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Father John and his friends: Renata --the girl, Timothy --the mouse, and Leopold --the frog, bring the parable to life and help your kids understand its spiritual significance through catchy songs, and vivid puppetry.
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Father John - The Friar
Father John
“Hi! I’m Friar John. I’m an artist and a storyteller and I love to sing. I serve God and His Church by being a brother in my religious community. Friar means brother. Did you know that? I am also a good friend, and I enjoy spending my days with my friend Renata, a giant frog named Leopold, and a little mouse named Timothy. Together we have fun learning about God’s wonderful Bible stories. Come and join us!”
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Renata - The Friar
Hello there! I am Renata! One of my favorite places to go after school is to Friar John’s studio tower! I love seeing the beautiful paintings he makes. I have such happy times there with my friends Leopold and Timothy. Friar John is so patient and kind with all of us, and he lets us spend wonderful afternoons with him! Wouldn’t you like to come along too?
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Timothy - The Friar
Why hello! My name is Timothy. I am a very small, humble field mouse and I live in a hole in the wall of Friar John’s studio. I love to collect tiny things and hide them in my little mouse-cave. Sometimes I get frustrated because I am so small, but Friar John always reminds me how big I am in God’s Eyes! I think you’ll be a good friend.
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Leopold - The Friar
Well, golly! Hi there! I’m Leopold. I am most definitely the biggest frog you’ll ever see. I love to dance and sing and play music. I’m pretty talented for a frog, if I do say so myself! You’ll find me in Friar John’s tower with Renata and Timothy. My favorite time is music box time…so many wonderful Bible stories…! Hop on over sometime and you’ll see what I mean!