A pillar of compassion. A voice for the poor. A modern-day saint.

Celebrate Mother Teresa with inspiring films and documentaries that follow her life of service in as she sought Christ in every human life along her path to sainthood. It all leads up to the moment when Pope Francis officially declares her a saint of the Jubilee Year of Mercy on September 4, 2016. Your virtual pilgrimage to the canonization of Mother Teresa begins here.

Life of Mother Teresa

While recovering from tuberculosis, a consecrated missionary who had been teaching geography in a High School in Calcutta heard her vocational calling. Though already a member of the Sisters of Loretto, Sister Teresa had received an unmistakable request from the Lord: live and work among the poorest of the poor. Despite not knowing where or how she would accomplish His order, she obeyed.

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Why does the Church do it?

For many, even in the Church, the Catholic practice of beatifying and canonizing is an enigma. Why does the Church do it? How does the Church do it? What are the implications of being beatified, or in the case of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, canonized?

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