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Have fun learning about your Catholic faith with Father Francis, Mother Superior and her Nuns! They teach Benny, Louis, Anita, Peter, and John about their Catholic faith from their town of Saint Paul. Be sure to watch them every Saturday!
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Anita - My Catholic Family
My name is Anita. I am 6. My favorite color is red. I like to play with Louis. To learn about our Faith, we pretend we are private investigators. My favorite prayer is the Guardian Angel prayer and my favorite meal is cinnamon cereal. I like to skate and my favorite saint is St. Anne because she is Jesus' grandmother. I also like to grow flowers and eat ice cream with my Mom and dad. When I grow up, I want to be a Mom.
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Peter - My Catholic Family
My name is Peter. I am 7 and my favorite color is green. My favorite meal is a hamburger and French fries. I like to play basketball and chase frogs. My brother John and I watch college and professional football games with my dad. Sometimes, we also go fishing. My favorite saint is St. Peter because he received the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven from Jesus and, besides, I was named after him. When I grow up, I want to take care of the church like Benny, who says he is a sacristan.
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John - My Catholic Family
My name is John. I am 8. My brother is Peter. I like to play soccer when my friend Louis is not spying. I also love playing football and drinking lemonade in the summer. My favorite color is navy blue. I pray the rosary every night with my family. My favorite saint is John the Baptist because He baptized Jesus in the River Jordan. I also like to help at Mass as an altar boy at St. Paul’s Church. When I grow up, I want to be a priest like Father Francis.
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Benny - My Catholic Family
I am Benny. I am the sacristan of the Monastery of St. Paul. I like my dog, Boomer, hot dogs and potato chips, the color grey, and praying the “Our Father.” I also like to play tennis, but I can’t get the ball to go over the net. My favorite saint is St. Anthony because he always helps me find the things I lose. I also like St. Rita of Cascia because she helps me to wake up on time, even when it seems impossible. When I grow up, I would like to be an architect so I could build pretty churches like Saint Paul's!
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Louis - My Catholic Family
My name is Louis. I am 7 years old. I like to pray to St. Louis of France so that Anita and I will be safe on our spying missions. I like baseball, the color yellow, and spaghetti. I also like to play soccer at St. Paul’s soccer field. When I grow up I want to be a good man like Saint Joseph.
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Father Francis - My Catholic Family
Father Francis
I am Father Francis. I’ve wanted to become a priest since I received my First Holy Communion at age 9. Now, I have been a priest for 32 years! My favorite saint is John Vianney because he lived a very simple and holy life as a parish priest in Ars, France. I like to play chess and scrabble and to teach kids about God and His Church.
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Mother Superior - My Catholic Family
Mother Superior
I am Mother Superior. I decided to become a nun when I was 18 years old. My favorite saint is Thérèse of Lisieux, who is also known as “The Little Flower.” She teaches us to do everything with great love because this pleases Our Lord who loves all of us very much. I really like to share Bible stories with children (who I call "My Little Angels"), read the Bible, and eat Sister Ignatius’ special cinnamon cookies.
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Sister Patricia - My Catholic Family
Sister Patricia
I am Sister Patricia. I entered the convent of St. Paul five years ago. Since I was a little girl in Ohio, I loved to read Bible stories before going to sleep. My favorite saint is Anthony of Padua because he always thought about the Child Jesus when he read the Bible. I always have to remind Benny to ring the bells. I also like to garden and to read.
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Sister Ignatius - My Catholic Family
Sister Ignatius
My name is Sister Ignatius. I entered the Convent of St. Paul in 1997. My grandmother taught me how to make cinnamon cookies and now I make them in the cloister. My favorite saint is Catherine of Siena because she wanted everyone to know Jesus and the teachings of His Church. I like to help with the activities of the monastery such as cooking and cleaning. I also like to paint and teach children Bible stories and the parables of Jesus.