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Click to see larger imageThe Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The only true picture
of the Mother of God To the Aztecs a message To the Spaniards a picture color, lines, stars, designs, rays, moon. all have meaning


Flowers and Songs

Mary appeared on Tepeyac, the hill was covered with flowers, surrounded by songs of the most beautiful birds
meaning: flowers and songs mean the full truth




Size of the image: 6 1/2' X 3 1/2' Mary adolescent, around 15, oval face, Mexican clear dark face, a little mother


as a caryatid, wings half open, sustain Our Lady red, white, blue in color the angel is holding both: the pink dress represents earth; the blue mantle represents heaven meaning: Heaven and earth are witnesses to the truth of the apparition message


Brightest gold - finest - royalty: as if woven, as if they would fall at touch 48 stars, 8 points; 22 on right, 26 on left show constellations that were in the sky at the time of the apparition 10:30 am December 12, 1531

pattern: The stars on one side represent the northern constellations, the others represent the southern constellations. Can see Venus the morning star, Virgo would fall on the hands, Leo on the womb, crown of stars on the head.


in Nahuatl the designs of gold thread as embroidered flowers of 8 petals represent mountains; the only 4-petal flower on womb just below sash in the center means life and movement


tied around the waist; symbol of pregnancy Central part of dress bulging - means She is with child


End of dress rolled back over the sleeves white fur means nobility - dressed in Jewish nobility - nothing Indian about it


joined in prayer of supplication, therefore not a goddess; there is someone greater than Her


stands on moon, horns up - Rev. 12:1 moon pagan god of night, providence, youth, war She is greater than the moon


mighty god; Our Lady blocks the sun behind Her She is brighter than the sun god


rays bright near body, fade out away from body 129 rays - 62 on right, 67 on left equidistant alternating forms: 1) straight like swords 2) undulating flames

Red Border

because of rising sun - new life


surrounding the entire image