Apostolic Journey of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States

Pre-Visit Papal Interview - 15 April 2008
During the flight to the United States, the Holy Father spent 20 minutes immediately after take-off answering the questions of five of the approximately 70 journalists on board.

Welcome at the White House - 16 April 2008
On Wednesday morning, after words of welcome from President Bush, the Holy Father expressed the hope that his visit would be a source of renewal to the Church in the United States.

Address to the Bishops of the U.S.  - 16 April 2008
Wednesday evening, at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the Holy Father met with U.S. Bishops, with whom he celebrated Vespers. He commended the American people for their generosity and faith, but warned of the "subtle influence of secularism." The Pope also responded to several questions posed by the Bishops and presented a chalice to the Archbishop of New Orleans.

Mass Homily, Nationals Park - 17 April 2008
On Thursday morning, the Holy Father celebrated Mass at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. In his homily, the Pope said he had come to America as Peter's successor, to confirm their faith, that they might bear witness to the world of the hope that is in them.

Address to Catholic Educators, Catholic University of America - 17 April 2008
On Thursday afternoon, the Pope met with Catholic educators at the Conference Hall of Catholic University. In his address, the Holy Father emphasized the principle goal of Catholic education, to encounter the living God and grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Interreligious Prayer Service, John Paul II Cultural Center - 17 April 2008
Thursday evening, the Pope met with representatives of other religions at the Rotunda Hall of the John Paul II Cultural Center of Washington. Regarding America's long commitment to freedom of worship, the Holy Father encouraged continuing dialogue among religions, that moral truths they hold in common may benefit the wider culture.

Meeting with D.C. Jewish Community - 17 April 2008
On Thursday evening, the Holy Father, meeting with representatives of other religions at the John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington D.C., addressed the Jewish Community, extending his greeting on their annual feast of Pesah, or Passover.

Address to the United Nations General Assembly - 18 April 2008
On Friday morning, the Holy Father addressed the United Nations General Assembly, first in French, then in English. In expressing his support for the founding principles of the U.N., the Pope reminded the nations there represented that human rights are grounded in unchanging justice, not in laws enacted by those in power.

Greetings to UN Staff and Personnel - 18 April 2008
After addressing the UN General Assembly, the Holy Father expressed his appreciation for the “invaluable contribution” made by the many employees of the United Nations.

Visit to Synagogue - 18 April 2008
On Friday afternoon, the Holy Father visited Park East Synagogue in New York, where he greeted the Jewish community.

Ecumenical Meeting at St. Joseph's Church - 18 April 2008
Friday evening, the Holy Father attended an Ecumenical Prayer Service at St Joseph's Parish in New York. Present were representatives of Christian communities throughout the United States. The Pope expressed his appreciation for the “invaluable work of all those engaged in ecumenism.”

Mass Homily, St. Patrick's Cathedral - 19 April 2008
On Saturday morning, the Holy Father celebrated a Votive Mass for the Universal Church with priests, men and women religious in St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York. In his homily, the Pope described St. Patrick's, its windows and and architecture, as symbolic of the Church in relation to the world.

Blessing of Youth with Disabilities - 19 April 2008
Saturday afternoon, at St. Joseph’s Seminary in New York, the Holy Father addressed young people with disabilities. He encouraged them with the reminder that God's "unconditional love points to a meaning and purpose for all human life."

Meeting with Seminarians and Youth - 19 April 2008
Saturday afternoon, the Holy Father met with seminarians and young people at St. Joseph’s Seminary. He spoke of the need for personal prayer, silent contemplation, and participation in the liturgy, to be prepared to serve others.

Visit to Ground Zero in New York - 20 April 2008
The prayer offered by the Holy Father at Ground Zero, site of the terrorist attack in New York City, 11 September 2001.

Holy Mass at Yankee Stadium - 20 April 2008
In His homily the Holy Father recalls the bicentennials of the Sees of Baltimore, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Louisville, and the freedom that comes through the liberating truth of the Gospel. 

Departure Ceremony - 20 April 2008
Before departing the United States for Rome the Holy Father addressed those assembled at JFK International Airport in New York.

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