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Anita, Manuel, Phillip, and Henry have countless adventures in the town of Santa Clara, all of which lead them, in one way or another, to a greater understanding of their Faith.
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Manuel - We Are Catholic
My name is Manuel. I am 10 years old. My parents are from Bolivia. I like doing adventurous things. I try to be a good student. I especially like to play with my friend Phillip. We have a Superheroes Club! I also like basketball and Phillip and I go to games together and eat candy. My favorite class is school is math. At night, I like to pray the rosary with my parents before I go to bed. I learned that the rosary allows us to re-live different events in the life of Jesus and Mary.
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Phillip - We Are Catholic
I am Phillip. Manuel is my best friend. Together, we have all kind of adventures outside, near a cave! My sister Anita and I also like to explore places we find on the Atlas. My favorite class is science. When I get older, I want to be an inventor. I like to read books on young saints of the Church, like St. Dominic Savio. Father Cosmus is another good friend of mine. I like to go to Confession to him because, in this Sacrament, Jesus Himself forgives our sins!
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Anita - We Are Catholic
My name is Anita and I am Phillip's sister. Sometimes Phillip and I argue about things because I want to play with him and Manuel and be part of their Superheroes Club, but they do not allow girls. But, as you will learn in one of the episodes of the series, I prayed to God and that soon changed. One of my good friends is Sister Lali. She lives in the convent because she is a religious sister. Sister Lali takes care of Henry, who is a boy in the orphanage. I like to visit him too.
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Sister Lali - We Are Catholic
Sister Lali
My name is Sister Lali. I am from the Philippines. I am a nun – a Poor Clare of Perpetual Adoration – and I visit the Saint Clare orphanage. I like to teach the children to see God in each person they meet and the importance of serving others. I have a special devotion to the Child Jesus.
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Henry - We Are Catholic
My name is Henry. I am blind and in a wheelchair. Sister Lali takes good care of me. I live in the Orphanage of Santa Clara. Phillip, Manuel and Anita visit me frequently and I like to spend time with them. I am devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I like to eat the cookies that Sister Lali brings from her community. Although I am blind and cannot walk, I know that Jesus loves me because He shows me that He loves me in so many different ways.
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Father Cosmus - We Are Catholic
Father Cosmus
My name is Father Cosmus. I am a Franciscan Friar. My friary is not far from Phillip's and Manuel's clubhouse. I like the silence and nature of the area. I have a special devotion to St. Francis and I like to recite his prayer, called the “Canticle of the Creatures.” Being a priest is a blessing because it gives me the chance to bring the love of Christ to people through the Sacraments.