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Watching EWTN online


Q: Does your streaming system work on Windows and Mac?

A: Yes. Our streams work on most popular operating systems.
Check out our live streaming page, which includes links to all our video and audio streams.



Q: How can I make the player full screen?

A: Double click on the video image and it will become a full screen, or you may have to click on the arrows on the corner. Press the “ESC” key to go back to player mode.




Q: My player says “buffering” a lot and drops in and out.  My picture will sometimes freeze. I lose signal or the video skips. What’s the deal?

A: If you are having connection or buffering problems, check your internet connection speed. Slow connect speeds and unstable/old dial-up modems may cause the EWTN stream to “never” play or to constantly buffer.

High Speed Internet will cure this, but if you follow the suggestions in this document, you should be able to achieve an acceptable level of reception.


If you have cable internet, your stream may be bogged down by others using your connection, in which case your provider cannot keep the stream going steadily into your computer.

You may have to upgrade your speed to a fast signal. A 1 Mbps speed should be enough to keep the stream playback from being constantly interrupted.



Q: How do I get your TV and Radio on my mobile device.

A: You can go to http://www.ewtnapps.com and follow the instructions.



Q: Can I get EWTN TV and Radio on my iPhone, iPad, iTouch or Android?

A: You can go to http://www.ewtnapps.com and follow the instructions. We currently have an app for iPhone and Android devices with more to come.



Q: Do you have Closed Captioning on the iPhone? Can I get Closed Captioning on my mobile device?

A: Go to settings, then Video. You will see an off / on switch for Closed Captioning.



Q: I am trying to watch EWTN on my IPhone. When I choose either “Watch” or “Listen,” It opens up like it is going to play, but it only shows text similar to, “#EXTM3U #EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1…”.

A: This could be because your Plug-Ins on your Safari browser is turned off. To turn this back on, choose “Settings”, Go to “Safari” , Then “Plug-Ins”. This setting should be turned “ON”.
Open Safari, and try Watching or Listening again.



  Q: I see you link to smart phones like the iPhone and other devices but my Blackberry gives me a "unsupported format" when I try to watch the stream. Why does it not work on my Blackberry.

A: The iPhone uses one method of delivery of streams while the Blackberry uses several. We are working on getting stream to all devices.



  Q: I cannot get the live audio or video. What can I do?

A: If you are at work: See if someone else can get EWTN’s audio or video on their computer.

If they can, try clearing out your temporary internet folder and your internet history by hitting “Control” and “F5” at the same time. You won't see anything happen. This works in the background. Try launching the audio or video again. If that doesn’t work, see your IT department.

If they can’t, your IT department has probably blocked it and you are behind a firewall. If you could get audio and video before, ask if an upgrade has been done and EWTN live streams were blocked.

If you are at home: Clear out your temporary internet folder and your internet history by hitting “Control” and “F5” at the same time. You won't see anything happen. This works in the background. Try launching the audio or video again.




Q: Why am I hearing your stream on a delay from the over-the -air broadcasts?

A: We digitally encode the over-the-air signal and push it to a content distribution network (CDN), a collection of servers around the world to which viewers can connect in order to receive the digital stream. It takes time for the stream to be sent out to the CDN servers, and more time for the data to arrive at the decoder on your device. In addition, we intentionally wait a certain number of seconds before sending the data in order to create a "buffer"—this allows the stream to recover from variations in download speed due to changing traffic conditions on the Internet.



  Q: What does “No Streaming” mean?

A: “No Streaming” means that EWTN does not have the rights to air that particular program via the Internet. If you see a program tagged “No Streaming” EWTN cannot air the partiuclar program on Roku, mobile devices (phones/tablets) such as Android, iPhone, iPad, EWTN apps, or on EWTN.com. This is rare, but sometimes we only have television and/or radio rights to a program. Again, such programs will be tagged with No Streaming

Si un programa se lista como "No Internet" quiere decir que no está disponible para el internet incluyendo aplicaciones móviles, Roku, iPad, iPhone, Android y el web.  



  Q: I’ve emailed you a question, comment, complaint or compliment and haven’t heard back from you today! Why?

A: We wish we could respond to everyone immediately, but we do not have 24/7 customer support. Please know that we appreciate all feedback and try to get back to everyone as quickly as possible!  viewer@ewtn.com



  Q: How can you give EWTN’s streams away for free?

A: They are not free. As Mother Angelica used to say, “We are brought to you by you!” Your donations keep these streams going. Broadband is not cheap. It costs a few cents for every minute you watch one of our live streams. Please remember us between your electric and Internet bills each month.   Donate online.



  Q: Why is there a 'commercial' or ad in front of the stream each time I start your program?

A:  We only run these fund appeals when we are in need.




Q: I don't have cable. Is there a way to stream your signal to a TV?

A:  Yes. Go to www.ewtn.com/roku




Q: Is there a way I can listen to EWTN radio instead of staying on your webpage to listen?

A:  Yes. You can also listen to EWTN Radio via iHeart, Tune-in, or iTunes Radio, among others.





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