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The Dominican Sisters Of Mary, Mother Of The Eucharist, from Ann Arbor Michigan teach religion classes for elementary school grades 1 to 5 this is a series for those who are unable to send their children to a traditional catholic school. The sisters teach children the basic tenets of our faith, preparing them to receive the sacraments using the catechism of the Catholic Church.
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Sister Mary David, OP / 1st grade teacher - Truth In The Heart
Sister Mary David
Hi kids. I’m Sister Mary David and I’m a Dominican Sister of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I grew up in Illinois and I’m the oldest of seven children. I like to read. My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite saint, after the Blessed Mother, is St. Joseph!
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Sister Mary Joseph, OP / 2nd grade teacher - Truth In The Heart
Sister Mary Joseph
Hello everyone, my name is Sister Mary Joseph. I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in a family of 10 children – seven boys and three girls. I loved to read the lives of the saints at a very early age and I have continued to read many lives of the saints with the hope of imitating their virtues. I entered the convent at the age of 18 and have been teaching elementary students for over eight years. Some of my favorite subjects in school are medieval history, astronomy, music and mathematics – and my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip!
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Sister Teresa Benedicta, OP / 3rd grade teacher - Truth In The Heart
Sister Teresa Benedicta
Hi. I’m Sr. Teresa Benedicta. When I was your age, my favorite things to do were climbing trees, reading books and playing games with my brothers and sisters. My favorite color is dark red and my favorite food is ice cream. If I could be an animal, I’d want to be a seal.
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Sam the Scripture Scholar, HB / 3rd grade assistant teacher - Truth In The Heart
Sam the Scripture Scholar
Buzz, buzz! It’s me, Sam the Scripture Scholar! I’m a little bee and ever since I discovered that God's Word was sweeter than honey I’ve been buzzzzzzy reading and studying the Bible. It’s an honor to take a break from my duties at the hive to share what I’ve learned with you and Sister. Hey, can you guess what the HB after my name means? See you later! Beeeeeee good.
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Sister Thomas Aquinas, OP / 4th grade teacher - Truth In The Heart
Sister Thomas Aquinas
Hello, my name is Sr. Thomas Aquinas and I became a Dominican Sister of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, in August 2000. Since then, I’ve enjoyed every moment of my life consecrated to God, but particularly my time spent teaching and handing on the Catholic faith. In my spare time, I read, pray, play soccer and enjoy the companionship of my sisters in Christ and the beauties of God's creation.
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Sister Elizabeth Ann, OP / 4th grade teacher - Truth In The Heart
Sister Elizabeth Ann
Hi, I’m Sister Elizabeth Ann and I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. I entered the Dominican Sisters of Mary in 2000. I love being a Sister and getting to spend my life teaching people of all ages about Jesus. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy praying, taking long walks, reading and eating really spicy food.
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Sister Amata Veritas, OP / 5th grade teacher - Truth In The Heart
Sister Amata Veritas
Hi all you kids out there! I’m Sr. Amata Veritas and I absolutely love being consecrated to God as a Dominican Sister of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist! In Latin, my name means “Beloved Truth” and honors the Blessed Trinity. A couple of saints that I want to meet in heaven are St. Augustine, St. Dominic, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, St. Philomena and, of course, I’m very excited to some day meet the Blessed Mother. One of my favorite colors is a nice, warm brown.