Prayers for derek
Prayer Request for purchase
Urgent Prayers Needed for Donald F.
Family members fallen from faith
Martha & Mary Women's Conference
Please pray for all those who need good jobs
Prayer for family
prayer for miracle healing
general prayer
Birthday request
Prayers Answered
Pray for 6 month old baby - strokes, seizures, brain surgery
Pray for a couple to have a baby
Prayers for Alex
a problem with a tumor
Amnesia episode - afraid
Prayer Request
Family and Debts
Healing & Direction
Please pray for me
11 year old Girl with need of bone marrow donor. Her name is Judith.
Prayers for Sue
Prayers for Ashley
For The Boston Prosecutors
Request prayers for James who is in constant pain.
Prayers for Don
Prayers for LeeAnn
mother's health
Dealing with depression
Philippians 4:6
Suicidal thoughts
Job applications, and knowing God's plan
family discord
Healing for Izuka
Request prayers fpr Barbara C.
Urgent Prayers needed for Roland C.
Please pray for me!
Prayers for Nalini
Request for Prayer - Healing and Restoration to Good Health
Prayers for my faith and wisdom
Help from right places, healing, protection
ill mother

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