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Catholic Doctrine and Catechetics Moral Theology
Fr. Robert J. Levis, Ph.D. - Fr. William Rice Fr. Stephen F. Torraco
Questions about basic Catholic teaching, catechetical programs, and how to catechize (teach the Faith) effectively. Questions about Catholic moral theology - the moral law, conscience, sin, as well as, the sexual, social, medical teachings of the Church; the impact of Catholic principles on the social order; work, professional life and business.

Scripture, Divine Revelation Spiritual Questions (non-private)
Fr. John Echert, S.S.L. Fr. John Trigilio, Fr. Kenneth Brighenti, PhD, Fr. Jay Toborowsky
Questions about Divine Revelation, especially as found in Scripture, and theology. Public questions on Catholic spirituality, moral and spiritual problems, living a Catholic life, and spiritual growth.
Liturgy and Sacred Music Eastern Catholic Churches
Colin B. Donovan, S.T.L Robert Klesko, MA
Questions about the Church's liturgy for Mass and the other sacraments, and about liturgical music. Questions about the theology, rites, piety and law of the Eastern Churches in communion with the Holy See.
Canon Law Apologetics: Defending the Faith
Fr. Mark J. Gantley, JCL -- Robert Flummerfelt, JCL -- Michael Trueman, JCL -- Carlos Venegas, JCL -- Jason Morin, JCL Catholic Answers: Karl Keating -- Jimmy Akin
Peggy Frye -- Fr. Vincent Serpa -- Jan Wakelin
Questions about Canon Law, Church discipline and the rights of Catholics. Questions about why Catholics believe what they do and how best to answer critics or refute opposing teachings and claims.
Philosophy   Pro-Life Issues
Dr. Richard Geraghty  American Life League: Judie Brown
Questions about the reasoned basis for knowledge about God, man, being and existence, morality and other branches of the "love of Wisdom," as the ancients called philosophy. Questions about abortion and other life issues, the pro-life cause, and pro-life strategy.
Natural Family Planning History and the Catholic Tradition
NFP Outreach: Fr. Daniel McCaffrey -- Fr. Richard Hogan -- Fr. Matthew Habiger Matthew Bunson, M.A
Questions about the moral and practical issues relating to childbirth, contraception and natural family planning. Questions on Church history, Catholic history in general, and the Catholic tradition.
General Questions (not covered elsewhere)
EWTN: Colin B. Donovan, STL --  David Gregson, Ph.D.  
Questions about Catholic issues or topics not covered by the other Expert forums.