Well before Pope Francis was elected, the Vatican announced that World Youth Day 2013 would take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As we all know by now, our new Pope came to the papacy from the Diocese of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Organizers originally estimated that 2.5 million youth would attend the event, but with the Church's first Latin American Pope installed all bets are now off – unless the Pope decides to make a side trip to Buenos Aires! The theme of this event, which will take place July 23-28 – in the country with the most Catholics in the world – is: "Go and make disciples of all peoples." With the hand of God so clearly on this event, it's no wonder that people are so excited!

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World Youth Day - Prayer Vigil at Campus Fidei at Guaratiba (LIVE)
Sat. July 27 at 6 PM ET
World Youth Day - Mass at Campus Fidei (LIVE)
Sun. July 28 at 8:30 AM ET
World Youth Day - Farewell Ceremony (LIVE)
Sun. July 28 at 6 PM ET
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Farewell Ceremony at the Galeão/Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport

Sat, July 28 2013

Madam President,
Distinguished National, State and Local Authorities,
Dear Archbishop of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro,
Dear Cardinals and Brother Bishops,
Dear Friends,

I am about to leave your country to return to Rome. I depart with many happy memories which I know will nourish my prayers. ... - Read More


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