“I would have been afraid to have had her as my superior, since she was so tough,” - Pope Francis

Pope Francis recalled during his trip to Albania in September 2014, he said he’d once met Mother Teresa in 1994 during a synod of bishops at the Vatican.

Inés San Martín
March 15, 2016

"Mother Teresa marked the history of our century with courage. She served all human beings by promoting their dignity and respect, and made those who had been defeated by life feel the tenderness of God." - Pope John Paul II

"This is very difficult for me to talk about even by way of a written statement. The day I became a bishop I became very close to Mother Teresa. She visited with me many times in New York, in Rome and elsewhere. I celebrated Mass more frequently for her than I can remember. The world has lost a saint on earth, but gained an extraordinary powerful intercessor in heaven. I never knew anyone quite like Mother Teresa. I will find myself feeling a deep sense of personal loss for a long time. I am grateful for Mother Teresa’s successor, Sister Nirmala, with whom I have established a close relationship. I know that she and all of the Missionary Sisters of Charity will continue to carry out the indescribable work that this one saintly woman has initiated. I do not have to pray ‘may she rest in peace’; I am convinced that she is already in glory." - John Cardinal O’Connor, Archdiocese of New York

"It is a time of both sadness and joy for all our sisters. It is a time of sadness because we have lost a loved one who supported us in our desire to serve the Lord Jesus…We are joyful in the knowledge that Mother is with Our Heavenly Father." - Sister Noreen, Superior at the Missionaries of Charity, Newark, NJ.

"The Catholic Church in our day, and especially in our corner of it here in Newark, has been enriched by the life of Mother Teresa. He stated that Mother Teresa was "a devoted religious daughter of the Church and an extraordinary missionary with tremendous zeal and energy. The witness of her life has been a model of simplicity, piety and charity." - Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, Archdiocese of Newark

"The sisters indicated that they were comforted by the fact that Mother Teresa had died between the ‘first Friday’ feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the ‘first Saturday’ feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary." - Michael Hurley, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ

"A heartfelt concern for the poor, the downtrodden and the rejected'' during a special Mass yesterday. ``She saw Jesus Christ in every single person,'' the cardinal said. ``We must carry on her work." - Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, Archdiocese of Philadelphia