EWTN Debuts New Live Show with Father Benedict Groeschel



Irondale, AL (EWTN) – EWTN announces the upcoming launch of the newest addition to its live show lineup, Sunday Night: Live with Father Benedict Groeschel. This exciting new live call-in show is slated to debut only ten months after the accident, which seriously injured the very popular author, speaker, and EWTN series host.

The show will debut on Sunday, October 24th at 7PM Eastern Time with encores on Monday, October 25th at 2AM and 9AM, and Saturday October 30th at 5PM. It will continue to air weekly in those time slots. Similar in format and tone to the classically popular Mother Angelica Live “Family Night” program, Live with Father Benedict Groeschel offers the audience a chance to “chat" with Fr. Benedict on both timely topics and eternal ones. Each week he’ll do a little teaching, a little preaching while at the same time taking phone calls, sharing experiences and addressing the concerns of his audience. As with Mother Angelica, Fr. Benedict brings to his program a unique perspective of what it is like to soldier on in the face of sorrow and suffering.

Doug Keck, EWTN's Senior Vice President of Programming, Production and Home Video, said, “Everyone here at EWTN is excited about this project since we have wanted to produce a live show with Fr. Groeschel for some time, but his hectic travel schedule previously prohibited it from happening. Now in the aftermath of his accident, Fr. Benedict has turned to the EWTN TV and Radio Networks as the vehicle that will allow him to continue to ‘travel’ around the world, speaking to more people than ever before!”

“Fr. Groeschel has been associated with EWTN for over 20 years, and has hosted numerous teaching series and specials. One of our most popular guests on Mother Angelica Live, his appearances always brought a torrent of phone calls from people who just wanted to speak with him.”

Keck continued, "This new live program will present our viewers and listeners with a weekly opportunity to do just that! In addition, Fr. Benedict said he wanted to give back something to all those EWTN viewers and listeners who overwhelmed him with their prayers and sacrifices during his recovery time. Bottom line - he’s thrilled to be 'alive' and we are thrilled to have him 'live' every Sunday night starting October 24th!"

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