A retreat for the youth
Healing of Liver
Prayers for Susan
prayers for our finances
Work Environment
Prayers for Sheila
Please Pray for Judy
Request for Prayer
cancer. prayer for ana
mental illness and sinners
prayer requests
Prayers still not answered 6 wks
All Intentions
For Family
Prayer Request for Friends
New Car
Private prayer for spiritual protection for family and marriage
Blood Pressure Med
cardiac testing
Prayers for my wife
pray today
Prayers for my Dad's cancer to go into remission
pray for daughter, Debbie P.
Please Pray for the Repose of the soul of Joyce L
help getting out of abusive relationship
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Prayer for very ill Mom
urgent--Safe/Healthy Delivery of Unborn Babe!
Prayer for Calm and Relief from Anxiety
my sister
pray that work will be better this week
request for prayer
request for prayer
Request for prayer
request for prayer
request for prayer
request for prayer
request for prayer
Find lost item
Kidney healing/transplant
For our business
healing for my daughter
Pray for the school in Pittsburg high school
Prayer request for sick baby
Health for a friend and employee and his spouse
Thank you!
Prayers for a very important decision and transition to a new life
Request for prayer for safe flight
Pray for MH 370
Pray for families in Washington mudslide
Freedom from controlling relationship
Insurance Prayer Answered
brain surgery
Help Me, Come to Me, In earnest I pray for Work
Prayer for help in health and concentration issues
Thanksgiving for son's job
pray for today to be a blessed day
Protection and Safety in My Neighborhood
Study of my son
Prayer for husband
for work
Holy Matrimony
for my teacher
Pray for me
Pray MH370 plane is found
...Again.In need of prayers
Need to Land New Job
Pray for a lost soul
Pray downstairs neighbors move out
Hospice care
Prayers for Liz & her unborn child
Prayers for succesful allergy testing for son
Prayers for Regina
Please pray for my friends who died: Kevin and Mike
ray for help and guidance
Pray for me
Help in Learning
Kidney/cancer prayer request 4/6/2014
Atheist conversion...
Health and Marriage
Deliverance from my son Q from homosexuality.
Healing of back injury
Please pray for his soul and his family
Pray for my daughter
Requesting Prayer for Karen
prayer request for employment
Healing prayer
Prayer for Krystal
Prayer for our son Dan who has kidney cancer
father's illness
Prayers for MacRyn
Mother pregnant with twins...
Prayer to help fight bladder cancer
Safe travel
guidance job
Request for Healing of Mando
Healing for Carolanne
Pauline for healing of bleeding
Prayers for my Mom
Pray for my Children
my daughter
Prayers for stroke victims
Please Keep Steve in Prayers
request for prayer
convertion of all sinners
Prayer for a job
Beth needs prayers
Prayers for Beth
prayer for procedure
for our daughter Mary to be healed of alcoholism
Pray for my family
Pray for my Burglar and their friends to be converted to Jesus
pray for justice
Prayers for Sarah not to choose abortion
for several intentions
Prayers for niece's heart surgeries
For wisdom & discernment in finding a job
Moving Day
Successful Surgery
Prayers for Paul and his Family
Prayers for Danny
Please pray for my catholic marriage
dizziness and heart
Urgent Prayers
Dad's bone scan
healing of troubled teen
prayers for spiritual healing
Repose of soul
two things
Pray for Baby Ella
New Sight, New Light
In Urgent Need
thanksgiving and needs
for my family
Please pray for A Miracle of Healing
All Intentions
Brother and His Family Need Miracle
Holy Souls
All Requests and Financial Help
6-month-old Miracle Needed
Need prayers ,guidance hope
Request for prayer
healing and protection
Request prayers for Patricia
Prayers for Rosalie
Prayers for Duncan
Please pray for my son in law's dad
Complete healing of my Husband
please pray for my job
continue healing and good test results for Peter
Healing for Linda
healing of marriages
For Paul, for a peaceful happy death
Hope for a Cancer Patient
Little Amade
Sad, alone, depressed and broke
New Career Hopeful
Prayers for Winston
Anniversary of not getting a job
legal problem
Son in law and daughter's marriage and conversion
My job
For Dottie's hip
Healing relationships
Dad; Repose of the Soul
family healing
pray for me
Please pray for my mental health
Very sick with stomach problems and pneumonia
healing for my heart
Prayers for Lisa
Find good help
Troubled marriage
Stay on Track financially
My children
Thank You!
Healing for TK
Healing for Mom
My son
Exam stress
Prayers for Open Heart Surgery
My Son Cliff
Prayers for healing urgently needed
Prayer request for work
Success in my scholarship application
Difficulties with New Job
Baby fighting for his life
Please Pray For Atheists
Terminal Cancer
patients needing prayers
things getting worse
For My Son's marriage and family
Prayer request for Gabby, Olivia and Michael
Healing spiritually and physically
brain surgery in the morning.
terminal cancer
Special intention
Husband has lost his faith
Spiritual Protection
For my family
prayer requests
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Prayer for someone ill
Daughter's Pregnancy
salary offer
She needs prayers desperately
A new job
Career Path and Finances
Please help me my nerves are bad today
Power of Prayers
the blessing of Mary
For nursing home residents
prayer for my cousin for good health
Prayers for Amelia
Job Switch
Prayers for Angie
Quitting smoking
Pray for Deliverance, protection, miracles
Request prayers for Jerry
Request Prayers for Patricia
Prayers of Thanksgiving
Prayers for Wanda who is fighting cancer.
Prayers for Mary Beth
Repose of the Soul for Barbara A.
Request prayers for Marie's Mom
Request Prayers for Cousin Frana going Blind
For Repose of Soul for Mary N.
Prayers for Diane
Request prayers for Mary Ann
Disrespectful teen
Spiritual Healing and Conversion
Healing for Merle and Chat
Prayer while getting chemo treatments
Sick and suffering
Parents' Physical and Spiritual Welfare
Malaysian Flight
Need Blessings
Steven Needing Prayers
Continued Saint Rita and Jude Help
Husband needs prayers
Prayer request for Nikki and her husband
Prayers for my friend, Linda V.
Prayer request
Healing for Josie
Special Intention and Repose of Soul
For healing of niece with mental problems
For a job
Please pray for these things;
Physical and Mental Health
For my husband
Prayers for Rui
Glaucoma treatment for Father
Prayers for Ryan
Prayers for Baby Brody
Prayer Request
Prayer for daughter and son in law
My intentions and healing
Prayers for Beth
Prayers for Peggy's healing
All prayers and financial help!
Prayer for Penny
God's help
Healing for Charlotte
Request for Prayer
Small Children being taken court and given to drug addict / unsafe home
Prayer for Employment
Prayers for Gianna
Meaning employment
Prayer request
Healing and Strength for Peggy
Healing Miracle for Mary N.
Family trauma
for assistance with employment
job interview success?
Request for Prayer
Prayers for Complete Healing of My Husband from his stroke
Healling for family
Prayer for friendship
RIP Marilyn
health difficulty
health -Maine - March 15th -
Prayer to help us pass our state exam
Prayers for Mortgage
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
prayers for daughter and son in law
Request for Prayer
Request for prayer
Pray for protection on my job
Urgent Financial Problems
Prayer for us
Request for Prayer
Frank F. diagnosed with Melanoma
Job needed
Prayers for my husband Romeo for healing
Prayer Request for a 65th Birthday
He lost his love because she's fat now
family in crisis
The Start of a New Career
physical healing
Thank You!
For Joanie who is battling cancer
Sister has cancer
prayers needed
My niece Samantha
Our Lady of Fatima
All Intentions
Future Wife
Divine Mercy Novena
Career and Finances
Prayer for a Job
Prayers for my Son who exhibits bad behavior
prayer needed
please pray for me
job search
Please pray for my Son
Beloved Husbands tricky surgery
Repose of soul
employment and anxiety
Prayers for Marietta
Prayers for Marietta
Prayers for Jean
Request Prayer for Corinth
Prayers for Van
Prayers for Ginger
Prayers for Maria
Prayers for Father Lange
Prayers for Rick
cancer and eye surgery
Request prayers for Janet and Jim
Request prayers for Maria
Request prayers for Patsy
Prayers for James, Tom and Jerry
Prayers for Glenys
successful radiation treatments for cancer
fervent prayer request
Prayer for healing
health/work issues
healing finance
Employment and deliverance from evil
Update on My Cousin Jane
Prayers for Rebeca and J
pray for a blessed night at work.....and hopefully neighbor will paint the condo
spiritual and psychological battle
Prayers for John
successful brain tumor surgery for karen
Partners for new hotel
for my Son Leslie Henley that is depressed
Request for Prayers of Thanksgiving
Request prayers for Maureen
Prayers for Bobbie B.
Prayers for Gwen
Prayers Glenys
Prayers for Glenys and Gwen
Prayers for John
cancer med
prayers for a good person
Prayer for an internship
Prayers for my Mother, Lilia.
Prayers for March 10
church music and more
Pray for a blessed week at work and that neighbor will paint condo
Eucharistic Adoration
Pass the exam
job interview
request for prayer
Thank You to Our Lady
Prayers for Family Members
For the St. Michael Prayer Campaign for Conversions of Abortionists
withholding of nutrition and hydration
Job Prayer
about to give up
prayers for my workplace
Return To Health for Grandson
In Memory
prayer requests
prayer for spiritual and physical healing
2. Miracles 4 Mom & Daughter Both Major
Healing and Relationships
Request for prayer
Pray for Debbies dad right now having a pacemaker/defibbulator put in
House Sale
The repose of the soul of S. Lee
work money bills
Surgery Today: Cancer in Brain
Zak 10 yr old wants 2 go 2 Mass
Zak wants to go to Mass
relationship and job interview
Daughter is an abusive marriage
The way God has for me
Request for prayer
Prayers for Mary Ann
Prayers for Heather
Prayers for John Paul
My friend Alice is in grave danger
Prayers for a job, a mate, a stable home, my children and family
Healing for My Wife Dee & Myself
job finances
Cousin's Cancer Spreading!
Need inspiration to get things back on track
Ever wonder if ur prayers work?
daughter needs prayer
prayers in trial
..Husband`s addiction to porn
Healing for Husband from his stroke
Request for Prayer
Guidance and Strength
Grandaughter killed in auto accident
Parents' Trip and Other Requests
My Godmother
Cousin with mental illness
For my daughter, Christine, who is battling cancer
All Prayer Requests
All Prayer Requests
Prayers for Friends
More Prayers
Jenny's Mom Losing Her Job
Family Prayers
Dad Not Well
Biopsy result
health needs
prayer request
That Joshua find his path, new job, new friends
Request for prayer
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
My BiPolar Disorder
prayers for the dead: +Michael S
sister cirrhossis
request for prayer
Self-Image of Friends
Dominic S.
Please pray, she needs prayers
Request prayers for Shirley
Prayers for Duncan 4 yr old
Healing for our baby
prayers needed
prayer to pass exam
Healing for Thomas
Good test results surgery for Ray.
Good test results for 6 year old Izabella
Pass the Exam
Mildred's arm is very swollen
Prayers for D'Arcy
Prayers for the success of Tom S's surgery & complete recovery
healing and deliverance
daughter-in-law sick
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Prayers over job situation
please help me pray 030314
Pray to get through the next 3 days
Healing and protection for my family
Pray for crash victims in Washington
Pray for Liz
Pray for Holly
Prayers needed for my son Jose F
troubles son
Life support
Clean slaite
Help for job and new job for us all-God's grace and mercy
gastro and heart problems
permanent Home
friend needs prayer
Prayers for Robbie
Money Prayers
keeping job
Financial and Job issues
Mom and Dad injured, young adult kids caring for both
That the married man will stop pursuing Beverly
Gambling addiction/debt
heart and acid reflux
Prayer for job
Stressed students
finances job
Prayers for son
Prayers for my Mom
Prayer for Jason
ovarian cancer
marriage proposal
financial needs
Health and Healing
Prayer 02272014
Masses for Family and Friends
Been crying for hours
in honor of my mother.....
wrongful interference, gross injustice
prayers for my niece
finances job
request for prayers
Please pray for healing for our son
4 wheel accident father hurt bad
Prayers for H.G.
mentally ill
Prayers for Madison, Olivia, and Lindsey
boss hates me
Relationship and work
healing for stomach
Please help me as my body seems to hurt....
All family members who passed on
Prayers for Mark andTom
For healing of Tom's cancer
pray for my family
prayers for Benjamin
Health and Employment
Charlotte Dawson
Child predator on the loose
prayers for charlie l.
Request for prayer
Prayer for job
Financial Blessing
healing prayer
for our business
healing for my son
Friend having dificulty
financial hardship
health and job needs
Prayer for Family and Son's Job Search
Prayer for Family and Son's Job Search
Success on the Job
Dad broke his leg, very hard on us all
healing of my heart
Request for Healing Prayer
Pray for work to be good
Pray for God's will
Fervent prayers for niece
Face &Neck Still Expanding
Told to Contact Hospice
Prayers for financial Aid
Prayers for Benny
Pray for Peace in Ukraine and Venezuela
Help with Catholic Homeschool Planning & Implementation
Pray for Joe to be approve for medication.
Prayer for a radio station
Please pray for my career pathway and right lifepath - Kathy C.
Kindly pray for the complete and overall healing of Isagani J.
Pray for baby Xavier
healing of kidneys
Please pray for us! Funeral Financial Aid Needed to bury Grandfather
immediate job transfer
few prayer requests
My Heart
Healing for Gina, Hydracephaulus Surgery
need employment ASAP
Prayers for my grandchildren
...Desperate times
Miracles needed- Moving away, My family needs healing Eamon
Prayer for healing
...Humbly need your prayers
Prayer Requests
Pray for husband
15 year old alcoholic
Spiritual Dryness
All Prayer Requests
Masses of Thanks
Sick Family and Friends
WKYC Prayer
For Our Parishes
Divine Mercy Novena
Steven's Addictions
Aunt Magda
All My Intentions
Career and Finances
Self-Image Prayer
No More Money Woes
Eamon and New Job, Mike My Mom and Pat
Saving and Srengthening Our Marriage!
Prayer for the flat allotted to me by the government
Maternity prayers
Son needs a job and financial assistance
Our Lady Undoer of Knots help me get well; help Dan
Healing for Nicholas
Saints Rita and Jude Hail Mary
son's leg injury
new job
Cleared of legal matters
Martha's eyes
Prayer for a cancer patient
to remain full of hope in the will of God guiding my life
Bad Luck, can't keep a job.
Safe delivery for an unborn child
Multiple Myeloma
Help now - miracles on jobs, finances, deliverance, healing
17 year old boy who suffered a rare heart attack feb 9th, needs prayer
Thanksgiving that friends passed amnesty exam
Please pray that the adoption we are making will occur soon
Please pray for our friends Paul and Judi
stressed out
Healing Wisdom Salvation
Prayer for a lonely person
prayers for healing
Worker's Comp
prayer request for child
In Thanksgiving & For Quick Liquidation & Smooth Transition
prayers for sick brother
Lost funds
stage IV cancer
selling my house
daughter and son
help for family
Prayers for JoAnn
Prayers for Kazik
Financial Assistance for School
Jordan's Recovery
Healing for Pamella
Troubled marriage(even after 18 years) & disturbed family life
healing finances
I'm not a mouse.
feeling sad
Please, please pray for my son's urgent conversion
Prayers for my mother Annie
Please pray for me i mixed today schedule with yesterday
Prayers for healing
Job interview son

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