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The battle is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.

                                                                                  American patriot Patrick Henry.


Two Levels of Diversion.

As any experienced pro-lifer knows, anti-lifers will do literally anything to shift attention away from the central focus of the abortion issue: The wholesale slaughter of preborn human beings for selfish convenience.

The first level of diversion will be to shift the topic of discussion to some subtopic nominally related to the abortion issue, such as control, autonomy, freedom, women's rights, abortion exceptions, religious views, the separation of church and state, and so on. The purpose of this type of diversion is to complicate the discussion and steer it into an area that appeals to everyone's senses of freedom and fairness.

The second level of diversion involves directing attention to entirely separate or tangential issues, such as animal rights, capital punishment, or contraception. The purpose of this type of diversion is to completely separate the debate from the topic of abortion.

The purpose of Volume III of The Pro-Life Activist's Encyclopedia is to prepare activists to relate these completely separate fields of discussion to the abortion Holocaust in a persuasive and effective manner. Since debates on abortion at any level tend to wander into these areas, pro-lifers should be familiar with at least the basic issues in these related areas.

And Two Levels of Reaction.

The pro-lifer has two possible avenues of action available when his opponent simply will not stick to the subject.

If he perceives that the conversation or debate is straying into areas that are causing it to be unfocused or unrelated to abortion, he can forcefully and immediately yank the focus of the debate back to the topic of abortion, while commenting on his opponent's tactics.

On the other hand, if the pro-life believes that lingering on the subject at hand will buttress his viewpoint, he can spend a minute or two making valid connections and comparisons between abortion and other life issues.

In either case, it is vital for the pro-life debater to have a working knowledge of tangential life issues so that he may (1) discern whether or not to address them, and (2), if he decides to address the tangential issue(s), he may be able to discuss them intelligently and knowledgeably.

In general, this age of meshing social issues and widespread information exchange positively demands that the effective pro-life activist must be at least familiar with the basics of the issues that impinge upon the abortion fight.

Subject Range.


Volume III of The Pro-Life Activist's Encyclopedia addresses a wide range of topics that commonly intrude upon the pro-abortion/anti-abortion debate.

Most experienced pro-life activists can trace the many connections between contraception and abortion and between abortion and euthanasia. Similarly, the connections between abortion and eugenics, Neofeminism, and overpopulation may be clear to many.

But what possible connection can there be between abortion and homosexuality? After all, why would lesbians need abortion if they don't get pregnant? And why would male homosexuals need abortion if their principle sexual activity is sodomy?

And how about war? What has abortion to do with nuclear war? And animal rights? And capital punishment? And the "New Age" movement, of all things?

Chapter 2 of Volume I, "The Anti-Life Mentality," explains how many of these topics are intimately related to abortion.

In essence, all of the subjects described in Volume III are part of one enormous bioethical "Seamless Garment." This Seamless Garment is a living and changing organism, evolving even more quickly than society does. Every thread touches many other threads, and all of them together cloak the entire range of life issues, ranging from abortion to capital punishment to homosexuality. There is really no way to separate them, so a conscientious pro-life debater must become familiar with all of them and their many connections.

The remainder of this chapter gives a brief overview of the topics covered in Volume III.

Animal Rights and Environmentalism.

Pro-abortionists, although they know better, will frequently try to paint pro-lifers as "inconsistent," because they allegedly do not treat non-human life with the same respect as human life. Therefore, they are not really worthy of the title "pro-life." This assertion can take ridiculous forms. For example, how can a person be "pro-life" if he drinks milk or wears leather shoes?

Chapter 91 describes the differences between the philosophies of radical and "mainstream" animal-rights and environmentalist organizations, and why their activities are relevant to today's pro-life activist.

Capital Punishment.

Pro-abortionists commonly assert that pro-lifers "place the life of the fetus above that of the woman."

A corollary to this nonsense is the assertion that pro-lifers are rabid death-penalty aficionados who stock 'snuff' films of recent executions and who are all part-time Federal executioners on the side.

Chapter 92 discusses the Scriptural foundations of capital punishment and shows why it is not, as the pro-aborts claim, "cruel and unusual punishment." This chapter also shows that the death penalty is definitely not a "racist institution," and discusses the results of surveys that prove that pro-abortionists are, as a group, far more in favor of the death penalty than pro-lifers.


Communism has enslaved half of the population of the world at one time or another, and those who are trapped in its web find that they are part of an incurably anti-life system.

Communism is nothing more than atheism in control.

It is important for pro-lifers to understand why Communism poses such a threat to American society. In particular, groups like the Spartacist League and the Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States are stridently pro-abortion and comprise most of the membership of many extremely violent 'street gangs' of 'clinic defenders.'

Chapters 93 through 96 describe Communism's many connections with anti-life practices, describe the horrors of life under Communism, and discuss many statements made by Communist leaders, with particular emphasis on Vladimir Lenin.


The connection between artificial contraception and abortion is crystal clear. Once we break the connection between sex and procreation, we have denied God's will. Once we have denied His will once, it becomes easier and easier to ignore His plan for our lives. When we use artificial contraception, any pregnancy that results will be viewed as a "contraceptive failure," a stigma that is passed on to the child. He or she is no longer a precious gift from God, but a failure, and, in our society, failure cannot be tolerated.

Chapters 97 to 104 discuss the Scriptural view of contraception, the effectiveness and usage of various types of artificial birth control, the human reproductive system, and condoms, sterilization, and future methods of contraception.

The true abortifacients that are frequently mislabeled "contraceptives" including the birth control pill, the intra-uterine device, NORPLANT, and the abortion pill RU-486 are discussed in Chapters 31 to 34 of Volume II.


The eugenics movement is making a very strong comeback, and pro-lifers should be able to recognize it in its many guises and know what a threat to life it poses in the United States (and in the entire world) today.

Rudolf Hess said that "Nazism is nothing more than applied biology." What he was talking about, of course, was "applied genetics," or eugenics.

Today we exterminate preborn children who are less than perfect and even starve to death more than two thousand newborns who would otherwise live.

Chapter 105 describes the source and nature of the eugenics mentality, how it bloomed into full flower in Nazi Germany, and how it is making a strong resurgence today behind precisely the same rhetoric that shielded it from public view nearly sixty years ago.


The solid links between artificial contraception and abortion are demonstrable. Similarly, the connections between abortion and euthanasia are quite intimate on many levels.

Now that we have defined an entire class of people (the preborn) out of existence, it becomes easier to turn our attention to other troublesome or inconvenient classes of people say the chronically ill, the elderly, and the retarded. The concepts of "life," "death," and "personhood" used to be solid and concrete; now, to serve the purposes of the insidious social engineers, these words represent conditions that are daily becoming more and more slippery and dangerous.

Chapters 106 to 112 discuss the philosophy and theology of euthanasia; court decisions regarding euthanasia and descriptions of individual cases; the history and objectives of the euthanasia movement and how similar to those of the pro-abortion movement they are; the beginnings of the euthanasia holocaust in the cowardly act of infanticide; the danger posed by so-called 'living wills;' and the machinations of the premier pro-euthanasia organization in the world, the Hemlock Society.

The Family and Home Schooling.

The American family is under unprecedented levels of attack, because Neoliberals correctly perceive that it is the cornerstone upon which our society has been constructed. Before the new Neoliberal society can take the place of the one we now live in, the family must be redefined out of existence. This is not just an American phenomenon: Billions of U.S. dollars are being used to undermine other family-based societies all over the Third World.

Chapter 113 describes the kinds of attacks that families are suffering now, and provides information on resources that concerned parents can take advantage of in their constant struggle to preserve themselves and their children from the undesirable influences of this world.

Any concerned Christian parent knows that our public school system is nothing more or less than a training ground for obedient little future Humanists, and leading Humanists themselves acknowledge this fact, as described in Chapter 114, "Home Schooling."

Chapter 114 also describes the many deleterious effects that public schools have on the faith and morals of our children, the many horrors visited on our kids in the name of social experimentation, and the role of the National Education Association (NEA). It also describes the resources available to parents who want to get their children out of this environment and shows that any parents can home school their kids while strengthening their families.

Finally, Chapter 114 dispels the deliberately cultivated stereotypes and false impressions about home schooling and shows how it may be the only answer to saving the church.


Homosexuality is just one of the many perversions spawned by our Humanistic environment of total sexual freedom.

It is a fact that sodomites represent a much larger percentage of all levels in the abortion industry than they do in the general public, because they see abortion as just one more expression of total sexual freedom.

Chapters 115 through 122 describe Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), the world's first politically protected plague, and the threat it presents to normal people; the sweeping objectives of the homosexuals and how close they have come to achieving them; sodomite organizations, tactics, and practices; the "ten percent" myth and homosexual orientation; the magnitude of the homosexual child molestation threat; and what Scripture has to say about sodomy and sodomites.

The "Just War" Theory.

Another way in which pro-abortionists allege that pro-lifers are 'inconsistent' is by trying to paint them as a bunch of warmongers, always standing ready to fund new and better weapons systems, and constantly lobbying for more U.S. intervention abroad.

Chapter 123 examines the "Just War" theory and contrasts a defensive war against an armed enemy with the offensive war against the unarmed and innocent preborn child through abortion. This chapter also compares the relative magnitude of the impacts of war and abortion on society in general.

Media Biases.

Our 'mainline media' is incurably biased against pro-life and pro-family activists, and everyone knows it. But sometimes we cannot prove that this is the case to a person who simply believes that pro-lifers are "paranoid."

Chapter 124 uses data and quotes generated by the media itself to demonstrate the source of its biases. The next three chapters describe why the media is anti-Christian, pro-abortion, and pro-homosexual. These chapters describe many examples of this bias, the impacts such biases have on the public, and what pro-lifers can do to combat them.

Natural Family Planning.

It is not only Catholics who see the moral and practical value of Natural Family Planning (NFP); more and more evangelicals and fundamentalists are seeing that NFP is God's way of giving people a way to regulate their fertility.

Chapter 128 describes the tangible and concrete advantages of NFP; discusses its Biblical and ethical bases; and provides information on the many sources of NFP information and materials in the United States.


The most virulent substrain of Neoliberalism is Neofeminism, whose adherents act solely and purely in their own self-interest, completely without regard for any other segment of society.

Chapter 129 describes the origins of witchcraft and of Neofeminism; proves that Neofeminists are, indeed, anti-male; provides many amusing and entertaining examples of inconsistency and fanaticism by the Neofeminists; and shows why Neofeminism is, as one woman writer calls it, "a Darwinian dead-end alley, an evolutionary anachronism."

The "New Age" Movement.

The New Age movement is Satan's way of infiltrating the human race and diverting its attention away from God.

Every year, Americans funnel tens of billions of dollars into a vast rainbow of New Age practices, including channeling, crystal healing, Rolfing, and hundreds of others.

Chapter 130 describes the roots of the New Age movement, its impacts on the modern world, its deadly (and occasionally humorous) effects, and how Christians should respond to it.


One of the rationales commonly put forth by pro-abortionists to support prenatal killing is the assertion that abortion is necessary to preserve the 'quality of life' of those people who are already born.

Chapter 131 describes why the problem is not overpopulation, but maldistribution of resources; the ways in which the United States funds 'contraceptive imperialism' in developing countries; the impacts that population control programs have on developing and developed countries; and how those nations that are below replacement rate for births are slowly dying.


Abortion is only one way that men exploit women.

Pornography is another.

Chapters 132 through 138 describe the various types of pornography; their effects; those who profit from and defend porn (including many pro-abortion groups); the kind of trash that kids are exposed to by the mass media; the resurgence of pedophilia as an effect of porn; and how everyday citizens can stop the cancer of pornography from invading their towns.

Sex Education.

The most important part of a Humanistic public education, according to the Humanists themselves, is comprehensive and graphic sex education.

In no area are Christian values attacked as viciously as they are in secular sex education classes. Contraception, abortion, and even euthanasia are peddled as "right" and "good," while the Christian view is ridiculed as "antiquated" and "not in step with our modern world."

Chapter 139 discusses how Humanistic sex education corrodes Christian values, talks about the differences between the types of sex education, describes some graphic secular sex education programs, shows how secular sex ed has impacted our world, and gives information on references and other resources that Christian parents can use to give their children the truth about human sexuality.

The 'Sexual Revolution.'

Contraception, abortion, infanticide, homosexuality, Neofeminism all of these aberrations are tied together by the so-called 'Sexual Revolution,' which has cut us off from our Godly roots and threatens to engulf us all.

Chapter 140 traces the history of the 'Sexual Revolution,' describes its permutations and their impacts on our world, predicts what lies ahead for those who have no sexual morality, and provides information on Christian references that can be used to get a handle on the 'big picture' regarding sexual practices in today's world.

Further Reading: Abortion-Related Topics.

The following books and periodicals provide information on a wide range of life issues that are related to abortion. They are useful not only for the raw data that they provide, but also for the manner in which they tie together all of the life issues, including abortion.

American Information Newsletter.
This 8-page monthly newsletter gleans information on a wide variety of topics from the nation's alternative (i.e., conservative) press and presents it in compact form. Typical subjects covered include political correctness, race & ethnicity, religion, government and politics, history revisionism, and morals and society. Subscribe for 6 months or for a year by writing to 2408 Main Street, Boise, Idaho 83702. Telephone: (208) 343-3790.

Greenhaven Press. Biomedical Ethics: Opposing Viewpoints.
Greenhaven Press Opposing Viewpoints Series, Post Office Box 289009, San Diego, California 92128-9009. 1987, 216 pages. Each section includes several essays by leading authorities on both sides of each issue. The questions asked are: "Is Genetic Engineering Ethical?;" "Are Organ Transplants Ethical?;" "Should Limits Be Placed On Reproductive Technology?;" "Should Animals Be Used in Scientific Research?;" and "What Ethical Standards Should Guide the Health Care System?" Authors include Tibor R. Macan, Malcolm Muggeridge, and the Ethics Committee of the American Fertility Society. A catalog is available from the above address and can be obtained by calling 1-(800) 231-5163.

Greenhaven Press. Sexual Values: Opposing Viewpoints.
Greenhaven Press Opposing Viewpoints Series, Post Office Box 289009, San Diego, California 92128-9009. 1983, 155 pages. Each section includes several essays by leading authorities on both sides of each issue. The questions asked are: "Is Nonmarital Sex Acceptable?;" "Does Sex Education Belong in Schools?;" "Is Homosexuality Acceptable?;" "Is Pornography Harmful?;" and "Should Prostitution Be a Crime?" Authors include Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr., Susan Brownmiller, Gail Sheehy, and Phyllis Schlafly. A catalog is available from the above address and can be obtained by calling 1-(800) 231-5163.

Carol Levine (Editor). Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Bio-Ethical Issues.
Dushkin Publishing Group, Inc., Guilford, Connecticut. 1984, 297 pages. Leading thinkers on both sides of bioethical issues express their opinions in scholarly essays on subjects including abortion, in-vitro fertilization, surrogate motherhood, involuntary sterilization of the retarded, informed consent, active euthanasia, withholding treatment from handicapped newborns, suicide, the insanity defense, animal experimentation, prisoners volunteering for research, justifiable deception in research, organ harvesting from the dead, and genetic engineering. A good primer on the bioethical issues.

Ellen Wilson. An Even Dozen.
New York: Human Life Press, 1982. 181 pages. Reviewed by Nancy Koster on page 8 of the December 9, 1982 issue of National Right to Life News. A series of lucid and informative essays on the primary issues of our time, including homosexuality, abortion, and the separation of Church and state.

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