Mother Angelica's Writings

Mother M. Angelica

1. Ad Lib with the Lord
An excerpt from a book by Mother Angelica, written in the form of prayers to the Lord on different spiritual topics.

2. Come, Follow Me
Mother Angelica discusses the essence of religious life.

3. Excerpt from Dawn on the Mountain: The Gift of Dryness in Prayer
Every Christian who strives for holiness of life experiences dryness of soul. It is to most people a heart-rending experience. Mother Angelica helps us to see how this dryness will lead us ultimately to contemplation. See complete version.

4. The Divine Personality of Jesus
"Christ's Life had many qualities and virtues for us to imitate. We must look at the personality of Jesus and see Him under various circumstances and then praise Him by imitating Him to the best of our ability."

5. The Family Spirit
Mother Angelica stresses the importance of our family relationship and the effect it has on our lives.

6. The Father's Splendor (abridged)
During His life time Jesus gave us many examples of the Father's Attributes. Mother Angelica ponders on how they affect our life and how we I can have a share in their splendor. Complete version

7. Excerpts from The Fruits of His Love
Excerpts from a book by Mother M. Angelica. Beautifully converted to digital form by Nancy Collingwood.

8. The Gift of Life: He Chose Me to Be
"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you." (Jer. 1:5) Our minds cannot comprehend how special each soul is to God. We do not understand the dignity that is ours when His Goodness chose each one of us to live, to think, to know, to see, to love.

9. The Healing Power of Suffering
"The sufferings of this life not only make our temperament more like the Divine Personality of Jesus, but detach us from the things of this world. This Divine preparation opens our souls to the working and pruning of the Father."

10. Healing Your Faith vs. Faith Healing
The prayer of the Christian is always answered, for his prayer is in faith. Mother Angelica shows us what attitude we should have when we ask God for healing.

11. His Pain - Like Mine
Jesus understands what we suffer, because He suffered it before us. And He knows why we're called on to suffer.

12. His Silent Presence
"Perhaps the secret of all prayer and holiness of life is wrapped in God's plea to listen-to listen to His Silent Presence-that Presence that penetrates our being and keeps us in existence-that Presence that fills our souls with love and serenity-that Presence that makes us strong when we feel weak."

13. Holiness in Action
"In everything that happens, Jesus is sounding the call to holiness."

14. Holiness Is for Everyone
Holiness of life is not the privilege of a chosen few-it is the obligation, the call and the will of God for every Christian. Mother Angelica encourages us in this tract to be holy wherever we are.

15. I Am His Temple
"The foundation of this Temple is Faith, Hope and Love, and the Seven Gifts are the tools and material used by the Spirit to construct a fit dwelling place for Jesus to abide in."

16. In His Sandals
Jesus left the glory of Heaven to come down and take upon Himself a nature like my own, because he loves me so much. Mother Angelica shows us how to imitate Christ by practicing the Eight Beatitudes.

17. In Praise of Goodness
"As children of God it is our happy privilege to radiate the goodness of our Father."

18. Inside the Kingdom
People have argued for centuries about Heaven. Some say it is a place and others say it is a state, but Scripture indicates it is both. It tells us in many places the Kingdom of Heaven is "within" and "among" us. Jesus tells us, "No one has gone up to Heaven except the One who came down from Heaven, "the Son of Man who is in Heaven."

19. Jesus My Savior
God's Will is that we are all saved-that we imitate Jesus in our daily lives -that we accomplish His holy and perfect Will-that we see His Providence in the present moment- and that we love our neighbor in the way He loves him.

20. Excerpts from Jesus Needs Me
Every baptized person "is a powerhouse for good in a wicked world by reason of the grace of God that dwells in his soul."

21. Journey Into Prayer
The word "Prayer means many things to many people. To some it means asking for "things"
for health or success. To others, it means repentance, imploring God's Mercy for their sins and infidelities. Prayer is Praise and Thanksgiving to many and to the majority it is a cry in times of distress.

22. Knowing God's Will
Excerpts from TWO WILLS
HIS AND MINE "The difficulty most of us experience is not so much in doing God's Will as in simply knowing what that Will is for us." In this tract Mother Angelica gives us some direction in discovering what God's Will is for our life.

23. Living Prayer
"We are often the cause of our own misery and unhappiness and we run from place to place looking for relief and find none. In our effort to acquire peace of mind we do not see the real cause of our uneasiness-a lack of compassion and humility."

24. The Living Sacrament - Matrimony
Mother Angelica writes on the Sacrament of Matrimony. She says it is "a sign to the world of the invisible God living in our midst
the living God who bears fruit in the lives of two people."

25. The Living Way Of The Cross
Meditations on the Way of the Cross by Mother Angelica.

26. Love Is Not Loved
"If we were to put all the love in the world into one heart it would be merely as a spark in comparison with the love the Heart of Jesus has for us."

27. The Mass in My Life
A prayer to Jesus, on the importance of His sacrificial death in our lives.

28. My Life in the Sacraments
A mini-book by Mother Angelica on the seven sacraments and our spiritual life.

29. My Life in the Rosary
A mini-book by Mother Angelica on how to say the Rosary, with meditations on the Mysteries. In Spanish, Mi Vida en el Rosario.

30. My Mother - The Church
The Church is "The Bride of Christ
the Mother from whose womb of grace each of us was born to a new life-a life of Sonship."

31. No Greater Love
Excerpts from Mother Angelica's book on the nature of authentic love.

32. Praying Into Prayer
Advice from Mother Angelica about how to strengthen our prayer life.

33. The Promised Woman
A meditation by Mother Angelica on Mary's role in our redemption.

34. Rambling Thoughts
A collection of short meditations and prayers.

35. Sentinels Before the Bread of Life
Sentinels in Action group themselves around the Blessed Sacrament to pray, adore, praise, intercede and obtain from the Father greater growth in the Christian way of life.

36. Sons of Light
Some people deny the existence of angels. Read Mother Angelica's short meditation on the angels for a greater insight into our invisible companions.

37. Spiritual Hangovers
Mother Angelica says that it is our self-indulgence which brings on our spiritual hangovers. In this tract Mother suggests remedies for dealing with these hangovers.

38. Sympathetic Generosity
Mother Angelica discusses the need of every Christian to be of service to God and His Kingdom and offers some practical suggestions about how to do so.

39. Sweeping the Temple Clean
"We cry out for God's Will in our lives but our preconceived ideas of God, goodness, perfection and holiness, stand between us and God like a medieval castle wall."

40. Why Do You Stay Away
In this mini-book Mother Angelica writes of Jesus' burning desire to bring all souls back into His grace.

41. The Value of Suffering
In excerpts from The Fruits of His Love, Mother Angelica explains how the suffering of Christ gives meaning to ours.

42. La Santidad en Pocas Palabras
Written in Spanish, this small book touches the high points of responding to the universal call to sanctity.

43. Two Wills, His and Mine
Mother Angelica examines our freedom of will, a great gift from God. When our will is directed to His honor and glory, we have peace of mind. But the constant friction between our will and His is the source of most of the unhappiness in our lives.

44. Dawn on the Mountain: The Gift of Dryness in Prayer
Mother Angelica explains how dryness in prayer, though unpleasant, is in fact a gift, leading to higher degrees of prayer and spiritual development.

45. My Encounter With Jesus Through the Holy Spirit
This mini-book is a meditation by Mother Angelica on our vocation as a Christians, baptized and confirmed, and given priestly and prophetic powers, to be used for the benefit of our neighbors.

46. The Father's Splendor
Mother Angelica's meditations on the attributes of God, with reference to how Jesus exemplified these attributes, showing how we, through imitation of Him, can come closer to God. Complete version

47. Three Keys to the Kingdom
In the longest of her books, Mother Angelica examines the three faculties of memory, understanding, and will, showing how each should be exercised with the aid of virtues and counsels, to perfect the image of God in us.

48. To Leave and Yet to Stay
"To Leave and Yet to Stay" refers to Our Lord's continued Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, after He had visibly left this world. In these meditations on the Blessed Sacrament, Mother Angelica reveals the love of the Saviour that prompted Him to stay with us.

49. Holiness in a Nutshell
In this little book, published in 1976, Mother Angelica gives a short, practical prescription for holiness, supported by quotations from Holy Scripture.

50. Sharing God Together
This mini-book provides spiritual exercises for busy people. It offers prayers and meditations for each day of the week, at morning, noon, and night, to give each day spiritual continuity in thoughts of God.

51. Struggle of a Soul's Purification
In the form of a prayer, Mother Angelica describes the progress of a soul in a time of dryness as it seeks God's face.

52. Before Time Began
In this mini-book, Mother describes an experience she had one morning, after receiving Holy Communion, in which she learned to appreciate more the love God has for each soul He has created.

53. Excerpts from To Leave and Yet to Stay
"To Leave and Yet to Stay" refers to Our Lord's continued Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, after He had visibly left this world. In these excerpts, Mother Angelica highlights important truths about His continuing Presence, His love for us and our need for Him. Complete version of To Leave and Yet to Stay.

54. Excerpts from In the Shadow of His Light
Mother Angelica gives guidance for growing closer to God in the midst of a busy, distracting world.

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