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Doctor, Doctor brings you discussions of practical and current medical topics with a focus on the dignity of the human person – body and soul. A trustworthy source of medical information and advice for Catholics.
Doctor, Doctor - 11/15/2019 - History of brain death science
Deacon Dr. John Travaline and Sister Dr. Mary Diana Dreger from the Catholic Medical Association talk about the difficult topic of brain death. They cover the history of brain death science, what is currently considered brain death in the United States, why it is controversial, and the implications for how the Catholic Church issues ethical teachings on death.
Doctor, Doctor - 11/08/2019 - Dealing with anxiety in the moment
Dr. Kevin Majeres, a psychiatrist practicing in Cambridge, MA who also teaches at Harvard Medical School, is back for more on the important topic of anxiety. This time Dr. Majeres describes treatment by “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,” some ideas for dealing with anxiety in the moment , the difference between hyper-focus and perfecting work in “Flow,” and how understanding our mental and emotional challenges in light of our faith can make all the difference.
Doctor, Doctor - 11/01/2019 - Facts and Fictions on Vaping
Critical care pulmonologist Dr. Eustace Fernandes shares facts and fictions about the vaping craze: what is it, who’s doing it, does it help people quit smoking, is it addictive, is it healthy, and much more.
Doctor, Doctor - 10/25/2019 - Dr. John Travaline - Sleep is Important
Dr. John Travaline talks all about sleep – why sleep is important, what good sleep looks like, what prevents us from getting good sleep, and what we can do to get more good sleep.
Doctor, Doctor - 10/18/2019 - Ethical Concerns with US Healthcare
Grace Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute, joins the doctors to talk about what’s wrong with the healthcare system in the United States, what options to fix it have been proven to actually work, and what Catholic should be looking for as ethical concerns in healthcare policies.
Doctor, Doctor - 10/11/2019 - Safe Haven Baby Boxes
First, Bobby Williams shares about the work of the Women’s Care Center Foundation, and Jenny Hunsbarger shares her experiences with over 20 years counseling women facing crisis pregnancies. Then Monica Kelsey, founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, talks about how babies’ lives are being saved by alarm-activated, heated boxes for abandoned babies.
Doctor, Doctor - 10/05/2019 - Kristan Hawkins- prolife
Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, talks about why young people are called the “Pro-Life Generation,” how pro-life people are preparing for life post Roe v. Wade, and how her organization has been so successful helping convert young Americans to the cause of life. Then Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family, talks about helping abortion opponents see the dignity of the unborn by doing an ultrasound in Times Square.
Doctor, Doctor - 09/27/2019 - Kathleen Eaton-Bravo
Kathleen Eaton-Bravo, founder of the Obria Group of pro-life medical clinics, tells the story of how she became pro-life after her own abortion, got involved in the pro-life movement, and overcame strict pro-abortion state regulations in California to grow one of the largest organization of pregnancy centers in the country, protecting thousands of women and babies every year.
Doctor, Doctor - 09/06/2019 - Artificial Reproductive Technologies.
Philosopher Dr. Pete Colosi shares how to clearly and charitably speak about the Catholic Church’s teaching on the morality of artificial reproductive technologies.
Doctor, Doctor - 08/30/2019 - Dr. Kevin Majeres - Dealing with anxiety
Dr. Kevin Majeres, a psychiatrist practicing in Cambridge, MA who also teaches at Harvard Medical School, discusses anxiety: what it is, what causes it, what makes it worse, and what makes it better, including cognitive behavioral therapy.
Doctor, Doctor - 08/23/2019 - The ethical questions nurses face
Marie Hilliard, PhD, past president of the National Association of Catholic Nurses and Co-Chair of the CMA Ethics Committee, discusses the vocation of nursing including what makes nursing so important and ethical questions nurses face today.
Doctor, Doctor - 08/16/2019 - Dr. Oliva - The harms of pornography
Dr. Al Oliva, a plastic surgeon who operates in Spokane, WA discusses the multi-faceted public health harms of pornography and a rational and loving response to it.
Doctor, Doctor - 08/10/2019 - Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul Braaton
Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul Braaton discusses foot and ankle health and injuries including habits and types of shoes that can either increase or decrease your risk, types of injuries, and what to watch for to avoid them.
Doctor, Doctor - 08/02/2019 - Cardiologist Dr. Kaminskas- hypertension
Cardiologist Dr. Dave Kaminskas talks about high blood pressure – hypertension – including what it is, what causes it, risk factors, prevention, and treatment plans.
Doctor, Doctor - 07/25/2019 - The Equality Act
Dr. Michelle Cretella explains The Equality Act, which recently passed in the House of Representatives, including the rise of focus on legal protections for transgenderism, why the bill is anti-science, the effects it could have on Catholic healthcare providers and on patients, and more.