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1. Episcopal Documents - GEOJP2AL.HTM - Ad Limina Address of Cardinal-Archbishop of Chicago
Cardinal Francis George

On 28 May 2004, Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago, addressed the Holy Father on behalf of the Region VII Bishops present for their ad limina visit. The Cardinal expressed his concern about the threat to the Church's mission, coming from courts and legislatures, aided by a biased media, working to erode institutional freedom for the sake of an individualist ethos elevated above the common good. POLITICS RIGHTS CULTURE SEX

2. Episcopal Documents - fin11syndbps.htm - 11th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops: Final Message
Synod of Bishops

The following Message of the Synod of Bishops to the People of God was approved by the Synod Fathers during the 20th General Congregation held Friday, 21 October 2005, at the conclusion of the 11th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. It summarized interventions made by the Bishops on the theme of the Assembly, the Eucharist: Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church. LITURGY SECULARISM RELATIVISM PRIESTS DIVORCED AND REMARRIED HOLY COMMUNION EVANGELIZATION

3. Episcopal Documents - synod12index - 12th Ordinary Synod of Bishops
Synod of Bishops

The Holy Father Benedict XVI convoked the Twelfth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in the Vatican from Sunday 5 October 2008 to Sunday 26 October 2008, on the theme of "The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church". SCRIPTURE REVELATION TRADITION BIBLE

4. Episcopal Documents - 14worldaysick.htm - 14th World Day of the Sick, 11 February: Adelaide, Australia
Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán

On 11 February 2006, in Adelaide, Australia, Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán, President of the Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care and Papal Envoy to the celebrations for the 14th World Day of the Sick, presided at Holy Mass in the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. In his homily, the Cardinal attributed much mental sickness in the world to "the negation of God and ethical-religious relativism." VALUES GLOBAL ETHICS MENTAL HEALTH DIGNITY FAMILY

5. Episcopal Documents - 3SUNEAST.HTM - 3rd Sunday of Easter, April 25, 2004 - Cathedral of St. Mary
Bishop Samuel J. Aquila

In view of Catholic politicians claiming to believe one thing while publicly supporting another, Bishop Aquila, of Fargo, North Dakota, presents the Church's teaching on the proper relationship between our faith and professional life. POLITICS MEDIA THEOLOGIANS KERRY ABORTION HELL PRO-CHOICE EVANGELIZATION EUCHARIST HOLY COMMUNION JUDGMENT

6. Episcopal Documents - zouelcan - A Bill That Will Profoundly Divide Canada
Cardinal Marc Ouellet

Here is the text of a brief on Canadian Bill C-38, the bill redefining marriage, sent by Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec, to the members of the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. The brief was sent on 13 July 2005 on behalf of the Canadian bishops' conference. SAME SEX MARRIAGE EQUALITY DISCRIMINATION HOMOSEXUAL HETEROSEXUAL CHILDREN FAMILY NATURAL LAW PARENTING FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE RELIGION COMPLEMENTARITY

7. Episcopal Documents - ACALL.HTM - A Call to Vigilance: Pastoral Instruction on New Age
Archbishop Norberto Rivera Carrera

After being appointed ordinary of Mexico City, Archbishop Norberto Rivera Carrera issued a pastoral letter Jan. 7, 1996 on the New Age movement. Addressing "pastors...religious, missionaries, spiritual directors and confessors, teachers ant catechetical instructors, and all the lay faithful engaged in apostolates in the archdiocese," the primate of Mexico examines the origins and content of the New Age movement, the reasons for its rapid spread, its incompatibility with the Gospel, and the responsibility of all Catholics to counteract its influence.

8. Episcopal Documents - GRACIDA.HTM - A Dissent From the 'Interim Pastoral Statement on Artificial Nutrition and Hydration'
Bishop Gracida

issued by the Texas Conference of Catholic Health Facilities and Some of the Bishops of Texas.' Bishop Rene H. Gracida's statement of dissent appeared in the May 25, 1990 edition of the 'Diocesan Press.' GRACIDA NUTRITION HYDRATION DISSENT TEXAS

9. Episcopal Documents - docnoteomurchu.htm - A Doctrinal Note on the Book Reframing Religious Life. An Expanded Vision for the Future
Spanish Bishops' Conference, Doctrinal Commission

The Doctrinal Commission of the Bishops' Conference of Spain presents this Doctrinal Note in order to bring to public attention the seriously erroneous affirmations found in the book Reframing Religious Life. An Expanded Vision for the Future, by Father Diarmuid O'Murchu, M.S.C. According to Fr. O'Murchu, religious men and women "should leave the Church and take on a non-canonical status." He marginalizes Christian revelation and its ecclesial transmission, abolishes the need for redemption and proposes a non-Christian vision where the "Kingdom" or the "Reign" is a substitute for Jesus Christ and his Church. PANTHEISM PAGANISM REVELATION GNOSIS

10. Episcopal Documents - MYERPARN.HTM - A Fresh, Spiritual Way of Thinking
Most Rev. Myers

A Pastoral Letter on Chastity by Most Reverend John J. Myers, Bishop of Peoria. Issued to Parents, Pastors, and Other Adults in the Church & Community. See companion letter to Youth below. (MYERYOUT.HTM) Uploaded by Joseph Dockery-Jackson. MYERS CHASTITY PASTORAL LETTER

11. Episcopal Documents - MYERYOUT.HTM - A Fresh, Spiritual Way of Thinking
Most Rev. Myers

A Pastoral Letter on Chastity by Most Reverend John J. Myers, Bishop of Peoria. Issued to Youth. See companion letter to parents, pastors, and other adults above. (MYERPARN.HTM) Uploaded by Joseph Dockery-Jackson. MYERS CHASTITY PASTORAL LETTER YOUTH

12. Episcopal Documents - GUIDEPEN.HTM - A Guide to the Sacrament of Penance
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference of Bishops

Pennsylvania's Catholic bishops have released "A Guide to the Sacrament of Penance." The question-and-answer booklet addresses the need for the sacrament, the forgiveness of sins, and how to prepare for the sacrament of penance. Noting that many people have lost an understanding of sin, the guide explains mortal and venial sin, where the Church gets the authority to forgive sins, and the priest's role in forgiveness. The appendix includes an examination of conscience, an act of contrition, and a glossary of terms. CONFESSION RECONCILIATION

13. Episcopal Documents - zedwrdconf.htm - A More Pluralist World Than Edward the Confessor's
Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor

Here is the text of the homily given by the archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, at Festal Evensong at Westminster Abbey, 7 October 2005. The occasion was the festival of the 1,000th-anniversary commemoration of the birth of the abbey's founder, St. Edward the Confessor. ENGLAND PLURALISM TERRORISM

14. Episcopal Documents - CONSULTA.HTM - A Pastoral Letter on Consultation in the Parish
Most Rev. John R. Keating

On 17 September 1984, Bishop Keating, of Arlington, Virginia, wrote a Pastoral Letter to his diocese on the function of parish councils, in order to dispel false notions based on secular models, governmental, military, or corporate. "To design a consultative process for the Church on popular conceptions—or misconceptions—of secular backgrounds and models, can often lead to a confusion of roles, misguided agendas, mutual resentment and distrust, or outright dissension." CANON LAW PASTOR FATHER AUTHORITY

15. Episcopal Documents - KEATCOUR.HTM - A Pastoral Letter on Courage
John R. Keating

August 29, 1996 Bishop Keating, of Arlington, VA, challenges us to stand up for Christ and His Bride, the Church.

16. Episcopal Documents - PASTORAL.HTM - A Pastoral Letter on Morality and Conscience
Bishop John Keating

Issued September 17, 1994 by Bishop Keating, the bishop of Arlington, VA. KEATING PASTORAL MORALITY CONSCIENCE

17. Episcopal Documents - KEATEUCH.HTM - A Pastoral Letter On Reverence for the Eucharist
Most Rev. John R. Keating

Issued on December 4, 1988

18. Episcopal Documents - HUMNBODY.HTM - A Theological Reflection on the Human Body
Most Reverend John Joseph Myers

In his Pastoral Letter for Advent 2002, Archbishop Myers, of Newark, recalls Church teaching on the human body, affirming truths about what it means to be a "bodily person." He emphasizes "the body's goodness and corrects certain false views of human existence." MORALITY PHILOSOPHY PERSON SEXUALITY WOMEN HOMOSEXUALITY ESCHATOLOGY MANICHAEISM FAMILY TECHNOLOGY IN VITRO FERTILIZATION MARRIAGE CONTRACEPTION ABORTION EUTHANIASIA PORNOGRAPHY

19. Episcopal Documents - HONESTY.HTM - A Time for Honesty
The Most Reverend John J. Myers

In a Pastoral Statement, printed in The Catholic Advocate (5 May 2004), the archdiocesan newspaper, Archbishop John Myers of Newark, wrote, "That some Catholics, who claim to believe what the Church believes, are willing to allow others to continue directly to kill the innocent is a grave scandal." Covered in his Statement were the personal and communal aspects of faith, the correct development of conscience and the nature of dissent, the meaning and purpose of the Eucharist, the dignity of human life from conception to natural death, and the grave injustice of abortion. POLITICIANS COMMUNION CLONING EUTHANASIA

20. Episcopal Documents - ZCLTDTH.HTM - Abortion and the Supreme Court: Advancing the Culture of Death
U.S. Bishops' Pro-Life Office

This is a statement released 15 November 2000 by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' pro-life office, on abortion and court decisions in the United States. ROE DOE CASEY STENBERG

21. Episcopal Documents - GRKORTH.HTM - Address and Letter to the Holy Father
Metropolitan Panteleimon, Archbishop Christodoulos

On 11 March 2002, Metropolitan Panteleimon of Attica, Greece, on behalf of a delegation from the Greek Orthodox Church, expressed to the Holy Father a desire for closer collaboration with the Catholic Church. He presented a letter to the Pope on the same theme from Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens. EUROPE DIALOGUE ECUMENICAL

22. Episcopal Documents - APRCRUEL.HTM - April Is the Cruelest Month
Archbishop J. Francis Stafford

Given on May 12, 1996 Springtime Reflections on Three Decisions Regarding Human Life and Dignity: the veto by President Bill Clinton of a partial-birth abortion ban; the invalidation of a Washington State law against assisted suicide by the U.S. Court of Appeals; and the veto of legislation by Gov. Roy Romer that would have prohibited same-sex marriages in Colorado.

23. Episcopal Documents - ZBUECSAR.HTM - Archbishop Buechlein on the Sex Abuse Report

Though troubled by the National Review Board's report (2004) on clergy sex abuse, Archbishop Daniel Buechlein hopes the Church will learn from its mistakes and make positive changes. He shared with ZENIT his thoughts on the importance of continuing the Church's "learning curve" on the issue and the factors that may have contributed to the crisis. HOMOSEXUALITY CHILD JOHN JAY STUDY BENNETT REPORT SEMINARIES MOTHER TERESA

24. Episcopal Documents - zburkdemdeth.htm - Archbishop Burke Laments Party of Death

With a heavy heart, Archbishop Raymond Burke acknowledged that the U.S. Democratic Party is quickly becomin the "party of death." In an interview for Avvenire (9/27/2008), the Italian episcopal conference's daily newspaper, the former archbishop of St. Louis, now head of the Apostolic Signature, commented on his move to Rome and his views of election-year politics in the United States. ROTA CURIA ANNULMENTS ABORTION NOVUS ORDO SUMMUM PONTIFICUM

25. Episcopal Documents - zchapcitizevan.htm - Archbishop Chaput on Citizenship and Evangelization
Archbishop Charles Chaput

As reported by ZENIT, this address by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver was delivered 26 October 2007 at St. John's University School of Law in Queens, New York. The talk is titled "Church and State Today: What Belongs to Caesar, and What Doesn't." ABORTION MARRIAGE FAMILY

26. Episcopal Documents - ZDOLJP2.HTM - Archbishop Dolan on John Paul II's Example

Every bishop has a threefold calling to teach, govern and sanctify, but few fulfill that office as well as John Paul II. So says Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who shared with ZENIT, in a two-part interview, how the Pope's example and recent writings on the role of a bishop have influenced the American prelate's own service to the Church. HOLINESS SACRAMENTS GOVERNANCE PRAYER DIVINE OFFICE EVANGELIZATION PRESENCE CULTURE

27. Episcopal Documents - nearyindex.htm - Archbishop's Statements Regarding the Claims and Works of Mrs. Christina Gallagher
Most Rev. Michael Neary

This index page provides links to statements from the archbishop of Tuam, Ireland, regarding Christina Gallagher, a woman who claims to have been visited by the Virgin Mary. Archbishop Neary clarified that the "House of Prayer," founded by Mrs. Gallagher, does not have Church approval. APPARITIONS

28. Episcopal Documents - LIFEPILG.HTM - Ash Wednesday Emphasizes That Life is a Pilgrimage
Cardinal John O'Connor

The text of Cardinal O'Connor's remarks and homily at Sunday Mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral Feb. 18.

29. Episcopal Documents - zaquiladiglif.htm - Bishop Aquila on the Dignity of Life
Bishop Samuel Aquila

Here is the text of a homily given Sunday by Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo, North Dakota, at the Cathedral of St. Mary. Bishop Aquila warns of the danger to the United States of putting a political party before God. ABORTION HUMAN DIGNITY IMAGE OF GOD SEXUALITY ATHEISM

30. Episcopal Documents - zbpfisherfrass.htm - Bishop Fisher's Homily on Feast of Blessed Frassati
Bishop Anthony Fisher

Here is the homily Auxiliary Bishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney gave 4 July 2008 at St. Benedict's Church on the feast of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati in the presence of his relics. Cardinal George Pell, the archbishop of Sydney, presided at the Mass. The Blessed was invoked as patron of the 23rd World Youth Day. DEMOCRACY SACRAMENTALS COMMUNION OF SAINTS

31. Episcopal Documents - ZIRAQWAR.HTM - Bishop Gregory's Statement on War With Iraq

In a statement of 19 March 2003, on the war of U.S.-led coalition forces against the government of Saddam Hussein, the president of the U.S. bishops' conference, expressed his brother prelates' regrets over the crisis, solidarity with our military, and with the long-suffering people of Iraq, while calling for the conduct of operations according to principles of a just war. UNITED NATIONS RESOLUTIONS HUMANITARIAN COLLATERAL DAMAGE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION

32. Episcopal Documents - ZANICMED.HTM - Bishop Pavo Zanic's Orders
Bishop Zanic

This file contains the text of a letter from Bishop Zanic to Fr. Tomislav Pervan, of St. James parish in Medjugorje on March 25, 1985, an official document to the media made on July 25, 1987 and a press release dated January 9, 1987.

33. Episcopal Documents - bpbakernd.htm - Bishop Robert J. Baker, S.T.D.
On Notre Dame's Choice Of A Commencement Speaker

Bishop Baker, Ordinary of the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama, expresses his disappointment over the decision of Notre Dame University to invite President Obama as Commencement speaker, 17 May 2009, given the President's active opposition to the Church's teaching on the Gospel of Life. ABORTION CATHOLIC UNIVERSITIES ESCR

34. Episcopal Documents - bpsonabort.htm - Bishops' Statements on Abortion

This is an index page with links to statements made by U.S. Bishops in response to remarks made by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Joseph Biden on Meet the Press, 24 August and 7 September 2008, respectively. Speaker Pelosi mistakenly asserted that the Church's historic uncertainty as to when life begins in the womb leaves intact a "woman's right to choose," and Senator Biden, that when life begins in the womb is a matter of faith, which can’t be imposed legislatively. AUGUSTINE CATECHISM ANIMATION ENSOULMENT SOUL

35. Episcopal Documents - scola11syndbps.htm - Building Eucharistic Amazement
Cardinal Angelo Scola

In his "report before discussion," Cardinal Scola, Patriarch of Venice, and General Relator of the 11th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops [October 2005], said that the most crucial issue for the Synod to rediscover was the "Eucharistic amazement" that helped to propel the Christian faith worldwide. In his report, the Cardinal recalled the most significant arguments of the instrumentum laboris, or working document, which included the issues the synod would address, relating to the theme "The Eucharist: Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church." EVANEGELIZATION YEAR OF THE EUCHARIST REVELATION PASSOVER PASCHAL WORSHIP BISHOP TEMPLE PRIEST MYSTAGOGY SUNDAY VIRI PROBATI CELIBACY ADORATION CONFESSION PENANCE DIVORCED AND REMARRIED COMMUNION MARRIAGE CULTURE INCULTURATION

36. Episcopal Documents - COMGROUN.HTM - Called to be Catholic & A Response by Cardinal Law
Cardinal Joseph Bernardin & Cardinal Bernard Law

Prepared by the National Pastoral Life Center in consultation with a variety of U.S. Catholic leaders, including Cardinal Joseph L. Bernardin of Chicago. The statement, subtitled "Church in a Time of Peril," is the basis for the CATHOLIC COMMON GROUND PROJECT. Also includes Cardinal Law's "Response to 'Called to be Catholic'".

37. Episcopal Documents - LAWABOR.HTM - Cardinal Law's Statement Asking For A Moratorium on Pro-Life Demonstrations
Cardinal Bernard Law

This statement appeared in 'The Pilot' on January 6, 1995. LAW MORATORIUM DEMONSTRATIONS ABORTION PRO-LIFE VIOLENCE

38. Episcopal Documents - OCONFUNR.HTM - Cardinal O'Connor's Funeral in New York
Cardinals Angelo Sodano and Bernard Law

A concelebrated Mass of Christian Burial was held at St Patrick's Cathedral in New York, on 8 May 2000, for the late Cardinal John J. O'Connor, Archbishop of New York, who died on 3 May. Principal celebrant of the solemn liturgy was Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Secretary of State, the Holy Father's personal representative. Joining him was Cardinal Bernard F. Law, Archbishop of Boston, who preached the homily. LIFE CHAPLAIN

39. Episcopal Documents - OCONABOR.HTM - Cardinal O'Connor's Response to Violence at Abortion Clinics
Cardinal O'Connor

Violence at Abortion Clinics' Cardinal John Patrick's Cathedral in New York. OCONNOR VIOLENCE DEMONSTRATIONS ABORTION PRO-LIFE MORATORIUM

40. Episcopal Documents - SICK.HTM - Care of the Sick and Dying

A Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of Maryland October 14, 1993 HEALTHCARE LIVING WILLS EUTHANASIA ILLNESS

41. Episcopal Documents - Trani.htm - Cause of Canonization of Luisa Piccarreta

This page directs visitors to documentation provided by the Archbishop of Trani regarding the Cause of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

42. Episcopal Documents - zpoupindia.htm - Challenge of Witnessing the Faith in Indian Cultures
Cardinal Paul Poupard

ZENIT provides the text of the keynote address given by Cardinal Poupard, 21 Nov. 2006, in Goa, to a meeting of directors of Catholic Cultural Centers in India. The Cardinal reiterrates our responsibility of proclaiming Christ to all peoples by living Christ-like lives. INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE ST. THOMAS SOCIETY OF PILAR EVANGELIZATION INCULTURATION MISSION MOTHER TERESA

43. Episcopal Documents - SOUTBPS1.HTM - Challenges for the Criminal Justice Process in the South
Bishops of the South

The first of a series of six pastoral statements by U.S. Bishops of the South on the Criminal Justice process and a gospel response. "Our response to crime in the United States is a moral test for our nation and a challenge for our Church." PRISONS REHABILITATION EDUCATION CAPITAL PUNISHMENT DEATH PENALTY RACISM

44. Episcopal Documents - odonghuechcon.htm - Change and Continuity

A diocesan document, "Fit for Mission? Church," by Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue of Lancaster, England, addresses the balancing of authentic renewal with fidelity to the teachings of the Church. In this interview with ZENIT, Bishop O'Donoghue explains what led him to write the document, why he thinks Vatican II has been misinterpreted, and how authentic Catholic renewal can be achieved. UNIVERSITY EDUCATION RELATIVISM DISSENT LITURGY LATIN ECUMENISM NEW EVANGELIZATION

45. Episcopal Documents - Christ-the-King.htm - Christ the King Abbey
Bishop David E. Foley

This statement of the Bishop of Birmingham, Alabama, clarifies the status of Christ the King Abbey located in Cullman County, Alabama, as a schismatic community, not in communion with the Pope and the Bishops of the Catholic Church. BENEDICTINE SCHISM GIARDINI

46. Episcopal Documents - CHRSMARR.HTM - Christian Marriage
Bishops of Ireland

In a Lenten Pastoral from 1969, the Irish Bishops explain the Catholic doctrine of marriage, as the bedrock on which Pope Paul VI's Encyclical Humanae Vitae is based. LOVE BAPTISM FAMILY CHILDREN CHURCH HUSBAND WIFE VIRGINITY EUCHARIST MARY DIVORCE CONTRACEPTION UNITIVE PROCREATION PRAYER

47. Episcopal Documents - MS122496.HTM - Christmas Statement by Jerusalem Patriarch
Archbishop Michel Sabbah

This statement appeared in Catholic World News December 24, 1996.

48. Episcopal Documents - ROLDIS.HTM - Church Roles and Church Dissent
Archbishop Elden Curtiss

Archbishop Curtiss's April 22, 1996 pastoral letter about Catholics who support abortion and euthanasia.

49. Episcopal Documents - IRISHLIF.HTM - Civil Law and the Right to Life

Statement by the Irish Episcopal Conference. The bishops have described the Supreme Court Judgement in the X Case as 'unjust' and 'a corruption of law' and they also strongly condemned the Abortion Information Bill, saying the 'services outside the state' were 'services' which directly and deliberately killed human beings. This document appeared in the July 21, 1995 issue of 'The Irish Family'. IRISH BISHOPS IRELAND CIVIL LAW RIGHT TO LIFE ABORTION

50. Episcopal Documents - WHATCRIS.HTM - Crisis in Vocations? What Crisis?
Archbishop Elden Curtiss

The Archbishop believes that "the vocation "crisis" in this country is more artificial and contrived than many people realize.

51. Episcopal Documents - DEATHISS.HTM - Death & Dying Issues
Bishop James McHugh

Letter by Bishop James McHugh of the Diocese of Camden, NJ given on March 11,1991. Published by the Castello Institute of Stafford (a division of American Life League.) EUTHANASIA MCHUGH HYDRATION NUTRITION SUICIDE LIVING WILL

52. Episcopal Documents - CAPPUNSH.HTM - Declaration on Execution of Timothy McVeigh
Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein

The Holy Father has called for an end to capital punishment at a time when society can achieve the goals of criminal punishment without falling back on the death penalty. Archbishop Buechlein cites principles from Cardinal Avery Dulles, in applying the Holy Father's teaching to the McVeigh case. REHABILITATION DETER RETRIBUTION LIFE PERSON

53. Episcopal Documents - GERMKUNG.HTM - Declaration on Hans Küng's Being a Christian
German Episcopal Conference

In 1978, the German Bishops were obliged to point out various defects in Professor Küng's "little Summa," particularly in his Christology and its implications for the doctrine of salvation. TRADITION MAGISTERIUM HYPOSTATIC UNION SACRIFICE

54. Episcopal Documents - zdisheart.htm - Distance From God Rooted in Heart

The causes of secularization can be found in the depth of the human heart, says the president of the Pontifical Councils for Culture and Interreligious Dialogue. Cardinal Paul Poupard affirmed this in an interview with ZENIT, while attending an international congress in Budapest from 14-16 Dec 2006, on the theme "Europe in a World of Transformation." TOTALITARIANISM MARXISM SECULARISM SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ISLAM MUSLIMS YOUTH

55. Episcopal Documents - ARMYMARY.HTM - Doctrinal Note/Note Doctrinale
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Canadian Conference of Canada Bishops (CCCB) has issued a doctrinal note concerning the Army of Mary, which has also been approved by the Holy See. The doctrinal note indicates “the Army of Mary’s on-going activities and teachings pose dangers for the Catholic Church in Canada and to the faith of its members." PRIVATE REVELATION REINCARNATION

La Conférence des évęques catholiques du Canada (CECC) a rendu publique, avec l’approbation du Saint-Sičge, une note doctrinale concernant l’Armée de Marie. La note doctrinale indique que : « Les activités et les enseignements de l’Armée de Marie comportent des dangers réels pour l'Église catholique au Canada et pour la foi de ses membres." RÉVÉLATIONS PRIVÉES RÉINCARNATION

56. Episcopal Documents - ECPATENV.HTM - Ecumenical Patriarch's Address at Venice
Patriarch Bartholomew I

On 10 June 2002, at the closing ceremony of the Fourth International Environmental Symposium in Venice, His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I gave an address, emphasizing the "need for an ascetic spirit that can be summed up in a single key word: sacrifice. This exactly is the missing dimension in our environmental ethos and ecological action". EUCHARISTIC ASCETIC ASKESIS METANOIA ETHICS KENOSIS

57. Episcopal Documents - UNDRCHIN.HTM - Excerpts from the Underground Bishops' Pastoral Letter
Chinese Bishops, Underground

Given by the Chinese National Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops, in commemoration of the 700th anniversary of the mission of Blessed John of Monte Corvino, first Archbishop of Beijing, to all priests, religious, and faithful laity of China. This letter appeared in the April 1995 issue of 'The Catholic World Report. CHINA BISHOPS UNDERGROUND

58. Episcopal Documents - GAMBLING.HTM - Expanding Gambling: A Needless Gamble or a Good Idea?
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

Public discussion of the prospect of riverboat gambling in Pennsylvania prompted the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference to review the moral and social issues related to the topic of gambling and to offer this statement (1995) as a guide to future deliberations on this issue. ORGANIZED CRIME ADDICTION LAW ENFORCEMENT MONEY GAMES OF CHANCE CHEATING TAXES REVENUE

59. Episcopal Documents - pcmi3intstreet.htm - Final Document: Third International Meeting, Pastoral Care, People of the Street

The Third International Meeting on the Pastoral Care of the homeless on the street took place on 26 and 27 November 2007 in the offices of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People at Palazzo San Calisto, Vatican City. Among the final report's recommendations, "the Church's engagement with homeless people must be based on the fundamental truth that in them is present the suffering and Risen Christ." POVERTY POOR HOMELESS SOCIAL DOCTRINE

60. Episcopal Documents - LIFLOV.HTM - God's Gift of Life and Love
Archbishop Leonard Faulkner

A Pastoral Letter to Catholics on Family Planning by the Chairman of the Bishop's Committee for the Family and for Life of Australia.

61. Episcopal Documents - HOSPSEX.HTM - Guidelines for Catholic Hospitals Treating Victims of Sexual Assault
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

Moral principles guiding Catholic healthcare policies, including care for the victim and respect for human life. Appropriate means may be taken to prevent conception, but not to end it. RAPE ABORTIFACIENT ABORTION PREGNANCY ANTIOVULANT

62. Episcopal Documents - SEXEDU.HTM - Guidelines for Education in Human Sexuality in Schools
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

According to this Statement of the Pennsylvania Bishops from 1990, "A proper understanding of human sexuality will focus on the dignity of the person, marriage and the family." It is the responsibility of parents to see that school based programs do not undermine that understanding. SECULARISM MATERIALISM SENSUALISM AIDS

63. Episcopal Documents - MCHUGHAB.HTM - Guidelines: Pro-Life Activity at Abortion Clinics
Bishop McHugh

Issued by Bishop James McHugh of Camden, N.J. on January 4, 1995. MCHUGH VIOLENCE DEMONSTRATIONS ABORTION PRO-LIFE

64. Episcopal Documents - LIFELOV.HTM - He Has Defended Life and Love
Bishop John Wright

This defense of Pope Paul VI, and his Encyclical Humanae Vitae, was written in 1968 by the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, when he was still the Bishop of Pittsburgh. He notes the unfairness of the attacks on Pope Paul, as if the Holy Father could teach other than he did. The Pope is not a theological referee between majority and minority opinions, but "the supreme teacher, under God, of the flock committed to him in Peter by Christ." CONTRACEPTION PAPACY

65. Episcopal Documents - HELTHCAR.HTM - Health Care of the Poor
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

From 1989, a program proposed by the Pennsylvania Bishops to provide health care to the uninsured and underinsured, with the collaboration of government, business sector, and health care facilities. CATHOLIC CHARITIES MEDICAID ELDERLY PHYSICIANS HEALING

66. Episcopal Documents - trujill25ewtn.htm - Homily, EWTN 25th Anniversary Celebration, Birmingham
Alfonso Cardinal López Trujillo

Cardinal Trujillo, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, presided at the Mass, in Birmingham, Alabama, 14 August 2006, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of EWTN by Mother Angelica. In his homily, the Cardinal revealed the secret of Mother's success. It is confidence in the Lord, relying on Christ, the Bread of Life. EUCHARIST MEDIA MARRIAGE CULTURE TELEVISION

67. Episcopal Documents - vigneron-installation.htm - Homily, Installation as Archbishop of Detroit
Mosr Rev. Allen Vigneron

On January 28, 2009, the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, Bishop Allen Vigneron, formerly of Oakland, California, was installed as Archbishop of Detroit and Metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province. Archbishop Vigneron had previously been the rector of the seminary and an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese, before being made Bishop of Oakland.

68. Episcopal Documents - vigneron-installation.htm - Homily, Installation as Archbishop of Detroit
Most Rev. Allen Vigneron

On January 28, 2009, the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, Bishop Allen Vigneron, formerly of Oakland, California, was installed as Archbishop of Detroit and Metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province. Archbishop Vigneron had previously been the rector of the seminary and an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese, before being made Bishop of Oakland.

69. Episcopal Documents - bakerperpvow.htm - Homily, Mass of Perpetual Profession of Vows:
Most Rev. Robert J. Baker

For the profession of perpetual vows by Brother Patrick Mary and Brother Leonard Mary, of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word, given at Mass on the Memorial of St. Maximilian Kolbe, 14 August 2008, Bishop Baker, of the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama, preached the homily. Bishop Baker spoke of the freedom given the Brothers by their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, to "hear the heartbeat of the world as it looks for the meaning of love." RELIGIOUS THEOLOGY OF THE BODY

70. Episcopal Documents - gainChrist.htm - How to Gain Christ in the Pauline Perspective
Carlo Ghidelli

Carlo Ghidelli, Archbishop of Lanciano-Ortona, reflects on St. Paul's teaching that, having been grasped by the grace of Christ, we must yet strive to grasp Christ Himself. VIOLENCE PEDAGOGY FAITH FORM

71. Episcopal Documents - DUCKFOX.HTM - How to Tell a Duck From a Fox
Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

In his weekly column (14 April 2004) for the Denver Catholic Register, Archbishop Chaput warns Catholic voters that not all politicians claiming to be Catholic, act like Catholics in office, particularly in legislating against human life. ABORTION PLURALISM TOLERANCE PRO-CHOICE POLITICS

72. Episcopal Documents - USBPSHV.HTM - Human Life in Our Day
The American Hierarchy

In a collective pastoral letter, issued 15 November 1968, the American Bishops call on the Christian family to witness to the primacy of life by upholding "Humanae Vitae" (Pope Paul VI) in the face of contrary cultural forces. In particular, the unitive meaning of the marital relationship can not be divorced from its procreative meaning. Appeals to conscience are invalid where papal authority is ignored. CONTRACEPTION RHYTHM CHASTITY SEXUALITY DISSENT

73. Episcopal Documents - HLYCHRCH.HTM - I Believe in the Holy Church
Cardinal Leo Suenens

In a Pastoral Letter from 1978, Cardinal Suenens examined the nature of the Church in light of Vatican II, addressing problems that arose from an incomplete reading of the Council's Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium. ECCLESIOLOGY SCRIPTURE TRADITION SACRAMENTS HOLY SPIRIT HOLINESS

74. Episcopal Documents - hermannchildrn.htm - I Thought You Should Know: Save Our Children!
Bishop Robert Hermann

Bishop Hermann, Archdiocesan Administrator for St. Louis, Missouri, makes a pre-election appeal to save unborn children whose lives are at stake, by voting for pro-life candidates. We should also pray for those "so-called good Catholics," who, in voting, put selfish concerns ahead of the right to life. ABORTION ROSARY

75. Episcopal Documents - MCCWRLD.HTM - If the World Loves You
Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick

In a statement dated 13 May 2004, Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington DC, demonstrates the impropriety of "pro-choice" Catholic politicians receiving Holy Communion, while placing the responsibility on them not to approach the Sacrament. POLITICS EUCHARIST MASS ABORTION

76. Episcopal Documents - DARMJESU.HTM - In Jesus Christ Everything in the Universe Reaches Fulfilment
Cardinal Julius Riyadi Darmaatmadja, S.J.

This pastoral letter written by Cardinal Julius Riyadi Darnmatmadja, S.J., Archbishop of Jakarta, Indonesia, concerns preparation for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000. The letter was read at all the Sunday Masses in the Archdiocese on the weekend of 28-29 June 1997. JESUS CHRIST JUBILEE

77. Episcopal Documents - PUNTOLAN.HTM - In Response to Inquiries Concerning the Lady of All Nations Apparitions
Bishop Josef Marianus Punt

On May 31st, 2002, Bishop Josef Punt of Haarlem/Amsterdam, Holland, approved the apparitions to Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam as being of "supernatural origin". In his letter Bishop Punt offers the usual cautions which the Church normally gives regarding apparitions and private revelations, citing the Commentary of Cardinal Ratzinger on the message of Fatima. MEDIATRIX CO-REDEMPTRIX COREDEMPTRIX, ADVOCATE

78. Episcopal Documents - DIVCATH.HTM - In Truth and Love
Pennsylvania Bishops Conference

Pastoral Letter released July 29, 1994 Addresses the use of the so-called 'internal forum solution' for cases of divorced and remarried persons who are personally convinced that their previous marriage was invalid is unacceptable, unnecessary and pastorally unsound. MARRIAGE PENNSYLVANIA DIVORCE INTERAL FORUM INVALIDITY

79. Episcopal Documents - ZIRBNICE.HTM - Irish Bishops' Statement on Treaty of Nice

The Irish Bishops' Conference issued a statement, 31 May 2001, evaluating the Treaty of Nice, which would enlarge the European Union, as well as a Charter of Fundamental Rights adopted at Nice. SUBSIDIARITY SOLIDARITY DEFENSE CLONING PERSON

80. Episcopal Documents - justmercy.htm - Justice and Mercy
Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco

On 24 November 2008, at the Quadrivium Hall in Genoa, Italy, a meeting was held on the theme: "justice and Mercy". It was the first in a series of lectures entitled "Giving freely without boundaries". These are excerpts of the conference given by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genoa, and President of the Italian Bishops' Conference. LOVE CARITAS AQUINAS AUGUSTINE

81. Episcopal Documents - KNEESLOV.HTM - Knees to love Christ
Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted

Bishop Olmsted, of the Diocese of Phoenix, reflects on the meaning of liturgical posture. "In three liturgical postures at Mass, our knees play a central role: kneeling, standing, and genuflecting." Each helps to express, in a different way, what we believe. EUCHARIST PRAYER GIRM REVERENCE HOLY COMMUNION

82. Episcopal Documents - AUSCATEC.HTM - Launching The Catechism For Australia
Archbishop Hickey

An address by Archbishop Hickey at the National Press Club, 22nd June 1994. Here is the full text of Archbishop Hickey's address to mark the launch of the English translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for Australia at the National Press Club in Canberra. AUSTRALIA HICKEY CATECHISM

83. Episcopal Documents - HEENCLRG.HTM - Letter of Cardinal Heenan of Westminster to the Clergy of His Diocese

In this letter of 1968, the English Cardinal reminded his clergy that though they had pastoral problems applying Pope Paul's Humanae Vitae, they were still obliged to uphold it. Those who refused would lose their faculty to hear confessions. VICAR OF CHRIST CANONICAL OBEDIENCE

84. Episcopal Documents - ARCHATL.HTM - Letter on The Passion of the Christ
Most Reverend John F. Donoghue

In connection with the Season of Lent 2004, Archbishop Donoghue urges all Catholics, and "people of good faith," in the Archdiocese of Atlanta to see the Mel Gibson film and ponder its meaning. In particular the Archbishop draws attention to the love of Christ revealed in this dramatic re-creation, and our own responsibility, as sinners, for His death. JEWS ART MEDIA

85. Episcopal Documents - zzimbabwe - Letter on the Poor
Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference

Late in May 2005, the Zimbabwean government began Operation Murambatsvina ("Clean Up the Filth"), when police destroyed the shantytown of Hatcliff, including a large orphanage. The Operation has since spread to a number of localities, resulting in an estimated 1 million people left homeless. The response of Zimbabwe's Bishops is noteworthy for its clear summation of Catholic social doctrine in a few simple points. DIGNITY RIGHTS COMMON GOOD OPTION FOR THE POOR SUBSIDIARITY SOLIDARITY

86. Episcopal Documents - GENOAG8.HTM - Letter to the Faithful of Liguria
Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi

A letter, written by the Archbishop of Genoa, with the Bishops of the region, raises concerns about the effect of globalization on the poorer nations of the world. MORALITY HUMAN RIGHTS SUBSIDIARITY ECONOMIC CULTURE PROPERTY SOLIDARITY

87. Episcopal Documents - CURTISHR.HTM - Liturgy of the Hours in Our Lives of Prayer
Archbishop Elden Curtiss

The Archbishop of Omaha writes to his priests about the importance of the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office, Breviary) in his and their lives. PRIESTHOOD SPIRITUALITY

88. Episcopal Documents - LVNGTGTH.HTM - Living Together
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

From 1999, the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference adopts a question and answer format to present and explain the Church's moral teaching on a sexually active relationship between a man and a woman outside of marriage. MATRIMONY DIVORCE COHABITATION BIRTH CONTROL CONTRACEPTION SEX SCANDAL

89. Episcopal Documents - LOVELIFE.HTM - Love is for Life

A Pastoral Letter issued on behalf of the Irish Hierarchy in Lent of 1985. "There are few things in life more beautiful and more exalting than the experience of love between man and woman. When a young man and woman are attracted to each other, their love arouses the deepest emotions, the highest expectations, they have ever known. For them, nothing seems to matter but their love. Nothing seems impossible to their love. For each of them, the other is 'the only you there is.

90. Episcopal Documents - LOVELIFE.ZIP - Love is for Life

A Pastoral Letter issued on behalf of the Irish Hierarchy in Lent of 1985. "There are few things in life more beautiful and more exalting than the experience of love between man and woman. When a young man and woman are attracted to each other, their love arouses the deepest emotions, the highest expectations, they have ever known. For them, nothing seems to matter but their love. Nothing seems impossible to their love. For each of them, the other is 'the only you there is.

91. Episcopal Documents - mauthausen - Mauthausen — Remembrance and Reflections
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

Transcription of the speech given by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, 8 May 2005, at the remembrance celebration on the sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of the former concentration camp Mauthausen, in Austria. The Cardinal reminds us that we are all a responsible part of history, and that only by listening to the voice of God in our hearts can we prevent such things as perpretrated by the Nazis from happening again. NATIONAL SOCIALISM HOLOCAUST

92. Episcopal Documents - zfoleymedia.htm - Media: Well Worth the Church's Effort
Archbishop John Foley

Here is an excerpt, adapted by ZENIT, from an address, 23 September 2006, to new bishops, meeting at the Regina Apostolorum university. The address was given by Archbishop John Foley, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. RADIO TELEVISION SECULAR MEDIA EVANGELIZATION

93. Episcopal Documents - EXTRCONS.HTM - Message of the Cardinals Gathered Together in Consistory

At the end of a three day meeting of the Cardinals, at noon on Ascension Thursday, 24 May 2001, issued a message of communion with the Holy Father and the whole Church in the unity of faith and love. Communion means solidarity with those who are in greatest need, especially those who are caught in the crossfires of ongoing wars and conflicts. The Cardinals invite those in conflict to replace their arms with ploughs. EVANGEL ECUMEN SOLIDARITY

94. Episcopal Documents - XSYNOD.HTM - Message of the World Synod of Bishops

During the 23rd General Congregation, held 25 October 2001, the Synod Fathers approved the Message of the Synod of Bishops to the People of God, at the conclusion of the Tenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. TERRORISM POVERTY COMMUNION COLLEGIALITY MISSION EVANGEL LAITY INCULTURATION YOUTH

95. Episcopal Documents - mideastaff.htm - Middle Eastern State of Affairs
H.B. Patriarch Michel Sabbah

In his address to the Holy Father, on 14 January 2008, H.B. Patriarch Michel Sabbah of Jerusalem for Latins, President of the Conference of Latin Bishops of the Arab Region, spoke of the difficulties faced by Christians living in mostly Muslim countries. ISLAM ISRAEL ARAB

96. Episcopal Documents - SCHOOLS.HTM - Moral Considerations in Reviewing Public School Curricula
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

This paper from 1995 provides guidelines to public school board members, parents and teachers who are Catholics, on the values they should insist on in school curricula, lest Catholic children be impeded in their proper goal of becoming "faith-filled disciples of Jesus." PLURALISTIC SOCIETY OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION COMMUNICATIONS SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY MATHEMATICS ABORTION CONTRACEPTION QUALITY OF LIFE ENVIRONMENT ECOLOGY CITIZENSHIP ARTS HUMANITIES SEX ECONOMICS

97. Episcopal Documents - BCDANEN1.HTM - Moral Principles Concerning Anencephaly (3 documents)

The newspaper of the Holy See recently published, a sign of approval, three texts dealing with children born with anencephaly, the lack of all but the most rudimentary part of the brain. It is becoming more common to dehumanize such human persons in order to justify euthanizing them. The U.S. Bishops Committee on Doctrine, its staff and moral theologian Fr. Benedict Ashley, O.P. address this evil practice. ANENCEPHALY BRAIN BIOETHICS EUTHANASIA

98. Episcopal Documents - MORATHEO.HTM - Moral Theology: Recent Developments, Implications
Irish Bishops Conference

The Irish Bishops' Conference, in this notification, summarizes principles of moral theology, describes the change in the Church's moral emphasis since Vatican II (from concentration on sin, to the "work of the Holy Spirit and of grace"), and warns against departures from the Church's moral tradition in the work of some recent theologians. NATURAL LAW REVELATION CONSCIENCE CATECHISM MAGISTERIUM RELATIVISM PROPORTIONALISM

99. Episcopal Documents - TVMASBHM.HTM - Norms for Televised Masses in the Birmingham Diocese
Bishop David Foley

These norms, enacted by Bishop Foley, 22 February 2000, "are based upon guidelines for televising the liturgy which were approved by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops in November 1996 and have been expanded to meet the needs of the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama." They cover such matters as the arrangement of liturgical furniture, liturgical music, the use of Latin, and purification of vessels. EWTN LITURGY ORIENTATION MISSAL LECTIONARY GESTURES HOMILY EUCHARIST

100. Episcopal Documents - BURKENOT.HTM - Notification
Bishop Raymond Burke

In this Canonical Notification, the Bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, calls upon Catholic legislators who have given support to procured abortions or euthanasia to publicly repent of these actions, or else be excluded from receiving Holy Communion. See also Bishop Burke's On the Dignity of Human Life and Civic Responsibility. EXCOMMUNICATION SCANDAL CANON LAW POLITICIANS POLITIC

101. Episcopal Documents - NUTRHYDR.HTM - Nutrition and Hydration: Moral Considerations
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

From 1999, the Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania examine the question of when, if ever, a decision to discontinue treatment should extend to withholding basic needs from the patient, such as food and water. MEDICAL EUTHANASIA MAGISTERIUM BIOETHICS BRAIN DEATH COMA PVS PERSISTENT VEGETATIVE STATE PSYCHIATRIC PSEUDOCOMA LOCKED-IN LIVING WILL

102. Episcopal Documents - CHAPUTHV.HTM - Of Human Life
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM

A pastoral letter to the people of God of northern Colorado on the truth and meaning of married love. This pastoral letter, dated 22 July 1998, comes on the 30th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's encyclical "Of Human Life" (Humanae Vitae). BIRTH CONTROL SEX PILL CONTRACEPTION CONJUGAL LOVE MARRIAGE

103. Episcopal Documents - PROSELYT.HTM - Offsetting the Proselytism of Sects By Commitment to New Evangelization

Pastoral Communique from Bishops of El Salvador May 3, 1990.

104. Episcopal Documents - MEXINDIO.HTM - On Canonization of the First Native American
Mexican Bishops' Commission for Indigenous Peoples

On 3 July 2002, the Mexican Bishops' Commissions for Indigeneous Peoples and for Social Welfare published a Message regarding the Pope's fifth visit to Mexico for the Canonization of Juan Diego 31 July and the Beatification of the Martyrs of Oaxaca, Juan Bautista and Jacinto de los Angeles on 1 August. The Bishops called for the inclusion of indigenous peoples in the social and economic developments underway in Mexico. INCULTURATION CULTURE EVANGELIZATION INDIAN GUADALUPE

105. Episcopal Documents - zconscauthor.htm - On Conscience and Authority
Bishop Anthony Fisher

This is the text that Auxiliary Bishop Anthony Fisher, of Sydney, Australia, delivered at the conference sponsored by the Pontifical Academy for Life and held in the Vatican 23-24 February 2007. The theme of the conference was "The Christian Conscience in Support of the Right to Life." In his address, Bishop Fisher explained the meaning and function of conscience, as against the subjective notion used by many to justify departure from the mind of the Church. MAGISTERIUM OBEDIENCE SITUATIONISM PROPORTIONALISM COMMUNITARIANISM

106. Episcopal Documents - CONSVOTE.HTM - On Conscientious Voting
Most Reverend John F. Donoghue

In a Letter, dated 16 September 2004, to the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Archbishop Donoghue encouraged all citizens, especially Catholics, to vote their conscience in the General Election, and in all elections, and to form their conscience in light of the Word of God. In particular, there must be no formal cooperation with evil, by voting for a candidate who supports abortion (or other policy violating human life) precisely because he/she supports abortion. POLITICS EUTHANASIA

107. Episcopal Documents - zchristunity.htm - On Reaching Christian Unity
Bishop Brian Farrell

Here is a homily delivered 18 January 2007, in Dublin, by Bishop Brian Farrell, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, at the opening of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The theme for the week was Mark 7:31-37, in which the Lord healed a man deaf with a speech impediment. "Jesus brings the person back to his normal condition, in which he can, without hindrance, seek his fulfillment in contact and communion with others." ZENIT presents the Bishop's homily in two parts. ECUMENISM HIV AIDS AFRICA ORTHODOX PROTESTANTS

108. Episcopal Documents - RELPEAC.HTM - On Religions and World Peace

At a Men and Religions meeting in Milan, (9/7/04), Bishop Anthony Lobo of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, in Pakistan, gave an analysis of religions and world peace. He covered three topics: 1) a common anthropology (humanism) underlying all religions, 2) the roots of violence and wars, and 3) religions as the healer of violence. INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE DIVINE IMAGE VIOLENCE GENTLENESS GANDI

109. Episcopal Documents - BURKECIV.HTM - On the Dignity of Human Life and Civic Responsibility
Bishop Raymond L. Burke

On 8 Jan 2004 Bishop Raymond L. Burke of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, published a pastoral letter to Catholics in his Diocese on their political responsibility in upholding the value of human life. The Bishop also issued a canonical notification that Catholic lawmakers who continue to support procured abortion or euthanasia may not receive Holy Communion. See also Bishop Burke's Notification. POLITICS POLITICIANS MORAL LAW PERSON DIGNITY CULTURE

110. Episcopal Documents - CAPOLVOT.HTM - On the Duties of Catholic Politicians and Voters
Most Reverend Michael J. Sheridan

In a Pastoral Letter to his Diocese (1 May 2004), Bishop Sheridan of Colorado Springs clearly states that not only Catholic politicians who advocate abortion, illicit stem cell research, euthanasia, and/or homosexual marriage, but those who vote for them, "jeopardize their salvation" and may not receive Holy Communion until they have repented of their sin and confessed it in the Sacrament of Penance. POLITICS CONSCIENCE RIGHT TO LIFE FAMILY

111. Episcopal Documents - PENANCE.HTM - On the Sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation
The Most Reverend Thomas G. Doran, D.D., J.C.D.

In accordance with the Holy Father's emphasis on the Great Jubilee of the year 2000, as the "Year of the Lord's favor, a year of the remission of sins," Bishop Doran addresses a Pastoral Letter to Clergy, Religious and Faithful Laity of the Diocese of Rockford, drawing attention to the wonders of this Sacrament. CONVERSION METANOIA CONFESSION CATECHISM

112. Episcopal Documents - ZPELLNEW.HTM - On True and False Conscience
Cardinal George Pell

Australian Cardinal George Pell delivered an address to members of the Lumen Christi Institute at the University of Chicago in the fall of 2004, on the "primacy of truth" vs. the "primacy of conscience," in light of the teaching of Cardinal John Newman. ZENIT offered this synopsis of the Sydney archbishop's speech. FREEDOM LAW MORAL THEOLOGY

113. Episcopal Documents - ANREDMIS.HTM - One Lord and One Church for One World: Tenth Anniversary 'Redemptoris missio'
Cardinal Francis E. George, O.M.I.

Cardinal George's address, on 20 January 2001, the 10th anniversary of Pope John Paul II's Encyclical Redemptoris missio, reflects on the crisis of faith targeted by the encyclical, in which the Holy Father insists on the continuing need to evangelize unbelievers. ECUMENIC INDIFFERENT DOMINUS IESUS CHRIST REDEMPTOR HOMINIS EVANGELII NUNTIANDI MISSION TRINITY

114. Episcopal Documents - letterbpsuganda.htm - Open Letter to the Government and People of Uganda
Catholic Bishops' Conference of Uganda

The Bishops of Uganda, faced with a protocol legalizing abortion, which had already been ratified by 16 African countries, urged legislators not to yield on this point, and the people to ask candidates their stance on abortion before voting for them in the next election. The Bishops' letter was dated 19 January 2006. RIGHTS OF WOMEN MAPUTO PROTOCOL

115. Episcopal Documents - hlywkrhoades.htm - Open Wide the Doors to Christ the Redeemer
Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades

In this personal reflection for the Paschal Season, 2007, Bishop Rhoades, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, invites us to enter fully into the observance of Holy Week, and especially of the Triduum. "As we observe Holy Week each year, we enter anew into the mystery of our redemption in Christ." GOOD FRIDAY HOLY SATURDAY EASTER SUNDAY PASSION RESURRECTION

116. Episcopal Documents - bakeryrstpaul.htm - Opening of the Year of St. Paul
Bishop Robert J. Baker

For the opening of the Year of St. Paul, 29 June 2008, the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, Bishop Robert J. Baker, Ordinary of the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama, gave the homily at Mass, in the EWTN Chapel, Irondale, Alabama. The Bishop set St. Paul before us as our model in becoming like Christ. MISSIONARY EVANGELIZATION EPISTLES BIBLE SCRIPTURE

117. Episcopal Documents - nybishops.pdf - Our Cherished Right, Our Solemn Duty
Catholic Bishops of New York State

In every election year, the Bishops of New York call all Catholics to vote thoughtfully, a responsibility of faithful citizenship. Few candidates conform to Catholic teaching on every issue, but not all issues are of equal gravity. The right to life outweighs all other concerns, since it is presupposed by all other rights. SAME-SEX ABORTION EUTHANASIA FAMILY MARRIAGE CONSCIENCE

118. Episcopal Documents - OURCOM.HTM - Our Common Vision
Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua

Statement published August 22, 1996 in response to Joseph Cardinal Bernardin's "Common Ground" project.

119. Episcopal Documents - naumfinnresp.htm - Our Moral Responsibility As Catholic Citizens
Archbishop Joseph Naumann & Bishop Robert Finn

In a joint pastoral letter, dated 12 September 2008, Archbishop Naumann, of Kansas City, Kansas, and Bishop Finn, of Kansas-St. Joseph, spoke of the many issues which should concern Catholic voters, while distinguishing issues on which prudential judgments may differ from those on which there can be no disagreement for a well-formed Catholic conscience. ABORTION SAME-SEX MARRIAGE EUTHANASIA EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH RELIGIOUS LIBERTY RACIAL DISCRIMINATION INTRINSIC EVILS

120. Episcopal Documents - BET_PIO.HTM - Pastoral Instruction on the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in Finca Betania
Archbishop Pio Bello Ricardo

Given November 21, 1987, This letter by the Bishop of Los Teques gives his official approval to the apparitions of Our Blessed Mother in Bethania and declares that they are in his judgement authentic and of a supernatural character. He officially approves the place as a sacred site for pilgrimages.

121. Episcopal Documents - PL1919.HTM - Pastoral Letter of 1919
NCCB (Hierarchy of the United States)

Issued September 26, 1919, by the Hierarchy of the United States (today the NCCB). This Pastoral Letter established "the theoretical foundation of American Catholic social analysis for the next half-century." It attacked secularism. It stated the "only remedy was to recognize God as the source of justice and the author of our being." It rejected both collectivism and individualism as offshoots of secularism. "The authority and logic of papal social teaching based on the natural law served as the basis for social commentary."

122. Episcopal Documents - PL1919.ZIP - Pastoral Letter of 1919
NCCB (Hierarchy of the United States)

Issued September 26, 1919, by the Hierarchy of the United States (today the NCCB). This Pastoral Letter established "the theoretical foundation of American Catholic social analysis for the next half-century." It attacked secularism. It stated the "only remedy was to recognize God as the source of justice and the author of our being." It rejected both collectivism and individualism as offshoots of secularism. "The authority and logic of papal social teaching based on the natural law served as the basis for social commentary."

123. Episcopal Documents - FLAVIN.HTM - Pastoral Letter on Contraception
Bishop Glennon Flavin

1991 Bishop Flavin of Lincoln, NE issued this pastoral letter on contraception to Catholic couples and physicians. It shows rare courage and solicitude for souls. FLAVIN CONTRACEPTION COUPLES PASTORAL BIRTH CONTROL DOCTORS PHYSICIANS

124. Episcopal Documents - DAILY.HTM - Pastoral Letter on Homosexuality
Bishop Thomas Daily

August 22, 1993

125. Episcopal Documents - PL1926.HTM - Pastoral Letter on Mexico
NCCB (Bishops of the United States)

Pastoral Letter of the bishops of the United States (today called the NCCB) issued on December 12, 1926. ". . . reasons for the issuing of this pastoral arise out of the higher considerations of duty to those principles upon which all just government must be founded, principles which guard rights conferred upon man, not by States, but by God Himself. None, much less bishops of the Church that holds the spiritual allegiance of almost the entire Mexican population, can be indifferent when these vital principles are attacked as boldly and as cruelly as is being done in Mexico today."

126. Episcopal Documents - bishpsmalaw.htm - Pastoral Letter: Bishops of Malawi
Fr. Gianfranco Grieco, O,F.M, Conv.

The Pastoral Letter: Renewing Our Lives and Society with the Power of the Holy Spirit, was published by the Bishops of Malawi on the Solemnity of Pentecost 2006. The document consists of six sections: the content of the first four is doctrinal and concerns the action of the Holy Spirit in believers' lives, while the fifth and sixth sections address themes relevant to the social life of the Malawian People. COMMON GOOD ABORTION INCULTURATION ENVIRONMENT

127. Episcopal Documents - SUNCOM.HTM - Pastoral Message of Kansas Bishops on Sunday Communion without Mass

Issued by the bishops of Kansas on June 18, 1995. In this message the bishops restrict the reception of Holy Communion outside of Sunday Mass. One of the implications that gave them 'pause' is 'a blurring of the need for priests and therefore a blurring of the continual need for vocations' BISHOPS KANSAS COMMUNION MASS SUNDAY

128. Episcopal Documents - DIVORCE.HTM - Pastoral Ministry to the Divorced and Remarried
Most Rev. Gracida

A Pastoral Letter from The Most Reverend Rene H. Gracida, D.D., Bishop of Corpus Christi, given on May 22, 1994 explaining Church teaching on divorce and remarriage. The pastoral was prompted by recent proposals of an internal forum solution to divorce. GRACIDA DIVORCE PASTORAL SACRAMENTS

129. Episcopal Documents - VIETFREE.HTM - Petition presented by the Vietnamese Bishops to Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet

Sept 29, 1995. This petition requests greater freedom of activity for the Church in Vietnam.

130. Episcopal Documents - POLETCOM.HTM - Politicians and Communion
Bishop Thomas Wenski

Bishop Wenski, the coadjutor bishop of Orlando Florida, has published a pastoral statement in which he compares the position of some Catholic politicians, (personally opposed to abortion, but don't want to impose their views on others,) to the stance of Pontius Pilate, who was personally opposed to Christ's crucifixion. POLITICS HOLY COMMUNION EUCHARIST

131. Episcopal Documents - christianunity.htm - Prayer for Christian Unity: The Deaf Hear and the Mute Speak
Bishop Brian Farrell

The Secretary for the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Bishop Brian Farrell, was invited by the Archbishop of Dublin, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, to inaugurate on 18 January [2007] this year's "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity" in Ireland. The following is Bishop Farrell's reflection for the occasion. ECUMENISM ANGLICANS PROTESTANTS ORTHODOX BAPTISM

132. Episcopal Documents - cordesdeuscar.htm - Presentation on the Encyclical Deus Caritas Est
Archbishop Paul Josef Cordes

Archbishop Cordes, President of the Pontifical Council "Cor Unum," in an address to members of the Fifth General Conference of the Bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean in Aparecida, Brazil, on 12 May 2007, located the roots of Catholic social doctrine in the ministry of Christ and of the early Church. Throughout its history, the social action of the Church has differed from that of the State in being based less on law and justice than on Christian love. CHARITY MARTYRIA DIAKONIA

133. Episcopal Documents - BEVIPRIE.HTM - Priests' Continuing Formation
Cardinal Bevilacqua

Address of Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua to the Oct. 23-28, 1995 international symposium at the Vatican marking the 30th anniversary of 'Presbyterorum Ordinis.'

134. Episcopal Documents - PUBLDISS.HTM - Public Dissenters Should Themselves Refrain From Communion
Most Reverend John Vlasny

In the 6 May 2004 issue of the Catholic Sentinel, Archbishop Vlasny, of the Portland, Oregon, addressed the problem of "reception of Holy Communion by those who stand in public opposition to church teaching" on abortion and other moral issues. They should themselves refrain from receiving Communion, rather than approaching the altar, since they are not living in communion with the Church. POLITICS POLITICIANS VOTERS EUCHARIST MASS PRO-CHOICE SAME-SEX MARRIAGE DIVORCED REMARRIED

135. Episcopal Documents - PUBEDU.HTM - Public Education and Student Conscience: A Dilemma for Concerned Citizens
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

In their 1976 Statement, the Bishops of Pennsylvania examined a moral dilemma in public education: How are the religious rights and the rights of conscience of children and parents who do not accept the secularistic view of human nature and destiny to be respected in an educational system where only secularistic values are allowed? SUPREME COURT VALUE CLARIFICATION FREEDOM OF RELIGION CHURCH STATE SEPARATION

136. Episcopal Documents - dolanredmass.htm - Red Mass
Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan

Archbishop Dolan of Milwaukee was the principal celebrant and homilist for the annual Red Mass, on 30 September 2007, the day before the opening of the Supreme Court’s fall session, to pray for justices, judges, attorneys and senior government officials. The Archbishop invoked the Holy Spirit to give them "the wisdom to recognize that we are indeed made in God’s image," as well as "the courage to judge, legislate, and administer based on the consequences of that conviction." LIFE NATURAL LAW DIVINE IMAGE

137. Episcopal Documents - bakredempt.htm - Redemption of Our Bodies
Most Reverend Robert J. Baker, S.T.D.

In his Pastoral Letter of 29 May 2006, Bishop Robert J. Baker, of the Diocese of South Carolina, summarizes the teaching of Pope John Paul II on Theology of the Body. It is this teaching which provides the context in which many of the Church's positions on current issues can be more fully understood, particularly those relating to human sexuality. EUCHARIST CONTRACEPTION HOMOSEXUALITY SAME-SEX MARRIAGE MATRIMONY CELIBACY HOLINESS COMMUNION OF PERSONS MALE FEMALE MASCULINITY FEMININITY TRINITY IMAGE OF GOD

138. Episcopal Documents - burkeolamer.htm - Regarding Our Lady of America
Most Reverend Raymond L. Burke

In a letter dated 31 May 2007, to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop Burke, formerly Archbishop of St. Louis, now Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, revealed the results of his review of the history and canonical status of devotion to Our Lady of America. See the original letter. SISTER MARY EPHREM NEUZIL LIEBOLD GUADALUPE

139. Episcopal Documents - burkepubfor.htm - Religious Faith in the Public Forum
Archbishop Raymond Burke

Raymond Leo Burke, Archbishop emeritus of Saint Louis, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, addressed guests at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., U.S.A. on Friday, 8 May 2009. Following are excerpts from Archbishop Burke's Keynote Address on the teachings of the Catholic Church. RIGHT TO LIFE POLITICS PATRIOTISM

140. Episcopal Documents - religprofmfva.htm - Religious Profession, Feast of Our Lady of the Angels, 2008
Bishop Robert J. Baker

For the religious profession of Brother Luke and Brother Paschal, of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word, given at Mass on the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels, 2 August 2008, Bishop Baker, of the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama, preached the homily. The Bishop said the brothers' profession was an example of total commitment to Christ, which is the responsibility of all Christians. CONSECRATED LIFE CONFIRMATION PORTIUNCULA ASSISI FRANCISCANS

141. Episcopal Documents - synrepsaccarit.htm - Report on the Synodal Process Leading to Publication of Sacramentum Caritatis
Archbishop Nikola Eterovie

Archbishop Eterovie, General Secretary of the Synod of Bishops, describes the process, from preparations for the 11th Ordinary General Assembly of the World Synod of Bishops, on the theme The Eucharist: Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church, to publication of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation, Sacramentum Caritatis. LINEAMENTA INSTRUMENTUM LABORIS BENEDICT XVI YEAR OF THE EUCHARIST

142. Episcopal Documents - martnrespsun.htm - Respect Life Sunday
Bishop Joseph F. Martino, D.D., Hist. E.D.

Bishop Martino, of the Diocese of Scranton, observes how accurate was Pope Paul VI's prediction, that widespread use of contraceptives would lead to many evils. Loss of respect for life is chief among them. In an election year, voters must keep in mind that the right to life takes precedence over all other rights, and the evil of abortion worse than all other forms of violence and abuse. EUTHANASIA JUST WAR ELECTION

143. Episcopal Documents - pellmedia.htm - Response to Media Criticism of Pope Benedict XVI
Cardinal George Pell

Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, published a response (25 April 2009) to a criticism of him and the Pope, that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, 11 April 2009. Cardinal Pell, as the key figure in the Catholic Church in Australia, felt something substantial needed to be said in response to the media's criticism and in support for Benedict XVI's statements on prophylactics as an insufficient means to fighting AIDS. HIV CONDOMS AFRICA UNAIDS ABSTINENCE

144. Episcopal Documents - AMCONOPN.HTM - Second American Missionary Congress: Opening Address
Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe

At the Second American Missionary Congress, held in Guatemala City, 25-30 November 2003, Cardinal Sepe, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, gave the opening address. He evokes the teaching of John Paul II, that even after 2000 years, the Church's mission to evangelize the world is only at its beginning. VATICAN II NEW EVANGELIZATION MISSIONARY INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE INCULTURATION VOCATIONS SECTS

145. Episcopal Documents - PCHLYLND.HTM - Seek Peace and Pursue It: Questions and Answers on Justice and Peace in Our Holy Land
Michael Sabbah, Patriarch of Jerusalem

In a question and answer format, the Latin Patriarch sheds theological light on the political situation in the Holy Land, and the way to reconciliation. Written 15 September 1998. PERSON DIGNITY PALESTINIAN JEW RIGHTS TERRORISM VIOLENCE RELIGION

146. Episcopal Documents - OCCULT.HTM - Spiritual Warfare: The Occult Has Demonic Influence
Most Rev. Montrose

A Pastoral Letter by Most Rev. Donald W. Montrose, Bishop of Stockton, CA warning Christians of the different occult practices that are prevalent today. This file may be ordered in pamphlet form at .50 per copy from: World Apostolate of Fatima, P.O. Box 976, Washington, NJ. 07882-0976. MONTROSE OCCULT DEMONIC WITCHCRAFT HOROSCOPES REINCARNATION HYPNOTISM NEW AGE

147. Episcopal Documents - EUTHANAS.HTM - Statement Against Proposed Legislation on Assisted Suicide
Dutch Roman Catholic Bishops' Conference

This statement was issued in October 1999 by the Dutch Bishops' Conference in reaction to the proposed legislation concerning the investigation of termination of life on request and assisted suicide, and to the emendation of the Dutch Penal Code. DOCTOR NETHERLANDS LIFE DIGNITY PERSON WILL LAW DEATH

148. Episcopal Documents - BRUSKWTZ.HTM - Statement issued on Membership in Forbidden Organizations and Groups
Bishop Bruskewitz

Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz Published in Southern Nebraska Register, March 22, 1996. All Catholics who do not comply with Bishop Bruskewitz's order to terminate membership in these groups will suffer the penalty of excommunication. This file also contains a reply from Call to Action. PLANNED PARENTHOOD SSPX LEFEBVRE HEMLOCK CALL TO ACTION FREEMASON MASON JOB'S DAUGHTERS DEMOLAY EASTERN STAR RAINBOW GIRLS ABORTION CHOICE

149. Episcopal Documents - EPSCHV.HTM - Statement of Episcopal Conferences on Humanae Vitae
Episcopal Conferences of Ireland and India

In 1968, Episcopal Conferences in Ireland and India express their support for Pope Paul VI's controverted Encyclical, encouraging the faithful to live the "whole Catholic teaching on marriage and the family", and to propagate the norms of the encyclical "without ambiguity". MARRIAGE BIRTH CONTROL FAMILY PLANNING

150. Episcopal Documents - bakergoldcomp.htm - Statement on The Golden Compass
Bishop Robert J. Baker

Bishop Baker, of the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama, published a warning to Catholic parents regarding the film The Golden Compass (opened 7 December 2007), which is based on a story by Philip Pullman, self-proclaimed atheist with an anti-Christian agenda. MAGISTERIUM

151. Episcopal Documents - INFOHWY.HTM - Statement on the 'Information Highway'

by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops' This statement was prepared for public hearings in Ottawa and presented to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission in March 1995. CANADA BISHOPS INFORMATION HIGHWAY

152. Episcopal Documents - STAFFORD.HTM - Statement on the CDF Responsum Regarding Ordination of Women
Archbishop Stafford

Archbishop J. Francis Stafford Denver, Colorado November 17, 1995

153. Episcopal Documents - synodsuccess.htm - Synod Success: Next Step, Involve the Whole Church
Francesco M. Valiante

Archbishop Nikola Eterović, Secretary-General of the Synod of Bishops, in an interview with L'Osservatore Romano, describes what future effects the 12th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, whose theme was the Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church, will have on the particular Churches. APOSTOLIC EXHORTATION PROPOSITIONES HOMILIES LECTIO DIVINA EXEGESIS HISTORICAL-CRITICAL SYNODALITY ORTHODOX ECUMENISM

154. Episcopal Documents - ZSYNODS.HTM - Synods Since Vatican II

A review of what a synod of bishops is, the history of the institution since Vatican II, its purpose, various kinds of synods, and the subjects discussed over their short history. EPISCOP

155. Episcopal Documents - GARABAND.HTM - The Alleged Apparitions at Garabandal
Bishop Jose Vilaplaua

In response to continuing inquiries about the alleged Marian apparitions at Garabandal, Spain, the local bishop, Msgr. Jose Vilaplaua of Santander, released this statement Oct. 11, 1996, on the 36-year-old event.

156. Episcopal Documents - KERRDILE.HTM - The Candidacy of John Kerry: A Dilemma for Catholics
Most Reverend Elden F. Curtiss

In a pastoral letter of 7 May 2004, Archbishop Curtiss refuted the specious argument that a Catholic politician may have personal moral beliefs based on Church teaching, and yet support legislation directly to the contrary, as if that were required by the "separation of Church and State." POLITICS ABORTION HOLY COMMUNION EUCHARIST

157. Episcopal Documents - CHRCDAY.HTM - The Church in our Day
The Bishops of the United States

Lengthy excerpts (compiled from eight issues of L'Osservatore Romano)of a November 1967 collective pastoral letter by the U.S. Bishops reflect on the nature of the Church, as revealed in Vatican II's Lumen Gentium, and address the challenges facing the American Church. PELAGIANISM GNOSTICISM ECCLESIOLOGY PRIESTHOOD LAITY CONCILIARISM RENEWAL NEWMAN

158. Episcopal Documents - ABORTION.HTM - The Church, Public Policy & Abortion
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

In a Statement from 1990, the Pennsylvania Bishops address the issue of abortion "not as a narrow sectarian concern, but as a fundamental human issue that touches every person of any or no creed." FREE SPEECH POLITICIANS CHOICE

159. Episcopal Documents - OXFORD.HTM - The Claims of the Primacy and the Costly Call to Unity, Several Articles in Response
Quinn, O'Connor, McHugh, Weakland

Lecture on the Occasion of the Centennial of Campion Hall, Oxford June 29, 1996 by Archbishop John R. Quinn. Included in this file are: "Reflections on Church Governance" by Cardinal John O'Connor, "What Is the 'New Situation'"? by Bishop James McHugh and "The Local Churches and the Church of Rome" by Archbishop Rembert Weakland.

160. Episcopal Documents - DETHPEN.HTM - The Death Penalty: Choose Life
Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania

A Statement (February 2001) from the Pennsylvania Conference of Bishops echoes the call of Pope John Paul II for a reexamination of society's use of the death penalty as contributing to a "culture of violence." CAPITAL PUNISHMENT

161. Episcopal Documents - zdictrelat.htm - The Dictatorship of Relativism
Cardinal George Pell

Here is the text of an address delivered by Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, 21 September 2005, at the National Press Club in the Australian capital, taking, as his point of departure, Cardinal Ratzinger's homily at the pre-conclave Mass, warning against the rise of "a dictatorship of relativism." FUNDAMENTALISM EDUCATION SECULARISM

162. Episcopal Documents - CURFIDEL.HTM - The Formula That Works Is Based On Fidelity To The Church's Magisterium
Archbishop Elden Curtiss

Elden F. Curtiss, Archbishop of Omaha, Nebraska. May 22, 1995 Archbishop Curtis says that the vocation 'crisis' in this country is more artifical and contrived than many people realize. When dioceses and religious communities are unambiguous about ordained priesthood and there is strong support for vocations, and a minimum of dissent about the male celibate priesthood loyal to the magisterium: when b

163. Episcopal Documents - PRCURTIS.HTM - The Formula That Works Is Based on Fidelity to the Church's Magisterium
Archbishop Curtiss

Archbishop Elden F. Curtiss, Archbishop of Omaha, Nebraska. VOCATION PRIESTHOOD

164. Episcopal Documents - MAGISTER.HTM - The Magisterium of the Vicar of Christ
Cardinal Norman Gilroy

In a document from 1968, a former Archbishop of Sydney reflects on the teaching authority of the Pope, showing how Catholics are bound to accept his teachings not only in the extraordinary exercise of his magisterium, but in its ordinary exercise as well. EX CATHEDRA INFALLIBILITY

165. Episcopal Documents - MAGPAST.HTM - The Magisterium, Biblical and Pastoral Aspects
Most Rev. John F. Wealon

An address by the Most Rev. John F. Whealon, Archbishop of Hartford, to a Symposium on the Magisterium which was held in Philadelphia January 6-8, 1978. See also The Magisterium, the Bishops, and the Theologians. ECUMENICAL INFALLIBILITY TEACHING AUTHORITY POPE BIBLE THEOLOGIAN PRIESTS BISHOPS LAITY

166. Episcopal Documents - MAGSTRM.HTM - The Magisterium, the Bishops, and the Theologians
Most Rev. David M. Maloney

An address by the Most Rev. David M. Maloney, Bishop of Wichita, Kansas (USA) to a Symposium on the Magisterium which was held in Philadelphia January 6-8, 1978. See also The Magisterium: Biblical and Pastoral Aspects. ECCLESIOLOGY SCRIPTURE TRADITION INERRANCY INFALLIBILITY SENSUS FIDELIUM

167. Episcopal Documents - zdiffsac.htm - The Most Difficult Sacrament
Bishop Philip Boyce

Here is an excerpt from a homily delivered by Bishop Philip Boyce, formerly Bishop of Raphoe, during the Raphoe Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Marian shrine at Knock, August 2006. The excerpt focuses on the sacrament of reconciliation. PENANCE CONFESSION FORGIVENESS

168. Episcopal Documents - BC1792.HTM - The Pastoral Letter of 1792
Bish. John Carroll

The Bishop Carroll instructs Catholics on the necessity of a Christian education for the young. He also discusses vocations to the priesthood and the founding of St. Mary's Sulpician Seminary, Baltimore. This Pastoral Letter is the first document of this nature in the history of this Church in the United States. CARROLL PASTORAL LETTER BALTIMORE 1792

169. Episcopal Documents - paulineway.htm - The Pauline Way Begins on the Road to Damascus
Archbishop Carlo Ghidelli

Carlo Ghidelli, Archbishop of Lanciano-Ortona, reflects on St. Paul's teaching on the nature of conversion. It is to "learn Christ," a phrase which the Archbishop analyzes and illuminates. PEDAGOGY ATTITUDE BEHAVIOR

170. Episcopal Documents - informfa.htm - The Responsibility To Have a Well Informed Faith Life
Bishop Robert J. Carlson

Bishop Carlson, then Ordinary of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, responded to confusion among the Catholic laity, to underline the principle that one cannot be both a supporter of abortion rights and a Catholic in good standing. CULTURE OF DEATH COMMON GOOD CONSCIENCE

171. Episcopal Documents - ordsacinit.htm - The Restored Order of Sacraments of Initiation
Diocese of Phoenix

On 15 May 2005 Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted promulgated a new Policy concerning the restoration of the order of Sacraments of Initiation in the Diocese of Phoenix. The new policy restored the ancient order, in which Confirmation was administered between Baptism and First Eucharist. This article gives 28 responses to questions on the meaning of Confirmation and the reasons for this change of policy. CATECHESIS CATECHISM HOLY SPIRIT CHILDREN PARENTS YOUTH

172. Episcopal Documents - VOCAMARR.HTM - The Vocation of Marriage in God's Plan
Archbishop J. Francis Stafford

One year after serving as host for World Youth Day, the Archbishop of Denver traveled to Lima, Peru, where he delivered this remarkable address to the International Congress on the Family. STAFFORD MARRIAGE FAMILY PERU CONGRESS

173. Episcopal Documents - synod12index.htm - The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church
12th General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops

The Holy Father Benedict XVI convoked the Twelfth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in the Vatican from Sunday 5 October 2008 to Sunday 26 October 2008. In his homily for the inaugural Mass, the Pope explained the reason for the Synod's theme. "The Word of God alone can profoundly change man's heart so it is important that individual believers and communities enter into ever increasing intimacy with his Word." SCRIPTURE BIBLE LECTIO DIVINA DEI VERBUM MAGISTERIUM

174. Episcopal Documents - TIMEACT.HTM - Time for Catholics to Act
Bishop John J. Myers

An article by Bishop Myers on President Clinton's veto of the ban on partial birth abortions. Appeared in the April 28, 1996 issue of "The Catholic Post."

175. Episcopal Documents - zanglepscwom.htm - To Anglicans on Episcopal Ordination of Women
Cardinal William Kasper

Here is the address Cardinal William Kasper, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, gave to the Church of England bishops' meeting June 5, on the question of ordaining women as bishops. The Cardinal said, "Ecumenical dialogue in the true sense of the word has as its goal the restoration of full Church communion. That has been the presupposition of our dialogue until now. That presupposition would realistically no longer exist following the introduction of the ordination of women to episcopal office." CYPRIAN UNITY ECUMENISM KOINONIA

176. Episcopal Documents - LIVEDIE.HTM - To Live and Die in a Compassionate Community

Text of Canadian Bishops Conference position paper issued on October 26, 1994. CANADIAN BISHOPS EUTHANASIA LIFE DEATH AGING

177. Episcopal Documents - YOUTHSEX.HTM - To Love and Be Loved
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

In a Statement from 1989, the Pennsylvania Bishops address youth, and those who influence the formation of youth, on the right use of sexuality in an environment "at odds with Catholic-Christian values." RELATIONSHIPS COMMITMENT PARENTS EDUCATORS CLERGY MEDIA

178. Episcopal Documents - zglobgood.htm - Toward a Global Common Good
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Here is the text of the keynote address given by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin at Villanova University on 25 September 2006, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the encyclical "Laborem Exercens." According to the Archbishop, "When the dignity of the person fades from its central position in the realities of work, then upheavals and insecurity inevitably emerge in society." This is no less true in our era of globalization. RERUM NOVARUM LABOR CAPITAL SOCIAL TEACHING BUSINESS IRELAND ECONOMY TRADE FAMILY MIGRATION MARKET ETHICS

179. Episcopal Documents - gomezabort.htm - Truth, Freedom and Abortion
Archbishop José H. Gomez

In Today's Catholic (10 October 2008), newspaper of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, Texas, Archbishop Gomez, clarified that though abortion is not merely a Catholic issue or a matter of faith, but “a matter of fundamental human rights.” BIDEN DIDACHE ATHENAGORAS POLITICIANS

180. Episcopal Documents - aquilamissals.htm - Two Missals: One Beautiful Treasure of Love
Bishop Samuel J. Aquila

Bishop Aquila, of the Diocese of Fargo, North Dakota, explains the implications of the Holy Father's Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum, issued 7 July 2007. The ordinary form of celebration will continue to be according to the Missal of 1970, though celebrations according to the Missal of 1962 should also be made available. TRIDENTINE MASS LATIN

181. Episcopal Documents - POLVOTIN.HTM - U.S. Bishops Address Catholic Politicians and Voters

This index page gives a list of of addresses by U.S. Bishops on the responsibilities of Catholic politicians and voters with regard to upholding the inviolability of innocent human life. Also addressed is the question of whether Catholic politicians and voters who disregard the Church's position on human life should receive Holy Communion. NATURAL LAW CONSCIENCE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE PERSON EUTHANASIA ABORTION PLURALISM RELATIVISM RIGHT TO LIFE EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH FAMILY HOMOSEXUAL SAME-SEX MARRIAGE EXCOMMUNICATION PENANCE CONFESSION

182. Episcopal Documents - USBPSPOL.HTM - U.S. Bishops Address Catholic Politicians and Voters
Bishops, Various

An index page linked to a number of episcopal instructions, addresses and homilies on the issue of Catholic politicians whose public policy gravely conflicts with the moral teaching of the Church. POLITICS POLITICIANS MORAL LAW PERSON DIGNITY CULTURE EXCOMMUNICATION SCANDAL CANON LAW ABORTION PLURALISM TOLERANCE PRO-CHOICE CONSCIENCE RIGHT TO LIFE FAMILY HOLY COMMUNION EUCHARIST MASS CLONING EUTHANASIA SAME-SEX MARRIAGE DIVORCED REMARRIED

183. Episcopal Documents - ZFLAGS.HTM - U.S. Bishops' Document on Display of Flags in Church

On the display of American flags in Catholic churches, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops suggests that they not be placed in the sanctuary, but leaves the decision of placement to the local bishop. LITURGY PATRIOT

184. Episcopal Documents - ZPRSBUSH.HTM - U.S. Bishops' Letter to President Bush

In a letter to President Bush, dated 19 Sept 2001, the head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops expressed support for efforts "to seek out and hold accountable" those responsible for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, while expecting our military response to be in accord with "sound moral principles". JUST WAR MUSLIM ARAB

185. Episcopal Documents - KOSOVO.HTM - War in Kosovo: Letters to Presidents Clinton and Milosovec
U.S. Cardinals

hrough the courtesy of the Communications Office of Cardinal Maida of Detroit we are able to bring you the correspondence of the Cardinals of the United States to the President of the United States and the President of Yugoslavia concerning the War in Kosovo.

186. Episcopal Documents - ENOUGH.HTM - We Have Dialogued Enough! We Have Experimented Enough!
Bishop James Timlin

An Address delivered to the Synod of Bishops in Rome on the subject of Consecrated Life. This article appeared in the November 1994 issue of 'Religious Life'. TIMLIN RELIGIOUS LIFE

187. Episcopal Documents - chaputfinanc.htm - What History Can Teach About Financial Crisis
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

The text is taken from a lecture given by Archbishop Chaput of Denver on 24 February 2009 to a gathering of 100 Catholic business leaders and public officials in St. Paul's Basilica, Toronto, Canada. "In the long run, there is no way to be a 'successful' person in business, in politics or anywhere else by wanting and taking more than we are willing to give." INTEREST MONEY ADAM SMITH C. S. LEWIS JOHN ADAMS

188. Episcopal Documents - LEVADA.HTM - Whoever Is Not With Me Is Against Me
Archbishop Levada

This letter by Archbishop William J. Levada of the Archdiocese of Portland, OR, appeared in 'The Catholic Sentinel' on June 2nd, 1995. The Archbishop addresses the issue of pro-choice 'Catholic' politicians. LEVADA POLITICS ABORTION PRO-CHOICE

189. Episcopal Documents - ZSUBSIDI.HTM - Why Subsidiarity Doesn't Apply to Episcopal Power

AT the 2001 Synod of Bishops a key topic was the relationship of bishops and the episcopal conferences with the Pope and the Curia. Some bishops suggested that the principle of subsidiarity be applied to the government of the Church. This article shows how it would be inappropriate. COLLEGIALITY SOCIAL PETRINE UNITY

190. Episcopal Documents - recvlamb.htm - Worthy to Receive the Lamb: Catholics in Political Life
Archbishop Donoghue, Bishop Baker, Bishop Jugis

Archbishop John Donoghue, Bishop Robert Baker, and Bishop Peter Jugis address the issue of Catholic politicians acting contrary to natural law and God's commandments in supporting legislation against human life. Such politicians, being in mortal sin, must not approach the altar for Communion until they are reconciled with God and the Church. ABORTION EUCHARIST BLESSED SACRAMENT RECONCILIATION CONFESSION

191. Episcopal Documents - TRUTHFRE.HTM - You Will Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free
Most Rev. Samuel J. Aquila, D.D.

In a Pastoral Letter to the Diocese of Fargo, North Dakota, Bishop Aquila, observes that many Catholics are more influenced by popular culture than by the teachings of Jesus Christ, an anomaly reflected in their conduct as voters and public officials. They have an inadequate understanding of the Faith, which the Bishop hopes to remedy by addressing "five areas of confusion in the hearts and minds of some of the faithful." POLITICIANS POLITICS CATECHETICS CATECHESIS CATECHISM MATERIALISM DUALISM EUTHANASIA ABORTION RELATIVISM SECULARISM CONSCIENCE

192. Episcopal Documents - ONCAMPUS.HTM - Your Catholic Faith on Campus
Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania

In a Statement from 2001, the Bishops of Pennsylvania urge university students, in the face of contrary influences, to live their Faith on campus, remaining close to Jesus Christ and His Church. EDUCATION