“I would have been afraid to have had her as my superior, since she was so tough,” - Pope Francis

Pope Francis recalled during his trip to Albania in September 2014, he said he’d once met Mother Teresa in 1994 during a synod of bishops at the Vatican.

Inés San Martín
March 15, 2016

"The humanity of the world has lost its mother." - Congress Party President Sitaram Kesri

Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral called her "an apostle of peace and love."

"Mother Teresa never ceased to remind us that the greatest poverty of all is to live and to die unloved and unwanted. She demonstrated that love 'one person at a time'." - Roger Cardinal Mahony, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

“The passing of Mother Teresa is a moment of joy because of her holiness. She was always with the dying and the poor, so rather than bringing mourning it brings joy. We are happy to offer her to God: Here is such a lovely soul.” - Bishop David E. Foley, Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama

The world marveled “at the commitment of this extraordinary woman.” - Bishop Gerald R. Barnes of San Bernardino, CA.

“A loss to the entire humanity. She will be deeply missed in our efforts to build international peace, and a just, caring and equitable world order.” - South African President Nelson Mandela’s