Scripture Reference: Acts 17:15-34 
Greece, a pivotal country in the development of western culture, received the Faith in the 1st century, when the Church was planted there by St. Paul, on his second missionary journey. At Athens he preached his famous sermon on the true God, in response to a pagan altar to "an unknown god." The Greeks, among whom the Faith spread quickly, came to favor the Eastern (Byzantine) rite, and went with Orthodoxy in the schism of 1054. An unsuccessful attempt was made at the Council of Florence to reunify eastern and western Christianity, and to save Constantinople from the Ottoman Turks. The Greek Orthodox Church continues to predominate, with Catholics making up only 6% of the population. The Catholic Church is still trying to gain full legal rights there. There is reason to hope that the Pope’s visit, even though opposed by some fundamentalists, will help to stimulate dialogue between Catholicism and Greek Orthodoxy.