please pray for my mom
Prayers for Little Gianna Again
all the great people at EWTN
Thank You for pregnancy prayers answered
Prayers for Bob
Jerry and Elwood and Mary Jean
Getting throuh hard times
Javier's job search
New friend
pray for Uncle David who died
Prayer Intentions
For my country
ativan withdrawal
overwhelmed, church music & family issues
family discord
For Giving Love
Prayer for 75 year old lady
prayer request
Healing of Son
Request for prayers
Need Answers to pray now.
my health
For returning Catholics - please bring them home!
For a Friend on religious mission in SE Asia
For a family whose son died
Prayer for Healthy Reproductive System
Replacement hip separated
need a job
Prayers for Kathy
pray for
missing since 2/16/2015
Prayer for my Parish
pray for help
Needs prayers as my heart is so broken
Test Results
prayers for a job
Prayer for friend
For Recovery from Stroke
Prayer Request
Return to the faith and God's plan
Prayer to get a place for my Grandson for his IBL
financial help with gas bill
please pray for me
Healing for a grandfather...
Prayers for Thomas
Successful surgery, complete healing and speedy recovery for my son Robert
Prayer Requests
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Benign tumors
prayer for employment and good medical results
Prayers for Jerry
request for prayer for son in his studies
request for prayer for Lupe
Request for prayer for Anna
Prayers needed
Prayer Request
Prayer for employment
Husband infidelity for his conversion
SPecial REquest for Pilgrimage invite from God and Mother Mary.
Healing for Larry and Fr. Paul
extreme anxiety and stress
peace of mind, new job quickly
Rosary Recitation
good laws
For son to stop using drugs
Pray for them
Restoration of marriage and salvation of husband
For successful appeal of court judgement
Prayers for Faher Zlock
Prayer Intentions
Please pray for my son
my brothers' health
evil people
Friend ran away from home
several prayer requests last
several prayer requests almost last
more several prayer requests
several prayers again
several prayer requests
Miraculous cure and conversion for De, James, and Chris.
Prayer Request
work issues
Prayer for family
Prayer request
Prayers for Dakota
Prayers for nephews
Please pray for my son
Request for prayers
For the eternal rest of my mother
For help for my drug addict and cousin
Healing Prayers for Diane & Jean
We're pregnant Thank You God for prayers answered
Divine Mercy 2015
job, my niece's health
Tumor in the spine
My chronically ill Mother
Thank You!
healing and protection
My job
Prayers for healing and surrender
Prayer Request
Prayer for family
Prayers for favor
Giving Thanks
Prostate cancer surgery
Prayers for myself
Birthday Prayers and Safe Trip
Please pray we don't lose our condo
Prayers for Marriage, Job, Home, and friend Cheryl
Court Date
For Normal Result of My Brain MRI
healing and forgiveness
My vocation discernment
for my husband
cancer diagnosis
Prayers for Fran
Please Pray Justice Prevails And Soon I Find A New Home To Live in San Francisco, CA
Request for prayers
Request for prayers
Prayers for daughter Marina
Prayers for mother's cardiac surgery
Request for prayer
Please pray for a quick anullment
Request for Prayer
Prayers for Maureen
Prayer for nephew
Faith and Conversion and a special intention
S-I-L Dying of Cancer Prayers needed.
Please pray for my children
Prayers for Herb
My job
prayer requests
need prayers to find a job please...
Prayer Intentions
request for prayer for Virginia
Prayers for a Beloved One
Prayers for Family
Please pray for me and all those who are stressed, suffering and depressed
Andrew and Erica need your prayers
Prayers for Tom
Request for prayers
Repose of Soul
Prayer request for Aunt Nena
Prayer request
family healing and family salvation
for happy repose of Peggy B.
Healing of my optic neuritis
For my Dad.....
Pray for Kali...she had to put her dog to sleep today......
Hip surgery
prayer of job .
Brother's Eyesight
Financial Miracle and depression
Prayer's for Lynn recovery from cancer
Prayers for Liz's health
Family member uses Facebook to torment me
urgent prayers
Prayers for my father michael for strength and healing as he fights cancer
prayers for aunt nena
Prayer for Jason
father's suicide
Please pray for My sick stressed friend!
For Penny
Sell business and health
prayer for college teaching job
Pray for Lynn's Mom in hospice
Prayer for suicidal drug addict son
Request for Prayer
Grandson depression
Prayers for Melanie and Easton
Prayers for good results
For successful fertility care
For Success in Job Transition
healing after long hospital stay
Pat C, Roman Catholic needs your praryers please.
My job.
Prayers for financial health
special intention, request for need
peace in the family
Young adult poor choices, agonizing parents, school problems
repose of souls
prayer for truth and justice
help for nephew
Mother Angelica
My brother
Request of Prayer
Help for Our Grandson
Thanksgiving that Kamille is graduating salutaturian and for the scholarship
That my son will be accepted in the chosen course and thanksgiving for scholarship
Prayer Intentions
Person in Distress
Prayer Requests
physical and spiritual healing - deliverance - financial help
Request for prayers
Request for prayers
Request for prayers
prayer for a job
Utility bill
prayers for healing
prayers for healing
new job very soon
My Job
Prayers for Laurel
Prayers for Sheila
Prayers for Collette
family healing and protection.
prayers for sister, Paula, fighting infection, pneumonia due to cancer treatment.
Pray for my 29 year old nieces heart problems
end of terror and conversion of terrorists
safe journey Israel
Healing for Carolann from reoccurred cancer
I need Divine Justice and help with emotional healing
Domestic violence
Garden Wedding
protection of dads eyes and mind
Favor please
Pray for Ted - bypass surgery & for Eduardo
Ruptured Appendix in Bangkok, Thailand
financial help
Prayer for Charles
Dear Friend Jim
Prayers for Health
Prayer of Thanksgiving
daughter comtemplating suicide
Dad's liver cancer has come back, please pray..
Disabled and being robbed
peace & trust in God. Finns safety and that he grows up in the fullness of our catholic faith
please pray
Healing of diabetes for Joe B
Healing for Linda of aneurism, TIA,s thyroid disease and dizzy spells
Recovery for Lawrence from MRSA infection very serious condition
Healing and recovery for Marks foot surgery
Good test results for 4 yr old Lakin that she won't have diabetes
Healing of breast cancer for Cindy
begging for mercy, help, guidance
Prayer request
special intentions
For a baby & to know what God wants me to do with my life
thank you for your prayers
Prayer Intentions
Healing & Direction
Request for prayer for Maribel's Dad who is ill
Pray for me
Prayers for Aristotle
Prayers for my family in time of great stress
Please pray for GB
Prayers for March 3
finances & work
Request for prayers
Needy, Sick, Happy Death and Vocations
Prayer for Tara Marie
Prayer for healthy birth and job and repose
prayer requests
prayer requests
please pray for raymond in the hospital
Sick Daughter
prayers and healing for K L
A. and S.
Prayer for Daughter
Marriage restoration
request for prayer
Heart Surgery
Prayer to heal betrayal
For acceptance
erik needs healing
having surgery
reposed souls
Request for prayers
Request for prayers
For the healing of my family
Please pray for my Husband he's in RCIA
My friend has PCOS please pray for her
Prayers for healing
New Job
Prayer for Good Health and Financial Stability
Prayers for Doug
Emotional pain and intense anguish
Recovery for my father
Kosovo and All of Europe
Prostate Cancer Surgery
prayer requests
Work difficulties.
Multiple attacks, even from family
pray for a good college and home in the northeast
Request prayer: Marriage Crisis! financial crisis!
New Orleans, LA
Job & Visa
Billie and Gloria's health
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Request for Prayer
Heart bypass surgery
Hatred of my Enemies
Thank You for prayers answered
return to health
elysas baby
Request for prayer for little Henry
Prayer for hilling
Harold B.
Hugh M.
Answer To My Prayer For Financial Peace & Security
Prayers for a friend...
Prayer Intentions
Prayer for Heal
For Meredith and Michael who just had a miscarriage.
successful hip surgery
successful cancer treatment
Prayer for Healing
Request for Lynn
Request for Nena
Prayer for Roy
Prayer for Brian
Prayers for Salvation.
Please pray for me that I may learn to forgive people that have hurt me deeply.
Prayer for Daughter
Prayer for nephew
my sons depression
job interview
Husband's surgery
Prayers for Anthony
To repay DEBTS
Successful surgery and recovery
My cousin's baby girl
Prayer for Daughter
Prayer for My daughter and my grandchildren...
My sister's heart...pray for her please.
prayer request for surgeries
family healing and salvation
Request for prayers
Prayer Requests
for son Brian to pass his exams in graduate school, please!
Keith B.
Protect Child/Custody
Healing - Maine - Feb 20th
Healing of 20year old Daughter's depression
Safe trip
Prayer for friend,Joy
Prayer for release from old boyfriend
Healing of 104 fever for Chip
Healing of cancer for Jeannie, Jimmy, Paul, Rick, Kay, Susan and Carol
mental illness
Prayers for Connie
Healing of My Husband from his Stroke
..Marriage seems done
anxiety & job
Total healing for Madeleine(17mos) from liver cancer
For family estrangement healing
Thank God for his goodness and ask for pray to get through closing
pray for Tammy....going through chemo
thanks and dont forget me
Some long awaited resolutions may finally come
diagnosed with terminal cancer
pray for the protection of all people from ISIS, and that the Holy Spirit will convict ISIS
Long Term Care for Mom
A Good Report on Kidneys and Bladder Testing
Prayers for a successful Ingroin Hernia Surgery for James L on Thursday Feb 19,2015
Grieving loss of parents
Prayer for Stronger Relationship
Young child sick with RSV
Request for Nena 021815
Please pray, my furnace broke and it is like zero degrees .. thanks
Montgomery, Alabama
O Holy Spirit Say a prayer for me.
Prayers for husband and daughters
to find strength and happiness
Bad economical situation
For the healilng of Tara
request for prayers
prayer requests
prayer requests
prayer requests
For healing from Kidney disorder
Trials and awaiting outcome
Request for prayers
Deliverence From My Family
Request for prayers
Prayers for Kathy
Prayers for sister and family
Prayer for family members having difficult times
Prayers for Matthew J.
prayers for Alfredo
Faith and courage in my battle with CA
Please pray pneumonia clears up
Request for prayers
My brothers Parkinson's
Being Proactive
For Graces from God.
Request for prayers
Healing for Jeannie from 3 time afflicted with cancer
Fr Rousseau safe and successful open heart surgery
Engagement broken
Prayer for Healing from my slip and fall, student w/spondylolisthesis seeking healing of pain.
mentally ill friend part two and more
mentally ill friend
Sick and depressed
family salvation and health
For the Repose of Elton P.
Not feeling well, and others with serious illnesses
Prayer Request for Roy
Request for prayer for Stella
Request for prayer for Nena 021415
friends and boyfriend
Money we need for doctors and bills and life
Miracles for deliverance and restoration now for us
Please Pray for my friend's operation
healing for grandson A.
safe trip
pray for a safe trip
Healing for Tom and for Arlene who wants to go home
Cancer recovery for Mother and Myself
For daughter
Prayer Intentions
my kids and husband
Please pray for me
mental illness
Family & marriage of Mike & Emily
St Patrick School Owego, NY
Request for prayers
Prayers for employment
Request for prayers
Come back to the Lord
Marriage protection!
Prayers for Feb 12
Pray Request for Energy and Fortitude to Face Daily Challenges
That Nena can walk again
Request for prayers
real friendship
mentally ill friend
request for prayer
Please pray for employment and healingl
Request for Prayer for Aunt Nena
Request for Prayer for Roy
Grand children
Work Issues
Request for prayers
Successful serious surgery on 2/11 for Giovanni
Healing for Karen
grandson depression
Pray for healing
Help me because I'm angry
Prayers for daughter
request for prayer for Nena
Prayers for Abundance and Prosperity
Grandfather still in ICU
PRayer asking for safe travels
Broken relationships and family to return to the church
Broken relationships and family to return to the church
More work days
A Catholic Couple
Thanksgiving for prayers answered!
A Real Desperate Prayer
Prayer for name to be cleared of false allegations by people at work
Prayers for Thomas
Prayers for Daniel
Prayer for sister
For my brother Joe,
Prayers for Lucian and Brenda
prayers for Monte McN
healing of epilepsy and healing of breast cancer
My mom has cancer
Request for prayers
religious freedom
friends and relatives
Thelma Needs Prayers Please
Prayer for nephew
Prayer for nephew
Healing of my daughter
Deliverance for nephew, Joshua
Repose of Soul for Monica,
Healing of My Husband and Jobs for My Son and Son in Law
Prayers for my son & his wife & family
Miracles for deliverance and restoration now
Financial needs
mental illness
prayer request
for healing of second degree burns on right foot
Prayer for physical ,emotional and spiritual healing of Bobbi
Request for Prayer for Nena
prayer request
Cancer - USA - Feb 6th
Continued prayers needed for children's school, jobs, family
Thank You Blessed Saint Jude
Prayer Requests
Work Issues
Prayers for Fr. Roger
Nearing end of life - cancer prayer for Larry
Prayer for seminarians of the Caroline Islands
burned throat
Request for Prayer
Prayers for My Health
Prayers for My Husband
Life be all right
Healing Prayers for Susan
Kailey and Bob need our prayers.
request for prayer
Prayers for Phil
Prayers for Nick my son
my son daughter and husband
Healing from depressio

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