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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Paul J. De Graaff, United States May the hand of GOD guide you and keep you safe. 4/22/2005
Editha, Larry and kids, United States God Bless you always, Pope Benedict XV1 4/21/2005
Carlo Santa Teresa, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
Nancy Lee Baker, United States Praise be to God! 4/21/2005
The Doty Family, United States We Love YOU! 4/21/2005
Mr.and Mrs. Peter Aquino, United States Congratulations!patnubayan kayo ng Maykapal 4/21/2005
Rebecca & Larry Menetre, United States Glory to God for Pope Benedict XVI 4/21/2005
Diane Marie, United States CONGRATULATIONS 4/21/2005
Debbie Sievertson, United States Congratulations & Prayers, Pope Benedict XVI !!! 4/21/2005
Sandoval Family, United States Felicidades 4/20/2005
Sheryl J. Lu, United States Congratulations! 4/21/2005
The Eucharistic Companions of Saint Joseph, Philippines Long Live His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI! 4/21/2005
Mena Dittert, United States Welcome and God Bless You 4/21/2005
Jane & Joseph Baily Jr , United States Congratulations! 4/21/2005
Imad Thomad Jonna and Family, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
K Dante, United States Deo Gratias 4/21/2005
Maria Angelica Valdes, Chile The Peace with You 4/21/2005
Teresa Kasch, United States You Have My Heart Papa! 4/21/2005
Maria Grazia Grech, Malta Welcome 4/21/2005
Nancy Aylward, United States Congratulations, Holy Father 4/21/2005
MARIETTA, United States BLESS OUR POPE 4/21/2005
Allan Navarrete, United States Congratulations to our new Pope 4/21/2005
Philbrick Family, United States Thank you 4/21/2005
Alain and Louise Ouellette & Children, United States Pope Benedict 16th 4/20/2005
the Harmon Family, United States So happy for Pope Benedict XVI 4/21/2005
David Baker, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
The Ampfer Family, United States Long Live the Pope! 4/21/2005
Jackie Doucette, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
Marie Johnson, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/21/2005
Timothy J. Kuczinski, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
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