Doctor, Doctor

Doctor, Doctor brings you discussions of practical and current medical topics with a focus on the dignity of the human person – body and soul. A trustworthy source of medical information and advice for Catholics.
Doctor, Doctor - 11/28/2020 - Reproductive health issues
Co-host Dr. Chris Stroud is an OBGYN who specializes in NaPro Technology and ethical treatments for reproductive health issues.
Doctor, Doctor - 11/21/2020 - Blessed To Be A Radiologist -Dr. Brandon Brown
Dr. Brandon Brown from the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Fetal Center at Riley Children’s Hospital gives an inside look at what it’s like to be a radiologist, including why he chose the field, the most rewarding and most difficult aspects of his work, the biggest misconceptions, and how his faith guides his life as a physician.
Doctor, Doctor - 11/12/2020 - Functional medicine - Dr. Raul Enad
Functional medicine specialist Dr. Raul Enad talks about the growing fields of integrative and functional medicine, including how he got interested in the specialty and how it improved his own health, why preventative medicine is important, what research shows are the most important things every person should do for their health, and what Catholics need to know about this branch of medicine to stay healthy body and soul.
Doctor, Doctor - 11/06/2020 - COVID -19 Update - Nov 2020
Infectious disease specialist and public health consultant Dr. Paul Carson and critical care pulmonologist Dr. Eustace Fernandes give a comprehensive update on the COVID-19 pandemic including why cases are rising, whether deaths are really decreasing, what doctors are learning about the virus and how to treat it, and what we can expect in the coming months.
Doctor, Doctor - 10/31/2020 - Prolonged Solitary Confinement
Philosopher and researcher Derek Jeffreys, PhD from University of Wisconsin, Green Bay explains the enormous physical and mental consequences of prolonged solitary confinement.
Doctor, Doctor - 10/24/2020 - Cancer and Your Faith
Oncologist and hematologist Dr. Bill McGarry talks about what it’s like to treat cancer, including why he chose the specialty, the biggest challenges, how cancer treatment and prevention has advanced, and how his faith guides him in his work. He also shares his own powerful story of having cancer twice and how prayer and medicine came together to heal him.
Doctor, Doctor - 10/17/2020 - Tracy Windsor - A wrong prenatal diagnosis
Tracy Windsor, co-founder of the Be Not Afraid organization, explains why offering support, love, and real treatment options are so important for parents facing a prenatal diagnosis who are often offered abortion as the only option.
Doctor, Doctor - 10/10/2020 - The COVID-19 vaccine process
Vaccine expert Dr. John Grabenstein explains all the most important info about the COVID-19 vaccine process, including ethical concerns, how the research and trial process works, whether the current trials are showing success, when we can expect a vaccine to be available and who should get it.
Doctor, Doctor - 10/02/2020 - Catholic OBGYNs
Host Dr. Chris Stroud is the featured guest this time to talk about what it’s like to be a Catholic OB/GYN including why he chose this specialty, the biggest challenges for OBGYNs in general and especially for Catholics, the most important things for doctors and patients to know about women’s healthcare, and why more Catholics should become OBGYNs."
Doctor, Doctor - 09/26/2020 - Are Catholic Hospitals Catholic?
"Physician assistant Megan Kreft shares her story about being fired by a Catholic hospital for practicing medicine consistent with Catholic beliefs about human dignity, then medical ethicist Dr. Ashley Fernandes gives a broader perspective of how Megan’s story fits into the healthcare landscape, the problem with the trend toward giving patient autonomy the highest priority, and how Catholic healthcare providers can practice with great care for patients while staying firm in their beliefs."
Doctor, Doctor - 09/18/2020 - The family physician
Host Dr. Andrew Mullally is the featured guest this time to talk about what it’s like to work as a family physician including why he chose this, what it was like starting his own medical practice, and the advantages for doctors and for patients who choose family medicine.
Doctor, Doctor - 09/04/2020 - Dr. Bill Toffler - Respect for Patients
Dr. Bill Toffler, a family physician from Portland, OR who was fired from his practice for treating his patients with the same respect and dignity he had for many years, talks about how his faith led to him being marginalized and what Catholics in the healthcare community need to know about standing up for their conscience rights.
Doctor, Doctor - 08/29/2020 - A Medical Student During COVID-19
Medical student Brendan Rhatican is back to tell us about his third year of medical school: the biggest challenges and blessings, what he’s learned, how things have changed because of COVID-19, and more.
Doctor, Doctor - 08/22/2020 - Progress in treatments for COVID-19
Dr. George Delgado, the president and founder of the Steno Institute, discusses the latest progress in treatments for COVID-19 including hydroxychloroquine, steroids, convalescent plasma serum, and more. Plus he shares how he has been working to make sure religious groups are not discriminated against with COVID-19 response measures.
Doctor, Doctor - 08/14/2020 - Economic Impact of Contraception
Economist Dr. Tim Reichert explains the economic impact of contraception on society, including how birth control has a disproportionate negative effect on women and children both financially and in their ability to pursue desired relationships.